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Session 29

gralBot: ``===============`` Session 29 Start ``===============``

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GralDM: Last time, The group met up and had a... party like thing, with Aether's sisters and the new navigator in town, Iris. Now the group has returned to base and are deciding what to do next (Probably a mission). Information has come in on the Generators in China, a map of the Jungle Base before its disaster, and some data is outstanding on Flare Fennec (Read: Gral got lazy and is terrible)

GloomKitten eventually returned to quarters, far into the night. She looked dead tired but was more than willing to hold off on getting some rest to look over possibilities with the team.

Astros takes a similar path - but first... he checks in on R&D. Always gotta keep an eye out for new weapons or upgrades.

GralDM: R&D Reports that the data is in for Beacon Hermit, all that is missing is you deciding what you want from his data.

Astros takes about five milliseconds to consider that before going for the option that provided him the most extra firepower without getting in his way - the laser array.

GloomKitten will probably stop in on R&D next morning. She's tired, but wants to talk to people about mission probabilities, focusing on the generators and the jungle base.

GralDM: A quick check on Human hunters shows all above C rank are busy, but quite a few of them are set to clear up relatively soon.

GloomKitten looks for someone on the list with a good skill set for long range combat

GloomKitten would prefer to have someone who isn't likely to try and get into melee range of enemies and can serve as a backline buddy for Astros

GralDM: The most obvious choice there is Terrorist from your squad, as he is an A ranker and a sniper. There are a large number of other choices: Most Humans have to stay at range since they just aren't built as sturdy.

GralDM: You contact Terrorist, who is currently taking a break in his mission, "Hey, whats up ReSET?"

Astros takes the lead on that. "So, uh, we're gonna go watch some generators for a little bit. You free for a trip to the jungle after?"

GralDM: "Ah, I heard from Swan about that base. Sure, I might need to sleep but afterwards I'm in for some fun."

Astros: "Gotcha. No hangovers or there might be... problems."

PMX-CB watches Astros take the call, quietly grateful.

Astros: "Oh, yeah! Brought back half a pizza from - no shit - Joe's. You got anything against bacon?"

GloomKitten apparently fell asleep very temporarily.

GralDM: "Well, I'll probably have a headache by the end anyway. Space distortions always cause that. Bacon? Theoretically yes, but religion has always been theoretical with me. So Gimme."

Astros grins. "Alright, where are you?"

GralDM: "Norway, Near Hammerfest."

GloomKitten: "Is that the festival where everyone beats each other with hammers?"

GralDM: "It's a city. The nordic people have a way with words that is quite respectable'

PMX-CB snickers but doesn't chime in.

Astros finds his grin deflated. Pranking opportunity: ruined. "Oh, not on base at all. Huh. I'll leave it in the fridge: feel free to knock yourself out with it when you get back."

Astros: "You know where I sleep. I think."

Astros: "If not, Annette'll point you in the right direction. Assuming we're not, y'know, being shot at."

GloomKitten: "I'll shoot at astros continuously for you until you wake up"

GralDM: "Thanks. Good luck on your mission."

Astros makes his way back to the room and stores the leftovers. "Yeah, we'll need it. Probably."

GralDM: The group skips through a boring briefing (What is there to tell you when all your tips are pretty much nothing?) and arrive in Beijing.

GralDM: Bejing is quite the place - cleaner air here then most. When the ecology restoration started getting underway, Bejing was used as a proof of concept location, at that point so polluted that humans couldn't walk outside for more then a handful of minutes unprotected.

PMX-CB: "Hmm."

GralDM: The population as a whole is mixed, what used to be a primary chinese nationality is now a diverse trade centre, and you see humans of all types, as well as a large amount of different reploid models as you make your way to the generators.

GloomKitten takes a moment and peels out a proxy and setting it to Observe CB and then taking point on the way above ground level.

Astros isn't all that impressed - but then again, his mind's on the mission right now, and right now that meant on making sure his weapons were in perfect order.

GralDM: Here and there, you see old mechaniloids as you pass by, using various old junk parts, some of which look older then X. Some reploids ahve similar modifications.

GloomKitten is apparently not taking to the rooftops, as is her wont, and is instead roughly 50ft ahead of the party, breezing through the crowd like a ghost

GralDM: The generator(s), owned by Skyscraper Industries is on top of a large hill, with an entrance on one side. Otherwise, your best chance would be via air, or a wall climber like X. At the door, you are met by a young lady of mixed descent who introduces herself as Helmi Wong, and she has eben assigned as your guide to the facility.

PMX-CB nods quietly.

The first few hours of the mission are boring, you are broguht between the different rooms, have their purposes explained, and shown the generators. You count some 200 to 300 humans working here, plus twice that in reploids. Include alternate shifts, you end up with a figure close to 3000 people here. If anything the facility seems understaffed.

You also notice a disturbing lack of guards - you only see 8 total, most of which are at the entrances.

Astros wonders if that's intentional. After all, it IS Skyscraper Industries...

GloomKitten is going to investigate that eventually, but immediately requested access to their personnel files after the tour is over.

Astros: "Huh. Early lunch break?"

GralDM: "Of a sort. The market here is challenging, and we feel this 'attack' was just a way to get the rumor mill going and poach employees. I'm afraid its likely to be a very boring mission. As for Personnel files, unless you have a good reason to believe an inside job, that is private information."

Astros: "Could be a double bluff, if someone wanted to attack."

PMX-CB: "Multiple Skyscraper holdings targeted."

Astros: "They let you know there's gonna be an attack, but it's too stupid to contemplate, so nobody sees it coming."

GloomKitten: "Any personnel hired within the last... three months or so before the threat was issued. Human and reploid alike. Also, anyone who's missed work in the same period."

GralDM: "We have not been made aware of other holdings being targetted."

PMX-CB: "We've been investigating. Returned from several."

PMX-CB: "...Familiar with Gute Gladiator?"

GralDM: "I loved his show. Shame it hasn't been renewed."

Astros frowns. "Yeah, them's the breaks. Could be worse, though."

Astros: "Coulda replaced him with a second-rate actor and pretended like nothing happened."

PMX-CB: "Maverick."

Astros does wonder about how wise it is to spill the beans to, well, people working for the company that seems to be tied into this crap.

GloomKitten pulls up appropriate mission logs, sans classified information. "Each of these sites was targetted, and Gute Gladiator is wanted in relation to an attack on a fascility. We're not positive that there will be an attack here, but the fact that there was a threat was enough to get us to check it out. Given the lack of security in place at the moment, my personal belief is that even if

GloomKitten the threat was idle, they won't pass up a stab at your parent company. "

GralDM: She studies it, frowns and then motions to follow her, "You will want to talk to the site manager then."

Astros: "Lead the way."

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GralDM: As you approach the manager's office, she gives you a quick briefing of the manager, "His name is Ming, he's a repoloid, only speaks Chinese. Don't mention the junk arm."

PMX-CB: "...Do any of us..."

GralDM: "I can, of course, translate, if you do not have the capabilities."

GloomKitten downloaded chinese on the way over

GloomKitten mostly just updated her lexicon

GloomKitten is semi-fluent in a lot of languages, because Sexbot Assassin

Astros isn't, unfortunately. "You... might have to."

Astros steals a glance around, looking at everyone else's reaction.

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As you enter, Ming gets up from his desk and speaks in fluent chinese, offering a handshake with his good arm, his other arm is the sort of thing even the most sentimental Hunter would throw away, "Welcome friends, I hear you have information that I need to know?"

GloomKitten: "Yes sir. We have circumstantial evidence that the threat to attack this facility should be taken more seriously. In the past few weeks a large number of locations with ties to the company that owns the one you work for were attacked, with a great deal of evidence hinting at an organization behind these attacks specifically gunning to sabotage the company in question. The fact that you were

GloomKitten: given advance warning of the potential threat means that we have to take it seriously. "

PMX-CB clears his throat softly over private line. "Gute?"

GloomKitten sends a head shaking emote back. ot relevant unless they've had contact.


GralDM: "Other locations?" He glances at the list and starts to frown, "These locations seem random, what benefit do they get for attacking a plant here, if they are going after computers in Germany?"

Ming is silent for a bit, and then shakes his head, "There is no way they could know. None."

GloomKitten hums softly. "There is very circumstantial evidence that someone with critical knowledge from within Skyscraper Industries went maverick. I'm not going to ask you to disclose information unless it is relevant to our strategies for defending this instillation, but you should consider that all information is potentially compromised."

GralDM: "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave, as you can see the building is secure and -" *Explosions issue from somewhere else in the building, and klaxons start sounding, "Oh no, they know! They know! Get down there and stop them!"

GloomKitten: "Astros, CB, go. I'm throwing a line to Aether. Ming, Sir, down WHERE to stop them?"

PMX-CB quickly returns to, and mounts up, his Ride.

Astros gets to it! No point dallying around when explosions are going off, after all.

GloomKitten: "What's down there, what are we to prioritize protecting?"

A map of the facility is quickly is quickly patched through. Looks like 3 groups: 1 from each side entrance, which seems to be engaged with the guards at those entrances. The final group blew a whole in the side of generator 1.

GralDM: "Prioritize the protection of Generator 2, it generates more power."

GloomKitten: "Yes sir. CB, Astros, I can handle the east entrance if you want to engage hostiles. Ming, permission to tap into local security cameras?"

GralDM: "Granted, for the duration of the assault only."

