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  • Name: Harken Wolff
  • Age 24
  • Appearance: Harken is of average height and build, though that isn’t usually what you’d notice about him first. Rather, it’s that his hair is a loud red colour (actually red, not the sort of orange people typically call “red hair”) with streaks of purple going through it, that his ears are elongated and pointy in a way not quite like those of Elvaan, and that he has vaguely arcane-looking tattoos that faintly glow running across his chest and down both arms. Because he’s usually dressed in robes, though, it’s difficult to see the tattoos anywhere except his wrists. His eyes are also a bright red colour, giving him the countenance most would liken to a devil’s, unfortunately. However, unlike a devil’s, his face is often smiling, even if it’s just a little smile. He wears the robes of the clergy most everywhere he goes, so he usually gets some amount of respect, at least from regular people, though rougher types tend not to care so much.
  • Background: Before his Birth, Harken was the sixteen-year-old son of the arcane researcher heading up the project for human magical infusion. Something of a daredevil and just as interested in science and magic as his mother, he had volunteered himself (after many nights spent arguing with his mother about whether or not he could) to be an initial test subject for the project. His father had reservations, but didn’t say anything, knowing that he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, given the strong wills both his wife and son possessed.
  • However, the first infusions didn’t work as planned. While the magical energies were successfully implanted into each test subject, their bodies reacted violently to it, and many simply stopped functioning, dying on the spot. Generally, only the test subjects who weren’t yet fully grown survived, and many of them with horrible side effects. Harken woke up as if he had just been born, knowing nothing but the language he spoke, and dramatically physically altered. His mother was supportive and willing to help him, but on their return home, Harken’s father reacted very badly, to the point of throwing things and screaming that that thing was not his son, that his wife had created a monster and he didn’t want it in their house.
  • It has been eight years since Harken left home, given clothes and money to live on by the woman who had been his mother two times over and left to wander for himself. After a period of severe self-loathing, as his body was still that of a teenager and possibly more turbulent due to the magical energies running through him, he found himself accepting charity from the Church of the Golden Light, and devoted himself to religion. Unlike most people who had found him, the Church saw his magical infusion as a blessing, and urged him toward serving others using his gifts. They clothed and fed him, and provided him with instruction in magic, and in gratitude he remained there and served as a member of the clergy.
  • Even though his body is well into adulthood, Harken is still very innocent, and doesn’t quite understand a lot of things, given that he was reasonably sheltered even before the procedure that emptied his mind. He takes this into account, though, and still works to spread goodwill in the world using the magic flowing through him that replaced his blood.
  • Personality: Almost staggeringly optimistic, Harken takes a sort of child-like view to most things he does. He’s prone to apologizing, even when the wrong someone has experienced isn’t his, and very personable. If they can get past his strange looks, many people find that Harken, while a bit of an odd bird, is the sort of very polite and chivalrous young man you never find anywhere these days, mostly due to how growing up among other kids would have destroyed those traits. He reacts with genuine emotion in almost every circumstance, and wouldn’t even know how to make a cruel joke, much less do so. In a way, it’s sort of unnerving, because one can usually at least be assured that what people are saying isn’t actually what they are feeling, but not when speaking with him.
  • Goals: Living day-to-day, essentially.
  • Quote: “I would kindly remind you, sir, that I am not a demon.”



  • Race: Mutant
  • Job: Cleric
  • Level: 8
  • Exp: 0/4000 xp
  • Gil: 326
  • HP Die: 1d6+3
  • MP Die: 1d10+5+2
  • Max HP: 72
  • Max MP: 129

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Pure Soul (2) - Extra 2 MP every level.
  • Good Fortune (1) - Reroll one die roll per session.


  • Elemental Deficiency: Bio - +50% Bio damage.


Table 1: Attributes
Attribute Value Max Rating MRU?
STR 3 12 19 0
VIT 7 15 31 1
AGI 5 18 25 0
SPD 5 19 25 0
MAG 15 (13+2) 28 55 0
SPR 14 28 52 0

Combat Values

  • HP: 72/72 - 100 %
  • MP: 129/129 - 100 %
  • MACC: 138
  • ACC: 28
  • DEX: 68
  • MND: 88
  • EVA: 10
  • M. EVA: 34
  • Armour: 16
  • M. Armour: 28
  • Init: 1d10 + 5


  • Teaching: 64 52 (ACC = 80 )
  • Awareness: 60
  • Inquiry: 54
  • Cooking: 40
  • Trade: 35
  • Healing: 50
  • Etiquette: 58
  • Survival: 46
  • Lore [White and Black Magic]: 58
  • Lore [Religion]: 64
  • Lore [Magitek]: 64
  • Lore [Geography/Landmarks]: 56
  • Lore [Mythology]: 54
  • Lore [Politics]: 46
  • Lore [Monsters (Magical)]: 56
  • Language [Ancient]: 56
  • Language [Common]: 64


  • Weapon Slot: Mage's Monograph (1d6+45 [MAG +1])
  • Shield Slot: Two-handed? (0 ARM, 0 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA)
  • Head Slot: Triangle Hat (4 ARM, 6 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA [+1 MAG])
  • Body Slot: Thunder Robe (7 ARM, 11 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA [Lightning Ward])
  • Hands Slot: Rune Ring (3 ARM, 4 MARM, 0 EVA, 5 MEVA )
  • Accessory Slot: Shoulder Cape (0 ARM, 0 MARM, 5 EVA, 3 MEVA )


  • None

Key Items

  • None

Job Abilities


  • Level 1
  • Type: Magic
  • Target: Varies
  • Effect: Gain access to Level 1 Prayer magic, see Job write-up for details

Intuitive Magic

  • Level 1
  • Type: Magic
  • Target: Varies
  • Keywords: Healing, Holy, Wind, Barrier, Thunder, Water


Level 1

  • CURE [Healing, (R)]; 5 MP; Target: Single; Cure restores 60 + 1d8 HP.
  • SCAN [Support, (R)]; 3 MP; Target: Single; Scan reveals the target's Level, Monster Category, current and maximum HP and MP values, Absorbances, Immunities, Resistances, Weaknesses and Status Immunities. At the GM’s discretion, it may also give additional information on the target’s background, tactics, and behaviors.
  • THUNDER [Magical, (R)]; 7 MP; Target: Single; Thunder deals 60 + 1d8, M.Armor lightning damage.
  • AERO [Magical, (R)]; 7 MP; Target: Single; Aero deals 60 + 1d8, M.Armor wind damage.
  • ELEMENT GUARD [Support, (R)]; 10 MP; Target: Single; Element Guard bestows the status Condition Element Resist (6); the caster must specify which Element is affected when casting the Spell. Additional castings of Element Guard may add additional Elements.
  • POISONA [Healing, (R)]; 3 MP; Target: Single; Poisona heals all Toxin-type status conditions currently afflicting the target.
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