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Session 4

gralBot: ``=========`` Session #4 - START ``=========``

GralDM: Last time, our heroes finished off at Pillar Projects. They fought a giant snake mechaniloid, and had Gute Glaidator escape by the skin of his teeth.

Aether also found a Robot Master arm. That was also shocking.

[OOC] GralDM: Also that

PMX-CB ride armor punched the maverick.

GralDM: They return to the Second for some well earned rest. Annette meet the team at the pad, "Good timing, we actually have three more officers just come back. So you may actually be able to meet some of the people from the Second today."

Astros: "Meeting the roommates, huh?"

GralDM: "Essentially yes. EL, Terrorist, and Swan are about here somewhere. Koala also has a number of mission possibilities for your review, but worry about that later. Some R&R is essential."

Astros: "Fine by me."

Astros: "...where's our lodging, anyways?"

Aether: "Take the time to find out what's going on at home, too."

Aether: "Plenty of people you can ask."

Aether: "Some Navigators, Annette, or..."

Aether gives a heavy sigh.

Aether: "My -sisters-."

PMX-CB bustles around behind the others, collecting paint, brushes, and a finishing kit from the hangar (or produced from his bindle) and beginning to fuss over his dinged-up ride.

GralDM: Annette facepalms, "I brought you around to your rooms before the first mission."

Astros: "Oh! Right."

Astros: "Little disoriented from the mission, sorry."

Astros heads room-ways to store his stuff before getting up to anything; why bother lugging around a huge gun on base?

GralDM: While looking around, you first stumble across a Human officer at the bar, he waves you over, "Hey new faces. You the new squad members?"

Aether 's gear is largely integrated or small to begin with, so she moves on. "Uh, yeah."

Aether: "Squad leader. I'm Aether."

GloomKitty took the opportunity to swap out of her armor and get it into maitenence; civies might be less than awesome for combat, but they were comfy.

GralDM: The Human can best be described by "Brown" . His hair, skin and even eyes are all varying shades of brown. He has obvious paperwork that is currently being using as a coaster.

GralDM: "Nice to meet you Aether, I'm " Terrorist ". At least, thats my callsign. Don't dare use my real name."

GloomKitty: "I assume that has something to do with aforementioned call sign?"

Aether: "You in spec ops? That's the obvious reason why you wouldn't want to."

GralDM: "Not really spec ops, but sometimes similar missions. Also, the Call Sign is a good old history joke, and a way to avoid my awful name. No idea what my parents were thinking.."

Aether: "Now I -have- to find out."

GralDM: A Steel beret passing by laughs and saids, "His name is Brody Brown."

Aether: "Bro-Bro, then."

GralDM: "I WILL EAT YOUR FAMILY STEVE. Why do I bring him with me on missions."

Aether: "IT BEGINS."

Aether chuckles conspiratorially.

GloomKitty: "I'm -Gloom Kitten- or Gloomy Kitty depending on the day of the week and which files you look at from my project commission. Brody Brown has NOTHING on the lack of imagination to 'Depressed Cat'."

GralDM: "But yes, Not only am I Bro-Bro, but as someone who physically is all brown, having a last name of Brown is... embarassing to the extreme. Thus, Terrorist, much better."

GralDM: He nods to Gloomy, "So you are the uh, Illegal Reploid. Good to meet you."

Aether: "I'm just going to stand here for a moment to just, well, appreciate the irony."

Astros returns - lacking armor and weaponry! While not QUITE the hulking mass of metal he was when suited up, he's still bulky enough to outsize the entire rest of the squad. "Miss anything?"

Aether: "Pun fodder."

Aether: "So, really, you missed everything that would encourage you, which is fortunate for the rest of us."

Terrorist seems to remember something, "Oh right. I'm acting Quartermaster, so if you need equipment, come see me. I'm A rank, Long range sniper. Guess that makes me a lot like... Oh come on I know I was supposed to study this Cosmos? here."

He starts rummaging around the paperwork to find his briefing on your squad. It obviously isn't there.

Astros: "Son of a bitch."

Aether: " know."

Astros: "It's ASTROS."

Aether: "Maybe you want to hit F5."

GloomKitty: "Why do you have to say it that way." Gloomy frowns. "I was completely legal, right up until they decided I would be a brainwashed combination of sex toy and assassin."

GralDM: "Ah Astros. I was so close. Well I'll get it next time. Sorry Gloomy, I've never had to describe someone like you before, first thing that popped into my head."

GralDM: "And I don't really want to talk to Refresh. Last time she tried shipping me with Hammer Frog."

Aether: "Ew. -Ew-."

Aether: "Ewewewewewewwwww."


Astros: "...huh."

Astros takes in the scene. Notices one of their crew missing.

GloomKitty: "He's working on his baby."

GloomKitty: "I think we ought to leave him to it."

GralDM: "You guys should sit and have a drink. I take it thats the last one, BMX-CP? I got that one wrong as well I didn't I..."

Aether: "CB."

Aether: "Every single time, I swear."

GloomKitty: "I wonder if we could get away with labeling him as BMX if we got him a ride chaser?"

Aether: "Then again, I get the same treatment if people have only seen my designation in print."


Aether draws out the incorrect first syllable for emphasis.

Astros: "*Or* we - and by we I mean me - can go help finish it so he can sit back between missions."

Aether: "Probably not a good idea."

Aether: "Could be very into the particulars. Something that you wouldn't know offhand."

GralDM: "You guys should sit and have a drink. I think I convinced Elextric Leveret to show up. Assuming he didn't get lost in books again."

PMX-CB chooses about then to walk into the bar mumbling about stencils.

GloomKitty glomps onto one of CB's arms, moving deceptively fast. "Heeeeeyyyy there partner``~``"

Aether clamps onto the other just to make this awkward as hell.

Astros shrugs and almost responds - and then CB walks in the door. "Or that can happen."

Astros: "OH COME ON!"

Aether: "Hey there, soldier``~``"


PMX-CB: "-!"

PMX-CB: "!!"

PMX-CB: "!!!"

Astros knew EXACTLY where this was going. CB's gotta have no fucking idea what's going on.

PMX-CB locks up like he just got ionized.

Aether: "I think we broke him."

GloomKitty: "Aww, man. I wanted to break him in, not break him."

GralDM: Terrorist nods at CB and introduces himself, catching him up.

GloomKitty lets go of CB and goes back to looking into getting herself a drink.

Astros walks over. Tries to pry him out. "Too bad I don't have a can of Harpy-B-Gone on me. It'd make this easier."

GloomKitty twitches, her ears laying back. "What did you just say?"

PMX-CB falls sort of listlessly into a seat, posture rigid and still completely unmoving.

GralDM: The seconds bar tender, a civilian reploid designed to look like an old man, nods at GloomKitty and saids, "Hey, I'm Sue. What can I getcha?"

Astros: "Oh, nothing."

Aether lets go of CB and pats him on the head.

Aether: "Maybe we need to make him social at a slower pace, yeah?"

Aether: "Barkeep, uh...I'll have an Azure Moon."

GloomKitty: "Whatever you have that'll get me so drunk I forgot to strangle my squadmate."

Astros seats himself next to CB.

Aether sits down next to the Kitten.

PMX-CB sways lightly in the seat.

GralDM: Sue starts passing out drinks, and before long a new face enters the bar. A large Hare reploid, with bright white armor. He has a book - a paper book in his hand, and is reading it as he sits down at the table.

Astros elbows CB. "Hey, whaddya want?"

Astros notices the reploid out of the corner of his eye - his eyesight was nothing if not amazing - but is more focused on other things for the moment to really pay it all that much attention.

Terrorist sighs, "Everyone, this is Electric Leveret. B rank Hunter, and notorious book worm."

PMX-CB 's, visor sloooowly swivels to stare at Astros.

Aether: "Charmed. I'm Aether."

GloomKitty: "Gloomy."

Astros: "Astros. Call my buddy here CB."

Electric Leveret slowly flicks a page, finished it, and sets the book down, taking in the squad for the first time. "Salutations. I'm only been here for a few weeks then your squad, but I think I have an handle on this place by now."

GralDM: "If you don't mind me asking, why did each of you sign up for the squad? What sort of goal are you trying to achieve?" , at this question Terrorist rolls his eyes and mutters, "This again."

Aether: "Trying to do more than lecture to students that won't listen, I guess."

Aether: "Kinda missed being on the field. Felt like I was worth more that way."

GloomKitty: "Repaying the Hunters for not putting me to death for the sins of my makers."

PMX-CB: "Frk."

Astros: "Technically I'm on loan from the 15th. Squad needed someone like me."

