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Session 18

gralBot: ``=============================================``Session Start``=============================================``

GralDM: Last time, CB Managed to not fail his officer exam. The group was mostly carousing at the bar when we last saw them, having been given a bit of time before they talk about the Una incident.

GralDM: Annete informs you that Aether's sisters will be coming eventually, as will she. In the mean time relax and don't do anything too stupid.

PMX-CB decides to try data interrupters, pulling up his faceplate just enough to champ on the stick like a cigar.

Gloomy has vanished back into being a stealthy bitch, presumably being hunted by Terrorist.

Astros turns on his own communicator. "Hey, kiddo. Congrats."

Astros: "Your, uh, 'promotion' come with a raise?"

PMX-CB nods, trying not to drop the stick. "Pay grade matches B-rank officer standard. Additional duties."

PMX-CB: "...Thanks."

Astros raises an eyebrow, then turns his outgoing audio off. "...was asking Annie, but yeah, congrats to you too."

PMX-CB: ".......Oh. She got promoted?"

Astros: "Hard to call *you* kiddo when you run around in a ride armor bigger than any of us."

PMX-CB: "Thought reassigned."

Astros: "If you count being assigned to work directly with our unit alone as one, yeah."

Gloomy: "To be fair, we're probably easier to handle than the entire unit."

Astros shrugs. "Probably. Then again, this means she's gotta go into more detail with us."

Gloomy hums thoughtfully. "I wonder if this means I can't stop lugging a bunch of sensory equipment around and swap it for more... combat oriented gear."

PMX-CB: "Recon helps."

GralDM: Annette chimes in, "I am not the navigator this squad wants, but the navigator it needs!"

Astros shakes his head. "I dunno about that. Pretty sure we'd rather have you."

GralDM: "Well, I hear that Una's had a vistor show up. Another kid. He is being allowed in, but someone will need to watch him. I'm guessing Gloomy volunteers?."

PMX-CB: "...A clone with no legal identity has a visitor?"

Gloomy blinks a text acknowledgement, moving as fast as she can. "Who would visit Una?"

Astros glances at Gloomy. "Uh, yeah, that. What?"

Astros: "Does the visitor have a legal identification?"

GralDM: "We are guessing fake ID, but it registers him as one 'Conn Redmond'. Records match, and in our database as well... so we at least have reason to ask him some questions."

Astros: "Can you check out when that data was put in, or...?"

GralDM: "The timestamps and transaction log both say 16 years ago, when he was legally born. Either its a really good job or someone is idotic enough to admit they knew about her."

GralDM: When Gloomy gets there, a 16 year old, red haired kid is waiting with the guards, he glances up excidetly smiling when he sees Gloomy,

GralDM: "I guess that means I can go in now that you are here?"

GralDM: He is built a bit scrawny, and looks like a careless teenager.

Gloomy: "Just know that if she wants you to leave, you're going to have to. And if you hurt her, you'll be leaving the base in a body bag."

GralDM: "Woah cool down, I'm just a friend. I'm guessing by your reaction that you suspect she is being targetted?" , the kid is a bit sharp at least.

Astros: "Then no leads there." Astros sighs. "Christ on a goddamn cracker."

Gloomy tilts her head and smiles, showing far too many teeth. "A friend who turned up to talk to someone with no legal identity and no past. Watch yourself."

He shrugs and heads in. Una, who is awake at this point moves to wave before realizing - oh crap. No arms yet. He walks over and starts chatting civilly, catching up. They clearly do know each other.

GralDM: "So, What happened Una?"

Gloomy is idle by the door, apparently playing with a handheld console of some kind

GralDM: & She glares back at Gloomy, "Some 'maverick hunters' made a mistake, and now there is an armless girl. But you shouldn't be here Conn. Now the Hunters are going to ask you how you know me, and I'm probably under watch by my family. "

Conn laughs, "Those paranoid freaks? You almost escaped a few times Una. Now maybe you can. I'd be happy to answer the Hunters questions to help you."

Una goes silent, and whispers, "If what the hunters say is true, they are going to kill you now, you know? Neither of us are safe. They tried to finish me. And somehow they Ten of Swords."

GralDM: "Thats just crazy. Why keep you captive for so long if they are just going to kill you now? You are probably safer then that. As for me, I've told you before I don't mind taking the risk."

Una looks sad, "You never did understand Conn. And now you are dragging yourself in further for me... Please just stop, and get out while you can."

GralDM: Cinn turns around to Gloomy, "Yo, Cat. Tell you what, you answer for me what she won't, and I'll tell you everything I know."

[OOC] GralDM: Conn*

Gloomy: Gloomy glances up. "She went into an installation containing fissile materials and I took her power armor offline. After performing a field interrogation, she hit an emergency teleport and lost her arms to it. She ended up in here rather than a cell because it's easier to protect here than a cell."

GralDM: "You attacked her when you knew she wasn't a Reploid? Aren't you people supposed to protect humanity? My god... Well a deal is a deal."

Gloomy: "She was moving in an evacuated area in power armor. I only noticed she was human because I personally am trained in human medicine."

GralDM: "I met her online. Her 'family', if you can call them that, used the online environment to teach her social skills, etc. so she would be adjusted for Human society. She luckily met people like me and not some of those weirder freaks."

GralDM: "After a while I gained her trust and learnt a lot about her, her attempts to escape, how she looked, etc. I tried to bring this information to the authorties, but there wasn't conclusive evidence, and the home was private property of some large corporation."

Gloomy: "Which Corp?"

GralDM: "Skyscraper. So I couldn't get her out. We kept talking, and I found out she was going to be in my area for a 'mission'. The plan was for her to meet me for just 5, maybe 10 minutes, after she was done. Finally meet up you know? But instead there was a maverick attack and then some of my net-friends managed to point me to this hospital."

GralDM: "Now, I'm here."

Gloomy nods. "Makes sense enough. Keep her location secret. If I have to kill a bunch of people because you advertised her presence, you'll be unhappy. So will the person who leaked Una's location, once I figure it out."

GralDM: "Doubt you could find him, he's an annoying freak who talks in all caps, but damn is his information good."

Gloomy sighs. "I'm a catgirl. Otaku haven't gotten any more sophisticated than when they first showed up."

GralDM: "I guess thats true. I guess I'm done talking to the authorities now, unless you have anything else you want to hear?"

Gloomy: "Contact information, and we may or may not be sending an officer home with you until her situation is resolved. If things heat up you're likely to be placed into protective custody."

GralDM: "That sounds reasonable. I'm pretty sure you have my contact information in the database already."

GralDM: He goes back to talking to Una for a few more hours before visiting hours are over.

Gloomy shrugs. "It always pays to double check. I knew a Navigator trainee who would react instantly if you mentioned her on Twitter but wouldn't pick up her comm if you called it for an hour straight."

Gloomy stays for the duration and sends a summary of data to Aether.

GralDM: A message comes in for the group that Incarce, and Ten of Swords are cleared for Vistors by doppler, in addition you could try to drill Una more, or do something else

PMX-CB definitely wants to do both of those.

Gloomy will drill Una while the party visits Doppletown?

GralDM: The members of the group who care to arrive at Incarce's rehabiliation room in the Doppler facility. The color scheme is purple, and many of the rooms are behind teleporters, in case something goes wrong. There are a number of other maverick hunters in the area, visiting other recovering mavericks, the relief on their faces palable.

PMX-CB feels small and feeble without the Hungry, but makes the sacrifice to pay a visit.

GralDM: Your guide, a smaller yellow reploid named "Bit" , leads you in and notes that he will be outside if you need anything.

GralDM: Incarace is sitting in the cell, and nods when you arrive, "Thanks for saving me."

PMX-CB: "It's okay. Right thing to do. You all right?"

Astros grins. "Doin' better already, huh?"

Aether finally makes her arrival, looking distinctly not-blind.

Astros glances over his shoulder. "You too, huh boss?"

GralDM: "Yes. I basically cannot remember anything about the ghosts at this point. Doppler's cure works. Apparently I was at the earliest part of the infection."

