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Use: {{subst:4eSpecialItem|Name|Other Item|Property 1|Property 2|Property 3|Power 1 Recharge|Power 1 Description|Power 2 Recharge|Power 2 Description|Power 3 Recharge|Power 3 Description}}

The Color used by items is #cd8e28

The Color used by At-Will's is: #588d60

The Color used by Encounters is: #80142e

The Color used by Dailies is : #3d3f3f

The alternating colors are: #dad9c6 and #ffffff (White)

This table is Made out of a single column. The Top is split evenly to two.

{{{1}}} counts as a {{{2}}} with the following extra abilities:
Property: {{{3}}}
Property: {{{4}}}
Property: {{{5}}}
Power({{{6}}}): {{{7}}}
Power({{{8}}}): {{{9}}}
Power({{{10}}}): {{{11}}}
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