PMX-CB: "...3rd."

Aether: "Has some field experience before I was trasferred to Education, though."


GralDM: "Interesting. While those are good goals, they are a tad short term. I myself owe a debt to Koala. Therefore, I am trying to improve myself, become leadership material, so that one day he can retire."

Terrorist sighs, "One day you will learn some of us are here for the experience, we don't need long term goals."

Astros raises an eyebrow at that one. "Criticising your future underlings for not being you isn't exactly quality leadership."

GloomKitty: "My long term goal is to stop anyone else from being built for the sole purpose of killing for the whims of some old dirt bag."

GralDM: Leveret nods at Astros, "You are probably right. I just seefew long terms goals in the Hunters, almost everyone seems to live in the moment. Its a bit depressing in a way."

Aether: "Then my goal's just to make sure that I churn out the best damn unit I possibly can."

Astros siiiiighs. "Okay, serious time for a sec."

Aether: "Just because I'm not in that department anymore doesn't mean I don't have a thing or two to teach."

Astros: "Look, you should already know that not all of us are going to make it. Hell, given enough time, MOST of us."

Astros: "Living in the moment when you don't know when or where you're gonna drop dead on a mission - or worse, end up going Maverick - doesn't mean you're lacking foresight."

Astros: "Just means you're concerned with what's happening now. What good are they gonna do you if you end up fragged on a bad mission before you even got started? You can figure out your long-term stuff AFTER you've got yourself sorted out."

Astros: "'sides, experience under your belt puts you in a better position TO form those goals."

GralDM: "An interesting philosophy, but doesn't a long term goal also give you something to stride for, to push youself through more difficult circumstances then you normally could?" , Terrorist mutters, "Too much reading, not enough reality."

Aether: "I think his point is that the striving's meaningless without the foundation."

Astros: "They can also distract you if they're the wrong type."

GloomKitty: "Leveret, how old are you?"

GralDM: Leveret is quiet for a bit and then saids, "I came online for the first time during the battle for Vienna. Programming wasn't even finished. Koala found me, got me fixed up. Makes me about three weeks old now. Not very long, I know."

PMX-CB: "...Rough."

Astros: "Another thing - just 'cause nobody tells you their long term goals doesn't mean they don't have 'em."


Astros glances at the bartender. "Whaddya have on tap?"

GralDM: Sue lists some off (make up something for yourself, Gralamin's know nothing about beer.)

Astros: "Huh."

Astros: "CB, you have anything against cherry stout?"

PMX-CB: "...never tried."

GloomKitty sighs, standing and sitting down opposite from her squad. She eyes Leveret for a moment before mentally shrugging. "I'm six months old. I was built on commission for a corporate executive to be his personal companion. He inserted an emotional feedback loop into my programing that nearly drove me insane and caused me to flay his flesh from his bones with my claws. I was built to serve

GloomKitty as a sex toy for him, and in case your limited education hasn't covered it, I physically resemble a fourteen year old female human. Understand that long term goals aren't high on my priority list, given the fact that I'm still trying to piece together who -I- am, without the context of being his toy and his assassin. "

Astros: "We're gonna rectify that."

Astros: "Or-"

Astros glances at Kitty, taking all of that in.

GloomKitty: "You speak another word of that to anyone and I strangle you in your sleap, Astros."

Leverert and Terrorist just look at GloomKitty staring. Terrorist clearly never had the whole story.

Astros: "...yeah, okay. Fair enough."

Aether: "Man."

Aether: "I just feel like an old fart."

GralDM: Terrorist laughs, "Don't you worry, I'm a Human. I'm 23. You are all youngins."

Astros: "Yeah, but we don't spend our formative years shitting ourselves or spraypainting graffiti on walls."

Astros: "Think it's a fair trade."

Astros: "ANYWAYS"

GralDM: "Ouch, thats harsh man, I still shit myself."

GloomKitty: "Hey now. Ten of that, minimum, is equivilant to my 3 months of building."

Astros: "Kitten? You wanna drink too?"

GloomKitty shrugs. "Whatever. Give me something that'll let me go to sleep."

Aether: "So, absolutely anything on the manu in sufficient amounts?"

Aether: menu*

Astros glances at the bartender. "Gimlet for the kitten."

Astros claps CB on the back. "Cherry stout for him."

Astros: "And for me? Cherry... coke."

GloomKitty: "... Lightweight."

Astros: "Shush you. I just don't feel like drinking right now."

Aether: "Except if the drink belongs to me."

Aether: "Aether's tea? Just completely bottom-up it."

Aether: "Off time at the bar? I AM A PARAGON OF RESTRAINT AND DIGNITY."

Astros: " you actually have any more of that?"

GloomKitty: "... Bow chicka bow wow?" Gloom asks with a slightly confused expression on her face

Astros: "I'd be surprised."

GloomKitty: "Really? Cause it's ALWAYS the quiet ones."

GralDM: Sue passes out the drinks, and Terrorist and Electric Leveret order some more, Terrorist then turns to talking about the officer who you haven't met yet, "Eventually you are going to run into Swan. She's an ass. Stuck-up, no fun, all serious business all the time. At least Leveret here understands the need for fun, though he isn't used to it yet."

PMX-CB stares at his drink, watching the bubbles rise.

Astros: "Gotta have all sorts."

Astros: "She'll probably come around sometime, anyways."

GloomKitty: "So secondary social objective is to get her laid. Got it."

Astros: " least, she would if she were in our damn squad."

Aether: "Seconding getting her laid."

GloomKitty: "... Wait, are we sure she's female?"

Aether: "If it's not a thing already, I hereby christen our squad the Rectal Stick Extraction Team."

GralDM: Leveret shakes his head, "Well, thats not the issue Gloom Kitty, she's actually engaged to someone in the third. She just has some resentment to the unit, after being transferred from the 7th. Damn useful in a battle."

GloomKitty: "... That's the issue."

[OOC] GralDM: Gral fuckup: The "Third" there should be "Tenth".

GloomKitty: "She needs to see what fun loving hedonists we are, and then she'll be more than happy to spend time with us."

GloomKitty has said this with a completly serious face.

Aether: "Too late for regrets."

Aether: "Sending 'ReSET' as our official team name."

GloomKitty: "Better than Team Boomerang."

PMX-CB: "...Drop Bear."

GloomKitty: "Bikini Dropbears were the best band to come out of the fourties."

Astros: "Seconding Team Dropbear."

Aether: "You guys are no fun at all."

GloomKitty: "I like Reset."

GralDM: Leverert nods, "Names are important. Such as the Fellowship."

GloomKitty: "No."

GloomKitty: "No frodo references. I watched those movies."

Astros: "You're voting against Team Dropbear and you're calling US no fun?"

Astros: "Jesus Mary and Joseph, it's like you were born in Bizarro World!"

PMX-CB: "...Funny."

PMX-CB: "Bizarro World. Drop Bears."

PMX-CB: "From there."

PMX-CB clears his throat and looks pointedly down at the table after venturing that.

Astros: "Bizarro Dropbears?"

GralDM: Leveret shakes his head, "Movies are a waste, books are better. I have some physical copies if you want to read them."

Aether: "If you don't find ReSET hilarious, there's just no saving you all."

Astros: "Can we at least be the ReSET Dropbears?"

GloomKitty: "Dropbear ReSET."

Aether: "That doesn't even make any sense. Rectal Stick Extraction Team Dropbears?"

Astros: "So we're bears that drop onto people and remove anal sticks."

Astros: "I'm okay with that."

Aether: "Plus it just sounds wrong! No flow! No subtlety!"

Astros: "I'm not sure Team ReSET is all that subtle, either."

GloomKitty: "I didn't realize subtlety was something we were aiming for."

Aether: "Of course it is, on both counts."

Astros: "Neither did I."

Aether: "It's a clever acronym."

GloomKitty: "I suppose 'Two chicks, a loser, and the sexiest 'loid alive.' isn't subtle either, right?"

Aether: "Doesn't reduce well, no."

GloomKitty: "Damn."

Aether: "I think we've got a while before we're forced to choose a designation, anyway."

Aether: "And if we ever get transportation, I'm naming that, too."

Aether: "Because there's no reason not to go with something like the 'She's One Of Ours, Sir!' or the 'Computer, Initiate Self-Destruct Sequence.' The enemy won't know what hit them."

GloomKitty: "We won't either."

GloomKitty: "Actually, can we name our transportation 'The Thirsty' to go with The Hungry?"

Aether: "Might be open to that."

Aether: "Next transport's going to be 'The Peckish' afterwards."

PMX-CB twitches.