Cameras show:

- 7 Junk Reploids (Basically 'Hanged Reploids' from MMX2) at each entrance, plus 8 scrapped trogether tank mechaniloids that are effectively Tiranos.

GloomKitten moves to a command console and plugs in a tap so that hunter communications can integrate and links it into the tac com, digitally throwing the link to annette as she starts moving at a dead sprint.

PMX-CB: "Get on."

PMX-CB guns the motor and takes off like a shot.

Inside generator 1, still outside the reactor, is a swarm of Batton Bone Gs (15 creatures in total), and 5 Barite Lastars

Annette scans the data, "Doesn't seem to be a leader in what we can see. Assume this is only wave 1."

Astros: "Yeah, was working off of that assumption in the first place. Permission to use my heavy weaponry?"

GralDM: "Granted, while outside the generator rooms."

GralDM: "We can't have a stray shot blow up a reactor."

Astros: "...Damn. DAMN! You're right. Wasn't even thinking of that. Right, gotcha."

Generator room 1 is pretty simple, a large square room, with an obvious reactor core. Near the rough are various pipes big enough to carry the Hungry leading to a coolant system. inside the room, the swarm of bats are flying in patrol patterns. The Barite Lastars are on various surfaces and pipes, and are blasting the reactor.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 1, 8, 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 3

** GralDM changes topic to "Astros"

** GralDM changes topic to "" Astros "

** GralDM changes topic to "Astros / Bats 1 / Bats 2 / CB / Lastars"

Astros trains his buster on the first Lastar he sees!

[OOC] Astros: Swift action Improvisation on self, bluffing it

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 18

Astros turns the laser focus on and lets it do its work!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+25] 30

[OOC] Astros: DC 18 Reflex save to not be Blinded/Burned

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 10

GralDM: The Lastar hit by Astros seems to barely be hanging on... then It burns out (Burning deals enough to kill it)

GralDM: The first smaller swarm of bats, flown around to surrond both CB and Astros, while attacking the core.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 5, 9, 8

Astros: "Annie, shield the reactor!"

GralDM: The nanites spread over to the generator and protect it from harm, "I'll try to keep it up as long as possible!"

GralDM: Bats 2 follows, but use their screech and stay further away (Bats 1 in Melee range of everyone, Bats 2 in Close)

gralBot rolled: [1d6+4] 9, 6, 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+22] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 17

GralDM: The 4 Lastars aim at the reactor, ignoring the group:

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 16, 8, 8, 25

PMX-CB just swings his arms through the mass, catching one of the bats and smashing its frame hard with a pulse of laser energy on impact.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 8, 8, 12, 7

At the end of the first round, the Reactor has taken about 30% damage.

Astros aims to punish the damn things for ignoring them - with more firepower!

[OOC] Astros: Swift action Improvisation on self, bluff, etc

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 32

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 33

gralBot rolled: [1d6+19] 24

GralDM: A second lastar is almost destroyed, just at the edge of life.

Hey guys how about some goddamn bats? Damage!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 9, 8, 9

gralBot rolled: [1d6+4] 10, 8, 5


The nanites brace and block all damage.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 25

The hungry pushes through the bats, climbs onto the cooling, moving just past the damaged lastar before charging off at one of the other Lastars

PMX-CB maneuvers with great finesse and skill, along the way throwing a small canister that explodes into glittery chaff foil. That ought to disrupt the mechaniloids' sensors.

PMX-CB then turns to the business at hand and comes in with a massive fist!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+24] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d6+24] 29

PMX-CB brutally slams the Lastar he charged, then as it rotates its cracked barrels to shoot, slams it into the wall, crushing it utterly.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 19, 20, 7

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 12, 8

At the end of round 2, The reactor has taken ``~``40% damage

Astros moves out of the pile of bats nipping at his heels. Seriously, fuck those things.

Astros blasts away at the uninjured Lastars, this time not bothering to take the time to ascertain their movement pattern!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 17

Astros does so after the fact, though - and points that out to CB! (( Improvisation on CB, +2 to attack/saves/skill checks ))

GODDAMN BATS fly through the fumigator into stuff

PMX-CB: "heh."

gralBot rolled: [1d2] 2, 2

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 4, 4

The bats manage to hit Astros and the core!


Astros: "ARGH!"

The other bats continue to fire blindly, screeching about lost. (CB, Astros, Core, Coinflips then applicable damage)

gralBot rolled: [1d2] 2, 2, 2

gralBot rolled: [1d6+4] 9, 6, 8

PMX-CB: "Stand by. Doing something stupid."

PMX-CB guns his armor's motor and takes off at Way Too Fast for That Thing to Have Any Right to Go.

PMX-CB 's charge actually drops the ambient temperature in the room by a few degrees as the cryonic accelerator system kicks into overdrive, cold exhaust washing over the bats as he rounds the world and comes back, fist leading!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d6+25] 30

The remaining Lastar tries to hit the generator!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 8

Astros is GODDAMN TIRED OF THESE BATS NIPPING AT HIM - but the lastar is the bigger threat to the generator, so he decides to take his anger out on that one, charging it with fists flying!

[OOC] Astros: Oh yeah, and Improvisation on self

[OOC] Astros: Power Attack -4

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+19] 25

gralBot: ``===============`` Session 29 Done ``===============``

Session 30

gralBot: ``==================`` Session 30 Start ``==================``

GralDM: Last time, a long time ago, You made it to the generators and started fighting some attacking maverick forces. CB and Astros just finished off the first reactor.

GralDM: This leaves a group attacking the entrance by generator 1. The group by generator 2 is quickly wiped out with Gloomy's support.

GralDM: Do you rush to the other entrance, or look for more incoming waves or ?

GloomKitten updates her facebook status. [Killin Mavericks like a boss. Mavs ain't got nothin on me.]

GralDM: Annette scans the area and listens in on the comms, "It seems you have a break... Nothing on the news.

GralDM: "No unusual seimisic or air activity either."

Hiroto: "Roger that. Permission to effect repairs to the damaged generator?"

GralDM: "Confirmed"

Astros: "Yeah, 'seems'. Seems to me like we're going to get bullshitted the second we drop our guard."

PMX-CB said that

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GloomKitten confirms and sends a message to the manager dude "Do you have skilled engineers who can make rapid patch jobs? Generator 1 took some hits. We've got people on it but we're specialized in taking care of mavericks, not repairing infrastructure"

Astros scoots over to the ride armor, keeping an eye on the obvious entrances. "I'll keep watch."

gralBot rolled: [2d4+10] 15

gralBot rolled: [2d4+10] 15

gralBot rolled: [2d4+10] 15

GralDM: "They aren't here, we commed in one, but they haven't shown up yet... We suspect more mavericks."

GloomKitten: "Unfortunate. Permission to see if a Hunter Engineer is available?"

gralBot rolled: [2d4+10] 17

PMX-CB quickly sets to work, feeling a bit more comfortable returning to his duties prior to being assigned a Ride Armor.

GralDM: "Denined. No more hunters in or out, its too risky."

GloomKitten hums softly, sending an acknowledgement as she settles into her position.

PMX-CB: "Can fulfill repair duties as required."

PMX-CB continues to repair the reactor, patching the damaged components now that he has replaced the destroyed ones.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 9

GloomKitten: "I know, but having an engineer to look wouldn't hurt, in my opinion."

Some basic repairs are done, but you just don't have the parts to do a good job

Suddenlly the ground buckles from several locations around the plant, as acid goes streaming through the floors, and mechaniloids flood out to attack. Blips appear on your map between the two generators and between the generators

Annette looks confused, "Eating through the floors with no Seimisic activity? Are their sensors broken?"

And between the entrances* not twice between generators.

PMX-CB: "New contacts, where do you want us?"

Aether heads towards the entrances, Indicates you guys should finish off the one between the generators quickly while she delays.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17

GloomKitten mutters a curse. "Security officers, set up camp at each generator. Try to hold them off but don't invest too heavily. Astros, CB, take the one in the open between the entrances. I'll handle the tight quarters."

GralDM: The branch manager screams, "Negative! I need you to take care of the near generator threats as soon as possible!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 20, 19

GloomKitten squelches him over the network, splitting off a run time to berate him (which will be covered in a moment). "Reiterating. Security teams cover the generators, our team is moving in to directly engage the threats."

GloomKitten: Private Line> "Our team is engaging the threats before they can move in on the generators. Anyone that slips past us still has to deal with your security team, or would you rather throw the lives of your security officers and employees away while trained professionals sit back and relax? Don't second guess the experts, that's why we're here."

GralDM: "Our employees are replaceable. The generators are not."

Astros heads for the infrastructure rooms, staying focused on the job. "Acid, huh..."

PMX-CB ignores the arguments, instead focusing on the mission. "Do we have verification of hostiles?"

You move into the infastructure rooms, and find some junk Reploids, a few more bats, and a strange... mechaniloid? That looks like a bunch of junk formed into a centipede, dropping acid that is eating up the floors. Reports come in of more of the centipede monsters elsewhere.

One is over by Aether, who did not quite get to the guards. The other one is by the guards. Aether is employeeing a dodge and heal strategem.

