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Game List

Games without including Mods

Fantasy 4X taking lots and lots of inspiration from Master of Magic. It plays like a cross between Heroes of Might & Magic and Master of Magic, but where it tows the line depends on the current game's setup.

Most of us dislike it, but it's free. Shadow Magic is still the far superior game for this, though, because it has most of Wesnoth's draws but more advanced gameplay.

Does anyone actually need an introduction?


Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Dawn, and Red Alert are all free.

German-made game, you control a bunch of humanoids named Clonks to perform whatever task the map requires. Generally co-op, includes melees and races. Part of a series, but Rage was the first with non-shitty netcode. Free, but only registered users (meaning people who gave them money) can host roughly half of the maps.

A free HL2 mod taking direct inspiration from Gibson's works. Team-based cyberpunk FPS with a customizable character setup.

Free beat-em-up MMO styled after the D&D arcade games. Don't pick it up if you hate grinding, but it's VERY good at what it does.

A 3.0 D&D hack-and-slash game. Not much else needs to be said.

Instance-based MMORPG. It's quite possibly the most in-depth PvP MMO ever, and it's at least somewhat balanced. Gameplay is based around massive customization, but a choice limit - respeccing is free, changing secondary class is a snap, and you can pick from any skill you know from your primary or secondary, but you only have eight skills to choose from.

If we do play, getting the rest of you into the sup/tg/ guild is a must.

HL2 mod that runs the core campaign as a co-op game.

Turn-based tactics game in the vein of X-COM, but set in a modern era. Co-op campaign or deathmatch-style play is supported in the 1.13 mod, which is really the only way to play the game anymore.

Should be self-explanatory. Not listing Cataclysm and 2 separately because lazy.

Does it really need an introduction?


Free, open-source Quake 3 clone. Actually compatible with some Quake 3 mods.

'Sci-fi' MMO dungeon crawler. Free, so anyone can pick it up as long as their computer's not ancient.

Space-based 4X, incredibly moddable and with innately customizable gameplay. Very, very detailed, but it's a little outdated nowadays.

Free, open-source RTS that uses the underpinnings of Total Annihilation in a fan-made engine. Very, VERY moddable - many games made on the engine have nothing in common with TA.

Free spacefaring adventure game with action-based combat. Multiplayer consists only of the latter, but it's well worth a look for the singleplayer alone - it was far, far ahead of its time when released.

Everyone knows what this is.


Also ditto.

Free team-and-'class'-based FPS... but with JETPACKS!

It's pretty good, but the learning curve is steep and it's a huge pain in the ass to try to command without experience.

The more advanced brother of Tribes 1. Also free.

Free open-source FPS with RTS-like base-building, asymmetric sides and gameplay, and gameplay that progresses depending on how many credits/kills your side has gotten. Balance is weird, and the skill gap between the sides is pronounced, but it can be fun.

And no, it's not a Natural Selection clone.

THE arcade FPS. Modded to hell and back, it's hard to find a mode of gameplay that doesn't work for your general arcade FPS needs.

The slightly-worse but better-at-the-same-time sequel to UT99. Engine is just as moddable as its predecessor. Gameplay tweaks are both better(Adrenaline combos, double-jump mobility, wall dodging) and worse(Assault rifle).

Another game that needs no introduction.

Free class-team-and-objective-based FPS with limited RPG-like progression. It's a love-it or hate-it game.

Both a good and a terrible game at the same time, but an incredible time sink regardless of opinion.

Just don't let your friends rope you into a server with a huge timezone difference then expect you to get anywhere with raids.

Diablo 2 and Mods

The poster boy for dungeon crawling hack-and-slash RPGs, and for good reason.

A D2 mod that's very similar to base D2, but expanded and rebalanced. It's good for a change.

A D2 mod that is very, VERY different from base D2.

VBALink Multiplayer

Fun class-based action RPG with coop and pvp.

Star Wars games:

The one that started the lightsaber-y part of the series. Still quite good, and much faster than modern FPSes, but it's better modded.

The stepping stone between Jedi Academy and Dark Forces 2. The single-player is better at feeling like a Star Wars plot, but its gameplay is more primitive than Academy's. Still worth a look.

Star Wars game with less lightsabers and more gratuitous space lasers. Joystick required.

Jedi Academy and Mods

Star Wars FPS with the best official saber system in existence. Only its mods are actually better at saber fights, and it's one of the few games where being a Jedi actually feels like being a Jedi.

A Jedi Academy mod that's TF2 meets Star Wars meets Counter-Strike, basically. It's actually really good if you're looking for something that can play a lot like you'd imagine Star Wars does, but snipers are a pain and get spammed often.

And besides, you can play a melee wookiee who rips the arms off of Sith.

It's an overhaul of the base game, complete with an incredibly detailed overhaul of the base saber system, gunning, and force use. Has a co-op campaign that's worse than the base, but, well - co-op.

ZSNES Multiplayer

Grab the multiplayer ZSNES client here.

Manliness incarnate.

Hilariously imbalanced fighter.

You know what this is.

I hope.

Something something action RPG. It's the sequel to SoM but has little to do with it.

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