GloomKitty: "And after that comes 'The One With Room For Pie' right?"

Aether: "....we'll talk about it."

GloomKitty: "In that case, I'm going to get as drunk as possible and then go find my bunk."

Aether: "For now, just rest well, think on what you want to do here, and mull over my superior naming skills. Dismissed."

PMX-CB stands up, picks up his heretofore untouched beer, flips up his faceplate enough to down it in one go, and then escapes the bar at all speed.

After MOAR DRINKING, the bar closes up for the night and everyone heads back to there quarters. The next morning, you are contacted by Annette to meet in the command room for mission information.

Astros is up and about early this time. No hangover, either - the benefits of not drinking when there's a mission the next morning!

Aether is always punctual. Except when it's funnier when she's not. In this case, though, comedy takes a backseat.

GloomKitty is up with no ill effects the next morning.

PMX-CB enters with a small paper journal and a charcoal pencil.

GralDM: Inside, you find Snow Swan. Unsurprisingly, she is shaped like a swan, and is pure white except for a bit of yellow on her beak. She nods as everyone enters, "Morning Hunters. It is now 0530 and I will begin the briefing in the stead of Longshot Koala or other qualified officers."

Aether: "Any reason why the longest of shots isn't here?"

GralDM: "Longshot Koala has been called back out to the Battle of Vienna. As the commander of the second, his abilities are invaluable to securing the area faster."

[OOC] GralDM: to vienna, no need for the battle part *

Aether: "I guess that makes sense. Go on, then."

GralDM: "Under Koala's direction, eight threats have been identified as appropiate for this team. Four are maverick hunts, four are to intercept maverick mecahniloid forces. After a mission has been selected, second forces will retrieve additional information to allow the squad to move in. It has been instructed to leave the decision of order up to the squad."

GralDM: "Would you prefer to hear about the Maverick Hunts or other missions first?"

Aether: "If it were up to me, I'd go hunting. But I'm not feeling particularly picky at the moment. Any preferences?"

Astros: "Actually, before any of that - have you gotten any followups on good ol' Glute Gladiator?"

Astros: "Or anything about the Robot Master arm?"

GralDM: "Yes, one mission is specifically to Hunt Gute Gladiator. The arm is still being processed, nothing to report yet."

GloomKitty hums.

PMX-CB: "...time-sensitive?"

Astros: "Okay."

GralDM: "None of the missions appear to be more time-sensitive then any others, but there isn't much data on each yet."

GloomKitty: "What do we have?"

GralDM: "Starting with the non-hunts:"

GralDM: "An abandoned Hunter base in the Amazon may have been taken over by Mavericks. Investigate it."

[OOC] GralDM: Wiki link:

GralDM: "Indications of Bejing Power generators are being plotted against. Tip was considered non-credible, but Koala thinks there may be more to it."

[OOC] GralDM:

Astros: "Hold the line for a sec. Why's the boss think there's something more to that?"

GralDM: "The power station is also owned by Skyscraper Industries, the same corporation who owns Pillar Projects that you were at earlier."

GralDM: "As such, ignoring it may be unwise."

GloomKitty twitches her ear as she approaches the navigators station and slides into an empty seat, closing her eyes for a moment as she logs in.

GralDM: "Gute Gladiator was tracked to a skyship. While he is no longer onboard, what he took may still be there. We also would like it out of the sky. Seventh does not have forces currently available to chase it, thus your job."

[OOC] GralDM:

GralDM: "In northern Canada, there is a stray train that doesn't appear to belong to anyone. Some analysis indicates it may contain Ride armors produced by Maverick forces. Obviously Command wants us to have them, and the enemy to not."

[OOC] GralDM:

GralDM: "Any questions before I proceed to the Hunts?"

PMX-CB leeeans in.

Astros: "Sure. What kinda forces are around the ride armors?"

GralDM: "No visible escort. Likely the train has some mechaniliod forces."

Astros: "I'm guessing that they're counting on us stumbling in."

GloomKitty: "Nothing that should give us pause. At least, nothing that ranks above D rank." Gloomy's pulled up the same reports, reading over them rapidly.

Aether: "Doesn't that strike all of you as a trap?"

GloomKitty: "Yes."

Aether: "Oh, good, then we've got some sense in this room."

GloomKitty: "Swan, what assets are in place for intelligence gathering and observation?"

GralDM: "Due to strained resources, not much are available to your group. As such, some will be done when you select a mission to focus on. Other members of the second will head in, get enough information for you to do your job, and get out."

Aether: "I think it's best to save that one, and hope the rest of the Second makes it out safely."

GralDM: "May I proceed with the hunts?"

Astros: "Sure."

Astros: "One thing's bugging me, though..."

GralDM: "Beacon Hermit, a former lifeguard, is believed to have gone Maverick. C-Rank threat, but hiding in his element. Hiding in the Caribbean."

[OOC] GralDM:

GloomKitty: "Bureaucracy at its finest." Kitty mutters, flagging the jungle base mission before continuing to flip through reports, looking up information, and trying to do digital leg work.

Astros frowns. "Don't really wanna fight a crab on his own turf."

Astros: "Especially if he knows we're coming."

Astros: "Do we know why he went Maverick?"

GralDM: "No."

GralDM: "Gute Gladiator, who you already have meant. Returned to his 'day job', may have taken the crew captive. Last seen in Rome. The last engagement you had with him gives you a more complete Dossier."

[OOC] GralDM:

GralDM: "Flare Feenec, a B-Rank hunter from the 9th, destroyed the local 9th outpost in Algeria and is hiding in the Sahara Desert. Probably stole a Ride Chaser."

[OOC] GralDM:

GralDM: "Finally, Shatter Jackdaw has attacked Column Computing in Munich, Germany. Column Computing is also owned by Skyscraper Industries. This is technically Shatter Jackdaw-03, since the rest of his production series were destroyed in the line of duty. Likely insane."

[OOC] GralDM:

Astros: "Why is this company being singled out?"

GralDM: "Unknown."

Astros: "We can speculate."

GralDM: "Parts, Power, and Computing power, indicate they may be trying to synthesize something."

PMX-CB: "Stolen materials."

GloomKitty: "Of the four mavericks, Flare Fennec is considered an A-rank threat, while Gute Gladiator is a B and the other two are C." Gloomy looks back to the squad. "I don't haave the clearance to even look at what resources are available to us."

Astros: "Okay then. First order of business: have people keep watch on the Ride Armors. We DON'T want to fight Mavericks with those - and we definitely don't wanna be taken off-guard by them."

Astros: "Keep another eye on Gute."

Astros: "And even more importantly - watch EVERYTHING involved with Skyscraper Industries. Something isn't right here."

GloomKitty: "Swan, are you going to be doing field recon before we're dispatched?"

GralDM: "Not for the first mission. Likely so for subsequent missions."

Aether: "...looks like we're starting to see a popular vote here."

GralDM: "Then we will dispatch forces to investigate the Trains."

GloomKitty: "Then do me a favor. Do some digital leg work and compile profiles on our four illustrious mavericks as well as their builders. Figure out how to make use of other departments deployment of their resources to track the airship; if they happen to have a camera on a spy sat pointed in its general direction, I want the footage. See what information you can pry out of Rhodes on the Amazon base;

GloomKitty: you don't put a base in a place as hard to reach as that without purpose. And if you can patch me into Beijing PD's communications. "

GralDM: "I will see how much of that I can get done. I know my way around the Bureaucracy, but the classification is going to be tricky."

GloomKitty: "If it were unimportant, it wouldn't be classified. If it's important, how did WE end up with it?"

GralDM: "A good question, which may not have a good answer."

GloomKitty: "This is a discrepancy that points to Commander Rhodes willfully concealing information that could get his fellow hunters killed, ie maverick behavior, or that someone has penetrated our security and is using the Commander's clearance for their own ends. Either option is very very bad."

GloomKitty: "Speaking of maverick behavior."

GloomKitty glances back toward her commanding officer. "Sorry for overstepping my boundries."

Astros: "OR."

Astros: "The Commander is keeping something secret for our own benefit."

Aether: "...I'm usually not that charitable."

Aether: "The stakes are too high for me to be so trusting."

GloomKitty: "Oh, also, Swan, if you can, see if you can figure out who owns Skyscraper Industries. See if there're any... bad apples with a hand in the company."

gralBot: ``==========`` Session #4 - END ``==========``

Session 5

gralBot: ``================`` Session Start! ``================``

GralDM: Last time, you selected to go attack a train full of ride armors.

GralDM: The train is made up of 6 train cars, 15 feet high, 85 feet long, and 10 feet wide. You will be entering from the back of the train.