Aether: "Integration went well enough. Just needs field testing."

Astros exhales. "'bout goddamn time we get a break. You have any idea how long before they're gonna let you go?"

PMX-CB nods. "Glad you're fine."

PMX-CB: "You were still trying to protect people."

He shakes his head* "Doppler's got metrics, but he has to be very careful. If even one of us aren't fully cured and go Maverick, the media will be on him instantly."

Aether: "I dohn't blame him. It's the nature of the beast - we can't guarantee -anything-."

Aether: "All we can do is strink the error bars."

Astros: "Yeah, that's understandable. Still..."

Astros thinks for a bit. "...huh. Do they let us bring gifts for patients?"

Astros: "Or are they zero tolerance on that, too?"

GralDM: "Depends on what it is, and it needs to be carefully picked over."

Astros: "Yeah, guessed as much."

Astros: "...CB, think they'll let us bring some beer in?"

PMX-CB: "...Maybe. No nanites, I bet."

PMX-CB pauses. "...we ever introduce ourselves properly?"

GralDM: "No, you didn't. But it is nice to see you all the same. I guess you know all about me."

PMX-CB takes another moment before finally reaching up and popping the seals on his helmet, removing it completely for the first time.

PMX-CB: "PMX-CB, operator of The Hungry. Nice to meet you, Incarce."

Aether: "...ohmygodyou'regorgeous"

Astros blinks.

Aether: "...."

Aether: "Sorry."

Astros maaaaaaay choose to selectively ignore that. "Astros, Maverick Hunter. Same deal."

Aether: "TCX-Aleph-Null. Most people just call me Aether, though."

PMX-CB: "..."

PMX-CB helmet back on

GralDM: "Good to meet you folks. Now IF I get my old job back, you always have a friend in the prisons. Can be useful. that. Not likely though..."

PMX-CB nods hastily, still kind of thrown by that.

Astros: "Best of luck with that."

Astros: "And if you *do* get let out? Night on the town the second we get free time."

Astros: "'cause hey, it's a two-way street. You've got friends in the Maverick Hunters."

GralDM: "Thanks for the offer. I hope to take you up on it."

Astros: "You and us both."

Aether: "So you've got no idea how it all started?"

GralDM: "I found the underground lab, and was attacked by a maverick. He must have infected me, I guess, and I ran out trying to stop him. A working nuclear reactor underneath the city though... good thing I found it before it degraded."

Astros: "You get a good look at the maverick?"

GralDM: "I think so... but the video data is gone. Might be why I latched onto the ghost story."

Astros nods. "Tried to cover his tracks. Can't win 'em all."

PMX-CB nods. "If you remember anything, let us know."

He nods, "You guys be careful as well. If there is a memory controlling reploid..."

PMX-CB: "Could be trouble."

Astros: "Yeah, we will."

Astros waves goodbye to the ex-Maverick. "We'll see you around sometime. Got another visit to make."

GralDM: "Fair enough. Keep yourselves safe."

Astros heads out to meet Bit. "...alright, time to see Ten of Swords. You guys figure out anything new about him?"

Aether: "I'm hoping so. Didn't enjoy our last chat."

PMX-CB is the last out, and gives him one last wave as he goes.

GralDM: "He is a very strange mechaniloid, definitely. Not much to find out, restricted his systems, careful job."

GralDM: You arrive at the room. It's considerably smaller, and Bit notes, "He is still dangerous so we have him locked up. You can talk to him safely though."

Astros: "Alright."

GralDM: Inside the room, Ten of swords is chained up to the wall on 4 points, but still able to talk. "Hello, maverick hunters. Thank you for curing me."

Aether: "No problem."

Aether: "How are you feeling?"

GralDM: "Better. Conflicts in programming resolved.

PMX-CB: "Glad."

GralDM: "Those human parts... haven't been destroyed have they? I can ensure you they weren't harmful."

Astros: "Far as we know they're still good. Same with the ship."

PMX-CB: "May have met someone made of them."

GralDM: "Good to hear. There is a lot of good they cando, even if created immorally."

PMX-CB: "Can you share any information about that, or is it limited?"

GralDM: "I just know they were cloned sadly, and that there are 8 people I've seen come to retrieve parts."

Astros: "'People'? Were they humans or reploids?"

Astros: "Mix of both?"

GralDM: "Mostly humans, a few reploids. Many of them young."

Astros: "Do you have any specific data on them?"

PMX-CB: "...Or their aims?"

GralDM: "Agents-001 through 010. Agent-001 noted her name was 'Una' to me. They seem to believe in a Pro-Maverick agenda."

GralDM: "They kept me contained by not giving me enough knowledge, and through the Humantarian mission. Those kids see terrible damage..."

Astros nods... but doesn't say anything further. Prying ears and all.

Astros: "Do you know who they're working for?"

GralDM: "No, but I do know the code names 5 generals. Perhaps that would be useful to you?"

Aether: "It certainly will be."

Astros: "Any little bit helps."

PMX-CB frowns. "Should report to Command. Request more nonlethal takedown gear. VERY unique situation."

GralDM: "Emperor, Hermit, Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and finally Tower. Hermit is Water aligned, Magician is Fire, Wheel is Air, and Emperor is Earth. They aren't strictly associated though."

PMX-CB: "Protect themselves with anonymity...what do you know about Gute Gladiator?"

GralDM: "Nothing... Though perhaps he is Emperor? Large, ram-shaped reploid with a sword?"

Astros: "Sounds like him."

Aether: "Definitely sounds like it fits his inflated sense of self."

PMX-CB: "Would you recognize voices? We managed to capture some scrubbed data aboard the airship."

GralDM: "If they were ever onvoard, probably."

PMX-CB eyes Aether. "Can we get permission from Command to share the intel?" ' "

Aether: "I could try asking, sure."

Aether: "But they could have had entirely enough of my shit, so...."

Aether puts in a request with Command.

Command takes a bit, then responds that you can share the shadowy maverick infilitrator only.

Aether forwards the permissions to Astros and CB.

Aether: "Right, where to begin...."

Session 19

gralBot: ``=============================`` Session Start ``=============================``

GralDM: Last time, Gloom met with Conn, a young man who knows Una, supposedly as an internet friend. The rest of the group visited Incarce and Ten of swords at Doppler's area.

GralDM: Outstanding items: Gloomy wants to talk to Una again, there is the debrifing on Una, Aether's sisters visit, and finally it sounds like you might move on to hunting Beacon Hermit

GralDM: The group feels they have had enough time to relax, and decides to report back for the debriefing on the Una incident.

GralDM: Snow Swan is waiting in the command room, and nods to the group, "Is everyone prepared to talk about Una?"

PMX-CB nods. Thiiiis is gonna suck.

Aether: "Ready as I'll ever be, really."

Astros nods along too, but lets the boss do the talking for now.

GralDM: "As I understand it, the brass haven't talked to you yet. So let's make this clear: I am not authorized to know what was in the tunnels, but I am authorized to know what I need to in order to evaluate your handling of the situation and give a recommendation, in Koala's stead of course."

GralDM: "You are similarly not authorized to talk about the base."

GLOOMKITTEN shrugs. "All I can say is that [Redacted] is a [redacted] for it being [redacted]."

PMX-CB: "Acknowledged."

GralDM: "So let's start here: When did you meet Una during the mission?"

GralDM: "What was she doing in a Restricted area?"

GralDM: "Why did you engage her?"

GLOOMKITTEN: "First contact was shortly after entering the base. Tracks. Given the scenario presented, we had an unknown contact in a restricted area, inside a base not on Hunter records that our spotter could find. While tracking her, I identified her as a human wearing power armor with capabilities beyond those expressed by currently deployed Hunter developed power armors."

GralDM: "Reports indicate you attacked her before she acted against you. If you knew she was Human, did you have reason to feel she was a threat and an enemy?"

GLOOMKITTEN: "I made the judgement call that she was a potential hostile based on these factors, and initiated combat with the intent to disable and interrogate. In the scenario that she might have been a Hunter observer placed as a test for us, I hoped that disabling her rather than killing her outright would have been a point for leniency."

