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Session 1

gralBot: ========= Session #1 - START =========

GralDM: The Year is 21XX. At this point in time, the environment is mostly destroyed, and their are sentinent robots walking around known as Reploids.

GralDM: The environment is being restored with techonology, and Humans and Reploids live in peace. By all accounts, it should be a time of peace. However, the appearance of Mavericks - Reploids who reject the way of life of this society, wage war on the world.

GralDM: To combat this threat, the Maverick Hunters were devised - elite fighting reploids and humans who protect the world from the Maverick threat.

GralDM: Now, after much struggle, another large scale battle against the Mavericks is over. The Battle of Vienna was profound, and many of you may have spent some time in the field. This event has streched resources quite thin once more.

GralDM: This is why Hunter Command has given authorization to form an elite squad under the ownership of the Longshot Koala, the commander of Ssecond Reconnaissance.

GralDM: You four have been choosen for this squad, and have just arrived in the base of the 2nd Unit. It is empty aside from a human navigator who comes to greet you, and Longshot Koala, who you will recieve a briefing from quite shortly.

[OOC] Astros: I assume we actually know what we've been chosen for?

[OOC] GralDM: Yes

PMX-CB wordlessly approaches the Commander, saluting crisply before presenting him a slightly battered handwritten note.

GralDM: The Commander appears, strangely, to be sleeping. The Navigator looks over and notices, and motions you to follow her into the next room.

PMX-CB does so, pausing only briefly to 'stare' at the CO through his opaque helmet visor.

Astros takes in his surroundings - it doesn't take him long to conclude that there's not a whole lot of interest in this room.

[OOC] Astros: That Annette or another navigator?

[OOC] GralDM: Annette

Aether actually bothered to take a saucer and tea cup inside, and sips from its contents, looking around the room with a bored look on her face.

Astros gives the Navigator a grin and a twitch of his moustache before following. Normally he'd be all about talking, but with the squad commander sitting right there sleeping, well...

GloomKitty hums quietly, clearly nervous as she idles just inside the briefing room.

GralDM: The next room seems to be the simulator, a huge empty room with controls for creating environments.

GralDM: The woman nods at Astros, they seem to know each other, and then introduces herself, "I am Annette Lance, and I am to act as your squad's navigator. We have a bit before Koala will be umm awake so we should take this time to get to know each other a bit."

PMX-CB: "..."

PMX-CB proffers the note.

GralDM Annette takes the note and reads it

[OOC] PMX-CB: Longshot,

PMX-CB: Heard about the response team you're piecing together. If you're expecting fast turnaround, you'll need quick repairs and resupply, on and off the field. The 3rd will do its part.

PMX-CB: Enter this little guy. He did an okay job at Vienna, might be officer material. Follows orders well enough, but he's got a bit of a wild streak in him. Give him to one of yours and see if he's got what it takes-in the meantime he'll take care of your team's support, at least until the Eighth is back. He'll be a bit antsy to unbox his armor, so don't keep him from his baby too long.

PMX-CB: Next round of drinks are on you.

PMX-CB: -Rig Wanna, 3rd Deploy Corps))

Astros chuckles. "I'll wait."

[OOC] PMX-CB: And brb

GralDM: Annette makes a face, "Well, umm, hopefully he wakes up soon so he can authorize you to unbox your armor. Astors and I already know each other, what should I call you two?"

[OOC] GralDM: To Gloom and Aether

Aether: "TCX-ℵ\0. Just call me Aether."

Aether: "Used to be a field instructor." She looks around, slightly underwhelmed. "Still might have to be one."

Aether: "Good to meet you all."

Astros: "Same 'ere."

GloomKitty: "I'm, ah, Gloom Kitten. Or Gloomy Kitty. Or just Gloom. Whatever. I've been training with the 9th.Nice to meet you guys as well."

Astros stares at Aether for a bit, mulling something over. He points to the tea. "Got any more of that?"

PMX-CB remains stock still, standing silent and rigid, until his head bows slightly in a nod and he manages a hesitant "PMX. C. B."

Aether sighs, and reaches into her pack. She procures a second saucer and cup, as well as a heated canister. "How do you take it?"

Astros: "Whatever's fine."

GralDM: Annette seems to be going over what she was supposed to remember about you guys in her head, "Oh! Yes, Aether you are Refresh's sister right? Gloom and PMX-CB, I've heard you two have shown quite a bit of promise. I guess I will have my hands full with this team."

Aether winces. "Yes, that little ball of energy's my sister."

Aether pous some tea into the cup, drops a lump of sugar in, and slides the saucer over.

PMX-CB salutes again before returning to a formal parade rest.

GloomKitty blushes. "Hopefully not that full. Aspects of my training were for support roles. I'm a capable substitute for a navigator in a pinch. I'll do my bst."

Astros downs it with absolutely *no* grace whatsoever and promptly hands the cup right back to Aether. "Alrighty then!"

Aether: "...."

Aether facepalms.

Astros: "What kind of work are we lookin' at, here?"

GralDM: "The squad's job is to be fast response. When the Second finds threats too low priority for the 17th or 0th to deal with, but needs the job done fast, you guys will be called in. Koala knows more then me on that end... I better go wake him"

GralDM Annette excuses herself and heads back to Koala to try to wake him up, giving you guys a few minutes to chat.

Aether mutters. "Just down the entire canister, why don't you?"

Astros bristles at "low priority" - unbristles when he hears "17th and 0th" .

Aether grins. "Well, getting the Zeroth's scraps isn't bad. Not bad at all."

PMX-CB flexes and unflexes his fingers, looking around a bit more animatedly without the presence of someone in authority. He looks nervous.

Aether: "....something wrong?"

Astros: "Not *too* bad," Astros adds. He pauses for a second, thinking something over again. " have another cup?"

Aether: ".....let me just top you off. That's all for now, though. I didn't bring much with me."

Aether: It's an instant replay of the first time she prepared the tea for Astros, except with a little more pointed annoyance in her gestures.

Astros smirks, taking the tea.

PMX-CB 's helmet slooowly turns to regard Aether. Right back to unsettlingly quiet and motionless until in a quiet, almost tinny voice, the production reploid replies "...Hungry."

Astros feigns like he's gonna drink it - then attempts to hand the cup off to CB. "You want it?"

Aether: "...I have crumpets if you're okay with those."

PMX-CB shakes his head again. "The Hungry."

PMX-CB: "My... ride."

Aether: "Aha."

Aether: "Well, uh..."

Astros: " brought a car?"

Aether: "I'm sure you'll see The hungry again quite soon. They wouldn't arrange a quick response unit if we didn't get to work right away, right?"

Astros: "Much as I'm not opposed to having something we can call the Squadmobile, I don't think now's the time to go on a joyride."

Aether: "Offer for crumpets still stands, though."

PMX-CB shakes, then nods, then shakes again, before returning to motionlessness.

GloomKitty stares at CB, head tilted to the side.

PMX-CB: "..."

Aether: "...I'm also vetoing the name The Squadmobile, by the way. That's just tacky."

Astros notes CB not taking the tea. Time to try to pass it off to Gloom. "Okay then. Kitty? You want it?"

Astros: "Aw!"

GralDM Annette comes back in with Longshot Koala by her side. Koala is a smaller reploid then most, and his frame and body are still of first generation make. He does a proper salute once he is close to the group.

Aether salutes, then attends to her tea and crumpets.

PMX-CB returns it, posture at once rigid and formal.

GralDM: "My apologies. I have been... tired as of late. I have heard what Annette has briefed you on, so I plan to make this quick."

Astros gives a typical lazy salute, teacup still in hand. Predictably, some of the tea splashes onto the ground. "Heya boss-SHIT!"

Astros: "I'll get it, don't worry!"

[OOC] PMX-CB: We're dead.

Aether: "...last time I ever be nice and give tea to the group, then."

Astros produces a handkerchief and cleans up the mess as ably as he can.

GloomKitty: "Nope."

GralDM Koala shakes his head, "I see the squad is quite varied. This will be an advantage in the missions. We expect to start your first mission in 6 hours, once we finalize the attack target."

Aether: "Well, I guess I can't argue that we're not a -quick- response team."

Astros: "Gotcha. You have any idea what we're looking at yet?"

Astros considers the wet handkerchief for a little bit - then glances at Annette. "Hey, kiddo, catch!"

Astros lobs it!

GralDM: Annette is startled but manages to catch it.

Astros: "You know what we're dealin' with better than we do. Better you go and drain it than me."

GralDM: She sighs, but heads out.

Astros: "'sides, puts you in a position to get our new buddy's ride ready, right?"

GralDM: "Ah yes. Start getting that ready to unpack. as I recall the PMX units are protective, so don't do anything more then make it easy for him."

PMX-CB subtly leans in and perks up.

Aether: "I know, I know."

GralDM: Koala turns back to the group, "An armed force of one Maverick, going by the name 'Gute Gladiator', and quite a number of mechaniloids, are moving to attack... something"

Aether: "Didn't get made as support for them for nothing, you know."

Aether: "....something. This is helpful."

GralDM: "Welcome to the world of reconassiance, we are trying to figure out what that is right now, which is why you aren't already out there."

GralDM: "Gute used to be a celeberity. He was an actor on a show about some ancient human thing. I forget the details but the point is, his celebrity status is what is letting him smuggle these mechaniloids around. We've had a few chances to capture him, but we have no way of knowing if he is only with part of the forces."

Astros: "And no way of knowing what he's been upgraded with."

Astros: "Assuming the worst."

GralDM: "Yes. It is quite likely he has been retrofitted into a real combat unit, instead of using props."

PMX-CB practically vibrates in place, but he already looks more at ease than he was.

GloomKitty: "I predict that the probability of him having an orbital laser cannon is less than 0.04%."

GralDM: "Oh creators, you better hope he doesn't. The last time I dealt with one of those was hell."

Astros wonders... "Alrighty. You want us to scrap him, interrogate him, or follow him around?"

