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This journal is written in draconic, with a light, cursive hand, on a scrap of parchment hidden within the recesses of Ratchik's hide armor.

Week of the moon twice waxing, day 3

I spake with the one set against our scheme, We reasoned and discussed matters: He believes what he is doing is right, as we believe of our task. My Mistress' cooperation and consent concerned him, but not enough to alter his perspective. I left him with this, may the one who is right, succeed.

Day 4

Well, that was interesting. After fighting the dragons to a standstill, they took us to their former prison. Noah seemed aquainted with the jailer. Xochitli confessed to not being a true Dragonborn, which explains her distaste for Dad.

Day 6

I had to nearly kill Wren today. Whilst I was scouting, she went mad, attacked the rest of us, she was nearly unstoppable. We prevailed, but what good is winning that battle if the war that took you by surprise, for her very soul, seems lost? I don't know what broke her, or how to fix her. She seems to have regained a little normalcy now, but e really need to defeat this malign influence. She claimed it was a blood addiction, that she needed to kill to function. She said she'd give us more warning next time. ...

We eliminated the groups I scouted. we're getting the hang of these maidens: It remains to be seen what else is in wait for us.


Icesword! Of all the people, Rux's intelligencer apparently in the thrall of our foes. Appearances can be deceptive, but still. We will reckon together.


As agreed, Icesword surrendered when the others were defeated. His news is both heartening and troubling: The throne empty, and I the only known surviving claimant. My siblings, my competitors, my rivals and comrades and arms... the lucky ones reduced to mindless drakes, the unlucky ones... Well, yes. Still, the Empire yet stands, we that remain, and we can rebuild, reach again to what we should be. I have renewed hope that we can make a better future for this world: The Oracle never foresaw the death of the Jailer. Uncharted territory! A blank canvas on which we can scribe the future we make for ourselves. The Dragonborn are rising!


Interesting. Vennerzad represented Vale, 'Rend' is the leader of the Bandits. 'Arroway' is the leader of the Crusaders. Hawkcorpse and Firepeak seem to be some sort of independent group. All called to a meeting by Torog. Curious.

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