GLOOMKITTEN: "Legally speaking, I'm not sure that our team has the authority to perform an arrest, and as shown by her emergency activation of the system, her armor was equipped with an emergency teleporter. Pre-emptively disabling her armor and subduing her for interrogation seemed logical, as I determined capturing the armor was a high priority."

PMX-CB: "We did also have reason to believe there was a threat based on contact with Incarce, the exact nature of which we are not allowed to tell you."

GralDM: "Her armor is quite interesting. The teleporter had just enough power routed through it to initate. I assume this is why she is missing a few limbs?"

GLOOMKITTEN: "Considering my past and the legal state I'm in, do you REALLY think I would remove her limbs myself?"

GralDM: "Regulations require the question. However, it is not our legal right or imperative to examine technology that is being used by Humans. Tell me about the interrogation, and tell me what you know about her. Assume I have not read a report."

GLOOMKITTEN: "During my take down of her, I implied that I was a Maverick. She tried to confirm it with HER mission control, which audibly denied a presence of 'allies' at which point she went from 'random bystander wearing advanced combat equipment' to 'Human allied with Sigma'."

Aether: "When we finally caught up with Kitten, we tried to confirm her identity and ties by asking Annette for a confirmation, along with some misdirection."

Aether: "Annette confirmed that physically, she bore resemblance to a very old human doctor."

Aether: "With a bit of scanning of my own.....well, you were briefed on the contents of the ship from our mission before, yeah, Swannie?"

GralDM: "Why would a Human be allied with maverick forces? Sigma is dead, let me remind you, and though his ideals live in this virus and other Mavericks, he wanted to destroy Humanity"

Aether: "I'm getting to that. I just need to know what you know about our past work."

Aether: "..."

Aether: "Also, cookie?"

GralDM: She twitches visibly at "Swannie" and glares at Aether, "I was, I know about the cloned parts."

Aether holds out the bag to Swan. Double chocolate this time, it seems.

Astros: "From what we've been told, kid's made out of those."

Aether: "Exactly. Not hard to put two and two together after my scans told me there was subdermal stitching going on."

Aether: "So there's your answer - I almost -hoped- it was because of brainwashing. We can deal with brainwashing, to a degree."

Aether: "But the Mavs are just out and out making new loyal human subjects."

Aether: "Lots of issues with that that I don't need to delve further into, yeah?"

PMX-CB: "And," CB adds quietly (but more confidently than usual), "From intel gained today, we believe she is some sort of... child soldier, conscript. Not a willing member of... whatever Gute Gladiator and the Tarot are involved in."

Aether: "Speaking of, we did get her to blab about her link to the Tarot..."

GralDM: She takes a cookie and puts it aside, "So we have a Frankenstein. Possibly more then one, loyal to the enemy as disposable soliders?"

GralDM: "Oh?"

Aether: "We intentionally namedropped the wrong member and she immediately corrected us, confirming a link to Ten-Pennyson-the-Tenth over at Doppler's place."

PMX-CB: "Who is doing better now that it is no longer forced into broken logic pathways."

Aether chomps on a cookie. "Let's not abuse literature here. We have a Frankenstein's -monster-, here. The good doctor Frankenstein, well, he's still at large."

Aether: "We don't know where he is, who he is, or what his further plans are."

Astros glances Kitten's way. "You learn anything when you talked with her visitor?"

GLOOMKITTEN shrugs and shares a text log of the conversation with the rest of the party.

GralDM: "Reports also indicate that she thought you were Maverick forces. Assuming she knows of the hunters, and If she has allies who are aligned with 'Sigma', postulate why she would be scared of Mavericks."

Aether: "Who the hell -isn't- scared of their boss?"

Astros skims the logs...

Astros: "Nothing stopping a Maverick from going kill-crazy on their own allies, is there?"

GralDM: "But she knows you weren't an ally. I feel that there is something we are missing there, something important. But my own Postulations cannot go into the report."

PMX-CB: "She specified 'that kind of person' due to Gloom's... act."

GralDM: An eyebrow is raised, "What act is this? The pretending to be a maverick?"

GLOOMKITTEN: "I'm a sexbot assassin. I played that up as part of my act."

Astros tunes the briefing out for a bit, reading more carefully... until he finds a few choice dialogues. "Skyscraper's behind this one too. Son of a bitch."

GLOOMKITTEN: "After all, Sigma wanted to kill humans, and what better way to kill politicians and such than getting a 'clean' sex bot to satify them that then murderifies them?"

Aether resists the urge to imitate a bassline.

GralDM: She fairly visibly takes a few seconds to process and then cool down before speaking again, "Gloomy. I will make an exception this once but DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN. As a Human she is fully protected by a number of international treaties, which deny you the right to Cruel treatment, torture, or outrages of dignity."

PMX-CB: "Unfortunately, ma'am...she is not."

PMX-CB: "Not that I disagree with the sentiment."

GralDM: "...The cloned parts, right."

PMX-CB: "Una is a... a non-person. A non-entity. Legally, she is a clone, has no citizenship, no jurasdiction to answer for."

PMX-CB nods.

GralDM: "So Skyscrapers, our supposed new big friend is working with Maverick's and cloning Humans illegaly, based off of some hearsay. We really need solid evidence of their involvement."

GLOOMKITTEN: "I'm more disappointed that the team didn't ply along with the deception and pretend that it was business as usual. Cutting her loose after that with the implication that I'm a plant might have opened doors for us."

GralDM: "It is Command's decision to keep her capture a secret for now. We have... bad enough press right now due to a supposed accident in Anchroage. Avalanche, the fourth screwed up."

GralDM: "Anything else you feel you need to report to command?"

GLOOMKITTEN: "I'm adopting the non-entity."

GralDM: "...Why?"

Aether: "Hm. Anything Lord Swordfred Tennyson said, perhaps?"

PMX-CB: "One comment; if you were considering reassignment following the incident with Una, would recommend pursuit of the Tarot/Skyscraper connection. They seem to be involved with this on multiple levels."

PMX-CB: "And, speaking personally..."

GLOOMKITTEN: "Because if I don't, who will? She's a legal non-entity, she's a target of opportunity for our enemies, and she's the only link we have."

PMX-CB straightens out even further, speaking up. "Would recommend keeping us on the op, and maybe even arranging more support. Didn't just earn officer status to pilot a desk."

Aether: "I dunno, CB. Desk racing is the -shit-."

PMX-CB turns toward Aether, who gets the feeling there's probably a grin under the visor. "With respect, will stick to the Hungry."

Astros waits for the others to get what they're going to say out first.

Aether returns the grin with one of her own. "Your loss, bud."

PMX-CB forwards Ten of Swords' info about the Hermit with the briefing report.

GralDM: "I understand your pain CB, I am grounded here as well, but it will be up to command."

Astros: "...last thing."

GralDM: "As for you Gloom, your legal status is questionable, while it will definitely help you to have a human under your care safe... It might also be seen as dangerous

GralDM: "Keep that in mind, and don't let anything happen to her."

Astros: "When we talked with Ten, it confirmed something - Una's only one agent out of multiple."

GLOOMKITTEN: "Technically speaking, I don't -have- a human under my care."

PMX-CB: "Could do with some nonlethal/human detainment measures. Keep our hands clean."

Astros sighs. "If that's gonna be a big hurdle that'll cause trouble, I can do it. I've already done this song and dance before with Annette."

GralDM: "So more then one of these people. Dangerous. The Power armor's transmitter was fired with the teleport, so you need some way to take them in alive and with the armor in tact. Tricky."

GLOOMKITTEN: "For future reference, just between us, Swan, if I encounter another power armored individual on one of our ops, I'm taking them down exactly the same as I did this one. And then I'm ripping them out of their power armor."

GralDM: "Then its imperative you know about her allies. We might be able to get a trained professional to t talk to her, but command may want to mimize anyone who knows of her...