GralDM: "In the worst case, your first mission will be threefold: 1. Capture Gute, 2. Stop Gute from achieving his objective, whatever that is, 3. Save civilians caught in the fight."

Astros: "Somehow I think numbers two and three go hand in hand."

Astros: "Alright."

PMX-CB salutes one last(?) time.

Astros glances at his new compatriots. "Think I know all I need to. Any of you got any questions?"

GloomKitty: "Do we know anything about the models of Mechaniloids he has available?"

Aether: "Seems like that's all for now. Gear up. We've got to get used to this."

GralDM: "It is best not to assume, thats how... thats how." he turns to mumbling a bit and you can make out something about "leopard" , he shakes it off, "Anyway, Aether, you are the field commander for now, since you have experience in the area."

GralDM: "As for the mechaniloids yes, we know a bit."

Aether: "Roger Wilco Saxton Barnum and such."

GralDM: "He has some Metal Wings, some Hamma Hammas and some De Voux units. Be cautious."

Astros: "I'm assuming Annie's our Navigator, with the Kitten standing in when she's jammed?"

[OOC] GralDM: errr Metal Wing should be Drill Waying *

GralDM: "Essentially yes, Kitty is also directly on the field and should be able to help you in ways Annette cannot."

[OOC] GralDM: Pictures! Drill Waying:

[OOC] GralDM: Hamma Hamma:

[OOC] GralDM: De Voux:

GralDM: "Notably quite a few of the mechaniloids are good for delaying hunters, or fortifying posistions. This is why we think there might be more then saving civilians."

Astros matches those names up... wait... "Is it just me or does he seem to have a lot of defensive mechaniloids?"

Aether: "That narrows down his intent a bit."

Aether: "Could be waiting for backup to cut off a POI."

Aether: "Could be setting up an assault platform."

Astros: "Or taking hostages that we can't get to."

Aether: "....or if he's in an area with civilians, he could be setting up an explosion."

GloomKitty: "Or..."

GloomKitty: "He might be support for a larger operation."

PMX-CB apparently gets tired of waiting and approaches their Navigator. "Cargo?"

GralDM: "Until we know more, you are dismissed. I advise preparing for battle. I will be here if you need questions answered. Get to know the area, and get ready for battle."

PMX-CB: (Not to hurry you guys OOC, he's just antsy)

GralDM: Annette nods to PMX, "Follow me."

Astros: "Keep us updated, boss. I don't wanna go in blind and neither would you."

Aether: "Most of the way there. Just need an IVC diagnostic and we're good to go."

GralDM: "And once last thing"

Astros gives him a more serious salute this time before marching off with Annette.

Astros wheels around upon hearing that. "Yeah?"

GralDM: "I am sure you've heard about the Maverick Cure by now. You are able to take people in, but... don't kill yourselves trying to save someone else."

PMX-CB pauses at that... and then nods solemnly before falling in behind Annette.

Astros: "Gotcha. Will keep that in mind."

Aether: "....of course." Aether sighs. That seems to be the only thing that's broken her stride all day.

Astros follows Annette and CB. "Need a hand?"

GralDM: Annette leads the group towards the cargo bay, pointing out the path to your quarters on the way. The 2nd is far less decorated then the other bases you have been to, and seems almost clinical. Annette comments on this on the way, "Not many people in the 2nd stay around. The best scouts are outdoors types. As such, many see the base as a place to heal, sleep, and train."

GloomKitty: (I feel like there's a time line for this game that I lost somewhere. Alternatively, I'm involved in too many Megaman X games)

[OOC] GralDM: Basically, its right between X2 and X3

[OOC] PMX-CB: X2 has happened, X3 is coming up. For now we're in that brief window where there's a cure for the maverick virus.

[OOC] GralDM: Doppler's cure, to be specific

PMX-CB 's pace quickens, his movements becoming more excited and animated. Almost childish.

[OOC] GloomKitty: I'm remembering something about Sigma instituting the Reclamation Policy?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Waaay back in X1 when he was turning things around for the hunters in a big way

Astros: "Coulda figured as much. Then we're stuck relying on the civilian buildings for our entertainment?"

[OOC] PMX-CB: It's come up again recently because of the Doppler vaccine revelation

GralDM: "There is a bar, sometimes people stay there. The Simulator and Range are used by a few. But yes, civilian buildings or other bases tend to be where the entertainment is."

GloomKitty: "Mock combat scenarios and spars in the simulator would probably be my entertainment. Civilian stuff... doesn't do it for me."

PMX-CB: "...Hangar."

Aether: "...I don't know about the rest of you, but the bar and civvie entertainment sounds just peachy to me."

GralDM: You look into various things on the way, seeing the medbay, the range, the bar, before arriving at the cargo bay. Annette plays with a console and brings the box containing CB's ride armor out.

PMX-CB is on it in seconds, prying it open and revealing a massive, open-cockpit armor with a garish yellow paint job you couldn't miss from orbit. Along the rim, white shark teeth are painted, and in cursive black letters on one shoulder, it reads "The Hungry." CB practically swims into it and quickly fires the machine up.

GralDM Annette looks at Aether with a "Is this normal" face.

Astros: "Well, I guess if you wanted to be the world's biggest distraction..."

[OOC] Astros: Shit! AFK for about twenty. Keep going.

Aether sighs. "For most PMX units, I'd assume this is pretty much standard."

GloomKitty: "Hmm... It could use a big ole fin. Maybe one of those bubble enclosures over the cockpit."

PMX-CB leans out of the bowl-shaped control chair, brushing invisible specks of dust off the gleaming, immaculately kept paint. He rummages through the seat and produces a compact buster rifle, which he field strips and reassembles after a quick once-over.

GralDM: "Well, CB has his ride armor. Anything you two need before being ready for battle?"

Aether: "Just a diagnostic and I'll be good to go."

GloomKitty shakes her head. "My kits already set up and ready for use."

GralDM: "I guess the medbay is next then. A Lifesaver should be around to do the diagnostic."

PMX-CB takes a few practice swings and begins boarding up the now-empty transport crate using the Ride. He seems much more relaxed sitting in the cockpit.

GralDM: Annette leads the group to the medbay. It's pretty much the same as every other medbay you've seen. The Lifesaver on staff glances about the group, "I assume this is about the IVC diagnostic? Which one of you is TCX-?\0?"

[OOC] GralDM: That moment when my IRC client hates entering the Aleph character lol

GloomKitty points at Aether before seeing herself out of the room. Doctor-patient confidentiality is a thing.

Aether: "That'd be me."

Aether: "Let's get this done."

GralDM: The Lifesaver unit instructs Aether to sit on a work bench and begins the diagnostic. "Should be just a few minutes, unless you have used this in a real battle since the last time your records indicate."

Aether: "Only for demonstrations and instructions since."

Aether takes a seat, and takes a deep breath.

PMX-CB has the courtesy to be elsewhere in the hangar, working off a docket as if he'd been here loading and unloading supplies all his life.

GralDM: Lifesaver begins the diagnostic, 3 or 4 minutes later, he motions to Aether that it is over, "All readings within expected parameters. As usual, please check back after your mission."

Aether: "Got it. Thanks, doc."

Aether returns to the hangar, mostly awaiting deployment orders.

GralDM: Annette at this point has wondered off to handle some communication orders. it seems you have some time before the mission begins.

[OOC] GralDM: Basically, feel free to RP now, and let me know when you want to continue.

Aether: "Feeling any better?" she asks CB as she butters a crumpet.

PMX-CB looks down from the cockpit quietly before slamming the ride's fist into its palm enthusiastically.

GloomKitty idles, laying across the hood of a car.

Aether: "Good, good. Ever worked with a TCX unit before?"

PMX-CB shakes his head.

Aether: "Mmm. Alright, here's the thing."

Aether flips her hard-light monocle over her right eye. "This will be streaming some specialized battle data while we're on the field. The actual integration into the circuit's a little lacking at the moment..."

Astros listens in...

Aether: "But once that's fixed up, I should be able to call some targets for all of you based on a few factors, namely proximity and vulnerability. There's a limit to this - how many I can call outand once and range are the main things."

PMX-CB nods and taps his helmet-PMX models operating armor often coordinate with strategic assets that way.

Aether: "So stick close once this gets repaired."

GloomKitty: (AHAHAHAHAHA.)

[OOC] Aether: Mechanically: A Stitch In time is awesome.

[OOC] Aether: Also typos because I am a little tired

GloomKitty: (Together We Ride has an appearance in FE12)

[OOC] PMX-CB: maverick hunters on shore leave.jpg

Aether: "Other than that I expect this unit to behave like a well-oiled machine. Slick as all get out and such. This unit will practically be -bathing- in oil from how well-oiled it will be."

Astros: "Hey, if that's your thing..."

Aether: "Coordinate, don't get too sassy, and prioritize. Run your capabilities by your teammates so we've all got an idea of what we're capable of."

Aether elbows Astros in the side. "That said, any concerns?"

Astros couldn't resist. "First off, if we ever get radar jammed, let me know."

Astros: "Kinda have to keep contact with Annie to keep my weapons working."

Aether munches on the crumpet as she listens in.

Aether: "I'd assume our feline friend here would also want to know that."

Astros: "Second? I'm built as a long range heavy weapons unit. I can serve as my own spotter if I need to."

PMX-CB shakes his head and replies by throwing a few quick jabs in the ride armor-his handling is impressive, making the lumbering machine dance. After that, he holds up a small toolkit stashed in the cockpit, tapping the metal with a finger and murmuring "Repair, support."

[OOC] PMX-CB: OOCly, PMX-CB is a barbarian with Shaman Spellcasting and Combat Alchemist. He can modify and tweak systems on the fly for temporary boosts.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Expect buffs more than ~magic~

Aether: "Well, you guys already know I'm mostly built for frontline field command. Helps that I can actually hold my own at that range, too." She pats the deactivated N-Saber at her side. "If you guys stick close, some passive benefits of the circuits might bleed over. Right now it's just over-the-air repairs. I also know a thing or two about engineering, myself. Ask away if you have any questions about anything

Aether: - I've been around for a bit. "

GloomKitty: "I'm specialized in hit and run attacks as well as my support roles."

