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GralaminShieldheart: So really all we need is it to be a /me

Cainen: And for IC dialogue

Cainen: OOC is double brackets around

Cainen: Er

Cainen: IC dialogue is just "text"

GralaminShieldheart: Right so we'd be:

GralaminShieldheart: "Hello I'm X"

Cainen: Third person /mes are translated too

Cainen: so like

GralaminShieldheart does something

Cainen's derping

[OOC] GralaminShieldheart: Blah

Cainen: And it'd write the tag out

gralBot [1d20] 7, 2, 8

GralaminShieldheart: There we go,

GralaminShieldheart: Now can I add some text to that maybe...

gralBot [3d6+1d2] 11
gralBot rolled: 1d2+3d6[3d6+1d2] 18

GralaminShieldheart: Hmmm close

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