GralDM: For now you may have to try it yourself. "

GLOOMKITTEN: "Actually, her status at the hospital is compromised. She got a visitor."

GralDM: "...Slipped right in past our paperwork. Well that is a disgrace to our operations."

GralDM: "And her location must have been leaked."

GralDM: "Confidence this visitor was unrelated to her allies?"


Aether: "Solid figure, there." Aether knows there really isn't a good way to assign a number to that sort of thing, but chipping in with a bit of lighthearted snark was just in her nature.

GralDM: "Understood. When we find whoever leaked this information, they will be very sorry. Our protective custody is supposed to be top notch, and yet a leak so early..."

GLOOMKITTEN: "I recommend she be moved; I believe my wage should cover having a Hunter nurse check up on her, and getting her on base makes defending her easier."

Aether: "Sometimes even the best of the best can be outwitted, Swannie."

PMX-CB: "On that note..."

Aether: "The more worrying interpretation is that whoever got this information is simply that bloody good."

PMX-CB: "If the city of San Francisco was... unhappy with the destruction of the old library, I wanted to offer reimbursement to build another." Another subdued grin, only noticeable in his voice. "Can certainly afford it on my new paycheck."

GralDM: "With the amount of restricted information from this OP, Hunter Command is covering it. I suggest you take it while you can."

Aether: "More booze money!"

PMX-CB: "Will do."

Aether: "Anything else we need to cover, then?"

Aether: "Or should I leave you to indulge in your sweet tooth?"

GLOOMKITTEN: "She has teeth?"

GralDM: "Officially, you are dismissed."

PMX-CB: "Unofficially...?"

Aether: "Unofficially? Cookie time."

Astros doesn't argue with that. Snatches a cookie right off the bat.

GralDM: "Unoffically, you need to be careful... There are suspicions that Mavericks have infilitrated the Hunters. Don't get paranoid, but be prepared."

PMX-CB nods

GLOOMKITTEN: "It's a virus. I make the assumption that EVERY hunter is infected."

Aether: "Which isn't the worst assumption, honestly."

PMX-CB: "...Ouch."

Astros shrugs. "Not every one. We have human operatives."

GLOOMKITTEN: "Command in particular has vapor for brains as far as I'm concerned, so they're naturally immune to the virus."

Aether: "For now, though, I'm going to be mildly bitter about the fact that officially sanctioned cookie time is not a thing."

GralDM: "Also... If you can find any logs of the videos that we didn't get as part of the exam... or any other modified video feed... I'd like to see it."

Astros: "From the skyship?"

Astros: "We'd have to compare notes on that one, I think."

Aether: "If you're cleared for them, sure."

GLOOMKITTEN grins. "I keep logs of all of that."

GralDM: "Offically I'm clear for the entire Officer candidacy. I'm not clear for others necessarly but... I have friends that might be able to give insight you otherwise wouldn't get."

Aether munches on another cookie and raises an eyebrow.

GLOOMKITTEN steals Swan's datapad and dumps unedited vid logs of the entire operation up until getting to the door into it.

GralDM: "I wasn't always a prim and proper pilot."

Aether: "News to me," Aether replies with mock surprise.

PMX-CB: "Not that I'm accusing, but right after warning us of rumors of traitors, suggesting we run an op under the table is...well. You know."

GralDM: "Indeed."

Aether: "Oh, good, so I'm not the only one who finds this a little bit odd."

Gloomy: "To be fair, if Swan were infected, she just tried to get us to work for her in a room with one fully armed and capable assassin bot in close quarters with her."

Astros: "I think we'd have bigger problems than a slugfest if that were the case.'

GralDM: Swan shrugs, "Sometimes you need to work around command. "

Astros: "Understatement."

Gloomy: "'Sometimes'"

PMX-CB: "So!"

PMX-CB: "What should I put on the Hungry to celebrate promoting?"

PMX-CB: "...Maybe start saving up to buy it, keep it after 8th reforms..."

Gloomy: "Queen. Broadcast. All next mission."

PMX-CB grins. "Done."

GralDM: After a few minutes, your briefing on the Beacon Hermit mission is arranged.

This time, Terrorist comes up to talk about it, instead of Snow Swan

GralDM: "Hey, so Briefings, never been good at 'em, but here we go."

GralDM: "I met Beacon Hermit before, he was designed as a Lifeguard for one of my favorite beaches. For you Reploids, beaches are a Human activity based around going into the water and watching people with very little clothing. Basically its the best thing ever."

PMX-CB: "We, uh, know what a beach is."

Gloomy: "Naked humans. Mmmm."

GralDM: "You do?"

PMX-CB: "Just because we're not bouyant doesn't meandammit Gloomy."

Gloomy smiles pervertedly at Terrorist to squick him.

GralDM: "Color me surprised!" , instead of looking squicking he winks back at Gloomy and nods, "Anyway!"

GralDM: "As such, you should assume that Beacon is adept in the water. His shell was designed to act as flotation device, carrying himself and another. And he had powerful warning lights and sensors, since the designers basically wanted to make sure no one ever died on his watch. We should assume these have been retrofitted into lasers, and the shell ditched."

GralDM: "We don't anticipate him being that strong, a C Rank threat. But his advantage in the water is something to look out for. As such, you will hook up with some of the sixth in the Caribbean where he was last seen."

GralDM: "Don't worry, you aren't going to Monkey Island."

PMX-CB: "I can hold my breath much longer than ten minutes."

Astros: "Our info has him wearing a dead Maverick as a shell. Might make him, well, a lot more threatening than C rank."

PMX-CB: "...Ride armor will not work properly underwater."

PMX-CB: "Would rec-hell, would request-a ride-chaser or aquatic-variant vehicle."

Aether: "Well, if we're going to enjoy ourselves at the beach, I -suppose- I could ask for a synthskin substitute instead of this chassis and go for a bikini, but...."

Aether mulls over the possibilities.

GralDM: "Great ideas all around. And yes, always expect the unexpected. Now, his suspected base is an old cruise ship. Good thing you don't have a human coming with you, the thing is probably infected with horrible diseases."

PMX-CB: "...You have endo?"

Aether: "Oh! And requesting a sizable posterior along with the bikini. -That's- going to be a fun time."

Gloomy: "I have endo!" :D

Astros: "-Dammit- guys."

PMX-CB: "I'll commission a chastity belt."

Astros shakes his head, but the grin on his face tells a different story. "Okay, so, yeah - water's gonna be tough on us."

Astros: "Any possibility of support on that front, or did we piss off the wrong people with the drill thing?"

Aether: "Though I think a sizable chest needs to go with that, too. That's supposed to be what the humans like, right, Bro-Bro?"

Aether is just spitballing, here.

GralDM: "Of course, Aaaaaaaether. What is life without a gigantic... Off topic, right lets steer this back on topic"

Aether: "In any case, most of the beef Requisitions has is with yours truly."

Aether elbows Terrorist in the ribs. "No cookies for you, then."

Aether: ".....anyway, Requisitions, them being a bunch of sadists, the usual. CB should probably talk to them so I don't get another mark on my hilariously extensive record."

GralDM: "It is barely sea worthy, but we suspect there is a deeper underwater base. Without anything to go on, let's call it Rapture. Now Rapture is probably a death trap and where they keep something awful they plan to do to Humanity."

Astros: "Ooooh. So you think he's running coverage for bigger fish."

Astros: " pun intended. Dammit."

Aether: "Don't believe you."

Aether: "You practically live to cause us suffering whenever you open your mouth."

Aether: "And we've got -no- idea what's going on inside this Rapture, right?"

Astros: "Says the boss who makes themself an easy target."

GralDM: "Since He is called Beacon Hermit, and you have a 'Hermit' general, he might have become a philospher of sorts. If he has convinced others to join the Mavericks, watch yourself."

Astros snatches more cookies.

Aether: "Just putting two and two together - Maverick in the area, big space for a base in the same area, something must be up."

GralDM: "Of course not, if we did, we would teleport you directly inside. Much safer."

Aether: "Welp."