[OOC] Aether: Aether is a pure Sage whose last track varies because of the AIVC custom feat. Just Blade for melee superiority, Force of Will for move-action HP recovery, granting attacks, applying one-shot protection, and other such fun things. The first two have a little limited range, so others need to be kinda close to get the benefits.

Aether: "Backup Navigation among them, right?" she asks between bites.

Aether: "Mmmm, that's delicious."

GloomKitty: "Yes. Mostly environmental and item analysis."

Aether: "Got it. Well, I think that covers everything, right?"

Astros: "Just about."

Aether: "I'm open for questions and begging for food and drink. Except for Astros. Goddammit."

Astros laughs openly.

PMX-CB leans back in his cockpit once again, apparently declining.

[OOC] GralDM: You guy's all done then?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Think so...


Aether presses X. He probably doesn't like that.

GralDM: After a few hours, you are called back to the briefing room. Koala is there, alert and awake. "They are after Pillar Projects, a Reploid lab in Prague."

Astros saunters in. "You know what they deal in yet?"

Aether: "And that narrows down the intent further still."

GralDM: "They have made a number of civilian reploids, but no Hunters. It is owned by a megacorp 'Skyscaper Industries'. The Company made its own current CEO."

[OOC] PMX-CB: his name Shareholder?

[OOC] GralDM: Nope

[OOC] GralDM: have a dossier, and a side cut floor map

Astros: "Huh, okay."

GralDM: "They seem to be accelerating now, the attack is likely to happen quite soon. As such, you will be heading out after the briefing. There has also been odd semisic activity... there could be an underground mechaniloid as part of the attack."

Astros: "So it could run a few ways..."

GloomKitty: "This should be fun."

PMX-CB nods, clenching the ride's fists as it vents steam from the exhaust.

GralDM: "We have managed to get civilians to evacuate, but the CEO is confident his mechaniloid defenses sould be able to buy enough time. I doubt this, so you should assume their defenses are comprimised. As you can see, there is a security room and a high security lab.

GralDM: "Information gathered suggests the easter elevator shaft will be the only open way, and we use open loosely. It's full of ray trips, to create a defense net. If the Mechaniloids are taken over, it may be necessary to manually disable it from the security lab."

GralDM: "Any questions?"

Astros lets the Navigators handle memorizing the blueprints; he's still thinking about the best way to approach this, and whethe it was a trap or not. "If they dig in at the high security lab, it's gonna be a pain in the ass to dig them out, isn't it?"

[OOC] Astros: *whether

PMX-CB shakes his head, opting to analyze the layout.

GloomKitty: "Most likely. There are three paths to the high security lab. Do we know what this chamber is?"

GloomKitty points at D12-F11.

GralDM: "They won't tell us, citing it as as 'corporate confidental resources'. They have assured us it is not weapons, but..."

Aether: "So it's weapons."

GloomKitty: "Commander, what's the policy on taking a look during the course of our defense?"

GralDM: "It would be the logicial assumption here. More than likely, Gute's plan is to get into the lab, escape from the roof, and flee to some safe base."

GralDM: "As for taking a look, granted. Some data on the corporation seems to be missing from our databanks, which has been passed on to the 0th. Perhaps there is something there that can give a hint to why."

[OOC] GralDM: Any other questions, or time to roll out?

[OOC] GloomKitty: I'm game for rolling out


[OOC] Astros: X!

[OOC] GloomKitty: Together We Ride is playing again

PMX-CB: (I'm listening to Smooth McGroove do Rainbow Road))

[OOC] GralDM: I have Sky Lagoon playing in the background

[OOC] GloomKitty: Not FF6 - Decisive Battle, Em?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Moved back to this. More fitting.

GralDM: The group is transmitted close by. At the base of the tower, you see a scene of destruction and carnage, as well as what looks like the remains of a hunter from the 2nd. Just as you arrive, the ground rumbles and a large snake mechaniloid bursts out slamming into one side of the building, and leaving rubble behind it. You don't see it for long, but its definitely not a mechaniloid the hunters use.

[OOC] GralDM: Rush in through the entrance, or some other plan? ))\

GloomKitty tenses, eyes narrowing as she draws her saber. "Orders?"

Astros wonders...

[OOC] Astros: Did the snake leave a tunnel?

PMX-CB moves to the frontline but doesn't move to engage, sweeping the area cautiously while waiting for orders.

[OOC] GralDM: Nope, it seemed to be collasping the rest of the building behind it. Meaning a lot of the right side of the building is blocked off.

Aether: "Get in contact with the Nav. We need to track that thing."

Aether detaches her N-Saber from her belt and activates it, creating a four-foot saber blade with a blue-white glow.

PMX-CB: "Could try to dig through this."

[OOC] PMX-CB: Yes, that many words!

Astros: "We do."

[OOC] Astros: Hmm. Gral, would using the floating drone as a way to track the snakebot be a legit use of it?

[OOC] GralDM: I say it would be

[OOC] Astros: Goin' for it. Perception roll, or?

[OOC] GralDM: Perception yeah

PMX-CB: "Could deploy second tac scan."

GloomKitty holds the idle saber in hand as she closes her eyes, booting up subsystems and mapping the area. "One moment..."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 30

Aether: "Both of those sound good." She stretches out the fingers on her left hand, baring a portion of the AIVC system.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Noice

[OOC] Astros: FUCK YES.

Astros: "Ooh, ooh, pick me!"

Aether sighs. "Yes, Astros?"

Astros detaches a small orb from his belt and tosses it towards the side the snakebot burst through.

PMX-CB advances towards the rubble and primes the armor, using its massive fists to claw through the debris. "Comms?"

[OOC] GralDM: You see from the Drone that it filling up most of the right side of the building, moving to secure the lab. The damage to the area is extensive, even with the ride armor it'd take you over an hour to follow it that way. Time you probably don't have.

[OOC] GralDM: This is seperate from the entrance, in case I'm being unclear

[OOC] GralDM: ... In fact

Astros: "Bastard's sandbagging the right side. Don't even bother."

GloomKitty is pulling up a map, which should be updated with the damage due to interfacing with the security net, or some such?

Aether: "Doesn't leave us with much. Might mean the only way left is through."

Astros hits his comm. "Annette? If you're getting that drone's feed, keep an eye out for anything happening on it."

[OOC] GralDM: Gloom: Yeah thats a good idea. Uploading it now

[OOC] GralDM: Second Map in the layout section shows the walkable area after the damage, basically... Ignore the random A9 I have floating in space

GralDM: "Annette here, watching it. Security seems to not be down yet, I'd get in there quick if I were you!"

GloomKitty: "Local map yanked. My systems can't interface with theirs and keep me mobile in combat at the same time, but it's better than nothing. Lets move."

GloomKitty forwards the map to Annette as she moves forward, taking point.

Astros: "You heard the gir. Let's hit it!"

PMX-CB: "Ready. Knock?"

PMX-CB knocks.

[OOC] Astros: *Girl

Aether: "Knock hard."


GralDM: A short way in is filled with scrap and deployable cover. You come across 2 Drill Wayings and 2 Hellits blocking the way further up.

[OOC] GralDM: Roll for Init!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 23


gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 6

[OOC] GralDM: Hellit's , because I haven't linked that yet:

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 5

[OOC] PMX-CB: Slow mecha is slow. Also, expect a lot of syntax messups from me, so many bots I've used

GralDM: 2roll 2#1d20+3 init

modifier: For example, 2d6 will roll 2 six-sided dice; 10d10-3 will roll 10 ten-sided dice and subtract 3 from the total result.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 19, 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

[OOC] GralDM: Dat moment when I screw everything up on my own bot

Astros takes his sweet time getting his telescoping bazooka working...

GloomKitty: (Dat moment where I roll a nat 2

** GralDM changes topic to "Init: Aether / Enemies / Gloomy / PMX / Astros"

[OOC] GralDM: Your go Aether, you start at about 30 feet away from the Drill Wayings. Hellits are about 20 feet behind them

Aether 's left arm crackles with electrical energy, before deploying her buster and opening fire on a Drill Waying. (AIVC is now Electric Elemental, firing Elemental Bolt.)

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 17

Aether: ( Reflex save for half. )

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 8

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

Aether: Crack-creack-crack go the shock buster rounds, with the burst hitting cleanly. ( EOT. )

Aether: "Stick close if you guys need repairs!"

Astros fiddles with the jammed parts a little. "Goddammit! Cover me while I get this thing working."

GralDM: The Drill wayings seem to not move from the spot they are in - blocking the way to delay. The Hellits, however, move close to get the group in range, unleashing two slavos

[OOC] GralDM: Targetting: 1 = Aether, 2 = Gloom, 3 = CP, 4 = Astros

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3, 2

[OOC] GralDM: First attack vs CP, second against Gloom.

[OOC] PMX-CB: CB, not CP. AC is 19.

[OOC] GralDM: Oops, sorry

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 15, 26

[OOC] GralDM: Miss CB, probably hit Gloom for

[OOC] PMX-CB: CB like Sea Bee, the military engineers, if it helps you remember. I keep doing 'CX'

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 18

[OOC] PMX-CB: Youch

[OOC] GralDM: Enemies done. Gloom's go

[OOC] GralDM: This is me trying out an equal number of slightly off level mooks to party members.

GloomKitty: (Owie)

[OOC] PMX-CB: I can help patch you up, easy as pie

[OOC] GralDM: Two level 4 turrets, two level 3 grunts. I aplogize in advance if I make things to hard due to still adjusting for encounter design.

[OOC] GralDM: Gloom?

GloomKitty grits her teeth under the assault, and responds by flickering her saber on and rushing forward, attempting to slice a blade into one of th Hellits!

GloomKitty: (Unless the Drills are blocking the way?)