Astros wonders what kind of tricks and traps the train's gonna be packing.

GralDM: While there are sensors on the train, they will be damped by an oncoming blizzard. Your goal is the seizure of ride armors on the train.

Aether is almost certainly not going to regret doing this.

Astros is most definitely packing a coat for this one. Cold? Meet thick furs.

PMX-CB is as silent as ever, carefully inspecting a new addition to his ride armor's paintjob. A red dragon now coils around the right arm.

GralDM: Your group is teleported to a near by base, and then ferried over. You manage to get in close without an issue, and drop onto the first train car

PMX-CB takes point, unless otherwise directed.

Astros isn't gonna complain about that one. Big guy in front of him? More time to shoot. "Alright, ladies, let's move."

GralDM: Predictably, this causes alarms to start. Mechaniloids start swarming out of the train: Small mouse shaped mechaniloids, and old Bomb Beens

Aether: "Well, no real point in subtlety anymore. Real shame."

[OOC] Astros: How close are the quarters?

[OOC] GralDM: Currently: 60 feet from closest enemy

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 5

[OOC] GralDM: Remember, You are on top of:

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 22

Astros considers... normally he'd blast them to kingdom come, but he doesn't want to blow the roof of the train off. Yet.

Astros starts charging his buster.

Aether: "TEAM RESET"


gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 11

Aether 's advance isn't rocking out as much as it is a slow push forward. She wasn't built to be deployed in situations of extreme cold, but the AIVC would be her secret weapon here. Or not so secret, really - fire is awesome like that.

GloomKitten growls at the conditions. "Would going inside be better or worse for us, you think?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 14

Aether takes aim at a Bomb Been, sending a lance of white-hot plasma streaking towards it.

Astros: "They'll have the same problems we will. When it gets too rough I'll blow a hole open and we can take it in."

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 19

GralDM: The Bomb Been is blown just out of most of it by stray wind.

GralDM: The Bomb Beens use the opportunity to launch attacks at Aether!

gralBot rolled: [1d100] 49

gralBot rolled: [1d100] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25, 24

Aether is -really- sour about life right now.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 11, 12

GralDM: The other Bomb Been flies closer (45 feet from the group, 15 feet from Aether)

GralDM: Multiple Frost Lemming bodies advance!


GralDM: None can attack after moving in these conditions!

Aether: "Sodding hel-" Aether curses, shortly before her integrated circuit is momentarily destabilized on impact.

GloomKitten growls and thinks quickly. "I can't tell how many contacts we have. How any can you pick out?"

Astros trudges forward through the cold! Or tries to, at least.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 10

Aether: "Not doing great out in the front here!"

Astros: "Yeah I know! Tryin'a help out here."

PMX-CB: "On it. Inside or fire support?"

Astros attempts to get a lock on the wounded Bomb Been...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 11

[OOC] Astros: Well that didn't work

Astros fails. Now it's time to *blast* them.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d100] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+10] 18

GralDM: The wounded Bomb Been explodes!

Astros: "Scratch one. Take the other out and then let's get inside."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 7

GloomKitten collapses onto all fours, too light to actually move forward the way the others are and resolves to crawl forward in the shadow of The Hungry.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 14

PMX-CB unsurprisingly has no trouble maneuvering his ride armor against the blizzard, advancing undaunted and charging down the last been, trying to swat it out of the air unsuccessfully.

Aether attempts to take cover behind THe Hungry, and steels herself in case anything new shows up.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 12

Aether blasts away at one of the frosted mouse-like mechaniloids. Surely this one would hurt.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 6

GralDM: The mouse-like mechaniloid bursts into flames before falling off of the train!

GralDM: One bomb been attacks CB, while the other shoots at Aether

gralBot rolled: [1d100] 88, 37

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8, 13

Aether weaves back behind The Hungry as the shot whizzes past, muttering all the while and clutching her weapon arm.

GralDM: The Frost Lemmings Flail about, managing to hit Aether, Astros, and CB (Auto damage). In addition, a new body spawns closer to GloomKitten.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 5, 5, 8

Aether: "Not good, not good, not good...."

Astros feels something biting at his feet. "Oh so THAT'S how you want it, huh?"

Aether: "Kitty! We're going to need to head down! Staying up here's not going to work!"

Aether: "Start cutting!"

GloomKitten flails around. "Kitty does not like cold! Kitty will be making with the slicey dicey as soon as she can."

Astros steels himself. If it wasn't for the close quarters, he'd blow a hole into the floor himself.

Aether: "We're going to need some cover!"

Astros: @1d20+6

gralBot: Astros: Error: "1d20+6" is not a valid command.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 26

Aether: "Worst case, they're going to block attacks at us with their faces." It's somewhat unclear how serious she is about that particular detail, but the fact that she's maxed out the phase on her N-Saber suggests that she's going to assist as soon as she's got a shot at doing so.

Astros switches his buster out and immediately attempts to pound the lemming nipping at his feet flat!

PMX-CB: "Go. Covering."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+8] 9

GralDM: The mouse mechailoid is scrapped by the attack!

GloomKitten whips out her saber and quickly cuts a hole big enough for everyone but the Hungry into the car before dropping down into said car.

GralDM: The Car below seems mostly empty. It only really contained the mechaniloidds, and some crates that likely have spare parts.

Aether: "....hello, what's this?"

Aether: "If we find out what these parts are -for- we might get somewhere."

GloomKitten takes it in before stepping from directly beneath the hole. "Clear!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d6+15] 21

GralDM: The bomb Been is almost entirely crumpled from the hit, but stubbornly keeps flying

PMX-CB: "Could widen that hole while I'm here."

Aether: "I'll do it. Don't worry about it."

Aether does just that, allowing enough space for The Hungry's bulk to drop through before descending into the train's interior herself.

Aether still manages to land on her feet, but seemingly not without pain. Those last hits -hurt-.

GralDM: The Bomb Beens, with two targets in obvious sight, attack both (CB then Astros)

GralDM: #roll 2#1d20+6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 7, 10

GralDM: Flailing about from the Myriad (Same order)

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 4, 8

GralDM: Finally, a Frost Lemming emerges from a panel in the back of the cart near Gloom

Astros punches the NEW lemming nipping at his feet. "Goddammit!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 14

Astros whiffs. "...okay, new plan."

Astros jumps down into the hole!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d8+5] 13

GloomKitten stabs the Lemming that emerged near her in the face with her dagger and moves to the entrance to the car.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+13] 16

PMX-CB: "Fine for the moment. Will thin out mechaniloids."

GralDM: The Crumbled Been is smashed flat into the Train!

Aether takes a moment to recover and let the repair nanites do their thing, before prying open one of the boxes to see what's inside. These spare parts could be specialized, or at least have a note on them containing where they're going, who ordered them, and why.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 17

GralDM: Inside the container is some documentation, including that the parts were manufactured by Skyscraper Industries. They are mostly generic parts that could be used in multiple machines, but some are clearly fitted for Ride armor production

Aether: "....Annette. These are coming from Skyscraper Industries. Likely stolen or....well, a backdoor deal."

Aether: "Mostly bog-standard machine parts, but some of this is -definitely- Ride Armor material."

GralDM: "...But then why would they attack Skyscraper Industries? It seems we may need to question the company closer."

Aether passes on the data to the rest of the team by tapping on her hard-light monocle.

GralDM: Bomb Been launches more mines at CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 7

GralDM: Flailing about!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 6

Aether: "Try to retreat into the train, CB. It'll be as good of a chokepoint as any, and I can keep everyone nice and in-shape with the nanites."

GralDM: Two of the Frost Lemming bodies drop into the cart, and another one spawns.

Astros tracks one of the Lemmings' movements...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 15

[OOC] Astros: Perception bluff check

Astros pulls out his bazooka and blasts at the two that dropped down!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 14

Surprisingly, the rocket has a sliiiiiiight magnetic aftertaste. "Bit off more than you could chew, huh?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d8+1d4+5] 10

GloomKitten takes a moment and offhandedly throws her Gloom Razor at the Lemming body near her, inspecting the door to the next car.

GralDM: The Lemming bodies all decativate, due to the damage sustained.

GralDM: The next cart can be seen through the door, it looks like a Cargo Room, but a Ride armor has clearly entered it.

PMX-CB: "Oh, good. Permission to finish remaining Been."

Aether: "Granted, then get down here. We'll need to regroup for this next one."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 22

Aether maneuvers a bit to get a clear shot at this final foe, before firing away with another plasma lance.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 18

GralDM: The final Been is hit by CB into a shot by Aether and explodes.