Astros: "...Yes. Yes we do!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 0

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

** GralDM changes topic to "Centipede / CB / ReploidBats / Gloomy / Astros"

GralDM: The Centipede glances up at the Ride armor, and flails about with its limbs, sending a spray of acid at CB

gralBot rolled: [6d6] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 11

As the acid eats into his armor, CB feels sluggish. (Sickened! -2 to d20 rolls 2 rounds)

GralDM: It moves towards the group slightly readying itself for a counter attack

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 20

The crappy reploid junk bots try to shoot at CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 7

The bats swarm you as well

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 6

GloomKitten: "You good CB?"

PMX-CB: "For now."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 15

Annette's nanites come up! Pool of 21, regenerates 6 per turn.

Astros takes a second to study the centipede's movement - then loads and fires one of his flame rockets at it!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 15

The Centipede takes extra damage from being on fire!

err wait

No thats not his weakness IGNORE ME

Astros shares some of the movement data he's getting with CB! (( Improvisation ))

Centipede secrets a large amount of acid from its body, flinging it forward at CB and Gloomy! (Elemental wave, 6d6 Acid damage, push 35 ft save for half and not being sickened, and not being pushed)

GralDM: $roll 6d6

gralBot rolled: [6d6] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 22

5 ft step, Elemental Burst on CB again, to focus that damage.

gralBot rolled: [6d6] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 23

It tries to dodge (Acrobatic Adept 1/round)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 29

Bats swarm Gloomy and CB for

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 6, 4

The junk reploids change to shooting astros since the centipede has this in hand.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+5] 7

Astros sidesteps the shot and returns fire!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 24

gralBot rolled: [3d6+13] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

GloomKitten! has quit IRC (Quit)

Astros keeps on doing what he's been doing. (( Improvisation on self, bluff, attack ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 33

Astros lets the laser focus do its job!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 23

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gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 9

Standard action: escape Grapple

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 26

The centipede flees! AoO from CB and Gloomy

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+13] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 34

gralBot rolled: [1d6+31] 32

It looks to be almost down...

Junk reploids share nervous glances, then shoot at Astros as they try to run by him, because Fuck this Noise

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 21

Astros ducks under the shot and - you guessed it - returns fire!

...only this time, it's his frost autocannon kicking into high gear!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 16

The Junk bots become stuck. Uh oh.

Bats swarm across both Gloomy and Follow up to CB. BECAUSE BATS.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+3] 4, 6

Astros tries to take the centipede down before it can get out of dodge!

[OOC] Astros: Improvisation on self, bluff, etc

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 32

gralBot rolled: [1d20+17] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 23

It looks like Astros destroyed the thing... but it dodges A Little to the Left! It is at 1, and moves 50 feet, Trying to acrobatics past CB

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

It gets past CB over to the trip wire. Reflex save to not trip and die horribly!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 23

It hops into the tunnel, now 105 feet from Gloomy, Gloomy's turn, then Centipede's turn

PMX-CB: "I can run it down if I need to."

GloomKittenCursed swaps over to a Kunai, takes aim, and lets fly!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 29

Desperate Acrobatic Adept to live?

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+6] 10

Session 31

gralBot: ``======================`` Session 31 Start! ``=====================``

GralDM: Last time the group fought off a centipede mechaniloid thing. It tried to flee, but Gloomy managed to barely kill it.

GralDM: Aether managed to keep another one of these things long enough for them to retreat, but who knows how long until they strike again.

I forgot his name, sue me: is insisting everything is safe and that you should leave.

DeathCat is visibly dismissive. "Not until you get more security personnel in place who can match or exceed my squads combat efficiency."

GralDM: Ming frowns, "They are on the way. And you have no juristriction here. While I cannot strongarm you to leave, I am more then happy to make this a political battle."

PMX-CB: "Win/Loss."

PMX-CB: "If you're wrong... you lose."

PMX-CB has taken to repairing the generators and the team as best he's able.

Astros isn't buying it, and he certainly isn't buying it from the guys who nearly got his boss put in the scrap heap due to a shit call.

DeathCat smiles. "In the event of an attack after we leave but before your security personnel arrive, your government would most likely blame us for failing to defend you adequately. As it stands, local security is going to need reports from us and all personnel on site anyway."

Ming just shrugs, "I'll just bribe them. It was part of the plan anyway. At this point you are a risk to the facility."

GralDM: "And to the shareholders."

PMX-CB smiles thinly under his helmet. "Kept your generators working. Repaired damage. You want to tell your board of directors you sent us off before the last attack?"

PMX-CB: "They will be back. And they'll have accounted for us being here."

GralDM: "And what makes you think this will be the last attack?"

DeathCat lets her fangs show, her smile shifting from "friendly girl" to "psychotic assassinbot" in an instant, but she fades into the background while CB takes the lead.

Astros gives an unhappy twitch of the moustache. "So you had foreknowledge of these attacks?"

PMX-CB: "Do you know something we don't?"

GralDM: "I had the same warning as all of you. Why do you think there will be more attacks?"

PMX-CB: "Because your company is under attack."

PMX-CB: "First mission: Skyscraper. Second mission: Skyscraper. Third mission: Skyscraper."

Astros: "You think an attack on your reactors is some spur-of-the-moment thing a handful of Mavericks decided to do?"

PMX-CB: Told there would be no attack here.

PMX-CB gestures at the combat damage still scoring the floors and walls.

PMX-CB: "Repelled small mechaniloid force. Opening foray, feint, recon. Main force will strike soon."

PMX-CB: "Likely monitoring the buiding. When we go... they move."

PMX-CB: "Unless we force their hand."

GralDM: "They can attack from below without any obvious trails. Nothing should stop them from digging up right by the generators next time."

PMX-CB: "Seismographs?"

DeathCat smirks.

DeathCat is smirking in a way that -probably- just sent any worker nearby scurrying to safety.

Ming glares at Gloomy, "Seismographs are being delievered currently, we don't have any here."

DeathCat shows far too much fang, looking to all the world like the cat that caught the canary.

Astros siiiighs. "Look, buddy. From our perspective, we came here to help you, helped you, and in return we've gotten jerked around AND you got our boss shot halfway to death. That don't add up, chief."

GralDM: "What are you suggesting?"

Astros: "I think you're trying to hide something - 'cause the only legitimate reason you have to turn us down is something you clearly didn't care about earlier."

DeathCat flags the boss dude as a potential maverick on her tactical display. [[Either a maverick that thinks we're idiots, or an idiot that thinks leaving something that could potentially end hundreds of thousands of lives unguarded while maverick forces are KNOWN to be in the area is a good idea. The next few words out of his mouth will be rather important, cause I can offline him from this

DeathCat range with ease.]]

Ming glares at you, but considers.... "Company secrets aren't your concern... but you are right, I am hiding something. I cannot be more honest then that."

PMX-CB sighs. "Maverick hunters."

PMX-CB: "Maverick hunters."

PMX-CB: "Our job is to keep them from you. No company secrets, no ... illicit business."

PMX-CB: "Just. Hunting. Mavericks."

PMX-CB: "That is as far as we care."

PMX-CB: "Let us do our job, so we can all go home tonight."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 17

Astros tries to reason with him, Gloomy tries to scare him, but both only make him angry. While that goes on CB, taking a break and looking through a window, sees a lone reploid walking towards the plant, his/her armor seeming quite familiar... It looks a lot like Una's did.

DeathCat will snap out and literally -vanish- into the shadows as soon as she notices or is informed

PMX-CB: "Target spotted."

PMX-CB: "Window. Power armor matches prior operative."

Ming looks confused, "What are you talking about?"

He glances out the window, "Huh, never seen them before."

PMX-CB: "..."

DeathCat: "Then they get taken down as efficiently as possible."

DeathCat is just suddenly -gone-

PMX-CB private comms. "Probably another cloned agent."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

Astros: "Mother fucker."

About 200m away from the entrance, the lone Human? sends a transmission, asking for the manager of the plant and the hunters. He glances at you, and the gone gloomy, trying to see if you want to take it, or if he should.

Ming glances that is

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 18

Astros takes after CB, communicating over the team's comm alone. "Annette, this could get really shitty really fast."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 10

PMX-CB: "Public comms."

GralDM: "Wait, another agent? Hmmm, I'm going to try to patch Una in, whther command likes it or not, if she can give you any information..."

DeathCat patches Una in directly via the Proxy that she left with Una!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 19

DeathCat: "Una, I've got a potential sibling of yours. My objective of the moment is to capture alive because they're likely human. Are you willing to guide my hand so I don't have to kill him?"

After a few seconds Una's face appears on your private line and she gasps, "What's Ruadh doing there? Oh dear."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 28

DeathCat shrugs. "We have an optimal path for taking them down, I'm pretty sure. But any insight helps me not kill, because three feet of blade doesn't play well with anyone, and we especially don't need more armless people running around so if you could give some way to disable the emergency teleport, that'd be great

Astros marks several points on the armor after looking closely, and Una nods, "Those should do it. But he isn't as easy to defeat as I was..."

DeathCat scoffs. "I'm a cat. A kitty cat. And I give 0 fucks."

Astros: "You have any idea why he'd be here?"

PMX-CB eyes the manager, unsure if he's comming back and forth in secret as they speak. "Open-channel."

GralDM: "No, a generator mission doesn't seem like where they'd send him, too many direct hazards..."

GralDM: The manager frowns, and then turns on the open coms, "Ah, I can now talk to the Hunters? Excellent, this is Agent-5, I heard you have met Agent-1."

PMX-CB: "...State your business."