[OOC] GralDM: They are, hellits are 35 feet away with drills in the way. More then 5 ft melee range will let you melee the Hellits

[OOC] GloomKitty: Which I have, thanks to Reach

[OOC] GralDM: Then go for it :D

GloomKitty 's saber seems to stretch an impossible distance as she slices out at the Hellit!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 16

[OOC] GralDM: Hit

gralBot rolled: [1d8+8] 11

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

PMX-CB: "Orders-Defend/Attack?"

Aether: "Break through 'em."

GloomKitty: (And then, unless I'm misunderstanding Ranger, I can use my swift action to give myself a +1 attack bonus against that hellit and a +1 to AC?)

GloomKitty: (Misunderstanding Iron Magi, I mean.)

Aether: ( You can. )

Aether: ( Succesful hit gave you the link necessary to use Cadence as a finisher. )

GloomKitty: (In which case)

Aether: ( You can also teleport 5 feet before or after the finisher if you want )

GloomKitty: (Yeah, but I don't think I can teleport PAST the drill, so it's unnecessary)

GloomKitty: (End turn having expended my Chain for a Cadence of Blows)

[OOC] GralDM: Yeah probably not. k

[OOC] GralDM: CB is up.

PMX-CB 's voice betrays a definite grin behind that expressionless visor. "Copy." ((Swift to Rage, Free to Power Attack -1/+1, Partial Move to gain Temp HP via Vigor, Standard to Charge, no AC penalty from Cataphract.))

Astros hesitates for a second. Flips his comm back on again. "Annette? Need clearance. Also, I'm sure you noticed by now, but we've got a few Hellits. Wasn't warned about that."


[OOC] PMX-CB: Charging the first drill waying in my path.

modifier: For example, 2d6 will roll 2 six-sided dice; 10d10-3 will roll 10 ten-sided dice and subtract 3 from the total result.

[OOC] GralDM: Same one as Aether hit then?

PMX-CB: @1d20+6

gralBot: PMX-CB: Error: "1d20+6" is not a valid command.

[OOC] GralDM: Can't have text after


[OOC] GralDM: And you still need the dice

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 22

[OOC] PMX-CB: 10 extra temp HP, and yeah, same target.

[OOC] GralDM: k, attack roll?

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

[OOC] GralDM: Miss

[OOC] PMX-CB: ach.

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

[OOC] PMX-CB: 'fraid not. Figures

GralDM: "Permission granted, Astros. We have no idea where the Hellit's came from."

Astros finishes fiddling around with the bazooka, producing an almost comically oversized weapon - even as far as bazookas went! (( Adding Brutal and Magnum to the bazooka for now ))

Astros: "AW YES!"

Aether: "Goddammit, be careful where you point that thing!"

[OOC] Astros: What range is Astros from the drills?

[OOC] GralDM: About 30 feet currently. You could move forward / back if you want.

[OOC] GralDM: The Hellit's have a known range of 35 feet, and so moving any further back then where you are keeps them from attacking you.

GloomKitty: "Just try not to hit me!" Gloom growls out from her position at the front.

Astros moves away from the fight, opting to support from the back - but he does attempt to trick one of the drills into moving into his line of fire. (( Bluff check vs DC 10 + drill level + WIS mod ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 7

[OOC] Astros: WELP

[OOC] GralDM: lol

Astros fails at that outright - not far enough. Still - he lets a shot loose at the drill CB's engaging! "Keep your head down!"

[OOC] GralDM: It has WIS of -1, level of 3, so It's defense is 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

[OOC] GralDM: Dice don't want you to hit :O

Astros: "ROCKET WIDE!"

Aether fucking dives for cover.

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else Astros?


[OOC] Astros: Nnnope!


[OOC] GralDM: Aether, your go

Astros: "HELL no!"

[OOC] PMX-CB: Megaman X-COM

Astros: "If I knew they were right here I would've been further back so I could hit the damn things!"

Aether staggers to her feet and continues blasting away at the same drill she was engaging.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 21

Aether: (DC 16 Reflex for half )

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

[OOC] Aether: Are any allies within 15 feet?

[OOC] Astros: I think CB is

[OOC] GralDM: CB and Gloom are about 25 feet in front of you. Astros is further back.

[OOC] Astros: Ah okay

[OOC] GralDM: I basically had you start in a line

Aether pushes forward slightly to keep both CB and Gloom within auto-repair range. (EOT. )

GralDM: Hellits continue their assualt (CB / Gloom)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 24, 21

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 15, 18

GralDM: Drill wayings try to imaple gloom!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 25, 21

[OOC] GralDM: ... Dice

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 8, 9

[OOC] GralDM: Thats everything they can do, Gloom's turn.

[OOC] PMX-CB: If repairs need doing, let me know.

Aether: "Hang on, hang on, I think I can handle this...."

GloomKitty growls out a complaint as she once again cuts the Hellit on the other side of the Drill!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 28

[OOC] GralDM: Hit.

GloomKitty: (Crit!)

[OOC] GralDM: Nice

GloomKitty: (Which just adds 3 damage or some such, very disappointing)

[OOC] GralDM: 2x level, so 6

gralBot rolled: [1d8+14] 19

[OOC] GralDM: Hellit 1 looks to be almost slashed in two! (another good hit should kill it)

Aether: "Good hustle! Keep pushing!"

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

[OOC] Aether: Cadence?

GloomKitty uses her Swift to boost her Cadence again, teleporting back 5 feet as part of the action and then leaping back to stand next to Aether. "Missiles to the face aren't fun."

[OOC] GralDM: Which also conviently means the Drills can't hit you. CB.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Right, let's cast Bless with my Swift.

GloomKitty: (Oh, uh

GloomKitty: That Hellit is at least Medium size, right?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Everyone in 30 feet gets +1 to hit and Will

[OOC] GralDM: Yes

[OOC] GralDM: So everyone but Astros

[OOC] PMX-CB: Oh wait, I take that back, Bless is a standard

[OOC] PMX-CB: Noooot worth it

[OOC] GloomKitty: two extra damage from Bigger They Are

[OOC] GralDM: Per hit, GloomKitty? I can easily tack on 4 damage

GloomKitty: (No, total)

[OOC] GralDM: k

[OOC] PMX-CB: Bleh, I'll just attack. Precise Strike for +1 hit/-3 damage Remind me to prebuff next time right before the battle begins

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 28

[OOC] GralDM: If it lasts a Scene, then we should assume its done as soon as you arrive

[OOC] GralDM: And obvious hit

[OOC] PMX-CB: Bless is [Encounter]

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 13

[OOC] GralDM: Same Drill as you tried to hit before?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Yeah, the one that should be almost dead

[OOC] GralDM: Yeah, it's almost dead now, anything else?

[OOC] Astros: Anything gonna be at Long range if I move back again?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Prime and pass a brew to Gloom, if she's within reach

[OOC] GralDM: She is

PMX-CB: "Effecting combat triage." ((1d6+level temp HP.))

[OOC] GralDM: Astros: You are at 40 movement speed, so right now you are 50 away, so you'd still be in [Medium] currently.

[OOC] Astros: fff OH WELL

[OOC] Astros: PLAN B

[OOC] GralDM: Obviously [Long] > [Medium]

[OOC] GralDM: Also, Astros, remember you can use your Perception as bluff in combat from sniper

[OOC] Astros: At [Long] range. That's the problem

GralDM: "As long as you

GralDM: are wielding a ranged weapon, you may make a

GralDM: Perception check in place of a Bluff check for the

GralDM: in-combat use of the Bluff skill.

GralDM: "

[OOC] GralDM: According to the version I'm looking at

[OOC] Astros: Wait what


[OOC] Astros: WHOOPS

[OOC] Astros: CB's turn done?

[OOC] PMX-CB: oh hey, Gral, I did 2 more damage. The combat action cheatsheet I'm using is outdated

[OOC] GralDM: Yep

[OOC] PMX-CB: And yeah.

[OOC] GralDM: k

Astros realizes he's not gonna get to his preferred range anytime soon - and with Kitten taking a beating...

[OOC] PMX-CB: Oh wait, fffff, sorry, I was right the first time, but if it has any DR it's reduced by a concurrent amount anyway, via Precise Strike

Astros rushes into the fray, stopping just on the edge of thirty feet, and tries to fool the wounded drill again!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 15

[OOC] GralDM: These mooks are too noob to have DR

[OOC] GralDM: That will succeed

[OOC] GralDM: Flatfooted, iirc, so -3 AC and can't make AoOs

Astros aims the rocket juuuuust a little bit past that one - he's trying to shoot BOTH of the drills with the rocket. "Fire in the hole!" (( Scything ))

[OOC] GralDM: k

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 26, 16

[OOC] GralDM: Crit, Hit

[OOC] GralDM: So one takes +6 damage

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 18

GralDM: The wounded Drill waying is reduced to dust. The other one took a beating as welll.

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

Astros: "THERE we go!"

[OOC] PMX-CB: Well done, Astros

[OOC] Astros: Nope, wasted my swift, move, and attack

[OOC] GralDM: Aether, your go

Aether first steels herself, before letting the auto-repair do its work.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Also, of course I have my actions all lined up and a nice theme song for a badass moment picked out and Starscream it all up

[OOC] GralDM: Current enemy status: 1 Half HP Waying, 1 Almost dead Hellit, 1 full hellit

[OOC] GralDM: halfish*

[OOC] GloomKitty: You're about to stab us in the back in a horribly incompetent manner?

[OOC] Aether: Move action for Healing Burst - 6 HP restore to CB and Kitty. As part of it, Vigor check.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Decepticons! As your new leader, I-"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 24

[OOC] Aether: 10 temp. Blasting the Hellit.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 14

[OOC] GralDM: k

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 6

[OOC] Aether: If 7 damage kills it, that's it

[OOC] GralDM: It's dead with the 14

[OOC] GralDM: 1 Full help Hellit, 1 Half health waying, anything else?

[OOC] Aether: That's all actions, so EOT

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 7

[OOC] GralDM: We will end after this encounter for today, I also have food so I'll be doing their turn, you guys can do yours, I come back and run through.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 22

GralDM: Drill waying vs CB

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 8

[OOC] PMX-CB: Sounds good, honestly, my sister got me sick and I woke up at 3 and I had a cripple-walk. And hit.

