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The Second's personnel, when they are around, make the second what it is.


The officers are in control of the squad. When they are around, they issue orders, and give priorities.

Longshot Koala

  • Rank: Commander
  • Body Type: Beast type (Koala)
  • Generation: 1st
  • Class: SA
  • Role: Reconnaissance and Long Distance Combat
  • Commissioned Model

Longshot is an old Reploid - he has been around since before the Sigma Rebellion. His age and experience grants him a deep respect in his squad. Having seen so many others die or turn Maverick has afflicted him deeply. This has led to him having frequent periods of sedentary, and possibly depressive, sleep. In addition, he keeps himself at a distance from his squad - why get attached to what you may have to kill tomorrow?

In the battlefield, Koala has a number of drones he can deploy to gain targeting and Reconnaissance information. On his own, he is a smaller reploid, shaped much like a Koala. At close range he uses drones to slam into the foe and a small buster to harry them, while he gains distance. At longer ranges, he uses his trusty Ross Rifle Mk.30 Model T-5. This rifle is comically larger then Koala, and he is often seen hanging onto it as a Koala hangs onto a tree.

Annette Lance

  • Rank: Navigator
  • Body Type: Human
  • Generation: N/A
  • Class: D
  • Role: Hunter Assistance and Authorization
  • Natural Human

A navigator that works with the group. Sheet by Cainen

On the job, Annette is serious and tries her best to be helpful. She is Confident in her role as a navigator, and quickly adapts to changing situations. Off of the job, she isn't any different, other then perhaps being a bit of flirt with other humans. She cares deeply for Astros, due to their shared past. She has a distinct creepy laugh that sets some on edge best onomatopoeia-ed by: "Ukekekekeke".

Annette has Red hair that she keeps dyed blood red ("A memorial to my parents"), Hazel eyes, and tan skin. Her uniform has been slightly customized: a light gray-pink shade with some finery.

Electric Leveret

  • Rank: Hunter / Logistics
  • Body Type: Beast Type (Hare)
  • Generation: 3rd
  • Class: B
  • Role: Close-range Skirmisher, Hit and Run tactics.
  • Commissioned Model

Electric Leveret is a Hare type reploid. His armor can change colors when an electric charge is applied, much as a Hare's fur changes colors between winter and summer. His ears are his main weapon, though he often wields a lo-phase beam saber.

Electric Leveret has a bit of a strange past for a Reploid: He's adopted. The Lab in Vienna where he was built was destroyed shortly after he came online, before he could be sent to the Hunters. Wandering alone with a half-finished program, he ran into Koala during the Battle of Vienna. Koala has taken Electric Leveret in, which has lead to Electric Leveret's undying loyalty. Electric Leveret's programming has since been finished, and he has proven himself a valuable hunter.

Electric Leveret spends his spare time reading, having somehow acquired old dead tree copies of various books, leading him to be a bit of a book worm. He is motivated to constantly improved himself and become a leader, idolizing some fantasy characters such as Aragorn for their leadership.

Brody Brown (Callsign: Terrorist)

  • Rank: Hunter / Quartermaster
  • Body Type: Human
  • Generation: N/A
  • Class: A
  • Role: Long Range Sniping, stealth.
  • Human Paragon

Brody is a Brown haired, Brown Skinned, Brown eyed Human. With the last name of Brown. He despises his name and asks everyone to call him by his call sign, which he thinks is a "good history joke".

Brody acts like the Maverick Hunters is college, often slacking off and not finishing anything. He is optimistic about every battle, believing that he will make it through any circumstance. In his defense, he is a solid fighter, using his agility and sheer uniformity to hide, escape, and attack. Many mistake him for a coward, since his default strategy is "run and hide", but as he often points out not engaging foes you don't have to saves time and resources.

Unfortunately Brody is notoriously unlucky. Bad things happen on his missions that he can't explain, and neither can anyone with him.

Snow Swan

  • Rank: Hunter / Bureaucrat
  • Body Type: Beast Type (Swan)
  • Generation: 2nd
  • Class: B
  • Role: Zone of control
  • Limited Production Model

Snow Swan is, unsurprisingly, shaped like a swan, and pure white except at her face. She has a number of detachable "feather patches" that act as drones in battle, and set up her areas of control. She also seems to have had a ring made to fit her Reploid hand.

Snow Swan is often described as a stuck-up bitch. This isn't inaccurate, she is quite disciplined and authoritative. However, this is partially because she doesn't trust anyone in the second enough to let loose yet. Originally from the 7th, Snow Swan was transferred as it was decided she was of better use here. She idolizes Koala for his ability to live through so many battles, and often tries to suck up to him.

She is engaged to Husky Fencer, of the 10th

Blast Lemur

  • Rank: Hunter
  • Body Type: Beast Type (Lemur)
  • Generation: 3rd
  • Class: B
  • Role: Distractions / Demolitions
  • Commissioned Model

Blast Lemur is a smaller Reploid, who carries a lot of firepower, and likes nothing more than a good explosion.

Despite that, he is a stickler for orders. He is often out there risking his neck with little communication. As such, he only trusts people who follow the plan, as its the best way for him to help them, as well as stopping him from being ambushed and killed without anyone knowing.

Tornado Panda

  • Rank: Hunter
  • Body Type: Beast Type (Panda)
  • Generation: 3rd
  • Class: A
  • Role: Reconnaissance / Backup
  • Commissioned Model

Tornado Panda is reasonable, a lover of literature (in quite a different way then Leveret, and they often get into arguments.)

Tornado is also irresponsible, usually convincing Lemur, who he is good friends with, to do his job for him. Panda was originally from the 9th, mainly dealing with threats in the Cyber Forests. Despite his large size, he is quite stealthy, and his odd mixture of being a bear and wind powers gives him an unexpectedly high mobility. He uses this to crash into opponents hard, and separate them from greater groups. Often times he works as backup, having transferred over after a large number of rescue operations.

Lightleap Peruvic

  • Rank: Hunter
  • Body Type: Beast Type (Llama)
  • Generation: 2nd
  • Class: A
  • Role: Scouting
  • Commissioned Model

Peruvic is the best at reconnaissance, and is many ways of the top agents of the 2nd. He is kind, respectful, and always up for a challenge.

When you last saw him, he was about to join the Solstrike Operation.

Lower Ranks

Production models and similar live here. They will be added as they come up.

The Bar

The Bar for the Second is affectionately named “Hanger Bay 3”, as it is in the retrofitted ruins of an old hangar bay, from before the Hunters were established. It is run by an old civilian model Reploid that calls himself Sue. The tables are made out of old plane parts, while the counter is an old control station.

The Range

All squads need to be combat ready, and so a standard training range is available.

The Supply Room

With the frequent in-and-out, with vastly changing conditions, the Second has a dedicated supply system to automatically file and retrieve different types of equipment. Damaged items brought here are sent to be repaired or replaced, as necessary.

The Second has very limited Mechaniloid support: what they have is generally fast moving, small Mechaniloid to assist with scouting. They have a lot of these, however.

Medical Personnel

Standard Lifesaver Reploids

The Large Scale Simulator

Similar to other squads, the Second has a simulator. Unlike the other teams, they have a very large simulator, allowing simulation of dangerous or difficult missions. The LSS can simulate around a floor of the largest buildings “on screen” at any time, or around a square kilometer of land. As such, it is capable of much more advanced simulations, and is a reason in itself to join the unit.

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