GralDM: "If you want no harm to come, I will be escorted in peacefully, and allowed to enter 'reactor 2', as it is so mislabelled. If not, the attacks on your plant will continue."

PMX-CB eyes the manager. "Is this facility built over an... older one?"

GralDM: "...It might be."

GralDM: "Oh so he hasn't even told you? Can't trust these corporate bots. I want access to the lab underneath. I'm sure it will survive the explosion, but I actually don't want to blow up a large chunk of a city."

DeathCat is trying to get Annette to pull ANYONE higher class for this. We can't fight to defend the reactors AND investigate this at the same time.

GralDM: Annette repeatedly apoligizes: Command won't let her drag anyone else into China illegaly.

PMX-CB sighs. "Just doing his job. We're just doing ours, you're doing yours. If I understand it right-"

PMX-CB: "We are here on shaky ground that could cause political firestorm. You're here to secure old robot master tech. Manager, plant security will repel you at all costs to protect 'corporate interest.' We are stuck between you."

PMX-CB: "Yes?"

GralDM: "Sounds about right. As I understand it, you kept Agent-1 alive, and that means a lot to us. We don't want to be enemies."

PMX-CB sighs again. "Stand by; deferring to higher hunter authority on our course of action. Personally: Curious as to your goals."

GralDM: "That's classified hunter. It is a shame that you keep defeating our forces, and you even managed to take down a fifth of 10 of Wands. You'd likely be an interesting battle."

PMX-CB comms Gloom. "Not until we have to?"

PMX-CB radios Command, turning to the manager again. "Could we offline that generator? Secret's out. You win, it goes back on, he wins, the city isn't destroyed."

GralDM: "Theoretically yes... but you aren't seriously negotating with a goddamn terrorist are you?"

DeathCat is still making her way out. "Old tech like that could revolutionize robotics. It's valuable to the company. Ideally, we'd peel off copies of the data and leave them the originals, but moved to a more secure fascility."

PMX-CB gives the man such a look. "Guarding a company that is working against us to protect secrets they shouldn't have against a terrorist. No high ground here, just lives to save."

It takes a bit of time but a message comes back from Hunter Command: 'How much leeway do you have in moving around china? If possible, pull out, track him down after he has succeeding, as soon as he gets off chinese soil we could drop the wraith of god on this problem.'

GralDM: "Shouldn't have? We own the land. We spent the expense excavating it. By what right is it not ours?"

PMX-CB comms back. "Negative. Access restricted to facility and arrival/departure pad."

PMX-CB: "...Possibility of open negotiations with opposing agent?"

Command sends back, "Granted. Any information on movements would be useful. If you can get him to spit out anything..."

Break !``~`` has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

PMX-CB comms to Agent 5. "Command authorizing open negotiation. What can you tell me to make this situation better for everyone?"

DeathCat snaps at Ming: [[Yes, you have the biggest cock in the room. Arguing with us is getting you literally nothing except making me more inclined to listen and leave and let your fascility get blown to hell and kill hundreds of thousands of people in the initial blast, plus who knows how many more from radiation poisoning. Get your fucking head out of your ass. There are NO good options.

DeathCat The most we'll want from you is access to whatever UNALTERED data you have, so we can form our own conclusions from the evidence. We're not IN business, you can have full rights to whatever tech, we NEED the information to figure out if they're trying to rebuild super weapons that could render EVERY REPLOID IN EXISTENCE into little more than an empty shell.]]

GralDM: "We aren't looking for weapons. We are looking for old parts, hints and clues. Our methods are extreme, but all peaceful negotation with Skyscraper and its subsidaries have failed."

PMX-CB: "Proposal: Mutual exploration of facility. You, us." He shoots the manager a glower. "Him."

GralDM: "I'd be massively outgunned in unfamiliar terrain with no way of evening the field. I request the right to have the mechaniloid, 10 of Wands, join us."

PMX-CB: "Relaying to Command. Assume you are considered as expendable to your operation as we are to our own?"

GralDM: Ming is very angry, but when its suggested he follows in he is suddennly very reluctant, "Oh no, no no no, you aren't getting me to go inside there."

PMX-CB: "Then get someone who will. To represent your company interests."

GralDM: Command sends back, "Get information on this '10 of wands'. You might be walking into a deathtrap."

PMX-CB relays. "Command requests additional information on 10 of wands, to protect us from the same situation."

DeathCat is totally in position to take this guy out now.

Break!``~`` has joined #mmxgame

GralDM: "10 of wands is made up of 5 centipedial Mavericks. You destroyed one of these 5 previously."

DeathCat hums softly, verbally, right next to the guy. "Really? Doesn't that make him 8 of wands now?"

PMX-CB makes a note of that. "...One body. Not all four."

[OOC] DeathCat: [Una, have anything to say to your fellow agent?]

He spins around trying to find Gloomy, "I see you have an assassin bot. 3 bodies."

GralDM: Una hums, "Tell him his big sister saids he should take this chance to get away. The Home isn't what he thinks it is."

PMX-CB: "...Relaying."

PMX-CB: "Gloom? Go ahead. Know her best."

DeathCat recites what una said, exactly.

GralDM: Command obviously tells you to push for 2 bodies, to maximize your chances in a combat scenario.

PMX-CB: "Command wants 2, you know about stealth hunter. Vastly diminished threat."

He looks startled, "Una said that? She lost faith then. We knew she was rebelious, but staying away has affected her views... fine then 2 it is."

PMX-CB nods. "Look forward to working with you. Hope goals remain compatible."

PMX-CB turns to the company representative. "Three maverick hunters, three terrorists. Suggest you find three combat operatives."

PMX-CB: "Level-headed ones."

DeathCat: "On a personal note, if I wanted to kill you, I would have just now. If I had wanted to kill Una, I would have. As it stands, I'm getting really tired of people looking at what I was made for and deciding that because I was built for the ability to murder a human in three moves it means that I'm a heartless killer. Now come inside before local law enforcement decides to shoot us."

Ming has been yelling at dozens of people since it was basically decided this would happen. He eventually brings three guards and the Woman who escorted you in, and claims that she will act in a non-combat, company spokesperson roll. She looks just /thrilled/.

DeathCat pats the woman on the shoulder. "If a combat scenario breaks out, my highest priority will be to get you out. Your boss is kind of a dick, but I wouldn't want his job."

GralDM: A few minutes later, you are all at the entrance to the facility. Looking closer at the armor this Ruadh is weraing, it is painted red, and formed to maximize agility as before. While there was a slight motif of protection to Una's, this is more obviously decked out in weapons.

PMX-CB appraises him for a moment before hopping down from his ride and extending a hand to shake. "PMX-CB. Warrant Officer, Team ReSET, 2nd Recon."

Astros studies him too - does his weaponry tend towards range, melee, or is it a mix of both?

Ranged by far, but less sniper rifle, more shooting rifles and automatics.

GralDM: He shakes CB's hand, "Agent-5, Ruadh. A pleasure to work with you, Warrant Officer."

Astros gives him a mock salute. "Astros. Rocket monkey."

PMX-CB nods. "Think we can pull this off without killing each other?"

DeathCat huffs. "I dunno. Punching Astros seems like it'd be fun..."

He salutes back, "I think so. Obviously the situation is above your pay grade. And your Cat bat gave me a stern lecture outside, I guess I need to rethink how I evaluate you all."

PMX-CB snickers. "Cat bat."

Astros shakes his head, struggling to keep things at least somewhat professional. Bit hard to do that when you're grinning.

DeathCat shrugs. "Batman. Terror tactics to handle the corruption of the legal means. If this one ends up trying to back stab us and I end up having to cripple him, do you think Una would want him to share a hospital room?"

After a few minutes the reactor whines down, and the door is opened. Inside the middle is the tip of a red spire radiating energy and smelling terribly of ozone. After a bit it disspates, and you are directed to an opening, leading to a long ladder stretching into darkness.

GralDM: "Oh she is in the hospital? Perhaps I'll manage to visit her without you cutting off all my limbs."

He starts climbing down, the centipedes following along on the walls.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 18

Astros keeps a close eye on them. No way in hell is he letting this become an ambush halfway through because of inattention.

DeathCat starts bouncing down the walls, carefully staying out of reach of the centipedes

Once the group reaches the bottom ,he starts asking the corporate spokeswoman questions, "How much of the base have you explored? Any rooms that have been difficult to access? Any cartoony death traps?"

GralDM: "We think about 20%. Yes, some are sealed. And there is no end to cartoony death traps."

GralDM: "We found an area that is just some fans and a bunch of spikes for a huge distance. What sort of madman would do that?"

GralDM: "At the end there just looks to be a wall as well. I don't get it."

PMX-CB: "Ride armor can traverse spike traps."

gralBot: ``======================`` Session 31 End! ``=====================``

Session 32

gralBot: ``===============================`` Session Start ``===============================``

GralDM: Our heroes have set foot un the Wily ruins, alongside 4 corporate security guards, an administrative assistant, A couple of Maverick Mechaniloids, and Una's 'brother', Raudh. And you are all nice and peaceful and not pointing weapons at each other.

GralDM: Well thats bound not to last long

GloomKitten isn't pointing weapons, but has attack vectors constantly being calculated

Astros is totally THINKING about pointing weapons, at least, and he's keeping a damned good eye on them.

PMX-CB seems to be relatively calm, all things considered.

GloomKitten also has priority for protecting the assistant over killing the fuck out of Ten.