GralDM: Hellit vs CB

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 29

[OOC] PMX-CB: Welp

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 21

[OOC] Aether: Need to head next door. Was invited to a bbq

[OOC] GralDM: k, do your actions when I eat. Aether you can take off if you need to

Aether: "Dammit, auto-rep won't keep up with this...."

[OOC] PMX-CB: Only down 11 after my temp HP

[OOC] Aether: Right now she's on a script - Healing Burst with move, blast with Elemental Bolt with standard

[OOC] Aether: Heals level + KDM, so 6

PMX-CB takes the hits stoically, the first sliding off the ride armor's sturdy frame, but the second strikes dead on, leaving a scored wound in the hull.

GloomKitty Charges back into the fray, blade lashing out at the remaining Hellit!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d8+8] 13

GloomKitty smirks as her blade lands home!

[OOC] PMX-CB: Move for Vigor again, Standard for Power Attack 1 on Bar Waying.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 14

[OOC] PMX-CB: Failed

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 22

[OOC] PMX-CB: 22 damage

PMX-CB uses the recoil from the rocket to wind up for a powerful blow, slamming the ride's fist into the side of the remaining, battered Drill Waying.

[OOC] Astros: Using your Swift for anything?

[OOC] PMX-CB: Sadly, no

[OOC] PMX-CB: Actually, lemme see

[OOC] PMX-CB: Hmm, nope.

[OOC] GralDM: I return!

With only the Hellit left, Astros takes what seems to be the most obvious option - he aims his bazooka at it.

[OOC] GralDM: The Drill waying is actually just barely alive

[OOC] Astros: Really?

[OOC] Astros: Huh okay

[OOC] GralDM: Yeah

[OOC] Astros: STILL

...and then he switches to his charged buster, trying to catch the Hellit with its guard down! (( swift for changing weapon, adding Brutal and Point-Blank to buster, Move for perception Bluff, and attacking)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

[OOC] GralDM: Succeed

[OOC] Astros: Deadly Aim 3.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 10

[OOC] Astros: dammit

[OOC] GralDM: Well that would miss. Anything else?

[OOC] Astros: Nope!

[OOC] GralDM: Aether's attack kills off the remaining Waying, heals people for 6.

[OOC] GralDM: I guess I should roll just in case

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 13

[OOC] GralDM: Yep

Astros' plasma blast disintegrates into smaller chunks, peppering the nearby walls much like a shotgun. "DAMMIT! That wasn't what I wanted at all!"

GralDM: The remaining Hellit tries to harm CB with its last chance!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 15

[OOC] PMX-CB: Fail!

[OOC] GralDM: Gloom, go

GloomKitty goes slicey dicey!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 15

[OOC] GralDM: That'd miss by 1. Is it going to live by pure chance?

[OOC] Astros: Clearly

[OOC] GloomKitty: Apparently)

[OOC] GralDM: Anything else?

[OOC] Astros: Oh right, charge buster is Deft

[OOC] Astros: brings my init up by 2

[OOC] GralDM: Would put you in front of CB

[OOC] PMX-CB: Darn.

GloomKitty misses as she misplaces her foot, her growl of frustration revealin less than the rage induced spasming of her tail!

GloomKitty: (Swift action to swap from her beam saber to the Gloom Razor, then end turn)

Astros notes the thing's propensity for dodging at just the right time... He attempts to read ahead! (( Perception bluff again, then attacking ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 17

[OOC] GralDM: k

[OOC] GralDM: Succeed )

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

[OOC] Astros: YES

[OOC] GralDM: Crit!

[OOC] PMX-CB: 20 machine

[OOC] GralDM: +6 damage

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+18] 25

Astros perforates the damn thing with a charged shot!

GralDM: The blast nearly destroys the Hellit, its on its last legs...

Astros: "SERIOUSLY?!"

GralDM: Annette chimes in, "New Style armor Astros. It's more durable then what you are used to. This shouldn't be commonly avaialble yet."

[OOC] GralDM: CB?

PMX-CB responds to the attack by taking a step back and leveling his M330 on it from the cockpit. ((Move back 5', swift to change weapon, Deadly Aim 3.))

Astros: "Son of a bitch."

PMX-CB: @1d20+13

gralBot: PMX-CB: Error: "1d20+13" is not a valid command.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 27

[OOC] GralDM: hit

[OOC] PMX-CB: I am so bad at bots

Astros: "Can you guess where they're getting it from?"

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+9] 19

GralDM: "Unless the lab here was constructing them and they were hijacked, not currently."

[OOC] GralDM: And dead

PMX-CB fires an automatic, staccato burst of plasma into the helit from point blank range.

PMX-CB: "Clear. Damage minimal."

[OOC] GralDM: How much is everyone down, out of curiosity?

Astros: "Or if they were collaborating in the first place and someone's covering their tracks. Something here isn't right."

[OOC] Astros: Full!

[OOC] PMX-CB: I'm at 47/52, if Aether had gotten another round I'd be back to full.

[OOC] PMX-CB: I can heal us via Shaman, or in combat via Transmutation.

GloomKitty: (I'm down to 24, and hit as low as 18)

GloomKitty: (Whoops, make that 30, cause of Aether's final round)

[OOC] GralDM: 30 / what?

Astros: "Alright, we're good. Kitten, hang back a little."

[OOC] PMX-CB: I did have 10 THP from a good Vigor roll, plus my rage temp

Astros: "Otherwise, let's get our asses in gear!"

PMX-CB: "Effect battlefield repairs?"

[OOC] GralDM: Yeah

GralDM: "Repair as you ride up the elevator, the next room seems to have a Hamma Hamma in it, so be prepared!"

Astros: "You heard the kiddo. Let's get going!"

PMX-CB: "Acknowledged."

[OOC] GralDM: You can heal up between encounters, and thats the end of this session: Next time Hamma Hamma and more!

gralBot: ========== Session #1 - END ==========

Session 2

gralBot: ========= Session #2 - START =========

[OOC] GloomKitten: Waiting for Gral's opening scroll for the session to complete)

[OOC] GralDM: Lol

GralDM: Last time the group entered into Pillar Projects, which is currently under attack by Maverick forces.

GralDM: A large snake mechaniloid just took out a section of the building, while the group is heading up the other side

GralDM: They have just defeated the first few mechaniloid forces.

Astros knows what he's doing - boarding the elevator! "Let's get our asses in gear before that snakebot tears the whole damn building apart."

GloomKitten does a quick visual scan of the team's surrounding. "Orders, commander?"

Aether: "We can't let it get far. Let's head up."

Aether: "Not many other routes available if we wanted to be sneaky-shooty or something."

PMX-CB trundles to the fore and prepares, providing quick repairs to the team during the downtime.

GralDM: Annette chimes in over the com, "The next room seems to have some pit traps. Be cautious not to fall in. They likely would deploy a Hamma Hamma to make life hard."

Aether: "Pit traps? What is this, cartoon villainy?"

GralDM: "I wish I knew."

Aether: "Now I'm imagining the person who set up these pits traps just....having some curly mustaches that he twirls every times he speaks."

Aether: "Naturally, the other hand would be petting some ridiculously fluffy cat."

Aether: "Let's see if I'm right. Sweep the floor for loose tiles."

PMX-CB advances more slowly, one hand on his M330.

[OOC] Aether: Perception?

GralDM: As you move up the elevator and arrive, you see a large open room. Sitting inside is a Hamma Hamma, and conspiciously placed Drill waying on a wall. You see some pit falls that mechaniloid have already fell into. This room looks like it was once a break room, with various refigerators, cofee machines, etc.

[OOC] GralDM: Perception would let you see some hidden ones, yes

[OOC] GralDM: Current distance is about 150 feet

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 7

[OOC] Aether: Welp

Aether: "....and in the rbreak room, too. That -dastard-."

Astros lets the guy in the ride armor go first. Of course, that doesn't mean he's gonna be lazy - he's scouting everything out.

GloomKitten: "... Wait. I'm having a bit of a logical fail here. Why the crap would you put a major throughfare in a BREAK ROOM?

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

Aether: "Because architects are silly."

Aether: "And were probably also cartoon villains."

Aether: "One moment, some thief just wanted to take a minute off from their heist for a spot of tea, then BAM, spike pit."

Aether 's logic is flawless.

GralDM: With an indepth look, you find all relevant pit traps. Unless something tries to push you, you can assume you can avoid them. There is clearly some right in front of the Hamma Hamma, which the Drill Waying is set up to make it more difficult

PMX-CB points them out with passes of his buster rifle, marking them on his helmet for anyone with a linkup command set.

Aether: " it. Tread carefully."

Astros: "Hmm..."

Astros: "Kitten. Think you can get behind the Hamma?"

[OOC] GralDM: Sorry bathroom break took a bit long

[OOC] GralDM: Anyway: How do you intend to approach?

Astros: "I can bust the drill up. You get behind that and it's as good as dead, right?"

PMX-CB slams the ride's knuckles together and gestures at the Hamma Hamma.

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: "Probably." She grins as she lifts a hand, a dimly glowing black blade materializing in it; she immediately started plotting her approach out on the tac-com.

Aether: "We'll try to distract it if things get sour. Best of skill out there. Don't get cartoon-villain-trapped."

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Initiative?)

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (And can I make an Acrobatics check to get past the Drill Wall?)

Astros isn't plotting out his approach; he's going absolutely nowhere.

[OOC] Aether: Well, let's hope this is a surprise attack

[OOC] GralDM: Initative with you guys having surprise

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 9

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Plus whatever Surprise bonus there is)

GralDM: If every creature on one side of the encounter is

GralDM: unaware of the other sides of the encounter, all

GralDM: creatures who are aware of their enemies can act

GralDM: in a special surprise [Round]. All participants in

GralDM: the surprise [Round] can take either a single standard

GralDM: action or a single move action, as well as a

GralDM: single swift or immediate action.

