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  • Name: Za'Zahak
  • Age: 50
  • Appearance: A blunt-snouted, dark-red bangaa, five-foot-four and old enough to be whiskered. Despite his age, he has the lean triangular build of a very fit bangaa. His left forearm is severed halfway down. His prosthetic -- made of wood, leather, and an old four-pronged grappling hook -- can wield nothing more threatening than a beer mug and is too fragile for combat purposes.
  • Background: Za'Zahak is a bounty hunter who has gained reasonable fame primarily due to being unorthodox. As a youth, he was cast out for having the gall to be born of a conservative high-caste Ruga and a low-caste Bista. As an adolescent, he took to an order of Rune Knights with a whip rather than a sword. As an adult, he had his arm bitten off by a young dragon -- which he then lashed to death. As a veteran, he has deliberately cultivated a reputation of being loud, effective, and slightly mad, but that's mostly to keep jobs coming. In truth he enjoys helping people out, as life generally disappoints him, but he's far too proud to be openly altruistic. He finds it much more fun to have people approach him out of fear and respect, as opposed to the disgust and resentment they showed him as a child.
  • Quote: "Life’s a grim bloody fable, ‘til we make a happy end."



  • Race: Bangaa (racial: Str 12 Vit 12 Agi 10 Spd 9 Mag 9 Spr 8)
  • Job: Rune Knight / Fighter
  • Level: 16
  • EXP: _____/_____
  • HP Die: d10
  • MP Die: d6

Initiative: 1d10+11 Attack: 2d8+55

Table 1: Attributes
Attribute Value Max Rating
STR 11 24 43
VIT 10 22 40
AGI 10 20 40
SPD 9 (temp 11) 19 37
MAG 8 17 34
SPR 7 18 31

Last Stat Increased: None.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Signature Weapon: Flails (5): When performing an Attack Action with a Signature Weapon, the character will strike a Critical Hit on a roll of 1 through 20.
  • Hardened (1): The character gains an additional 1 Hit Point per Level.


  • Crippled Arm (4): One of the character’s arms is missing or lame, making it useless in battle. The character loses their Shield slot; they may only equip one Weapon, cannot benefit from the Two Weapons Skill, or wield Weapons which occupy both Shield and Weapon slots.
  • Favored Prey: Constructs (2): Monsters of this type will inflict 200% damage with every Attack Action they make against the character.


  • Equipment: 2470g
  • Weapon: Dancing Whip (5*STR+2d8, +1 SPD), 1980g
  • Body: Thunder Plate (16 Arm, 11 MArm, Lightning Ward), 1800g
  • Head: Mantra Band (7 Arm, 9 MArm, +1 SPD), 1400g
  • Hands: Locomotion Bangle (5 Arm, 6 MArm, Immobilize Proof), 1050g
  • Status Accessory: Defense Ring (Condemned Proof, Sleep Proof), 1500g


  • Hi-Potion x6 (+125 HP to Single target), 900g

Key Items


Combat Statistics

  • HP: 188/188 (+16 from Hardened)
  • MP: 76/76
  • Armor (ARM) = 28 x 125% = 35
  • M. Armor (MARM) = 26 x 120% = 31
  • Evade (EVA) = 21
  • M. Evade (MEVA) = 17
  • Accuracy (ACC) = 144
  • Magic Accuracy = 130
  • Dexterity (DEX) = 86
  • Mind (MND) = 82



  • Flails (1:2): 80
  • Awareness (30 free): 80
  • Intimidation: 80
  • Tracking: 80
  • Navigation: 46
  • Survival: 46
  • Climbing: 48
  • Aptitude: Weapon

Lore and Languages


  • Common Tongue (50 free): 60
  • Lore (Area): 80
  • Lore (Folklore): 80
  • Lore (History): 80


Runic (Level 1)

  • Target: Various Type: Magic

The Rune Knight's signature ability allows him to absorb magic by capturing it within weapons or armor inscribed with spell-binding runes, his weapon and breaking it down into raw mana for his own use. Runic affects all Red, Black, White, Time, and Blue Spells, except those with Target: All; monster Abilities with an MP cost may also be affected. Once used, Runic absorbs the first eligible Spell or Ability used in the immediate vicinity, regardless of its source; that Spell or Ability has no effect and the Rune Knight gains MP equal to its original casting cost. If multiple Rune Knights have used Runic before a Spell or Ability is used, the Rune Knight that has lost the most MP will absorb the spell. If Runic has absorbed nothing by the time the Rune Knight's next turn comes up, its effects are lost; he must decide whether to use Runic again or take another Action.

Intuitive Magic (Level 1)

  • Target: Various Type: Magic Ability

Rune Knights can use their spellcasting abilities for a wide variety of other purposes.


Fury Brand (Level 8)

  • Target: Single Type: Magic (20 MP)

Concentrating hard, the Rune Knight traces an arcane pattern in the air, leaving a series of hot, searing red lines hovering before them. The glyphs, once completed, rocket outwards and burn into the target, doing 100%, Armor weapon damage. Additionally, the pain and anger may drive the target into an unrestrained fury, with a flat 30% chance of Berserk (4).

Stardust Ray (Level 15)

  • Target: Group Type: Magic (27 MP)

Black bursts of energy shaped like arrows stream from the Rune Knight's weapon. Each black arrow is strewn with small stars as it flies, stabbing into the targets for 75%, Armor weapon damage, at the same time that the power of the void envelopes the victim. There is a flat 30% chance that the target will be inflicted with Spirit Break (4) from the void of despair.


Mighty Strike [Level 1]

  • Target: Single Type: Slow Action (2)

Focusing on a lone opponent, the Fighter gathers her strength for an all-or-nothing blow in the hopes of striking some weak point – a rent in the armor, a loose scale, a vulnerable underbelly.

Roll for Mighty Strike as you would for a normal Attack Action, halving the Fighter’s Accuracy after modifying for the target’s Evasion. If the attack is successful, Mighty Strike inflicts 200%, Armor Physical damage on the targeted combatant. Equipment Abilities may be used in this attack, and effects that increase the likelihood of a Critical Hit affect the CoS of Mighty Strike by an equal amount – +5 or +10 for Signature Weapon; +10 or +20 for Critical+ and Critical++ respectively. The status effect Critical Up grants a +10 bonus. However, Mighty Strike itself cannot score Critical Hits.

Third Eye [Level 8]

  • Target: Self Type: Fast Action

By entering a state of absolute concentration, the Fighter can brace for impending attacks and make sure she stays out of harm’s way. Third Eye allows a Fighter to automatically evade the next Physical attack that successful hits them, regardless of their current Evasion (2). This is a fixed effect, and does not improve with consecutive uses of this Ability. Once the attack has been dodged, Third Eye has no further effect until this Ability used again.

Scream [Level 15]

  • Target: Self Type: Fast Action

With an ear-shattering battlecry, the Fighter releases her chi reserves in a blood-colored explosion of power, suffusing every fiber of her being with energy. Scream bestows the Status Conditions Power Up (4) and Agility Up (4).

Item Reference

  • Lightning Ward: Attacks of this element do -50% damage before modifying for ARM or M. ARM.
  • Immobilize Proof: Immune to Immobilize (Seals Escape Actions and Reaction abilities, reduces EVA by 50%)
  • Condemn Proof: Immune to Condemn (When timer = 0, reduce to 0 HP)
  • Sleep Proof: Immune to Sleep (Cannot act or move, Evade reduced to 0)
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