Astros: "So... now that we're all in this shithole together... you mind telling us exactly what we're all risking our necks for?"

GralDM: Now as you get underway in this incredibly legally questionable activity, you start to hear the faint dum of the lab's power source, and the air feels damp. Your administrative assistant has mentioned to be on the lookout for cartoony death traps. Raudh looks up at that question breaking into a grin and trying to sound like a mad scientist screeches, "Wily Tech of course, the black box of the robot world."

GloomKitten: "I'd argue that most of the tech isn't black boxes and we just don't have the tech to recreate it. But then I remember he made a warbot entirely out of wood."

PMX-CB: "What do you want it for?"

GralDM: "Indeed. No one really understands how it works, and one of the leading theories is still had access to ailen technology, an idea that he first revealed in this very lab, apparently."

Astros shakes his head. "Naw. What does your boss want it for?"

GralDM: "As far our purposes, well thats classified. Its not like he built weapons comparable to the fusion energy sources of today, so not conventional weapons, I can tell you that."

Astros gives an unappreciative twitch of the moustache. "Great."

GloomKitten grumbles but takes point

PMX-CB: "Just want this to end without anyone having to kill anyone."

GloomKitten: "Else. Anyone else."

PMX-CB: "...Yeah."

PMX-CB: "Any reason you can't work with the hunters for... whatever it is you're doing?"

GralDM: "Other then a huge host of our prime researchers being considered Mavericks, and the fact they engage in questionable practices such as cloning and frankensteining Humans together, you mean?"

Astros: "Understatement of the century, there."

PMX-CB: "I had assumed those were means to an end..."

GralDM: Pretty soon you come to a T intersection and the administrative assistant tries to get directions.

GralDM: "Oh of course they are."

GralDM: "We are, I guess."

GralDM: "But obviously a significant chunk of available resources would not be available if working with the hunters. Luckily we are too small and weak for someone like Zero to ever notice us."

GralDM: "Otherwise, the entire Home would probably be gone."

GralDM: Annette is pulling up data in the background, "This appears to be considered Wily Castle 2. Trying to get a map. I don't trust the assistant, getting directions is taking too long."

GloomKitten: "To be fair, now that we know you're going for Wily tech, I expect X will take a personal interest in this."

PMX-CB: "Someone will. Wily tech is ... dangerous."

GralDM: "Probably would, but he is a bit busy with the aftermath of Vienna. We have... an opportunity to act that is unlikely to happen again. Thus why we acted."

GralDM: Annette curses, "Astros, something is awake down there, we are being jamm-" , static erupts from all communication devices - Ruadh's, yours, the suits.

GralDM: The assistant's face goes grim, "We should just turn back. This is fool hardy and dangerous."

Astros: "Aw, fuck."

GloomKitten flips her comms off. "Ma'am, I'm a hunter. My daily routine involves being prepared to go fight and die so that people like you don't have to, aginst a force that could reasonably be expected to mindrape me into killing my friends and companions. Danger is something you learn to deal with."

PMX-CB: "Weapons check. Keep your eyes up."

Astros realizes pretty quickly that that means he's unarmed, in hostile territory, with Mavericks... and thus he taps the Hungry on the back.

PMX-CB: "?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 7

Astros points to his Buster, not even CHANCING the Mavericks figuring out he can't do anything, and shakes his head.

GralDM: Ruadh glances at ten carefully, considering his position. Does he doubt his ally, or were they planning to betray you from the start? (Beat awareness)

PMX-CB nods and passes on his small stock weapon.

Astros snags the weapon and futzes with it for a little bit, replacing a few parts here and there...

PMX-CB cringes at the modifications to his long-serving sidearm, but says nothing.

GloomKitten seems to not have a care in the world as she keeps moving

GralDM: All at once, Ten and Ruadh run off in one direction, and the suits run off in the other, both heading deeper into the compound!

PMX-CB: "Typical. Hop on, let's go."

Astros listens. "Goddammit all. The Mavericks I can understand, but why the other assholes too?"

GralDM: Current Tokens: Mavericks: 2, Suits: 2, Group: 3, Group's action.

PMX-CB guns the Hungry's dash thrusters and boosts after the Mavericks, trying to scatter them as the hunters move to rocket ahead!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 6

GralDM: CB quickly catches up to the Maverick forces, and over takes them instead, You an sense the mechaniloids glaring at your back.

gralBot rolled: [1d20-2] 5

GralDM: Current Tokens: Mavericks: 2, Suits: 2, Group: 3, Group's action.

Astros gives a wave to them as they pass by. "See you later, jackasses!"

PMX-CB: "You started it."

gralBot: ``===============================`` Session End ``===============================``

Session 33

gralBot: ``=====================`` Session Start ``=====================``

GralDM: Last time, in the midst of a Wily lab, your coms became jammed. The Maverick forces you were with, as well as the corp suits, split off. You've started chasing down the mavericks.

GralDM: We then stopped because people were having trouble deciding what to do in the skill game

[OOC] Astros: Also #mmxgameooc

GralDM: Current Status: Mavericks: 2 tokens; Suits: 2 tokens; Players: Net 2 tokens, 1 action left.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 6

GralDM: Current Status: Mavericks: 2 tokens; Suits: 2 tokens; Players: 0 tokens. Onto Mavericks

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 5, 17

The mavericks run past you, activating a cartoony trap as they go! you need to make a reflex save for half of...

gralBot rolled: [2d6+10] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 8

GralDM: The mavericks don't do anything more this turn!

GralDM: Current Status: Mavericks: 2 tokens; Suits 2 tokens; Players 0 tokens. Onto Suits.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 7, 9, 17, 22

Suits which have already broken away, break away again! Gaining 2 tokens in the process. They use 1 to break away again.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 23, 8, 12, 19

GralDM: Current status: MAvericks 2 tokens; Suits 4 tokens; Players 0 tokens; Onto players. NOW USING CORRECT RULES

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 33

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 33

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20-2] 3

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 4

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 2 tokens; Suits 4 tokens; Players 4 tokens; Players may spend tokens on up to two actions, or just save them.

The group, taking an early beating, bides their time as they rush through hallways dodging traps.

GralDM: Maverick's turn

The mavericks select: Atheletics, Stealth, Engineering as their three skills.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 4, 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 10, 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 19, 16

Gain 3 tokens, 5 in total. With their two actions, they also do nothing

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 5 tokens; Suits 4 tokens; Players 4 tokens; Suits turn.

Suits select: Athletics, Vigor, engineering

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 11, 17


gralBot rolled: [1d20] 2, 3

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17, 9, 19, 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 7, 11, 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 20

The suits rush around remote areas, grabbing things noted by their researchers earliers.

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 5 tokens; Suits 3 tokens; Players 4 tokens; Player's turn.

gralBot rolled: [1d20-2] 2

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 21

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 5 tokens; Suits 3 tokens; Players 9 tokens; Player's actions

As CB tears through a flimsy wall, you find a group of consumables!

The group Breaks Away! from the Mavericks, who decide not to follow them.

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 5 tokens; Suits 3 tokens; Players 5 tokens; Maverick's turn.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 16, 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 11, 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 3, 18

GralDM: The mavericks gain 4 more tokens, and continue on saving them.

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 9 tokens; Suits 3 tokens; Players 5 tokens; Suit's turn.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 10, 13, 13, 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 9, 21, 18, 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 15, 3, 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 5

The suits are being dragged down by extra equipment, and only advance a bit.

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 9 tokens; Suits 5 tokens; Players 5 tokens; Player's turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20-2] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 18

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 9 tokens; Suits 5 tokens; Players 11 tokens; Player's actions.

The group takes the High Road back dropping in front of the mavericks. They enable a trap nearby, and then throw meat grenades

gralBot rolled: [2d6+10] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 12, 1

Raudh is hit in the face by the trap, but the centipede with him is not... Weidly there is only 1 centipede even though two went down with them.

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 9 tokens; Suits 5 tokens; Players 8 tokens; Maverick's

Maverick's hit the Meat grenades, stopping progress for this turn. They will be hit by the Cartoony trap this round, and only get one skill check, with no actions.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 9, 1

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 10 tokens; Suits 5 tokens; Players 8 tokens; Suits turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 16, 15, 10, 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 19, 12, 3, 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 0, 6, 1

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 9

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 10 tokens; Suits 7 tokens; Players 8 tokens; Suits turn

Player's turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20-2] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 27

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 10 tokens; Suits 7 tokens; Players 13 tokens; Player's turn

Cartoony trap 2: Electric Boogaloo

gralBot rolled: [2d6+10] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 14, 2

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 10 tokens; Suits 7 tokens; Players 13 tokens; Maverick's turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 2, 6

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 10, 3

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 9, 19

The mavericks save up their tokens, but will the Players flub everything? Or will the suits magically roll out 8 tokens...

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 13 tokens; Suits 7 tokens; Players 13 tokens; Suit's turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 5, 8, 10, 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 11, 9, 20, 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 12, 17, 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 20

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 13 tokens; Suits 10 tokens; Players 13 tokens; Player's turn, final run down.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20-2] 0

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 22

The group finds another hidden cache, gaining a consumable each, then reaching the final room

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks 13 tokens; Suits 10 tokens; Players: Victory. Mavericks turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 11, 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 9, 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 6, 1

They find a lost powerup, and then join the group in the final room (Description after suit's turn)

gralBot rolled: [1d6] 2, 2

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks Victory; Suits 10 tokens; Players: Victory. Suits turn

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 21, 15, 7, 4

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 12, 8, 12, 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 1, 19, 3

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 24

GralDM: Current status: Mavericks Victory; Suits 13 tokens; Players: Victory. Only Mavericks and Players make it through. Scene change...