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 5

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Can I make an acrobatics check to bypass the Drill Wall?)

Astros, as usual, takes his sweet time unfolding the bazooka. It isn't exactly easy to tote a bazooka around in a crowded elevator. Or a crowded elevator with a goddamn ride armor packed in it too.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 15

Aether 's free hand crackles with electricity, ready to spark off at a moment's notice.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 15

[OOC] GralDM: You can

PMX-CB slams his Ride's fists together once more and makes for the safest track toward the Hamma.

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 7

[OOC] GralDM: Well they suck

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Yay?)

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Can I gap close with just a move action?)

[OOC] GralDM: Aether and CP are tied, which order do you want to go in?

[OOC] GralDM: The distance is 150 feet to begin

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Oh, nevermind then)

[OOC] Aether: I'll go last, it's fine

[OOC] GralDM: CP, then

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (... this is gonna take me a while to close the gap)

[OOC] PMX-CB: CB. >_>



** GralDM changes topic to "CB"

[OOC] Astros: ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF "To Catch A Maverick"...

** GralDM changes topic to "" CB "

[OOC] PMX-CB: I go first, last, and always.

** GralDM changes topic to "CB / Aether / Hamma Hamma / Gloom / Drill / Astros"

[OOC] PMX-CB: Okay, what are my approaches to the Hamma?

[OOC] PMX-CB: If I can't make it in one move, I'll swift to rage, move as close as I can, standard to cast Bless.

[OOC] Aether: Could just put a few holes in it from range

[OOC] GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: I don't have a particularly good ranged attack.

[OOC] PMX-CB: 30 foot range on the P330 >_>

[OOC] PMX-CB: M330*

[OOC] PMX-CB: It's a spray-and-pray buster SMG

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Yeah, I've got similar)

[OOC] PMX-CB: 150 feet's quite a ways... all right, time to buff up, then.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Though I'll reserve my Rage activation

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: (Oh, wait, it's 130 ft, my bad)

[OOC] Astros: Hmm

[OOC] Astros: Considering the amount of OOC we might want a separate OOC room to not flood the logs to hell and back

[OOC] Aether: #mmxgameooc

[OOC] PMX-CB: Gimme a sec to boot my cribsheet too

[OOC] PMX-CB: Dah, it's taking its sweet time. Okay, Standard to cast Bless, move to get 50 feet in. No swift yet.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Everyone within 30 feet of PMX-CB gets +1 to attack and Will saves for the duration of the Encounter.

[OOC] PMX-CB: Done.

Aether stays at range, simply unloading on the Hamma with her buster.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d6+10] 12

[OOC] Aether: Plasma

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy] darts forward, skipping around the traps and grinning malevolently.

Astros hefts the bazooka and blasts the hell out of the Drill Waying! (( Deadly Aim 3 ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 20

PMX-CB boosts forward with the Hungry, heat venting with an audible chuff as he triggers an overboosted dash, out-and-out clearing some obstacles with the massive armor.

Aether closes the gap, attempting to get into range with a more useful weapon. (( Move + run, end turn ))

Hamma Hamma glares at the oncoming threats, readying itself to unleash its famous combo in a RAGE.

Astros grins. Good luck doing a hell of a lot to him when he's sitting at a very, VERY safe range.

Drill sits around, cause he can't hit shit

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy] continues running.

A drill sitting on its ass? Astros knows what to do - blow him up!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 19

Drills have asses?

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

[OOC] Astros: They do now.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+14] 18

Rocket away!

The Drill is almost destroyed (< 20 HP)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 23

PMX-CB: 10 temp hp...

As CB charges in, Hamma Hamma unleashes its one two combo to try and stop him!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d6+7] 8

[OOC] PMX-CB: temp damage soaks it

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 28

PMX-CB thunders in, letting the maceball glance off its shoulder, sparks flying as the metal scrapes, but holds-it responds by surging forward, giant fist cocked back for a haymaker!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 19

Aether finally settles into a good range for the AIVC to take over, and launches a bolt of electricity at the Hamma.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 20

The Hamma Hamma's Maces splash into ground at just the right time creating a grounding wire

Hamma Hamma attempts to knock away CB, forcing him into a nearby pit.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 29

CB deflects away the maces, stopping himself from being pushed back

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d8+11] 18

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy] finishes closing the distance, making a flying leap over a pit trap to land beside the Hamma, short blade lashing out and cutting deep into its side.

The Drill Waying tries to save the Hamma Hamma, launching itself at (1 = Gloom, 2 = CB)

Aether: "Good hustle, Kitten!"

gralBot rolled: [1d2] 1

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 10

The Drill waying shoots out in the wrong direction. Truly there are few things as miserable as it.

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy] grins. "Next time, I'm riding CB into battle."

Astros knows what he must do - he must put it out of its misery by shooting it with a big, big gun.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d6+14] 20

The Drill waying goes flying off in peaces, the top of it comically hitting the Hamma Hamma on the head.


PMX-CB winds up to add injury to insult.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 16

The Hamma Hamma takes the gap in defenses to strike

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 12

And misses!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 18

PMX-CB actually backs off, priming the thrusters and letting another hammer fly harmlessly past before revving up and charging in again like a bulldozer made of angry fist.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 24

The Hamma Hamma visibly crumples at the hit. It seems to be using its last bit of fight. (< 10 HP )

Aether decides to finish the job with another bolt of lightning.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 21

Or not. Goddammit.

Hamma Hamma tries to prevent the damage again... but it wasn't enough to save it as it shuts down.

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: "Riding. The Armor. Into Battle."

Or yes!

Aether: "...good hustle for everyone. Status."

PMX-CB lifts the remains and topples them into the pit it was trying to knock him into. "Status-clear. Damage-negative."

Astros: "Alright, girls! Let's move!"

Aether: "Leave one of the scraps as a warning. Someone might come in after us - friend or foe."

PMX-CB responds by punching craters to mark the traps.

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: "... I take offense to the ladies comment for CB. He's not a female model. Though if he wants to branch out I know some good body work specialists."

Aether: "Focus."

Aether: "Only one path ahead. Next room. Watch for villainy."

Astros: "Alrighty then."

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: "If I see any I'll send you a post card."

Astros checks his comm again. "Annette, anything new?"

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy] does a quick interface to map the surrounding area; is it worth us taking a detour to their security offices?

GralDM: Annete chimes in, "Looks like they got to the security room, I cannot communicate with any of the defense mechaniloids anymore, but they are still there. Assume they might fight back. Next room has Metal Wings that are still operational"

Aether: "Standard procedure, then."

Astros: "Son of a bitch."

Astros: "Something's also bothering me about this..."

Aether: "Watch for traps, stay in sneaky-shoot mode."

Aether: "What's wrong?"

PMX-CB: "Recommend: stay behind me."

Astros: "For the record this goes OFF the record. You notice how the mechaniloids had new armorings?"

GralDM: "Affirmitive"

Astros: "Where the hell are the Mavericks gonna be getting that with Sigma down?"

Astros: "I smell foul play - or a coverup."

Astros: "Iunno about you."

Aether: "Or new funding."

Aether: "Not much reason to believe the head here's responsible."

Aether: "..."

Aether: "Yet."

Astros: "Could be wrong."

Astros: "Still..."

Astros keeps an eye out. "Let's mosey."

PMX-CB remains silent, moving to the fore once again.

GralDM: As you head up the elevator, Annette informs you of what the combat data she gathers suggests, "There is a single mechaniloid in the control room. The large elevator shaft is infested with Ray Trips - a good 30 or 40 of them. Just above, some de Voux units were detected."

GralDM: "You likely will have to have at least some of your team take care of the security room, unless you can figure a way through the ray trips."

Astros: "Aw *crap*."

Astros: "What model's manning the control room?"

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: "Ten bucks says that Sigma's a distraction for the virus and the virus is secretly infecting every major reploid politician, economic power house, and public persona so that they can start pushing the maverick ideology out subtly and next thing you know we're going to wake up and prtty much every reploid is going to be on the Maverick's side."

Aether might have an idea.

GralDM: "..."

Aether pokes at the ceiling with her N-Saber set to low power.

PMX-CB: "Recommendations?"

GralDM: "It's a Genjibo. Something R&D is still working on. How DID they get one of those."

Astros: "That's what I'm saying!"

Aether: "Let's not go for the shaft, or by running through rooms, then."

Astros: "Hey Annie!"

Astros: "Clearance to blow a hole in the ceiling?"

Aether: "Let's not alert the -entire damn facility-."

Astros: "Or do they not want us to wreck it?"

Aether: "Subtlety. Cut it open and climb."

GralDM: "We don't have clearance to demolish any more of the building. But a cut might be able to be swept under the rug."

PMX-CB responds to 'subtlety' by rapping a metal knuckle against his ride's massive breastplate.

GloomKitty[ActuallyNotGloomy]: "I believe that what CB is trying to say is this: 'Subtle? I don't DO subtle.'"

Aether: "Here's the plan, then."

Astros: "You think we can handle the mechaniloid?"

Aether: "We need a bit of a gap and an analysis of what's directly above us."

Aether: "Give me a boost and I'll cut a long ramp that we can just walk up."

Aether: "Especially if the ceiling's as reinforced as I think it is."

Aether: "Analysis?"

Data is sent to your displays. Use an engineering check to read it.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 20

Astros walks over and picks Aether up, then marches the both of them right over to the best cutting spot. "Alright, go."

Aether sets her saber to maximum charge, and begins sawing away to make their ramp.

GralDM: After a bit of work, you have a workable ramp that you can even get the Hungry up.

Astros releases Aether. "Right, let's go. We can take care of the mechaniloid AFTER we've figured out what the hell this maverick's up to."

Aether: "Very well. glad we didn't have to just slog through the rest of them..."

Aether: "I'll try to brush it off during the debriefing later. Move out."

The group slices into the security room by cutting through heating vents, and some non essential wiring. The actual security room is small, only 30 feet across, and covered in machinery, except for the entrance you make.

Aether is all too aware of the non-security of the security room, and plans to write a full report on this later.

