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This is a fix for Saving Throws inspired by Yakk's math.

Player Changes

To fix the chance of "Can't do anything" all encounter, record how many times you have failed a saving throw. Add this number as a bonus to your next saving throw against the power.

Another way of wording this is: You get a cumulative +1 bonus on saving throws against effects you have failed the save of.

An example: Jake is immobilized (Save ends). He fails the save, and also gains Dazed (Save ends). When he rolls for immobilized, he gains a +1 bonus, but he still fails, and he also fails against dazed. Next round, He has a +1 bonus on the save against dazed, and a +2 bonus on the save against immobilized.

Monster Changes

Monsters get a similar bonus, but their bonuses are more substantial. Note that, mathematically, this is balanced. These changes do not effect abilities that deal ONLY ongoing damage.

Normal monsters gain bonuses exactly as PCs.

Elites get twice the bonus (IE: a cumulative +2 bonus.)

Solos get five times the bonus (IE: a cumulative +5 bonus.)

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