You come to a screeching halt in a large blue room with an overhanging glass dome, with some metallic device inside. On the other end of the room is a purple control station. The mavericks run right in behind you and raise their weapons up, "Look, let us have what we want, and then we can all get out of here before that thing gets us."

Ruadh saids*

PMX-CB: "Tried to play it your way."

NinjaCatgirl snorts and hefts her blade, smirking. "Or we take it, kill you, and go on with our lives."

Astros: "And then you tried to backstab us. AND the punch glove boxes. Yeah, nah."

GralDM: "Look, you see how one of Ten's bodies is missing? It got them. You could probably. take us now, its true. But it might lead to all of our deaths."

Raudh is trying to circle around and make his way to the console, I assume the group is getting in the way.

PMX-CB interposes. "No."

Astros studies him, looking for the telltale signs of lying. For all he knows, the missing mechaniloid could be explained by their jury-rigged trap.

Astros: "Why don't you start by explaining what, exactly, we're gonna have to deal with if we don't listen to you?"

He is definitely afraid of something, and desperate to complete his mission. He feels trapped, cornered, and is probably unprediactable.

NinjaCatgirl is keeping an eye on the mechaniloid, dropping her combat zones into place around the console.

GralDM: "The Shinobi Scorpion. An experiement made by combining The 'extra-terrestial' Shadow man and robotic scorpion to defend the secrets held here. Its whats jamming our comms."

As absurd as this creature sounds, it sounds like he is believes this to be true.

NinjaCatgirl starts giggling

NinjaCatgirl: "Did you guys make that, or is it one of Wilys?"

Astros keeps his eyes fixated on the entrance; he believes the dumb Maverick, if only because he just had to deal with punch glove traps. "...Yeah, okay."

GralDM: "If we made it why the hell would we need information from here? Something worth guarding is here, this proves it, we just need to get it and get out."

Astros comes to the realization that there's a group missing pretty goddamn fast. "...and it's probably carving up the Skyscraper guys, isn't it. Goddammit all."

GralDM: "Likely, yes. Thats why we have time here, now."

PMX-CB: "If you want this at all after your double-cross, here's how this will work. WE-" CB gestures at his fellow hunters, "Collect the data. If you try to take it by force, we destroy it and then you. If the data is too dangerous to trust you-or anyone with? That goes over our heads and out of our hands. If this... thing, shows up, we fight it together, or you can try to survive it and us."

GralDM: "No, I already told you, if we fight, we know we lose. BUT you guys probably die as well. Besides, aren't you supposed to be protecting some innoncents right now? Do you really have time to argue and fight with us?"

PMX-CB: "Try to manipulate me like that again and I destroy everything you're trying to collect."

PMX-CB: "Good idea, though."

PMX-CB: "You help us rescue Skyscraper and maybe we'll share the data."

GralDM: "At this point I won't go for maybes. Sure thing for the data or we aren't going anywhere."

NinjaCatgirl has her blade in hand. "Are you really trying to argue with us when we can just kill you?"

PMX-CB: "For all we know the data is more dangerous than anything in here. Your choices are a chance at it, or no chance at all. Seems easy to me."

He shrugs, "Then we both die if we fight, unless you are confident you can take us on and the Scorpion. As I understand it you had trouble with just the other body of ten's you killed. I think you are over estimating your firepower. You are willing to destroy the data, I'm willing to have everyone die."

Astros fumes. "Look, you dumb piece of shit, I was holding back on using my weapons there because I was CERTAIN something else was going to show up and I wanted to be ready for it. You want to try that again now that I know what we're dealing with?"

Astros: "You want to waste more of our time while you SHOULD be trying to help us save some people YOU endangered - and if you choose not to, to get both China and the Maverick Hunters breathing down your guys' necks?"

NinjaCatgirl just starts chuckling in a low cold tone, smiling in a way that shows far too many teeth. "Child, /human/, you have no idea what we're capable of. You're threatening us with a mechaniloid and ignoring the fact that I /will/ kill you if I feel like it. I was built to murder, to steal secrets, to use everything from a pen to my body to sex itself as a weapon. I am the most dangerous

NinjaCatgirl thing in the room, and you think I would think twice about killing you, everything at this 'Home' that built you, and purging every record of their existance? Please. Tell me another joke. "

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

GralDM: "...Fine I'll work with you. You better stick to your word though, hunters."

He puts on a brave face but some basic biological functions give him away

gralBot: ``=====================`` Session End! ``=====================``

Session 34

gralBot: ``==========================`` Session Start ``==========================``

Last time you intimidated down the maverick forces after finding a terminal in a room that formely included a holographic projector.

Now, you rush off to save the corporate suits here that are being beaten down by a Ailen Robot Ninja Scorpion

When you come upon the scene, you see two of the guards have already been torn apart, as if hit by two oncoming trucks, The other two are engaged the scorpion creature in rough jagged terrain - you can't charge it with that sort of footing.

The remaining two, one the greeter from earlier, the other guard are weilding strange weapons that are vibrating with intense energy, but degrading quickly, they call out for your help.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

** GralDM changes topic to "Waiting on CB init: Gloomy / Scorpion / Astros / Mavericks / Suits"

PMX-CB: Back, sorry

PMX-CB: Setting up a new phone

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 22

** GralDM changes topic to "Gloomy / CB / Scorpion / Astros / Mavericks / Suits"

Astros whistles sharply to try to get the Wily mechaniloid's attention. The suits don't seem to be doing too well, and really, they could use any distraction they could get.

Gloomy considers options, and settles on one, swiftly moving into melee range of the mechaniloid, dropping a Blight over it and attempting to stab it in the face with her Razor!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 17

gralBot rolled: [2d6] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 33

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d8+5] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3

The beast releases a large amount of smoke before turning to fight gloomy (Smoke bomb, Obscuring mist in 25ft)

It glares at Gloomy through the obscuring mist, trying to judge her (Perception combat use! Take 10 via Rogue powers: Result of 24)

It then attempts to crush Gloomy in a claw!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 22, 34

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d6+24] 27

Gloomy: 69/96 HP remaining

It manages to get Gloomy in a claw and unleashes force from both sides slamming hard against Gloomy.

It's done.

Astros notes that the smoke going up around it is going to make life really, really difficult for him if he intends to shoot the alien robot ninja scorpion - and thus he attempts to move into the smoke and take a swing at the bot's claws.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 34

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+11] 14

[OOC] Astros: DC 19 Will save, failure ``=`` -2 to damage for 1 [round]

gralBot rolled: [1d5] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 20

The two Maverick's keep their distance and lop attacks through the mist. Fully concealed!

gralBot rolled: [1d2] 2, 1

Raudh misses, but Tens attack goes in

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 21

It makes the fortitude save taking only half of:

gralBot rolled: [6d6] 23

acid damage, as the acid hits dangerously close.

Dangerously close to Gloomy*

The suits run away, getting out of the smoke and hiding! (Run to get out of AoO as a standard, move again)

Gloomy grits her teeth, hissing at the creature, twisting and vaulting in an effort to confuse it as to her location, blade flaring with fire as she stabs out with it!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 16

Gloomy misses, but her blade creates a clearing in the mist, that CB can aim at!

PMX-CB establishes a targeting optimizer using his Ride and his own sensors to triangulate with the frog, before blowing away all of its smoke cover as he advances.

The scorpion attempts to vigor up and then focus down Gloomy quickly.

gralBot rolled: [2d4] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

Perception beats Gloomy's defense via taking 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 19, 32

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 24

Astros looks for any obvious jammers on the scorpion. Wily wasn't exactly known for his subtlety...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 33

It looks like the Scorpion's tail is a jammer, though slightly damaged already.

Astros moves in and takes a couple of swings at the tail!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 19

The Maverick attacks come in, starting with the acid!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 10

gralBot rolled: [6d6] 18

And some buster shots from Raudh

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 3

Which miss

Suits try to attack with their strange Wily tech weapons

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 5, 14

Both miss

Back to Gloomy!

Gloomy attempts to dodge around and stab the damn thing in the jammer because holyfuckow and she wants damage mitigation!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 32

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 23

The Scorpion creates another smoke cloud, Vigor, perception, attack Gloomy again

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

Astros: "Smoke again? Son of a bitch!"

Beat Gloomy Perception, beat down times

Gloomy gives an irritated noise. "I'll just burn it off."

PMX-CB: "Will handle it."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+17] 18, 28

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+10] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 23

gralBot rolled: [3d4] 9

More crushing of the Gloomy

Astros studies the bot for a bit, noting any weaknesses he comes across... (( Perception for -2 to saves until beginning of my next turn ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 28

Astros points out a few of said weak points to the rest. "Hit 'em there, there, and there!"

Astros goes for the tail, trying to grab the thing and force its attention off of Gloomy!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 17


gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 16

gralBot rolled: [6d6] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 16

Raudh hits

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 21

After the Mavericks attacks, it looks almost destroyed, a good hit should break it

Suits attempt to do just that!

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 20, 16

Critical hit from the suit, it's dead.

GralDM: "Hello? Astros? Come in! Is everything alright? Hello?"