The Genjibo inside quickly flutters up, creating a Shurikein. However, the created Shuriken is missing 4 of its points...

[OOC] GralDM: Perception checks to notice something, as mentioned in OOC)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

Astros notices that on the projection lens there is a small "stick" insigna, followed by "IV" . A desgination of some sort?

Astros focuses on it. "...huh. Hey, Annie. Think this one's got a designation."

Astros: "Or it could just stand for " four blades ".

[OOC] Astros: +"

[OOC] Aether: History?

GralDM: "No, Genjibos are not supposed to have a desigination... I'll run the symbol through the database see what I find..."

[OOC] GralDM: History is applicable actually

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 12

GloomKitty: "He's clearly from the Robo Ninja clan of Neo Tokyo."

Astros: "It's IV. You know of any group that uses that?"

GloomKitty: @Roll 1d20+6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

Astros: "'cause if not, I bet we're about to find one."

GloomKitty: (Well, screw that)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 4

GralDM: "The IV is definitely roman numerals... It looks like a symbol associated with something called a tarot, whatever that is. Wands 4 is the proper way of reading it. No data in the database on any uses of the Tarot with mechaniloids."

GralDM: "This is old stuff, so I'm not sure what to tell you about it."

Astros: " we're dealing with a bunch of cryptic-ass douchebags."

Astros readies his rocket launcher. "Real great way to get this started. Make sure to tell your boss."

GralDM: "I'll pass it along right away. Maybe X could give us some information on the tarot when he gets back."

gralBot: ========== Session #2 - END ==========

Session 3

gralBot: ========= Session #3 - START =========

GralDM: Last time, the group Fought through a Hamma Hamma, and Drill waying. They then found out the local security was turned against them. Deciding plowing through was a suckers game, they have cut a new path up to the security office.

GralDM: Inside, they have discovered a prototype Genjibo which has created a 4 pointed Shuriken to fight the PCs.

Astros stares down the Shurikein. Is it acting hostile at all yet?

[OOC] GralDM: Some Good music, because, Cyperspace enemy:

The Shurikein seems ready to attack as soon as someone actually enters the office or makes an offensive gesture.

Gloomy: "So... Who wants to get hit first?"

Astros: "I think we have a willing volunteer. Open up all at once?"

PMX-CB thumps his chassis.

Aether takes a look around. "It's not like it doesn't know something's up after a part of the floor just collapsed nearby. Get into position."

GralDM: The office itself is pretty simple in design: Security consoles along the walls, and a lot of free room in the middle of the room. There are some chairs that have been pushed into a corner, though.

Aether: "And it's not going to be in the mood to have a friendly chat for a spot of tea."

[OOC] GralDM: Its about 30 feet x 30 ft if that matters

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 0

PMX-CB holds up a hand, leaning out of the cockpit and carefully moving a plate from either of the ride's arms, untwisting two nozzles and pointing the open leads out forward. "Stand back. Gets hot."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

Astros points his bazooka in the Shurikein's general direction and fires!

...or attempts to, as nothing comes out. At all.

Astros: "...Aw hell. Cover for me while I handle this?"

Gloomy nods, drawing her Gloom Razor. "How much cover do we want?"

** GralDM changes topic to "Gloom / Aether / Wands 4 / CB / Astros"

Aether: "Just keep him tangled while I move into position near the center. Need to keep all of you in range of the nanites."

Astros: "Enough to matter."

Aether: "Also, cut back on the high explosives a -little-. Room's too small for that, and we want to keep the electronics alive so we can catch the footage."

Aether: "Maybe we'll get a thing or two disabled, too."

Gloomy nods, smirkin. "Time to be crazy."

Gloomy darts in, lashing out with her Razor!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 12

Gloomy fumbles it and pouts. "Can we redo this, mister maverick?"

Aether mostly resists the urge to facepalm. Looks like they all had a long way to go before this unit would be a well-oiled machine.

Astros is tuning Aether out, for the most part. Getting his bazooka working was pretty important in case another Maverick popped up...

Aether moves to the center of the room, bracing herself as she fires a bolt of lightning at the Shuriken!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 18

Aether is not having a very good day.

Aether: "....rubbish."

The Shuriken dodges a lot of the electricty, but seems to still take more damage then expected from it.

Aether: "Got a weak point. Use electric surges if you can!"

Aether passes on the combat data in her monocle to the team.

The Shuriken then does a complicated movement around Gloom Kitty, before making two twin strikes!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 14, 25

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 17

It misses Gloom Kitty with the first attack, but the second attack hits her square in the Chassis.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 12

CB charges in, but misses the swift Shurikein.

PMX-CB blasts into the room with a leaping charge, exhaust lines from his armor venting forward over the fists in a fiery haze! Which misses.

Astros considers - small room? Bad place to use a bazooka. Computer construct? Probably REALLY vulnerable to something other than explosives. He immediately switches to his buster and adjusts a few settings on it before charging straight into the fray, slamming the construct with magnetic buster fire!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+10] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 12

The Shurikein reacts... badly to the buster fire, having visible distortion applied on the strikes. Its starting to turn red.

Gloomy grins, swinging her Razor in a tight arc to slice the Shurikein to bits!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 10

Gloomy pouts again. "I think I'm doing something wrong."

Aether: "Just keep the pressure on."

Aether releases the healing nanomachines (6 HP recovered for pretty much everyone), steels herself again, and fires away with more lightning.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 15

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 18

The Shurikein is now pretty red

Aether realizes she has probably made a terrible mistake.

Things don't glow red unless pain is coming.

It does the complicated maneuver again and reaches Aether in the process!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 19, 20

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 13, 16

Yep! Terrible, terrible mistake!

It slams into Aether hard, leaving a large gash on the chassis

PMX-CB blasts past Aether in pursuit of it!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d6+19] 20

Getting slamed into by CB, it takes limited damage from the flames, but its just enough to short circuit the system (-1 HP)

Aether gets up, and takes a look down at the gash. "So, uh.....ouch."

PMX-CB ridepunts the thing's remains over and turns to address the injured, jangling his toolkit.

Astros isn't the injured one, so... time to investigate the room while Aether was being patched up.

Aether: "Someone play back the security footage, and download it?"

GralDM: After searching the room, it becomes clear which consoles are for what. Some are video feeds of everywhere but the top lab, some are defenses (Like that Ray Trip grid).

GralDM: One console seems to just be running Video Games for some reason.

Astros: "...huh."

PMX-CB shrugs massively.

Astros scans over them. Any hint of maverick activity?

GralDM: You download and start transmitting the footage. Recent log entries confirms one unauthorized Reploid entering the secret lab. You also see the CEO leaving that lab not 2 hours before the attack. A lot of other promiment members of the lab seem to frequently be going in and out.

[OOC] GralDM: CEO = "Towering Avarice"

Gloomy also downloads the games

PMX-CB leans in to look at Towering Avarice's footage.

Astros: "Oh would you LOOK AT THAT."

Astros: "It's almost like I called it!"

Towering Avariace is shown screaming at people in the lab as he trudges out. There is some noticable dust on him. He seems to be saying something about "If they get their hands on it..."

The rest of the entry seems corrupted. Odd.

Aether: "Did he try to wipe the evidence?"

Aether: "Is that what this thing was here for?"

PMX-CB shrugs again.

Aether: "Well, we've got our evidence, and I'm pretty sure that's all the logs and the footage will be able to tell us."

Aether: "All that's left is to deal with the remaining Mavericks. Keep things about Avarice hush-hush. We don't want him to suspect anything."

Aether: "If he gets savvy, there goes our lead. Any concerns?"

Gloomy: "Just one. When did Street Fighter move onto it's 18th " new " installment? I thought we were on 16 Alpha Turbo still."

Aether sighs. "I don't even know. They keep charging for minor updates, and it's just -infuriating-."

Aether: "Any concerns -about the mission-, then?" she clarifies with some emphasis.

Astros: "A few."

Aether: "Go for it."

Astros turns on his comm. "Annette? What do we know about this guy?"

Astros: "Towering Avarice?"

Astros: "And *don't go blabbing*. Not that I expect you to; just need to know if there are any... discrepancies we should be aware of."

GralDM: Annette chimes in, "As mentioned in the briefing, we don't have any blueprints on him, which is odd in itself. Hes a corporate Reploid, designed larger to be intimidating. He has attachment points for weapons platforms for defense, but relies on Bodyguards."

GralDM: "The company is doing pretty well for itself, so stock holders are happy. He hasn't shown up on our radar before, or we'd know his data is missing."

Aether: "Well, we've got something that makes him more suspicious now."

Aether: "We'll get the footage to you locally."

Gloomy: "Also, the fact that his data is missing is grounds enough for us to go looking, isn't it?"

GralDM: "Well Hunters should. Its not in our mandate yet."

Aether: "We probably don't have the time to go poking around much further, anyway."

Aether: "Just having the seed for a proper investigation is enough for now."

Astros: "Good enough."

Astros: "We ready?"

Gloomy: "... Aren't WE hunt- nevermind, right, ongoing maverick attack. Rush for the elevator, try to et there before the mechaniloid destroys the materials?"

Aether: "That's the plan, Kitty."

Aether: "Elevator sounds good if it's no longer trapped."

Aether: " careful. And try not to get distracted by terrible easy listening."

GralDM: "Security should be disabled now."

Aether: "Good, good. That should limit any further cartoon villainy."

Gloomy takes point on the way?

Astros lets everyone else go first, per usual.

The group hurries down the long hallway, down a short elevator, and then to the large elevator up. Heading up takes a bit, and you can see Ray Trips gleaming at you. At the top, the ruins of a hamma hamma and De Voux model are found. Looks like the Ray trips blasted them apart.

You get to the Large lab door. It sounds like the enemy is still on the other side... how do you want to approach jumping in?

PMX-CB points a thumb at himself and points through the doors.

Aether: "I'm for that, but I need a better idea of the status inside."

Gloomy spends the trip humming along to music that only she can hear.