Aether: "So what's the plan for infiltration?"

Aether: "Surely the sixth isn't going to strap us to torpedos without payloads and just rocket us in."

Aether: "......"

GralDM: "Hahaha don't be crazy. That's plan B."

Aether: "Super."

Aether has just about learned by now that Terrorist is definitely nuts enough to try these plans.

GralDM: "Plan A is to attack the cruise ship first, make sure that has been disarmed and is not in fact a bomb. Then use their cargo route to get in while the sixth causes a distraction."

GralDM: "Questions?"

Gloomy: "Time to deployment?"

GralDM: "You have a few hours still."

Aether: "Tell us more about the cargo route, and the nature of the Sixth's distractions."

GralDM: "The Sixth plan on doing a strafing attack, and myabe a show of force - a battleship or something entering the water. It will keep the forces you are least prepared for off of you."

GralDM: "So hopefully you can get in, and take out Hermit and disable Rapture."

GralDM: "The cargo route, as we understand it, is a series of tubes (not the internet ) that run between the cruise ship and Rapture. Since both are highly guarded, and possible to seal, they aren't seen as a viable method to get in by the mavericks."

GralDM: "But some guys in R&D came up with a control code to keep them oopen."

Astros: "That sounds like a bitch, especially if they're in contact with Rapture and there's somebody or something down there. Might lead to a trap."

Gloomy makes a mental note that Terrorist is her favorite person to run briefings

PMX-CB: "Do we have backups if the codes fail or they overcome them?"

GralDM: "Sure. But thats what the heavy ground troops, eg. you guys, are for. I have no idea how the code system works, here is the four thousand and some page manual if you care."

GralDM: "R&D described it to me as 'push the button, and then get the techy near the door just in case.'"

Aether: "Which means we need a backup plan.

Aether: "

Gloomy: "Who's our techy?"

Aether: A sly grin plays across Aether's face.

Aether: "CB."

Aether: "Ceeee-Beeeee."

Aether: "Ask Requisitions for the wallbreaker drill again."

Aether: "It'll be funny."

Gloomy stabs Aether in the hand with a pen.

Gloomy: "No."

PMX-CB: "Argh."


Aether: "You can't say it wouldn't be useful in case we need to breach."

Gloomy: "If we need to breech, something went wrong and we can breech a different way."

Aether: "Sure we can always find a thinner point and N-Saber the hell out of it, but that's a little difficult and will take longer - not to mention problems of leverage in the potentially tight spaces we're working with, here."

Gloomy: "Most likely by crawling up their ventalation shaft."

Astros: "...from the water?"


Aether: "They will totally expect it because it's a tactic overused to the point of cliche."

Aether: "Not to mention that the air in the ship will suddenly smell like cat."

PMX-CB: "...Why not a torpedo?"

Gloomy: "Not cat. It will smell like fish by the time I'm through with you."

Gloomy eyebrow waggles.

PMX-CB: "Torpedo barrage followed by boarding pod."

PMX-CB blithely ignores the innuendo.

GralDM: "Well, I think I'm done briefing you guys. Peace all." He flops onto a chair at the desk, and puts his feet up.

Astros: "Alrighty. Dismissed, then?"

Aether: "Because it makes it -damn- clear someone's boarding."

Aether: "We want to make the Sixth's attack look like an isolated incident and not the misdirection that it is."

PMX-CB: "Not rated for groundside support without a ride."

Aether: "We keep Rapture in headless chicken mode for as long as possible while the Sixth struts their stuff, and sneak in all sneaky-like."

Gloomy pats CB's hand. "Don't worry about it. We'll just have to get you some attachments. for the duration."

Aether: "Oh, -he- gets a hand-pats. I only get stabs."

Aether: "I see how it is."

GralDM: Terrorist is very very close to bursting out in laughter at this point, "I should film you guys and sell a comedy movie."

PMX-CB: "Classified briefing."

Astros: "Pssh. Then you'd get arrested for aiding and abetting Mavericks. I mean, really - imagine the headlines."

Gloomy sticks her tongue out at Aether. "One of you is a very handsome if shy male, and the other is a shrieking harpy with siblings that wouldn't LET you be lesbian anyway."



Aether: "She -always- calls me that!"

Gloomy: "Maybe we should get you unwound before the mission?" ;P

PMX-CB slowly sidles away from the two.

gralBot: ``=============================`` Session End ``=============================``

Session 20

gralBot: ``======================================`` Game start ``================================``

GralDM!``~``gralamin@2002:6034:2956::b483:41e0:efc9:d486: has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

GralDM!``~`` has joined #MMXGame

GralDM: Last time, you finished all of the official briefings and debriefings you had to do

GralDM: Now you can either take downtime, or get going on the mission

BrokenGloomy votes for mission because fuck yeah missions, getting paid

PMX-CB is ready to rock.

GralDM: The group decides to get to work, and heads out. Annette goes over how the more direct connection she has works

Aether: ", in short, there's going to be -even more- bloody nanites flying around."

GralDM: "Essentially. Can't wait for this all to be cyberspaced."

PMX-CB: "Cyberspace will be messy."

PMX-CB: "...But cool."

Aether: "I fear for the state of cyberspace if they can't even get my sodding optics right."

GLOOMY: "When I look at you my optics fog over. Is that normal?"

Aether: "Hush."

GralDM: Upon arriving on location, you meet up with the 6th squad members.

GLOOMY gives something vaguely resembling a salute. "Yo."

GralDM: Shard Eel is the commanding officer onsight, and nods at you, "So the good news is you won't face the main forces. The bad news is, it seems they have more forces then we anticipated."

Aether: "Give me some numbers."

PMX-CB salutes.

PMX-CB: "Do you have any vehicles I can requisition?"

GralDM: Shard Eel is a snake like reploid that is obviously meant to be in the water. Awkward on land, she is coiled around the chair she sits on

Astros shrugs. "So what do the Maverick forces consist of?"

GralDM: "Vehicles, not especially. We need all of the ones we can get. "

GLOOMY: "We kinda specialize in bad news. It's cool."

PMX-CB: ""

PMX-CB: "Stand by, will check with Command and hope."

PMX-CB sets off to comm back to base to do just that.

Aether: "Fingers crossed."

GralDM: "As for numbers, mostly they are underwater forces - you won't have to worry about them. On ground, there is a number of reploids that are Mavericks. We anticipate you will encounter around 6 or 7 reploid foes."

GralDM: "There are also a lot of Crablasters."

Astros exhales. "Okay. So we deal with the land forces. That we can do."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 6

GralDM: "CB, after reviewing the mission parameters, we feel a ride chaser does not fit well with the mission parameters."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 28

PMX-CB goes to argue, before he sighs. "Noted."

GLOOMY: "Hey, so, uh, I have a pilot's license too, can I have an amphibious powered exo skeletal walker?"

PMX-CB: "Will hope my first mission as an officer isn't my last."

GLOOMY: "And by that I mean 'can I have the corpse of one of those big whale mechaniloids' or actually just the mechaniloid, I'll kill it myself."

GralDM: "...Why the hell would you even want that? You know what, no. But I can give you something smaller."

GLOOMY: "I like to kill things?"

Aether: "I see you're learning from the Aether school of " demand ridiculous shit so they'll actually give you the not ridiculous thing you actually wanted. ""

GLOOMY grins and winks at Aether. "I learned from the best."

Astros scoffs. "Oh, come on. That's an old political trick. You invented that as much as I invented " blow shit up with a big gun "."

Aether acts out wiping a tear from her eye and hands over a cookie. Seems like it's snickerdoodles this time.

GralDM: "...Fine, a Ride chaser is on its way."

Astros: "Score. How's it rated for underwater operations?"

GralDM: "Badly. But its great at surface of water operations."

Astros: "Good enough."

GLOOMY: "You know, I never bothered to learn. If we take out the teleport shield on their base, can we get The Hungry teleported in?"

GralDM: "Probably, if you can find a working teleport pad, or set something up. I suppose we could send a temporary pad that you can set up in case of emergency or need of the hungry.