PMX-CB pouts.

Aether: "Don't worry, CB. Point is, we're all alive, and they're, uh, not. I swear it sounded more profound in my head. Gather up and I'll handle repairs."

Aether: "Also chat about what to do next, yes? Maybe time for a bit of tea." Hell, she's already got the thermos out. "Besides, what we've got in these crates is plenty interesting."

Astros: "Coulda been worse."

Aether: "Almost certainly could have been, but it's a little easier for you to say compared to me."

Aether: "Field commanders don't exactly get the most effective chassis."

GralDM: The ride armor in the next room seems to have two claw armaments, the "Bear" type as the briefing refereed to it is obviously bulky in design, with some obviously large engines to empower the swings. A closer look around spots three pilot mechaniloids (Snow Riders) in the room, one of which is currently in the Ride armor. A panel similar to the one that dispensed the Frost Lemmings is also in the next room

Aether lets the nanites do their work on everyone. Teamwork!

PMX-CB hops down, inspecting the ride from afar.

Aether: "What have we got here, then?"


gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 18

PMX-CB: "Concussive force. Disorienting. Strong torque in the cords for follow-through."

PMX-CB: "Best to empty the cockpit."

GloomKitten: "Long range bombardment, maybe? Not my strong suit but we've got Astros."

Astros hears his name. "Why yes, I *do* want to be awesome today."

Astros pats his bazooka, inwardly hoping that it didn't fuck up this time.

PMX-CB grins under the helmet. "Suggest I occupy Bear."

Aether warms up the AIVC. "Easy enough. I think we've only got enough time to take out one rider, so...priorities."

Aether: "Think we can take it all out in one alpha strike?"

PMX-CB: "Nope. Should try anyway."

GloomKitten: "You throw an alpha strike on them, I'll provide some... discouragement for them coming at us."

Astros takes aim. "Alright, ladies and gents. Breach it."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 18

PMX-CB produces his M330.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 6

Aether blasts away at the rider of the BEAR ARMOR.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d8+4] 8

GloomKitten moves into the next cart, left arm raised to launch a disk at a point roughly 25 ft into the cart as her right arm's buster activates and she opens fire on the Rider, hopefully distracting them from the disk that just set up a laser across the cart; anyone that steps through it will get hit with a disruption to make them fall prone.

GralDM: The Snow Riders without Ride Armors fire shots from accross the room at Gloom Kitten and Aether (1 each, Gloom first)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8, 21

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+6] 11

[OOC] GralDM: Assuming Aether was hit by 21

[OOC] Aether: Yep

Aether: Oh, god. Not this shit again, she thinks.

GralDM: The Rider in the Bear armor though, understands that he needs to run shit down. He advances 50 feet with his move action.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 10

GralDM: The Bear Armor falls prone!

GralDM: Standard action to pound the ground in frusteration

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d6+13] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 23

GralDM: The Rider is barraged with gunfire, destroying it.

Astros takes aim at one of the other riders!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 21

Astros fires a magnetic rocket straight at the closest one! "Man, sometimes all the time I spent working on this piece of junk pays off."

gralBot rolled: [1d6+14] 18

GralDM: The Rider Loses an arm from the rocket, but keeps fighting.

GralDM: Lemmings swarm out of the panel! They double move and get close the Ride Armor.

Aether attempts to finish off the rider Astros targetted with FIRE.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d6] 2

GralDM: The Snow Riders are much more nimble outside of big hulking armor, for some reason

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 16

GralDM: ...Not that that seems to help

GralDM: As the damaged rider is burnt to ashes

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 8

GloomKitten tosses a giant gooey bomb at the mass of targets just behind the ride armor, coating a 10x10 square in goo and stopping them from moving (checked from all directiosn; move action to remove)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d6+4] 5

GloomKitten then shoots the last rider

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 21

PMX-CB sparks off the newest discussion in the age-old debate of fist versus lemming.

GralDM: The Last rider scurries towards the door to the next cart, firing back at you

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 13

GloomKitten sticks her tongue out at it as it misses

Astros counter-fires at the rider!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

[OOC] Astros: Deadly Aim 3

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 14

gralBot rolled: [2d6+17] 26

GralDM: Astros hits the final rider as it attempts to escape, leaving it in scattered flaming bits.

GralDM: Lemmings SLOWLY advance. They are now about 20 feet from most of the group. ((Also CB gets an AoO))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 34

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 20

Aether: Not much longer now - just a matter of cleaning up these frosty-rat-things. Fire will do nicely here.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d6+9] 12

GloomKitten Charges in with her Beam Saber and commits Slicey Dicey

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 14

Astros blasts away at the lemmings. Fun times for all!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 22, 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 18

GralDM: Astros gets the remaining lemmings!

GralDM: Next time: Clearing the other half of the train.

gralBot: ``================`` Session End! ``================``

Session 6

gralBot: ``===============`` Session 000X Start! ``============``

GralDM: It's cold outside, you are on a train, and its full of mother-trucking ride armors.

GralDM: You've had better days.

GralDM: Last time you cleared an approach, entered the train, and fought off one single ride armor.

GralDM: There are three carts left in the train, and the next one looks empty. In the distance though, you can see movement, but a screen is quickly pulled over the door window

GralDM: (4th core ``=`` distance)

GralDM: (

GralDM: How do you wish to proceed?

[OOC] Astros: OOC channel, etcetera

GloomKittenTheDestroyer is looking over the Bear.

PMX-CB is doing so as well, though from the confines of his own cockpit.

Astros isn't bothering. For one, he works best at range. Two, it's a tight fit at best.

GloomKittenTheDestroyer: "So, CB, you probably know your way around these. Can we remove, like, the power source or something?"

PMX-CB: "Recommend we fieldstrip armor, disable to prevent use against us until it can be returned to base. Can make the necessary adjustment."

GloomKittenTheDestroyer nods. "Show me what to do. I'm not familiar with ride armor beyond the 'it's a big mechanized armor you ride in' part."

PMX-CB indicates a small access hatch, which he quickly and carefully opens. "Isolate powerplant from primary motive drive unit, remove casing."

Astros stays on overwatch - you never know when something might pop out, and the mechaniloids did know that they were there.

GloomKittenTheDestroyer pays attention as CB details the process, planning on taking care of such concerns with any future ride armors the party encounters.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 25

GralDM: PMX-CB makes the action look effortless, Fieldstripping the ride armor in seconds.

GloomKittenTheDestroyer finds that while the specifics aren't something she's familiar with, the concepts are well within her area of expertise. Learning experience done, she moves to the front of the car with Astros.

PMX-CB: "Done. To the front again?"

Astros: "Yyyyyyup. Let's get moving."

PMX-CB moves to the fore, fists at the ready.

GralDM: All of the sudden, the train speeds up, massively. Your internal accelerometers indicate you are now travelling at around 400 km/h (250 mph for you archaic models). Through a Blizzard.

GralDM: Being outside would probably suck.

GralDM: Luckily you just need to jump between cars.

Aether: "Welp."

Aether: "They probably know we're here and want to get this shipment in ASAP."

Astros: "Aw shit."

Aether: "Think it was the explosions tipped them off? MAybe it's the giant scar on top of one of the cars."

GloomKittenTheDestroyer thinks quickly. "I assume our priority is disabling the train at this point?"

Astros: "Then let's get a goddamn move on."

Astros: "Nah."

Aether seems rather chipper, in all honesty.

PMX-CB: "Recommend drafting behind the Hungry. Will cut down on wind sheer."

Astros taps his commlink. "Kiddo? Can you hear me?"

PMX-CB grits his metaphorical teeth and prepares to facetank the blizzard.

Aether: "Was just about to suggest that, actually. Don't lose your footing, now."

GralDM: "Annette here. But your signal is weak. The train seems to be heading toward a mountain of some sort. Might be a base."

GloomKittenTheDestroyer: "Lets hurry, then."

GralDM: "Also results are in here about the base and the limb. I'll inform you when you get back. Any questions?"

Astros: "That works. If we lose contact for too long, make sure to let the boss know that there's a problem. Astros out."

Astros: "Nnnnope."

Astros readies up. "Let's get this over with."

GloomKittenTheDestroyer preps her gear and siddles up right behind The Hungry.

GralDM: You open the door to the next cart, the other side opening automatically in response. The next cart is obviously empty, but the Mechaniloids you saw in the cart after this are probably well deployed.

Aether 's eft arm flares up with a white flame briefly. "So much for the sneaky-shooty approach. Knock hard, CB."

PMX-CB 's voice carries mirth over the comms. "Didn't bring the pamphlets."