Aether: "Cameras are a wash, don't think we can get sound into the room...."

Aether: "Think, Aether, think."

Gloomy: "All signs point to filling the room with explosives~"

PMX-CB listens in. How much noise are we talking?

Astros lets the others handle this; he's there to blow shit up when everything goes south.

GralDM: "...They will be here any second... Materials are ready to ship..."

Aether: "Let's go classic." The field commander looks around for a vent.

It also sounds if the giant snake Mechaniloid you saw earlier is inside there.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 21

Aether manages to find a small Vent system. Difficult to fit through, but easy enough to throw some recon equipment down.

Aether: "Astros. Think we can get authorized for a bug?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

Astros: "Probably. Ask her."

GralDM: "Bug authorized"

Aether places the bug in the vents, turns it on, and sends it on its merry way to get some recon.

Aether 's voice lowers to a whisper. "Sending the data to your feeds. We'll knock, and knock hard on my signal."

PMX-CB nods, raising a massive fist. "Know we're coming."

The bug is dropped into the vent, the feed shows a large room - 120x120. Its divided into two levels that can be transversed by two ladders. Inside, the Snake Mechaniloid is looking towards the door you are by. The Mechaniloid's head is hovering above the second level.

You also spot Gute Gladiator dragging a stasis pod away, towards a cleared tunnel. Hes almost out of the room.

From where the bug is, you can't get a good look whats in the container.

Aether: "....looks like we need to chase down the pod. Sending that to Annette; we can't lose that."

Aether: "Might need a distraction for the 'loid."

PMX-CB: "Volunteer."

Aether: "Well, I can't think of anything better."

Aether: "Kitty. Think you can try to tangle with the Gladiator?"

Gloomy: "Built ready."

Aether: "While you're keeping him from leaving, see if you can spot where he's going and where he's loading it into."

Aether: "While CB knocks, Astros and I will try to move into position. I'll try to stay central, as usual. Astros should be ready to assist either CB or Kitty as needed."

Astros: "I'll support her. Ready?"

Aether: "Any objections?"

Aether gives a thumbs up towards CB, then points at the door.

PMX-CB holds up a hand first and then goes from teammate to teammate, making quick, on-the-fly additions, subtractions, or modifications to their equipment with his own kit, priming them for the coming attack

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 9

Astros takes what he needs - a few materials to give his bazooka a fiery aftertaste. It doesn't take long to get it working, thankfully.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 0

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

As the group moves in to engage, Gute hurries with the stasis pod, moving 20 feet outside the room and ending his turn.



Aether would give Astros a high-five for that one, but does not see the need to encourage him further.

Aether moves further into a more centralized position between Gute and Snake, steeling herself and firing away with flaming bolts.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 12

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 17

The bolt hits the Snake just below the head. It deals just slightly less damage than expected.

Aether: " We're going to need to ascend. None of us have any air, and only the head seems to be weak."

Aether: "Not -that- much weaker, mind you, but enough to consider if ascending will be a non-issue."

Aether: "It's not responding well to Fire. Turn up the heat!"

The big snake mechaniloid ignores Aether, slithering up to the team and unleashing a blast of cold from its mouth at the rest of the group.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d4+11] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 13

Astros shrugs off the cold as best he could - since the Glute was out of his line of sight, he'd have plenty of time to return fire while trying to get to him.

Aether mostly just needs to stay in a good position to heal the others.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 5

Gloomy shivers, but huffs and bolts: Glute's her target. Stopping him is necessary!


PMX-CB: "...okay."

Aether: "....guess that leaves us to tango."

Aether has to admit that this first plan wasn't panning out well, but it's good that the group can adapt. "Go ahead, then. We'll keep this one busy."

Astros points his bazooka in the snake mechaniloid's direction, only to realize that his bazooka is jammed *yet again*. He was DEFINITELY going to take a look at that when they got back to base

Astros switches to his buste and snaps a quick shot off at it! (( Return Fire ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

[OOC] Astros: *Buster

[OOC] Astros: 3 damage, flat-footed for a round.

The buster doesn't even phase it, but it does attract its attention.

Astros follows up with a full-power charged shot! (( Deadly Aim 3, Point-blank + Magnetic added. ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 10

[OOC] Astros: FUCK

Aaaaand it whiffs. He steels himself for the inevitable counterattack. (( Vigor check! ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 23

PMX-CB doesn't waste any time, pouring all the Ride's power through its EAS thrusters.

CB dodges around the Snake closing quite close to Gute (40 feet away)

Astros then misses the snake but readies himself for the counter attack

Gute Moves forward 30 feet (70 feet away from CB / Gloom) And yells into a communicator to get ready for transport.

Aether moves closer to Astros to put him within range of the nanites, and digs her feet in to prep for an oncoming assault. (Vigor as part of move, then fire bolt)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 7

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 2

gralBot rolled: [2d4] 7

The burning wounds and glancing blow take their toll, but the snake mechaniloid hisses fiercly as it closes and swipes its tail at Aether

GralDM: @1d20+3

gralBot: GralDM: Error: "1d20+3" is not a valid command.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 21

Aether is startled by the display, but manages to weave out of the way in time.

The attack clearly dents the ground, and wisps of frost are clear behind it. It seems to be offbalance

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 19

PMX-CB: @1d20+10

gralBot: PMX-CB: Error: "1d20+10" is not a valid command.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 22

CB Comes charging at Gute, who draws a sword in time to fend off some of the blow, but still is hit.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 18

Gute gets the wind knocked out of him.

PMX-CB 's fist trails smoke and heatwaves as the Hungry connects with a flying haymaker.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 16

Gute dodges the thrown razor.

Gloomy pouts. "Why is everything dodging?"

Astros gets a read on the snakebot's movement, then peppers it repeatedly with magnetic buster fire!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 30

gralBot rolled: [2d6+1d4+13] 21

[OOC] Astros: Fire, Magnetic.

The Snakebot seems quite damaged by the buster assault, its starting to weave awkwardly.

Gute attempts to get through the tanglefoot paste with his cargo, and teleport away.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

Gute reaches the exit and teleports away with his cargo, though he gives an evil glare back at PMX and Gloomy, and a "I'll kill you two first next we meet."

Gloomy pouts. "I have been useless all mission. Oh well, lets go kill the snake."

PMX-CB just crunches his fists together and beckons.

Aether engages the nanomachines to heal herself and Astros, and continues firing away!

[OOC] Aether: Heal for 6, Vigor as part of it.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 15

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 23

It keeps on ticking, but its clear it doesn't have much left in it.

roll 3d4

gralBot rolled: [3d4] 10

The Snake mechaniloid tries another desperate smash on Aether, attempting to scare her again

GralDM: @1d20+3

gralBot: GralDM: Error: "1d20+3" is not a valid command.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d6+23] 24

And away she flies, hitting a wall with a sickening crunch.

Astros: "Aw shi-"

Astros: "CB! Kitten! Get this thing down before it does any more damage!"

It slams hard into Aether dealing a lot of damage, and laying the hurt on while shes down. (Unforgiving: first hit each round, after damage 3 [HP Reduction] ).

Gloomy: "What just happened? Aether's connection to our comnet just terminated."

PMX-CB doesn't need telling twice, rocketing back into the fray.

Aether reactivates her connection. "SODDING HELL OW"

Gloomy: "Nevermind, she just got rattled. Lets kick some ass."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d8+5] 12

Gloomy FINALLY stabs a thing in the eye with her dagger, causeing its head to spontaneously explode in a shower of machine gore.

Aether: "....augh, my back...."

Aether is a little woozy from the blow, but shakily gets to her feet. ""

Astros moves over to support Aether - and by "support" he means lifting her up and carrying her around. "We can wait 'til we head back to base."

Astros: "Unless you want to do snooping in that condition."

Aether: "....augh. I think I'll be okay. What happened to the other one?"

Aether: "You know. The one that doesn't have his circuits scattered on the floor."

GralDM: Annette chimes in, "Transported... Tracking idicates to a space shuttle. The 11th isn't going to like to hear that. There is obviously some powerful backing here."

Aether: "Transported....wait, we didn't get him?"

PMX-CB: "Negative. Teleported."

Aether sighs. "Suppose it can't be helped."

PMX-CB: "...Socked him really good."

Aether: "And we -did- do what we came here for. All in all, shattered chassis aside, this wasn't a bad first run."

Aether: "See, now -that- is what I want to hear."

Aether: "If you didn't get him, at least make him feel it."

PMX-CB carefully reaffixes the coolant and venting pipes in Hungry's fists.

Aether: "Overall grade....B. Above and beyond the call of duty, some shortcomings, some leniency on things because we're not used to it."

GralDM: "Well he declared revenge on Gloom and CB. Gloom almost caught him."

Aether: "Did you, now?"

Aether: "Well, capital try all around."

Aether: "Our job's done here as far as first response goes, Annette. When's the backup arriving?"

GralDM: "Backup should be there in 5 minutes. They are delayed because Towering Avariace has apparently, ugh, called the Media on us."

Aether: "Oh, bloody hell."

PMX-CB: "...war crime..."

Aether: "I assume we've got PR on standby?"

Aether: "Let's scour what we can before the circus comes to town and head back."

Aether: "Grading will be stricter next time."

Aether: "Particular kudos to CB and Kitty for that one, though. I have to admit, you two thought faster than I did."

GralDM: "PR is on its way, yes."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

Astros sighs. "Always gotta be something new."

GralDM: Under some rubble is a dusty old and rusted limb. Seems to be from the Robot Master days. Most of the paint is chipped off, but its probably what was in the stasis, but why would a modern lab be looking at a Robot Master? And what would Mavericks want with a Robot Master?

Aether: "Hello, what's this?"

Aether: "...Annete, we've got a Robot Master-looking arm here. Curiouser and curiouser."

GralDM: "Robot master? Why would... I guess I'm data delving tonight to figure something out about that arm."

PMX-CB has begun fussing over the pitted and scratched surface of his ride's paint job.

gralBot: ========== Session #3 - END ==========

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