Astros: "Thank god!"

Astros: "Permission to use VWESes, please! A damn Wily mechaniloid is on our asses!"

Gloomy turns her eyes on the Mavericks and Suits, beaten, 'bloody' and looking entirely pissed. "Y'all want to sit down for a second while we work things out."

GralDM: "Permission granted!"

Raudh shrugs and sits down, "We kiilled the Scorpion. Can I have my data now?"

PMX-CB examines the downed suits. Dead?

Gloomy: "I just got my shit kicked in by it. You're going to have to excuse me if I'm a little battle hyped and expecting mavericks to not honor a bargain."

gralBot rolled: [2d4+10] 17

Very dead

Astros is admittedly a bit panicky because Gloomy was in the thick of it - and because they're between two groups of people who don't exactly like them, to put it mildly.

Astros starts fiddling with CB's gun again in an attempt to calm himself down, replacing his temporary replacement parts with the originals. After it's assembled, he tosses it back to its rightful owner. "Hey, catch."

PMX-CB does so without looking, visor still turned towards the maverick force. "Recommend we all continue making nice. Will suggest putting forward candidates from hunter R&D to work with a representative together."

Raudh shakes his head "Remember that bit where most of our forces are technically Human or are considered Mavericks? We aren't going to give you a hostage that your command can kill at will."

The suits, after calming down, thank you for the aid, but demand the data as the closest to legal representatives of the country that owns the data - That is, on behalf of China.

Gloomy huffs. "Technically, we have one. In actuality, we have the capacity to get lots."

PMX-CB sighs. "Recommendations, Anette?"

GralDM: "Informing Command, I'll get an answer as soon as possible."

Raudh shrugs, "You know, there is an easy way that everyones happy here: Kill these 2 suits, share the data, leave and bluff that we found nothing. I'm happy, you are happy, the Chinese don't know any better, we can all be out before any incident occurs."

Gloomy gives an audible thinking noise as though considering it

PMX-CB responds by punching the scorpion's skull in.

PMX-CB: "We didn't rush in to save them to wipe them out."

GralDM: "

PMX-CB: "Test me. I'll tear everything valuable apart. You all go home emptyhanded, and I don't go home at all."

GralDM: Annette responds back on private frequencies, "Command suggests sharing the data with the Mavericks. We are liklely to be able to decipher it first, and take advantage of that. All you need to do is prevent an incident while you are there, you can knock them out, say you got seperated, and get out of the country before they can prove anything. They are likely trying to play this to their advantage as soon as you get back to the surfac

PMX-CB sighs. "Command suggests ceding mavericks data copies."

PMX-CB: "Copies. Everyone gets one, or no one."

GralDM: The secretary shakes her head, "The Chinese military will know by now. The only way we can get you, our allies, out of here is if you give us the data. We can smuggle you out, and the Mavericks will face Justice. But we can't do that if you take data so valuable. They will torture us to figure out who has copies."

Astros: "I get the feeling that they'll do that to you regardless. Hiding Wily tech is big stuff."

PMX-CB: "I'm not playing favorites-with any of you-and I just saved your lives. Either Skyscraper will protect you, or you should flee the country with us and seek asylum."

PMX-CB pauses, and eyes Ruadh. "Standing offer."

GralDM: "I accept" , Raudh offers his hand to shake on it.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 15

PMX-CB pauses for a moment, taken aback by the sudden agreemnt. Still, he extends a massive armored hand to take the offer. "...Really?"

GralDM: "Its not that easy. We have friends, family. Do you want us to abandon them? Skyscraper won't be wiling..." (Astros detects that she is laying it on thicker then it is.)

Raudh nods, "All I want is a copy and to get out. Transfer it over and I'm gone, mission complete."

Astros sighs. "Of course we don't want you to abandon them! But are you really going to risk all of our lives on the chance that your boss MIGHT be able to cover this up?"

Gloomy growls softly and flicks her blade, dripping acid all over the ground. "The Chinese government is not Maverick, is not composed of Mavericks, and are not legally our enemy. We have no reason to protect you from them."

GralDM: She glances away, "What do you want me to do? I'm just trying to help my country. Fine. I'll take a copy of the data."

Astros: "What I *want* you to do is not get yourself killed."

Astros: "Fact is - if it came down to a fight, Ruadh knows he can't scrap us before we scrap him. Not with most of their pet Mechaniloid taken out."

Astros: "But he does know he can do it to you."

Astros: "Anything other than this? Provokes a fight."

Gloomy: "I want to go home, get repaired, and then SLEEP for twelve hours before our next mission."

Gloomy hums. "And also not have to kill everyone here. That's important too."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 8

PMX-CB pauses, frowning, before he private-comms the hunters. "Help me with this."

PMX-CB begins mending the jammer.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 18

The jammer is up, blocking all communcation upwards down here.

PMX-CB lifts his helmet visor-mostly for emphasis, at this point. "We're jammed. Anything you say stays here and between us. Are your superiors threatening you if you cooperate with us?"

GralDM: "...Yes"

Astros: "...Your boss is a real son of a bitch, you know."

GralDM: "I know."

Gloomy: "If he ends up dead at some point in the next week, who's in line to replace him?"

GralDM: "I don't know. But you should get out of here as soon as you can."

PMX-CB: "Recommend you tell them you refused our offer and then come with us anyway. We'll probably have to fight to the beam-out pad anyway."

PMX-CB: "Leave them the data or not, I don't care."

Gloomy creates an Observer Proxy and designates it on the Woman. "Look into it. I'll be in touch."

She nods, Thanks.

PMX-CB: "Any further objections?"

PMX-CB includes the mavericks in this-at least they're playing nice for now.

GralDM: "No, We have our own escape route."

She shakes her head, "Lets just get out of here and get this done with."

gralBot: ``==========================`` Session End ``==========================``

Session 35

gralBot: ``=============================`` Session Start ``=============================``

GralDM: Last time, the group took out the Ninja Ailen Mecha Scorpion, and made their way out of China. Things ahve been rather smooth, all things considered.

GloomyKitty checks in on Terrorist

GralDM: The team are back in Second Recon headquarters, freshly debriefed. CB has rushed off to make sure his health is Okay. Aether is still in surgery, things look rougher then expected.

GralDM: Terrorist is unsurprisingly in the bar, a wolf reploid chatting with him. He waves you over.

ScannerWolf glances at who Terrorist waves at. He himself is a not-that-large wolf reploid, with metallic brown and grey striped 'fur' which seems more rubbery than hair in how it moves. A few weapons are stowed in belts and sheathes, and there's small, directional exhaust parts scattered all over his frame.

Astros is still seething over that whole mission. First things first, a drink - and coincidentally running into everyone else.

ScannerWolf: (s/parts/ports)

ScannerWolf noses at Astros, then back to Terrorist. "Elite Squad incoming."

GloomyKitty offers Terrorist something resembling a salute, before collapsing into a seat at the bar, waving down drinks. Fuck politics.

GralDM: "I heard you guys had a hard time in China. Politics up the wazoo. I don't envy you one bit."

GralDM: "But my manners, this is Scanner Wolf. Thats Astros, and Gloomy Kitty. Part of Team ReSET"

ScannerWolf bares a toothy, snouty grin.

Astros: "Not so much politics, more 'local asshole ruins everything for everyone'."

ScannerWolf: "You're alive. Good enough."

GloomyKitty brings a drinks to the table, handing one over to Astros and setting herself down with a groan of complaint. "It would have been nice if there weren't three different political agendas to address, not even counting ours."

Astros orders himself a drink, then takes a good look at the newcomer. "Yeah, we are. We almost couldn't say the same for the boss thanks to that *asshole*."

[OOC] Astros: - orders himself a drink + grabs the drink

Astros: "So, you new at the Second?"

Astros: "Haven't seen you around before, at least."

ScannerWolf listens. "Not so new I haven't heard of you."

GloomyKitty: "We're infamous."

ScannerWolf: "Sounds rough. Who's the asshole?"

ScannerWolf idly notes what they're drinking and their combat condition.

Astros is drinking his usual - cherry stout - and isn't quite as beat up as a rough mission would imply. "Some Chinese Skyscraper Industries exec."

GralDM: "Hopefully Aether recovers. They had to throw Refresh out. Five times."

GloomyKitty isn't entirely sure what she's drinking, but doesn't particularly care

Astros: "She will - I just don't know when."

Astros: "I mean, I've been through worse myself. I doubt she'll kick the bucket - it's just hard *not* to be mad over something that was preventable."

ScannerWolf: "New tech takes longer. Less parts, less experts. Give it time."

ScannerWolf: "Executive asshole, huh?" He affects a shrug.

GralDM: "The whole group seems dangerous. And command is thinking of creating stronger ties with them."

ScannerWolf sips, listening.

GralDM: "Turns out Norway had some stuff to do with Skyscraper Industries as well; Tornado Panda also has had some run ins. Strangely, after checking with the other squads, only the Second have hit these run-ins. Odd that. Can trust us with their lives but not with their business partners."

ScannerWolf: "Paranoid assholes. They're not sure what to make of us, bets are."

Astros finishes off his drink rather quickly, then abruptly stands up. "Speaking of the boss..."

GloomyKitty: "Command has vapor for brains."

GloomyKitty sighs and offs her drink quickly. "Terrorist, you're coming with us on the next run, yeah?"

ScannerWolf laughs, a slow, growly rumble.

