MMXGame/Maverick Hunt: Shatter Jackdaw

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Location: Column Computing in Munich, Germany

Objective: Defeat Shatter Jackdaw.

Shatter Jackdaw-03 is the last remaining Shatter Jackdaw unit. A Limited Production model, the three were to work in unison. May have been driven mad.


Waiting for plans to arrive from Skyscraper Industries. Lawyers are making it take forever.

Maverick Information

  • Former C-Rank Hunter, evaluated as an C-Rank Threat. Without the other Jackdaw units, unlikely it will be much of a threat.
  • Shatter Jackdaw-01 was destroyed in first outing against the X Hunters.
  • Shatter Jackdaw-02 confirmed KIA. Graviton Beetle was nearby during the Battle of Vienna, and saw it himself.
  • Shatter Jackdaw prefers Explosive Feathers used in short range.


  • Shatter may be mad, but all entries of this model have shown a fair amount of cleverness
  • Skyscraper Industries, again? Whatever they were doing, the Mavericks want it, bad.
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