PMX-CB: "That... that would be good."

GralDM: After a few minuts everything has arrived. Anything you want to do / discuss with the 6th, before running in?

GralDM: minutes*

GLOOMY mutters. "One of our combat team is only rated for field work while in his armor. Of course we'll need it."

Aether: "Meanwhile, the others have to make some noise."

Aether: "Which means there's some merit to that offhanded torpedo comment earlier, but surely we've got a more solid plan..."

GLOOMY sighs staring at the team and calls command to inform them of Awesome Plan.

GralDM: You are routed through to Longshot Koala, "Koala here, whats the plan?"

PMX-CB: "Sir. Two and two. Stealth team effects entry while surface team makes a diversion via fast-attack strafe."

PMX-CB: "Stealth team infiltrates and disables beam-in shielding, letting diversion team retreat and link back up inside."

GralDM: "...Don't you already have a diversion team? The sixth?"

GLOOMY: "We're gonna split the party. Half to infiltrate and get an entry, half to help the 6th with the distraction. Once we're established, we bring in Astros and


GLOOMY: "And CB and Astros being stealthy? Have you looked at their infiltration scores?"

PMX-CB: "Mine is - because I never took the test, but...good point."

GralDM: "And how will the stealth team be entering"

GralDM: "?"

GLOOMY: "Stealthily."

GralDM: "...That is not an answer. It is something stupid isn't it?"

PMX-CB: "Initial plan was underwater, under the ride chaser, splitting up once they reached the underside of the target and we commenced attack."

GralDM: "It's always something stupid."

Aether: "Hey. Always something AWESOME, you mean."

Aether: "See if I share tea and cookies with you after that one."

Aether: "Plus, you can't tell me you didn't pull something like this when you were young and awesome."

Astros: "Yeah. By my reckoning, our best bet for getting the infiltration team in is to blow a couple holes in the ship's hull."

Astros: "Which means I need to do it."

GLOOMY: "To be fair, we're not quite badass enough to do it the way Commander X or Zero would do it."

GralDM: "The enemy force is nearly all water based, and your plan for the stealth team is to enter underwater. You are trying to walk right through where the enemy is going to be staring at, especially whith the sixth in the area."

GLOOMY: "Okay, when you put it like that..."

Aether: "...don't tell me this means we're automatically defaulting to the torpedo plan."

Astros: "...Think if we all stay on the surface, it'll draw less attention from the Mavericks?"

PMX-CB: "Probably. Okay, Plan ... B? C? ... Plan ReSET: Infiltrate via ride chaser from far side of conflict, remain on surface, board enemy vessel, move downward to Rapture."

Aether: "Probably. We'll just have to stay attached to the chaser, though."

GLOOMY glances between aether and CB and the ride chaser.

GLOOMY: "Dibs on being in front of him! :D"

Aether: D:

Astros: "Whaddya think, boss?"

Aether: "Goddammit!"

Astros: "How fast is this gonna get us killed?"

Aether: "Pretty bloody fast. Preferable to getting killed slowly and painfully, though."

Aether: "It's worth a shot, and we aren't going deep into the battleground by default like with the other plan."

Aether: "Downside: not nearly as awesome. I'd grade you down for style points."

GralDM: "This could actually work. They are likely to respond with very little forces if they do notice you, as it would put them out of position against the larger force."

Astros: "We still blowing a hole in the ship's hull?"

GLOOMY: "Nah."

Astros: "Might get their attention, but what're they gonna do about it? They turn around to deal with us, they get to deal with the Sixth."

GLOOMY: "We'll go less flashy."

Astros sighs. "Dammit. Alright. I'll stay on point for anyone who spots us."

GLOOMY: "That means you'll probably want to use something less... boom."

PMX-CB: "Will likely scramble all nonaquatic forces on deck to us. Makes entry harder, but defense more brittle."

Astros taps his buster. "No problem."

PMX-CB nods. "Can do gatecrashing. From there would recommend trying to disable beamin jammer."

PMX-CB: "...And send in my Ride."

GLOOMY frowns at CB. "What on board weapons do you even have?"

GLOOMY hands CB her razor. "I'll want that back once we've got the Hungry in, but if anything gets too close stab them in the face."

PMX-CB holds up a rather small hand-held weapon of some kind. "M330. Collapsible buster rifle."

PMX-CB examines the razor. "You sure...?"

GLOOMY: "I've got a saber. And ideally, we'll be sneaking anyway."

GLOOMY: "Just... be careful with it. That's had years of work put into it, and cut solid slabs of steel if it wants, but if you manage to bend it out of shape, I will be making you pay the 2400000 yen to replace it."

Session 21

gralBot: ``=========================`` Session Start ``=========================``

Last time on DRAGON. BALL. Z. I mean, MMXGame.

GloomKitten: We did a lot of standing around and talking

GloomKitten: Nothing ever happens

GloomKitten: It's part of our charm

GloomKitten: Lets screw it up

The group came up with a plan of attack on the old ocean liner cruise ship, while the sixth readied their forces for their distraction. Now it sounds like you guys have a plan. Let's get going, and roll some dice.

Mission is go: Everyone gets onboard the Ride chaser. In a few short minutes the signal is sent off - gunfire from a destroyer class vessel. Hard to miss that. Time to move. Who is driving, who is shooting, etc?

Aether will provide tactical support, but two shooters would be ideal.

PMX-CB can man the fixed front gun, but will be steering.

Aether: "Syncing up the shared targetting system...."

Aether: "If you see some blue reticles, don't panic."

Aether: "Or, at least, panic -silently-."

Aether loads her buster with the usual plasma charges. "Everyone ready to rock and/or roll as their preferences dictate?"

Astros double-checks his buster and bazooka... nothing wrong there...

Astros: "Annie, permission to use my weapons?"

PMX-CB settles in behind the controls, leaning in under the windscreen. "Give the word."

GralDM: "Permission granted, Astros. Nanite fields are stabilized and should keep up with the bike."

Aether: "....these nanites aren't going to interfere with my own repair/medical ones, right?"

Aether: "I'm getting the mental image of these noisy little buggers duking it out for the right to fill in a split."

GralDM: "They should not, at least R&D swears they won't."

Aether: "And we all know how reliable they can be about safety measures."

Aether: " 'This won't fry your optics,' they said..."

Aether: No, she's not bitter. Why do you ask?

GralDM: "Recommendation: we do one quick scouting approach before we hit the ship, ensure that we don't get ourselves pincered."

Aether: "Easy enough. Let's take a round, then."

Theme music:``=``wNWDeQeZjzc

Astros: "Sound enough plan."

PMX-CB: "Copy."

The group heads off, moving in towards the ship at high speed, travelling along the beach on the first approach, before you will loop around and attack.

You go barreling past the "forest" on your right, the ship about 200 meters away on your left. Up ahead the forest turns in blocking most of your sight.

However, it seems someone made a sand ramp. Quick calculations confirm you should be able to "jump" over the forest ahead if you max your throttle,

assuming CB is up to the task (Ride check for a sweet jump). Otherwise, you could go around, but end up closer to the ship, before your attack approach.


PMX-CB: "Do you feel brave?"

Aether: "Almost never do. Why do you ask?"

PMX-CB: "Ramp."

Astros: "Why do y-oh."

PMX-CB: "Might catch their attention if we get too close."

Astros: "Punch it."

Astros keeps his eyes split between the bike and where the ship'll be post-jump...

Aether: "Go for it. Just hang on to your arses."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 17

GloomKitten has her eyes closed

PMX-CB revs!

You go flying into the air, over the forest, and CB even manages to do a 360 flip in the middle of it. You land on the other side and Astros...

You notice movement up ahead! "Disguised" Degravers, looking the very image of a sailor, complete with an "Anchor" instead of a pick, are running towards the ship.

( dressed like )

You can probably engage them at high speeds safely, and take them out before they reach the ship.

Astros: "...the *hell*? Sailor bots!"

GloomKitten: "Oh, good, we can kill one and dress up to fit the uniform."