Aether puts on an air of mock anger. "Rudding, hell, CB! You had ONE JOB"

PMX-CB carefully navigates the first car switch, gives a quick check around for traps, and then powers into a full dash in their absence, making a full-speed charge across the length of the car and slamming his fist into the far entry.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 23

GralDM: CB doesn't see anything in the car. Not even crates. But he does notice tracks that indicate some ride armors where moved to the next room from here.

PMX-CB: "More Rides ahead. Ready?"

Aether: "We're going to have to be. Time pressure isn't going to -wait- for us to be ready."

Astros trains his buster on the door. "Yeah, ready."

GralDM: As the next door opens, four ride armors can be seen: two more bears, and two other models, curiously designed with no arms.

PMX-CB: "...Designate: Black Knight."

GralDM: They are all piloted.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

GralDM: You know the bears well - you've fought them before. The new models are the "Owl" , focused on support.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 2

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 13

Aether switches AIVC to Lightning temporarily.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

Aether takes cover behind CB, launching a lightning bolt at one of the Bears for an opening shot.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 7

Aether: "Push them back! We need to be able to get at the Owls!"

Astros follows up with a heavy charged shot at the wounded Bear!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d6+15] 17

GralDM: Astros only barely hits the Bear - looks like the data being streamed includes tactical data (Tactical insight)

Aether: "....bloody hell. They've read us."

Astros: "...huh. Try for accuracy, not power."

PMX-CB releases a quiet "Damn."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 11

GloomKittenTheDestroyer frowns, eyes narrowing in a glare as she darts forward, only to suddenly abort her dash past one of the Bears with a sudden thrust of the hi-phase saber!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+8] 10

GralDM: The Bear takes the swipe. It's standing, but only barely.

GralDM: The owls quickly rip off a bit of their own ride armor and send it flying to the other ride armor. It seems to be swarming with nanites, and quickly heals the injured bear.

GralDM: The bear is in good shape again!

PMX-CB: "Do owls do that."

GralDM: The owls then seem to steady themselves.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

Astros: "..."

Astros: "New plan. Wreck the owls."

Aether: "Don't get too close."

GralDM: The bears vigor, then strike at those by them, focusing both on CB, but cleaving to Gloom

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 18

GralDM: The bear slams its claws into The Hungry, doing only minimal damage, due to CB's excellent piloting.

GloomKittenTheDestroyer makes Kitten Eyes at the mechaniloid in the bear, using the overwhelming power of Cute to make it not hit her.

GralDM: Surprisingly, this works, and The Bear looks confused

PMX-CB looks down at the claw. The plating is buckled and scraped, but held. The paint is scratched.

PMX-CB narrows his eyes behind his visor.

Aether weaves to get a clear line of fire at one of the Owls. THis would -not- be a battle of attrition - not on her watch.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 13

Aether: " good." She changes her target to the Bear she targetted earlier.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 16

GralDM: The Bear Mircalously avoids a lot of the damage. Still is hurt by it though

Aether engages her repair nanite system, which mends some of the more minor scratches. 6 HP recovered to all allies.

Astros gets one of the Owls in his sights and blasts away!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 18

GralDM: The owl isn't looking too happy after being hit by Astros's attack - another good hit will definitely take it out.

Aether: "Go for the Owls! I'll try tying them up here."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 12

GloomKittenTheDestroyer takes a swipe with her sword and misses. Her reaction is to growl an angry curse under her breath.

GralDM: The Injured Owl heals the Bear (+10 HP). The unijured Owl heals the Injured Owl (+8 HP)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 14

GralDM: Vigor does little for them

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 13

PMX-CB scowls at the enemy ride... then leans over and taps him on the shoulderplate. "Boop."

GralDM: In a stream of motion, somehow CB ends up switching positions with the Bear.

PMX-CB tagged him with a quick-firing mini relocator. In a clap of thunder the two have swapped positions, leaving nothing between CB and the Owls.

PMX-CB gives him a cheerful little wave before turning and moving towards the support mechs.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 18

GralDM: The bear that was switches becomes angry, and moves towards CB, provoking from those around it

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d6+14] 16

GralDM: That -clearly- hurt it.

GralDM: It stubbornly follows after CB, (Vigor on the way)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 13

GralDM: It then tries to Trip CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 16

GralDM: The other Bear swipes at Gloom

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 15

Aether takes aim at the switched Owl. No more nanites for you.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 26

GralDM: The electric damage looks minimal... but then sparks within, shattering some nanites (Weak to [Electricity])

Aether grins. "We've got a weakness. Shock rounds out if you've got 'em."

Aether allows more repair nanites to do their work, and keeps a steady eye on the other Owl.

Astros: "And no magnetic weakness. Son of a bitch."

Astros fiddles with his buster for a second, changing a few settings. (( Removing [Magnetic], adding [Magnum]. ))

Astros blasts away at the wounded owl the instant he's done!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d6+15] 17

GralDM: The Owl prepares to take the hit... only to find the blast tearing through its pilot, leaving a large hole where the cockpit was.

Astros: "Who's awesome? *I'M* awesome."

Astros trains his buster on the other owl and begins charging. (( End turn. ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 16

GloomKittenTheDestroyer does some damages to the then-uninjured Bear.

GralDM: The remaining Owl tries to heal the remaining bear, because it's clearly injured. What a waste, because HP Reduction.

GralDM: It then tries to prepare for the oncoming threats, and take a pot shot at CB with its limited arsenal of close range missiles.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 18

PMX-CB extends his arm and lets it impact harmlessly there, shrapnel pinging off the plating.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 19

PMX-CB 's voice betrays just a hint of emotion. "Assistance required."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 13

GralDM: The injured bear tries to desparetly finish off CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 18

GralDM: The other Bear charges past Gloom, thinking that if it ends Aether, it can still win this encounter.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d6+5] 11

Aether rolls out of the way, and attempts to charge toward CB's armor, undoing the cap on a tank at her hip.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 20

PMX-CB doesn't have time to register surprise as something important blows up under him, incapacitating the production soldier.

Astros: "Aw *hell*."

Aether can't -quite- get out of the way in time, but scramble to her feet she does, ready to assist the downed Reploid.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 21

Aether: A vault, skip, and a jump later, Aether soars over the bear, and hooks up the tank directly to CB before flipping a switch.

[OOC] Aether: Standard to health potion; 15 HP restored.

Aether: "Come on, come on, you're not dying on me now...."

PMX-CB: "-zzt."

PMX-CB: "...Embarrassing."

Aether: "I'll chew you out for it later or something. Right now we've got to worry about giving these guys what for."

Aether: "If you still feel like shite, fall back and I'll cover you."

PMX-CB: "Negative. Payback."

Aether: "Oh, for fuck's sake, be careful, then!"


Astros: "Coming right up!"

Aether is a little damaged, with the plate on her AIVC system having been ripped off entirely, but she's still very much functional.

Astros takes a potshot at the Bear pounding on CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 13

GralDM: The Bear Punching CB turns around at the sound of Astros' blast... just to have a shoulder and the cockpit melted, leaving half a mechaniloid in the cockpit, which quickly turns off.

Astros: "That good enough for you?!"

PMX-CB grins behind a cracked visor. "Affirmative."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d6+5] 7

GloomKittenTheDestroyer teleports herself to the other side of the Bear, blocking its path to CB and then deals some scratch damage to its paint!

GralDM: The Bear is starting to be warn down, the damage is showing.

GralDM: The Owl Throws a heal at the bear (+10) and then tries to deal with the foes right in front of it.

GralDM: It tries to take down the injured CB, assuming its easier.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+4] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 10

gralBot rolled: [2d10] 11

PMX-CB almost snarls and responds to the Owl by slinging a very similar sort of nanite bolt at it. "Stop that."

GralDM: The remaining Bear tries to swipe at the GloomKitten in its way, since its main targets are across the battlefield. And killing its support.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 20

Aether blasts away at the remaining Owl, because fuck Owls.

gralBot rolled: [3d6+5] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 19

Aether: CRACK. Headshot.

Aether: A bit of time to engage the nanites (6 HP restore to allies in 15 ft) and a brief moment of steeling herself later, and the battle is back under her control.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 22

Aether: "....we've got this now, ReSET. Press the advantage!"

Astros blasts away at the last bear!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d6+15] 21

GralDM: The Bear is blasted, almost ending up in a similar state to its friends, but getting just a slight lucky break (5 hp)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 15

GloomKittenTheDestroyer jumps up onto the back of the bear, razor out as she taps the pilot on the shoulder. One quick Hidden Blade Execution later, she's riding the bear to the ground.

