Viper Fang Disciple

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Prerequisites: 11th level, Poisoner (Dragon 373)

You focus in Poison. You may even serve Zehir. Insert more Paragraph here.

Viper Fang Disciple Features

Sidewinder Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make an attack with a poisoned weapon, you gain a bonus to the attack roll equal to your dexterity or intelligence modifier. This bonus applies to both the attack with the weapon, and the poison attack.

Poison Maker (11th level): You gain the ability to make poisons. The Cost to make the poison is equal to the cost to buy it. In addition, you can use existing poisons as components, subtracting their value from the cost to make it. Any Value om excess of the new item's component cost is wasted.

Venom Master (16th level): You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls with poisons.

Viper Fang Disciple Powers

Quick Application
Viper Fang Disciple Attack 11
You quickly apply the poison to a weapon before striking.
Encounter ♦
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You apply a poison to a weapon without spending its required action (Usually a standard).

Deadly Poison
Viper Fang Disciple Utility 12
As the poison seeps into your opponents wounds, the secret ingredient activates.
Encounter ♦
Free Action Close burst 40
Trigger: You hit someone with a poison.
Target: Creature hit with poison
Effect: The Target takes a -2 on Saving Throws against that poison.

Cobra's Poison
Viper Fang Disciple Attack 20
As the foe is pricked, their ability to fight back fades away.
Daily ♦ Poison, Weapon
Standard Action Melee or Ranged weapon
Target: One Creature in weapon range
Attack: Dex or Int vs Fort
Hit: 2[W]+Dex or Int poison damage. In addition, The target gains 10 Ongoing Poison damage (Save ends), and is immobilized (Save ends)

First Failed Save (Immobilize): Target is stunned instead (Save ends).

First Failed Save (Ongoing): Target takes 20 Ongoing Poison damage instead (Save ends).

Miss: Half damage, and the target takes 5 ongoing poison damage (save ends), and is slowed (save ends)
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