Aether: "They'd be adorable if they didn't aim to kill us."

PMX-CB: "Ew. And engaging."

GloomKitten: "Come on CB. Me and Aether in outfits like that? Maybe swap the slacks for short skirts?"

Aether: "Not happening."

Aether: "What is this, Japan?"

PMX-CB: "Focus. We get one pass without turning or slowing."

GloomKitten pouts at Aether. "It's not my fault I think you'd look good. Now, lets kill something! :D"

Astros fights the urge to pull out the bazooka. This was supposed to be a stealth mission... kind of.

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 0

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 22

** GralDM changes topic to "Kitten | Aether | CB | Degraver | Astros"

CB heads straight for them! (Kitten can make ranged or melee attacks, melee attacks are just flavored as waiting to get close. Melee does take a -2 penalty to damage due to the short time frame you have though.)

There are 4 Degraver Sailors

GloomKitten is totally tempted to board the thing now

GloomKitten sighs and hurls a bunch of three pointed ninja star things at a degraver!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d8+2d6+5] 16

Gloom's ninja stars hit the degraver on the feet, tripping him, at the same time they hit the Anchor he is holding just so... and it stabs through his head, destroying him instantly.

Aether: "The time is now, then. Astros, Kitten - fire away when the computer says you've got a targetting line."

GloomKitten: "Huh?"

GloomKitten is apparently too ninja for the team to notice

Aether: The blue reticle on each visual hub focuses, counting down to a proper lock on the order of milliseconds....before finally turning red and confirming a proper target. Make one melee or ranged attack each!

Astros: "Gotcha."

Aether: "Blast 'em!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 33

gralBot rolled: [1d6+23] 27

Astros releases a fully charged shot - which just so happens to vaporize the head of one of the sailor bots!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d8+2d6+5] 21

Aether: Meanwhile, Aether extends her free hand, engaging the gravitic systems in order to force the last Degraver off the ship and tumbling into the water.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 6


gralBot rolled: [1d4] 1

Aether: With a low -vwoom- sound and a pulse of gravitic energy, off it goes, tumbling into the deep blue.

It rolls 10 feet into the ocean, looking VERY confused.

Aether: Or something,

Aether: "Ol' Aether's got some fancy new tricks, let me tell you!"

Aether: "Eh? What do you guys think about that?"

GloomKitten: "Show off."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 26

Astros: "Don't let it go to your head yet, boss."

PMX-CB: "I think..."


Astros: "These are small fry."

PMX-CB tilts the entire Ride chaser to the side, holding the controls one-handed as he draws his collapsible SMG, shakes the stock out to full extension, and fires it in a strafing pass as they pass the last degraver.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+13] 19

GloomKitten: "Damn right you're sexy, but lets kill shit THEN brag."

PMX-CB: "...That it's my turn."

Aether: "Pithy one-liner. Sunglasses. Lens flare. Cheeky grin."

The force of the gravity, the fall, combined with CB's gunfire, take out the last Degraver: It was over before they knew what was going on.

GralDM: Annetete is displayed in the corner of your communication with a big grin, "I guess those upgrades are doing very well for you guys. That almost looked professional."

Aether: "Semi-pro, sure."

Astros: "Eh... Still not satisfied. That was kinda like stealing candy from small kids."

PMX-CB: "It's difficult to look professional doing drive-bys from a high-speed murder wagon, miss."

Astros turns his attention back to the ship. Anything new there?

Your victory is short, just enough time to stop, do a dramatic pose against the sea, brag, and continue on. Up on the ship alarms are blaring, but there doesn't seem to be any attention on you - not surprising, they didn't exactly have time to tell anyone.

You reach the ship quite quickly, now you need to board it and start the rest of your plan.

GloomKitten is the first onto the ship, sneakily scanning her surroundings as she hunts for a way down into the lower levels of the ship!

PMX-CB slows the chaser and carefully dismounts, securing it to the side of the enemy vessel should they need an escape.

It doesn't take gloom long to find a path in, using some of the blueprints, you quickly find a safe route towards the hold. You don't go in too far... yet (You can with a stealth check)

Aether takes a moment to integrate a temporary stealth module into the AIVC, and is ready to follow Kitten in.

PMX-CB keeps his P330 at the ready, staying near to the back of the infil team.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

GloomKitten: pft

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 22

Gloom heads in, and accidently is spotted by a crabblaster. The mechaniloid is quickly dispatched of, quietly.

Astros stays with the ride chaser until further notice. Stealthy infiltration is REALLY FUCKING HARD when you have a bulky build that clanks with every step.

Hopefully, no one noticed that.

Aether pads on behind Kitten, ready to offer tech assistance if needed.

GloomKitten takes to barely touching down onto the ground, moving swiftly but carefully, always stopping at the next intersection for Aether can catch up, but not moving at the same pace as her.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

Aether and Gloom arrive at the hold, and hide behind some crates. Inside there seems to be 2 more crablasters, and a Cephalpod shaped reploid.

Pipes line the top of the room and steam occassionally. Two metallic tubes, about 10 feet across and sealed with an aperture, lead into the deep.

The Cephalpod seems to be sending supplies down, the apetures opening for about 6 seconds after a button is pressed.

It mutters, in a feminine voice, "The hunters would of course come now, of all times."

With a start, it looks up towards your crates, and glares, but Gloomy is already on top of the pipes. It spits out some ink into one tentacle, and waits for movement...

GloomKitten glares back in the shadows, letting them deepen around her as she brings her reality altering tech into play and creates a Blight around herself, slowly and carefully readying another set of stars.

Aether looks to one of the crab blasters, and summons a mote near it that instantly extinguishes all light around it.

Aether then draws her N-Saber but leaves it unignited.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 8

** GralDM changes topic to "Inkfish | Gloom | Crablaster | Aether"

Inkfish seeing the distrubances, quickly takes up a defensive stance, readying to rush towards the first foe that reveals themself.

GloomKitten -moves- and as she does, the shadows swell downward, and for a brief moment Gloomy has all the appearance of being death incarnate! The shadows wrap around Gloomy's target and Gloomy herself is all too quick to brutally stab her foe with an electrified Razor, initiating a grapple in the process!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 25

GloomKitten: Intimidate!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 19

GloomKitten: Charging

Gloom gets into melee before Inkfish has the chance to respond! (Take your action first, you hit)

gralBot rolled: [1d8+2d6+10] 27

GloomKitten: DC 18 Reflex to avoid grapple, I think ``=``V

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 11

Inkfish is [Grappled]!

It's tentacles whip back at Gloomy, her in a rage as she screams, "You will not take Master Hermit from us!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 23

GloomKitten: "No, I'm not here for him, just for you. Welcome to DIE!"

Gloomy dashes all around Inkfish, dodging the attacks while she yells in frusteration.

GralDM: The Crablaster that isn't in the mote sends a blast at Gloom kitten, not yet seeing any other enemy.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 18

And it also misses.

The other one tries to fall off the wall, through the mote, to hopefully attack. Fort save DC 18...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 10

It stops as it moves through, stuck in the mote.

Aether 's AIVC crackles with white lightning as a bolt jolts out from Aether's free hand, right into the grappled Inkfish.

gralBot rolled: [5d6+6] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 8

Inkfish is seriously hurting, almost ready to give already. Desperation is in it's eyes.

Aether then uses the gravitics to toss the other Crablaster into the established light-feeding mote.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 18

It manages to hold on for it's crabby life!

GralDM: Inkfish growls out loud, trying to slather ink over Gloom in order to instill any amount of fear (Intimidate)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 12

Instead, it comes out as a pitiful squeak. It then tries to focus on hitting Gloom. (Precise Strike)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 24

GloomKitten casually deflects the strike with her razor.

GloomKitten smiles, showing far too many teeth. "I'm feeling incredibly generous today... I'm willing to spare you a messy and painful death if you're willing to answer a few questions for me, cute little fishy."

GloomKitten: "Squid. Thing."

GralDM: "I can't betray master Hermit. Not after everyhting he did for me!"