Aether taps the comm on her headset. "Aether to base. This car's clear."

Aether gets to work figuring out if any of these rides can be salvaged, and gets to field stripping them as she lets the repair nanites take care of everyone's injuries.

PMX-CB: "...Mrrrrgh."

Astros breathes a sigh of relief. Sure, HE wasn't hit, but his squad sure was looking rough. "Goddamn, kids. Alright, patch up and I'll take point for a sec."

Aether: "You alright, CB?"

GralDM: "Good job. One car left. It looks like its just a pilot system. Take control of the train, and you will be done."

[OOC] GralDM: Next time, not that I'm ending Right now, is taking on the easish final encounter and then base

Aether: " further security? Really?"

GralDM: "The Pilot System seems to be armed, but compared to fighting 4 Ride armors? Not going to be hard."

PMX-CB: "Affirmative."

PMX-CB sounds grumpy.

Astros: "Right."

Aether: "Now, let's see what we have here..."

Astros: "Hey, CB."

Aether: To the Ride Armors she goes!

PMX-CB turns to Astros.

Astros: "Gonna buy you another cherry stout once we get back to the base."

PMX-CB: "...roger."

Astros: "And - yeah, can you take a look at those?"

Astros: "The damn owlbots might have something we could use."

GralDM: The Rides are damaged, but salvalge-able. The pilot systems are mostly damaged, but that is relatively simple to repair.

Aether: "...Aether to base. Rides are damaged but very repairable. Field stripping them now. Prep extraction to take out three Bears and two Owls out with us."

GralDM: "Roger that. It appears they were trying to replicate The PMX and TCX. That doesn't seem like a coincidence, does it?"

Aether: " No, it doesn't."

Aether: "It'd explain why these rides were going after -us- first."

Aether: "Hell if I know -why- us to begin with, though."

Aether: "What about the arm?"

GralDM: "Replica it looks like. But a -good- replica. It looks like someone was studying a Robot master called Bass. Records are sketchy, and X doesn't know much, but indications are he was Willy's strongest creation."

GloomKittenTheDestroyer: "Propoganda. Everyone knows that Airman was undefeatable."

gralBot: ``===============`` Session 000X End! ``============``

Session 7

gralBot: ``==========================`` Session 0X: Start ``==========================``

GralDM: You have defeated the ride armors on the train... now you just need to stop the train.

GralDM: Once its stopped, you can head back to base, and ask about far more important matters.

GralDM: One cart remains, the controls must be inside.

Astros glances over towards CB. "Let me know when you're done patchin' up."

PMX-CB 's sulking redoubles. It's impressive how expressive someone with a (cracked) face-obscuring helmet can be.

PMX-CB: "Will take adequate preparations to prevent future disabling."

Aether: "The defenses up front shouldn't be too bad. MAybe if we stay stealthy enough, I can access the controls directly to stop the train."

GralDM: CB Heads into the next room. The room looks simple, but his sensors quickly detect there is an above average amount of water in the room. In the center sits an orb encased in a weird ice like material. Otherwise, its a plain old room

Astros waits for confirmation from CB before following him in.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 21

PMX-CB: "Scanning..."

GralDM: CB detects slight movement from the orb, it seems to be watching him. The controls are opposite of it. He also manages to notice strange panels similar to the ones that dispensed the Frost Lemmings earlier.

Aether: "Try welding the panels shut."

Aether: "Carving the edges with a saber might do it."

PMX-CB: "Hypothesis: mechaniloid guardian. Advise caution."

Astros peeks in. Oh, joy. "...huh. CB, got anything that might make a for a little more heat?"

Astros: "I could use it."

PMX-CB: "Copy."

PMX-CB takes care of that and then cautiously advances on the orb directly, watching it watch him.

Aether carefully makes her way around to the panels, setting her phaser to a lower phase setting - not enough to cut deep, but definitely enough to melt metal.

Aether: With that, she just traces the edges of the panels, attempting to seal them.

Astros snatches the part from him and immediately starts fiddling with getting the part working with his buster, not to mention making adjustments.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 21

GloomKitten has her buster drawn, and her razor on hand.

GralDM: The mechaniloid orb strums to life, turning a dark red color inside the ice. It releases some kind of bonding agent through the ice, that immedately forms sharp rough Icicles. They strike out at Aether and CB!

GralDM: (Reflex save, DC 16 for half of 12 [Cold] damage)

Aether: "....oh, dear."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17

Astros: ", shit. It couldn't just be easy, could it?"

PMX-CB leaps back with surprising alacrity for such a cumbersome machine, anticipating the attack

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 7

Aether!``~`` has left #MMXGame (Leaving)

Aether!``~`` has joined #MMXGame

Aether changes her AIVC to [Fire]. "Well, then, it's a damn shame we had to go this route."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 11

PMX-CB 's fist crunches into the the thing as he surges back forwad to meet it.

Aether pulls up a terminal to access the train's controls, but is locked out almost immediately. "Oh, bloody -hell-."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 18

Astros keeps his eyes trained on the mechaniloid - he'll have his chance to blast the thing to slag soon enough.

GralDM: The panels all try to flip open at once to overwhelm the group with spawn (3 tokens). The group reacts quickly and blasts / damages many of the panels, (2 tokens) but one frost lemming jumps out and attacks...

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 2

GralDM: Astros for...

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 8

GralDM: End of round 1. STATUS:

Astros frowns. An annoying mechaniloid nipping at his heels was the last thing he needed.

GralDM: Distance: 20% (only increasing count), Mech: 100%/100%, Panels: 50%/100%

GralDM: Start of round 2.

Aether attempts to gain access to the control systems. Work, dammit!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 10

Astros: "Someone mind getting this damn mouse off of me?!"

GloomKitten makes a valiant effort to do so, but only serves to get the mouse onto herself!

Astros blinks. "Uhhh... okay then!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

Astros hurls a fire blast straight at the mechaniloid now that the heat was off of him!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 16

GralDM: The lemming dances past the attacks on it, and the mechaniloid takes some minor damage from the attacks.

GralDM: The train tries to push the limit, accelerating even faster towards its goal! (2 tokens), but the PCs are able to trigger the breaks and slow it down! (3 tokens)

GralDM: End of round 2. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 35% (only increasing count), Mech: 95%/100%, Panels: 50%/100%

GralDM: Start of Round 3.

Aether: "Once more on that, with -feeling-."

GloomKitten: Who sits out skill gaming this round?

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 13


Astros: "Yeah, no goddamn kidding."

Aether: "New plan. I'll peel them off you, just focus on the panels and the mech!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 24

Astros blasts the lemming, then takes a look around - does he have a clear shot at the wiring?

GloomKitten takes over at the control panel "Have fun!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 16

GralDM: The battle has explosed some panels... wiring could very well be attacked!

GralDM: Also, the Frost Lemming gets blown up :(

Astros: "Okay, problem number three taken care of. Now for problem number two."

Astros blasts away at the exposed panels. ANYTHING to make this easier, considering how little damage the mechaniloid took from a head-on assault.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 23

GralDM: The train tries to get back up to speed (2 tokens), but the group manages to prevent it from speeding up (2 tokens), with Gloom's clever engineering slowing the train.

GralDM: End of round 3. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 45% (only increasing count), Mech: 95%/100%, Panels: 40%/100%

GralDM: Start of Round 4.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 14

Astros continues doing exactly what he was doing. The wiring seems to take more damage than the mechaniloid, at least.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 16

PMX-CB tries another running dashpunch into the damn thing.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 19

GralDM: The mechaniloid throws out more deadly icicles, striking at each group member (2 Tokens) (DC 16, save for half of 16 [Cold] damage)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 14

GralDM: End of round 4. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 55% (only increasing count), Mech: 95%/100%, Panels: 30%/100%

Astros ends up with an icicle embedded in his torso. "AH! OW! GODDAMN PIECE OF SHIT!"

GralDM: Start of Round 5.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 12

GloomKitten whines, an icicle having caught her in the shoulder and knocked her down. But she gets back up

PMX-CB dismounts and quickly tries to co-opt the train controls.

Astros continues firing - really, that's all he can do at this point.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

GloomKitten takes a look at the exposed wiring and leaps over to bring her hi-phase saber across them!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 26

GralDM: The train attempts to accelerate (1 token), but the group throws everything they have to slow it down.. and bring it to a near standstill!

GralDM: End of round 5. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 60% (only increasing count), Mech: 95%/100%, Panels: 10%/100%

GralDM: Start of Round 6.

Astros blasts the panels for what is hopefully the final time. "Come on..."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 30

Astros: "ALRIGHT! Got it!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 14

Astros: "Turn on the damn mech!"