GralDM: "Sounds like it. You need some R&R before we go, clearly, but I'm up for tackling a secret base that command didn't want us to know about."

ScannerWolf: "Secret bases? Those are my specialty."

Astros: "Awesome. We'll need the support since we're down a man."

ScannerWolf pauses a moment, and his 'fur' ripples with waves, in a rather underwater-like fashion.

GralDM: "Yeah, apparently command was making a weapon that they could deploy and retrieve at will, being able to give assistance to the field. Too bad the entire thing blew up. Maybe it would be a good idea for Scanner to join the team while Aether is out. He is useful in a pinch."

ScannerWolf: "I suppose I can take a break from my busy schedule."

ScannerWolf checks a wristwatch that isn't there.

GloomyKitty: "Maybe. We have a hole in our skillset without Aether, for sure."

ScannerWolf leans in a bit. "What'd she bring besides the aleph? I've got that covered."

Astros: "Leadership."

GloomyKitty: "Hey now, CB's pretty leadery

Astros shrugs. "Aaaaaanyways, all this talk about the boss makes me want to go visit her. They allowing visitors in yet?"

GloomyKitty hums thoughtfully. "I can probably get in either way, if only temporarily. Then I should check on Una."

A message does come through that Aether can be visted, I assume most / all of the group goes?

GloomyKitty sends a Proxy!

Astros heads off Aether-way!

GloomyKitty wants to check up on Una and give her a status report on her 'brother'

Break: Arriving, well....the problem is that last seen, Aether was at least -intact-.

Break: All of her field armor has been stripped, with most every piece in a state of melted damage. Though no critical systems were hit, her left arm and leg are almost completely amputated, bearing Reploid circuitry. She's out cold, with two cables leading from her neck out to a floating console.

ScannerWolf follows along - he's not going in, but he'll hang by the door. Considering his loadout that's more than enough to know what's going on, though.

Break: ...or so it seems, as there's a slightly distorted coughing sound coming from the attached console.

Astros has to wonder why they would bother letting them in if she's unconscious - and then he hears the cough. "Oh. Hey, jackass."

Astros: "You got an ETA on recovery yet?"

Break: "Nope! Curious thing, too. All I heard is that they needed to put me under so bad that they had to hook my external senses up to a drone, really."

Break: Aether's voice is crisp and clearly weary from months of sarcastic use, and bears a distinctly middle-class English accent for some reason.

Astros: "Well, son of a bitch. We kinda took a beating without you. Multiple beatings, actually. Anyone debrief you on what happened after the fact yet?"

Astros: "Or do I have to do it?"

Break: "Apparently that acid was still going strong after extraction, and I heard mutterings of this and that, about how they had to act fsast to save the circuit."

Break: "So I feel all nice and important. Positively cherry, really."

Astros: "You missed a ninja robot alien scorpion."

Break: "So important, in fact, that I didn't get a debriefing....not like I blame them on that particular point, considering the time constraints."

Break: "I -what-?"

Astros: "Aaaaaaand a Maverick shitting himself in terror."

Astros: "Blame Gloomy for that one."

ScannerWolf isn't making any secret of his overwatch status. Perks an ear at 'ninja robot alien scorpion.'

Break: "Bloody hell, I would've wanted to see that one! Tell me someone got that on the sodding feeds!"

Astros: "Command didn't; we were jammed at the time."

GloomyKitty: "I did!``~`` I'll share them once you're recovered``~``"

Break: "No, no, send them as soon as you can! I'm -bored- here."

Break: "All I can really do is, like, vibreate threateningly."

Astros: ", yeah."

Break: The console rocks slightly as if to demonstrated.

Break: demonstrate*

Break: "Can't even have a nice cup of tea, either."

GloomyKitty: "Boss, you know how I feel about giving terrifying imagery to people who are undergoing repairs."

Astros: "Techs would probably see it, too."

GralDM: Like a blur, suddenlly Scanner wolf detects something coming down the corridor. Moments later its in the room and at the console, "AETHER DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN" . Refresh is almost crushing the console.

Break: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa"

ScannerWolf is instantly at FULL BATTLE MODE. He rushes in, claws out and glowing different elemental hues.

Astros almost stands by - but then battle wolf happens. He moves to bar the way! "Hey, hey, hey, settle!"

ScannerWolf: "... ah."

ScannerWolf retracts the claws, and settles back down, arms crossed.

GloomyKitty: "Don't worry. I had to stop myself from stabbing her too."

ScannerWolf growl/grunts. "Reassuring."

GralDM: "I was so scarred. Can you imagine what would happen if it was just Ende and I? EVerything would be off. Not to mention the love triangles that would be broken."

Break: "Yes, yes, a lot less love and peace and it'd be too quiet and such. I'm -okay,- though, so you can relax."

GloomyKitty: "But, Refresh! If she'd died, what if it forced them together due to mutual grief?"

ScannerWolf: "If you're the same series you can probably donate an arm or an internal chip or some chassis and save them with the power of love."

Break: "Oh, god, don't give her wrong ideas."

ScannerWolf just does another growl/grunt.

GralDM: She calms down, "So any idea why they needed to get to... such extremes?"

Break: "Acid plus Reploid squishy bits equals no-no, is what I overheard."

Break: "Got through the armor, lost two limbs. Simple as that, really."

ScannerWolf looks at the disconnected parts of Aether, up close instead of through sensors, curiously.

Break: Aether seems oddly easygoing about this. "So, really, my mobility is currently in the hands of R&D's mysterious whims."

GloomyKitty: "If I thought they'd let me get away with it, I'd link you up to a drone so you could play overwatch for us."

Break: Aether is a TCX model - built in a lightweight, high-mobility chassis with a dense array of sensor sysem built into her head. Combining those two facts suggests that she's a combat field support Reploid.

Break: A discarded hi-phase beam saber and a hard-light monocle lie on a table next to her.

GralDM: "Ende will be by later. But I'll see what I can find out for you Aether. Not telling you whats going on is just cruel."

Break: "Well, I'm willing to hear what's going on."

Break: One last bit of interesting data about Aether, Wolf - a dense circuit is routed directly from her generators to her right arm, containing a vast array of modular elemental circuits. Seems to be in testing.

GloomyKitty: "Politics, assholes, and Terrorist."

ScannerWolf seems to have seen what he wanted, and moves on from the disconnected bits, glancing at one claw breifly.

Break: "Sounds like par for the course."

ScannerWolf: "Something about a secret base, too."

ScannerWolf grins. "That's the part that's got me interested."

Astros: "Meh. Secret bases lose their novelty after the third one."

GloomyKitty: "Seriously. We've had... four now?"

ScannerWolf: "Well. Don't spoil the fun for me."

GralDM: Terrorist walks in, nodding at the rest, "Well, you haven't been in one built by command yet. Hopefully it will keep you from being too bored. If not, my curse probably will."

Astros!``~``Cainen@ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

Break: "Hey, Bro-Bro. How goes?"

GralDM: "Oh, abusing that while too critical for me to get my revenge. Low blow. Now I'll have to stay alive just to get back at you."

Break: "You mean giving me all sorts of hell while my visual systems were busted doesn't count? Really?"

ScannerWolf perks an ear at 'Bro Bro.'

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GralDM: "That was War, perfectly fair. No point in finishing a dying foe. I can wait for you to recover."

Break: "Oh, -thanks.-"

ScannerWolf laughs, and grins.

ScannerWolf claps Terrorist on his back, and goes back to overwatching the door, amused about something.

GralDM: Meanwhile, elsewhere, Gloomy has made it to Una's room. She is sitting in bed, watching old cartoons and jazz plays from the opening sequence. Charts along the walls indicate the limb transplant will be soon, final preperations are underway.

GloomyKitty knocks on the door frame, annoyed at the door's silent opening. "Hey there."

GralDM: Una looks over, "Hi. So, did everything work out? What happened with Raudh?"

GloomyKitty: "Well, he got a copy of what he wanted and presumably isn't in china anymore. He did almost get eaten by a giant ninja scorpion robot from space."

GralDM: "...What"

GloomyKitty: "Once you've got arms, see about looking up Doctor Albert Wily, specifically when he's cribbing off of others. Man was crazy. Genius, but crazy."

GralDM: "Oh Wily tech. That makes more sense. Still, good to hear he is okay. I'm surprised it didn't come to blows."

GloomyKitty: "He would have, but then I made a point of how woefully outclassed he was, because Assassin Bot and he started trying to be diplomatic. It was kind of cute how fast he backpedaled on being a badass."

GralDM: "I remember him being quite strong, but I guess you beat me without a sweat. So what do I know of power level?"

GralDM: "Still, I'm glad he isn't hurt. And I assume your team is fine as well?"

GloomyKitty shakes her head. "Commander's disabled, significant damage because of a centipede mechaniloid she had to solo. Rest of us are fine, but she's in intensive care and we don't know when she'll be back online."

GralDM: "Oh... Thats too bad. You are good folk."

GralDM: "I do appreciate how much you guys check in on me. Its reminds me of the good parts of Home. But its becoming clearer and clearer I'm going to have to spill all of the beans about that place."

GloomyKitty: "Probably, but I didn't come over here to interrogate you on why you guys are looking for information on Wily's alien contact."

GralDM: "Well... Thank you for your patience, and for caring."

GloomyKitty: "Hey, it's my fault you're in here. Being terrifying and not thinking things through."

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