GloomKitten is hard at work ripping the damn thing to bits

GralDM: The panels are -completly- fired.

GloomKitten should probably do something else then.

Aether sets her N-Saber to hi-phase, and leaps at the mech. Notably, this might be the first time she's used her saber as anything but a tool.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 21

GralDM: The train tries to accelerate, so it doesn't end up at a stand still (2 tokens), but the group focuses on the mech instead (2 tokens), doing significant damage while its distracted.

GralDM: End of round 6. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 70% (only increasing count), Mech: 75%/100%, Panels: Gone

GralDM: Start of Round 7.

Aether: "....I'm not sure this is going to work out."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 7

Astros focuses fire on the mechaniloid. Hopefully the fire rounds would at least do SOMETHING more.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 30

PMX-CB: "Recommend: Damage train locomotive system."

Aether: "I think you're right. That's the only way we're going to stop this thing in time."

Aether gets to work on damaging the wheel system or engine proper with her saber.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 7

GralDM: The train keeps trucking (1 tokens), but the group slows it down (2 tokens). In addition, the damage from Astros's last shot seems to have melted the ice a bit (5% damage per attack action on it now).

GralDM: End of round 7. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 75% (only increasing count), Mech: 70%/100%, Panels: Gone

GralDM: Start of Round 8.

Astros: "Alright, you handle the wheels. I'll... keep doing what I've been doing."

Astros: "Might get lucky."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

Aether continues hacking away at the mech. There's not much time left.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 23

GralDM: The train is slowed, while it reserves it strength, bringing the train to a standstill.

GralDM: End of round 8. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 75% (only increasing count), Mech: 60%/100%, Panels: Gone

GralDM: Start of Round 9.

Astros does one thing. Guess what it is.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 32

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 12

GralDM: The train tries to move again (2 tokens!) But the group makes sure it isn't going anywhere, wrecking a bunch of assembly (3 tokens). A lot of the ice drains away to try to fix up that damage...

GralDM: End of round 9. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 75% (only increasing count), Mech: 45%/100%, Panels: Gone

GralDM: Start of Round 10.

Aether: Slashy slashy.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 28

Astros blasty blasty.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 13

GralDM: Astros decides to just fire his gun into the sky. Because he can?

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 18

GralDM: Repair (1 token). The group messes up those repairs (3 tokens).

GralDM: End of round 10. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 75% (only increasing count, "-10% speed" ), Mech: 40%/100%, Panels: Gone

GralDM: Mech change from the one hit: -5%.

GralDM: Start of Round 11.

Astros fires at the mech. Again.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 15

PMX-CB punch-punchity fist.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 17

GralDM: Repair (1 token). The group hits it hard (1 token). Without the ice, the damage is quite high!

GralDM: End of round 11. STATUS:

GralDM: Distance: 75% (only increasing count, "-5% speed" ), Mech: 20%/100% (-15% from token, -5% from attack that hit), Panels: Gone

GralDM: Start of Round 12.


gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

Astros blasts. Again. And again.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 21

GralDM: The group blows up the mechaniloid, finally achieving victory!

Aether: Slash after slash strips away more of the ice from the mech, before she channels white-hot flames through her AIVC device.

Aether mutters "One-liner" before blasting away at the core with a single lance of fire.

Astros glares at Aether. "Really?"

Astros: "REALLY?"

Astros: "You're gonna be THAT lazy?"

Aether: "It's clever in a meta sort of fashion."

PMX-CB busies himself with the train console to hide his snickering.

Astros: "Oh no."

Astros: "That's like playing tee-ball with the kiddies."

GralDM: The core of the mechaniloid scatters to the ground, it seems to have a "cup" and "X" on it, perhaps another reference to this Tarot thing?

GralDM: Annette comms in, "Good job team. You have neutrialized the train. We will have another team investigate the nearby maverick base. Prepare for recovery."

Aether takes a thermos full of tea out of her case and gingerly sips from it as if nothing had actually happened.

Astros: "Then feeling proud of yourself when you knock a homerun due to HEY I'M A GODDAMN REPLOID."

GloomKitten is going back and getting all the ride armors

Aether presses a button on her comm. "Copy, Annette. Make sure extraction brings enough to take up a few Ride Armors along with us, now."

Aether: "I'm wondering if we can reverse this train and take it, too...."

Aether: "Just to thumb our collective noses at the enemy."

Aether sip

Astros: "Mmmmmaybe."

Aether: "Annette. Think we might want to take the entire train along with us, just to piss them off?"

PMX-CB: "...Can we leave a receipt on the rail?"

Astros: "Although the thought of turning it into a ticking time bomb and sending it straight into the Mavericks is pretty appealing, too."

GralDM: "Hmm... If we call in a favor, we just may be able to."

GloomKitten: "Steal the last car. Fix the engine. Set the engine to auto accelerate as fast as possible into the base"

Aether: "You know, why not both?"

Astros: "Search the place thoroughly first?"

Aether: "Turn one of the cars into a present and bring the rest back."

Astros: "Just don't mix 'em up. I'd hate to be the one to explain to the boss why you delivered a bomb back to base and gave the Mavericks part of their train back."

GloomKitten shrugs, hoping out of the Bear she'd brought to the front and goes to see what she can do to repair the damage done to the engine

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 20

Astros: "Aaaaaaaaanyways..."

Astros fiddles around with his buster, ejecting the small cartridge he had snatched from CB, then tosses it back to him. "Here. Do whatever you need to with it."

PMX-CB: "It's spent. Will recharge at base."

PMX-CB catches it without looking up.

Aether: "I can handle some spot repairs after a break. Not much else to do while waiting for dust-off, really."

Aether: "That said, how is everyone?"

PMX-CB shrugs.

Astros: "Little scuffed. Could be better."

Astros pulls a spear of ice out of his torso. "And that could've not happened, while we're at wishful thinking."

Aether: "Might need a restock once I get back..."

Aether: "And a drink. Or several."

GralDM: "Uh oh. Um Aether. Refresh is at the base. She said she needs to 'cheer her sister on'."

Aether: "...tell her I was -horribly- injured and needed to be rushed the sickbay the instant I got back."

Aether: "Unless you already updated her. In which case, goddammit, I'm going to have to actually do thing. Things like -talk- to her."

Aether: It's unclear how much of this disdain is legitimate, but it's at the very least partially in jest.

GralDM: "Will do... but you probably will have to see her at the bar eventually. I think shes convincing your other sister to come over."

GralDM: Annette gets another beep on her comm, "Uh. CB, you apparently have a package. I didn't know you ordered anything."

Aether: "Oh, dear lord. Refresh and Ende in one room. The Sisters TCX reunited...not going to be pretty."

PMX-CB: "...Didn't. Details?"

GralDM: "No ideda. We will hold it for you for now. Security scans passed it."

Aether: "Perhaps someone has an admirer, yeah?"

PMX-CB: "Unlikely."

PMX-CB: "...hope not."

Aether: "Oh, I dunno. Some girls like big metal."

Astros thinks for a sec. "...huh. Hey, kiddo."

Astros: "Any chance we can get some weapons data from this piece of shit mechaniloid?"

GralDM: "Seems probable. Preliminary data is quite close to Chill Penguins."

PMX-CB: "Recycled VWES?"

GralDM: "Unlikely. But a similar concept, I think."

Astros: "Good enough for me. You going to send an extraction team or do you want us to bring it back?"

GralDM: "Extraction team is on their way, just sit tight."

PMX-CB begins enacting field repairs on the Hungry, which took a liberal beating this time around.

GralDM: Within a couple of minutes, a 'copter arrives to pick you up, with a squad to switch off with you while they bring the ride armors in.

GralDM: The leader of the squad whistles, "You guys did quite a number to this train."

PMX-CB: "It started it."

Aether: "I'll take that as a compliment."

Aether: "Stopped it just short of the base, too."

GralDM: "Funny that. You'd assume they would send mechaniloids to attack us, but everything looks calm.

Aether: "We're considering bringing most of the train back with us, but speeding one car up ahead to the base as a bit of a welcoming gift for the Mavs."

GralDM: "Heh, I like your style."

Aether: " that you mention it, that -is- strange."

PMX-CB: "Should reconnoiter first."

PMX-CB: "Fake mav base, really civs, kaboom."

Aether: "In any case, the squad that's touched down needs to clean out the train first."

Aether: "Of course - always scout it out first."

GralDM: he nods affirmitively, "We will look into it. Koala is back at base, he will debrief you."

gralBot: ``==========================`` Session 0X: End ``==========================``

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