GralDM: "...But I will submit to your questioning."

GloomKitten smiles, gentler now. "Are you connected to a wireless communicatiobn network with others on this ship?"

GralDM: "Yes."

GloomKitten tilts her head. "Can you disable the mechaniloids in the room, or will I have to destroy those?"

GralDM: "I have no control over them."

Aether zaps the non-mote-trapped one.

gralBot rolled: [5d6+6] 26

Speaking of those, The mote trapped one is brought to about half strength, the other one fires at Aether.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 14

GloomKitten nods and moves on, letting Aether handle that. "Can you give me ID? Manufacturing record, creation ID, etcetra. (and don't get cute with the english language. if you have it, give it.)"

And above Gloom, the pipe suddeny bursts open, releasing steaming water! (8 HP reduction the next time you are hit with an electricity attack. Same for Inkfish)

GralDM: "ID? For whom? Me?"

GloomKitten nods. "Yes."

GralDM: "Inkfish, Liquid Labs, 0x4eabcef32916, created to monitor, and clean water. Limited defensive capabilities to escape or paralyze prey."

GloomKitten: "What, exactly, has Beacon Hermit done for you?"

GralDM: "He gave me purpose, when I was lost."

GralDM: The crablaster fires at Aether, while the other one tries to shake free (Attack, damage if not obvious miss, Fort save)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 11

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 6

The crablasters continue to be worthless, hit them Aether.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 18

(Dodge for attack for this round, for half!)

gralBot rolled: [5d6+6] 26

Returning to the conversation

GloomKitten: "Please don't wax philosophical on that point. Last question! If I disable you nonlethally, and you're not recovered by hunter forces, would you be willing to contact me directly? I can understand being without purpose... but throwing in with a criminal isn't the way to find a new one."

GralDM: "No. I can't let you harm him. I MUSN'T let you harm him!"

Session 22

gralBot: ``===================`` Session Start ``===================``

GralDM: Last time, the group had split up after the opening assault on the Cruise ship. Theme music:``=``wNWDeQeZjzc

GralDM: Aether and Gloomy are inside the ship, having cleared the way to enter the under sea base. CB and Astros are outside, ready to head back to base to come in with the hungry via teleport, or provide a quick get away.

GralDM: Luckily, your battles so far haven't set off any alarms you know of.

GralDM: How do you wish to proceed?

PMX-CB: "ReSET lead; status?"

Aether: "Still undetected by the ship at large, I think. A couple of spiderbots and a Maverick saw us, but they've been taken care of."

Astros: "Hopefully no silent alarms."

Astros: "That'd be some bullshit. Time for us to make the delivery, or...?"

Aether: "Seems like a worthy thing to look into. Let me grab a console and check on the security details on the ship."

Aether goes into hacking mode.

PMX-CB: Roger; any sign of beam-in jammer? "

Aether: "I don't think there's any physical ones in here, but let's see what our good friend Monsieur Console reports for the ship at large."

The ship is clear of beam-in jammers. Rapture apepars to have one, but the actual pad you will be deploying can easily bypass it at the distances involved.

Aether: "Ship itself is clear, but Rapture's still protected, it looks like."

PMX-CB: "Copy. On our way back to deploy armor."

Aether: "Good enough to get The Hungry in anyway, though."

Aether: "Checking for the rest of the security detail...."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

PMX-CB heads back to the ride chaser and warms it back up.

Most of the security detail is busy with your distraction. Minimal forces... But the rest of rapture after the first few halls are blocked off. Figures they'd segment their networks just in case.

Aether: "....great. Knew a distraction would only work so well."

Aether: "They've got the place sealed up to begin with."

Astros is sitting tight on the ride chaser, not having moved an inch.

GralDM: Aether and Gloomy jump down into the tubes, while Astros and CB get back to base to grab the Hungry. From the tubes, it becoems clear what this "Ratpure" is: A deep sea archarologic dig site. The building has airlocks along the bottom opening into the sea, and seem to be digging up some location.

Gloomy hums. "Wonder if we're going to come across any drugged up reploids."

GralDM: The room Aether and Gloomy arrive in happens to have one crab mechaniloid, which they dispatch immediately.

Gloomy hums and checks for cameras, destroying any she comes across.

PMX-CB arrives back at base and quickly gears up in the Hungry, trundling over toward the field pad.

GralDM: Aether and Gloomy quickly have the pad down, and send a message to CB and Astros. Moments later they teleport in, none the worse for wear

GralDM: The first blockade is up ahead, and it seems to be manned mostly by more Degravers.

Astros checks his bazooka's ammunition briefly while he waits for the Hungry to take the front.

PMX-CB strides out, collapsing his buster rifle and returning it to his hip. "Knock on the doors?"

Gloomy shrugs, spinning her Razor idly. "Lets just kill everything between us and our target that is nonsentient."

PMX-CB: "Stand back."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 8

PMX-CB thunders in, fist cocked back, and slams it into the wall. It shudders, but doesn't budge.

GralDM: The Degravers ready to attack! Roll for initative!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 10

** GralDM changes topic to "CB | Astros | Degravers | Aether | Gloomy"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 19

PMX-CB jumps back, squares the armor, and then thunders forward again, this time smashing through the barricade, dash carrying the frame through one of the degravers!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 25

PMX-CB follows through with the punch, smashing the degraver and then unleashing a torrent of wind on the rest as the fist unloads a blast of thrust!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 19

The one hit is nearly crumpled, just barely hanging on

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 5, 23, 9, 5, 10, 20

Two stand their ground, but the rest are Blown...

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3

30 feet away.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 10

PMX-CB: No temp HP, rage on, done

So current map: 4 Prones Degravers (30 feet away), 2 degravers (30 feet from Astros), 1 CB Adjacent to the degravers in a hole. 30 feet away Astros / Aether / Gloomy

Astros fiddles with his ammunition for a few before aiming the launcher at the bunched up Degravers lying on the ground!

[OOC] Astros: Swift action Improvisation on self first, forgot that

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 20

GralDM: The Degravers blown back get to their feet, and aim attacks at The Hungry. Thee two still up instead aim at Astros. (5 attacks, 3 vs CB, 2 vs Astros)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 26, 23, 8, 25, 13

gralBot rolled: [1d4+5] 6, 9, 6

15 damage to CB, 6 to Astros, both of you make a Reflex save to avoid having a giant anchor stuck in you (Burning)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 8

Astros: "Oh you son of a-"

PMX-CB: "Adds character."

The sound of approaching foes can be heard, they must have heard the noise.

Before Astros can finish, his autocannon springs to life, firing a blast of frost directly at the one that just hit him!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 17

Aether briefly takes a snapshot of the anchor-ridden Hungry.

...which sails over the bot's head and impacts the wall...

Aether's go.

Aether: Attempting to capture the most awkward reaction possible, she overlays an arrow onto the picture, labeled "CHARACTER" in bold lettering.


Astros: "I thought this thing was supposed to track targets!"

PMX-CB: "Not helping."

Aether whips out her buster. "Oh, quiet down! Shoot again when the computer's given you a targetting line."

Aether syncs the targetting data to Gloomy and Astros's visual feeds. "Steady does!"

Astros fires on the son of a bitch that set him on fire. Again.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+8] 10

The combined fire takes out another one.

Aether: "I -love- this damn thing."

Gloomy blitzes forward, casting a Blight down on the largest mass of degravers, wreathing them in shadows as she picks the closest degraver for murderous death!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+10] 11

Gloomy cuts down the remaining close one!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3

PMX-CB reaches down and unceremoniously yanks the degraver's pick out of the Hungry's exhaust port.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d6+21] 25

PMX-CB expresses his displeasure at the vandalism of his ride. THE FIST WAY!

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3

Astros chooses to ignore the fire spreading on his chassis for now, instead attempting to get a lock on one of the pair of Degravers near CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 27

Astros fires!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 32

Astros clears out the two remaining degravers, just as 6 more come streaming in! They jump back towards defensive positions

The new degravers are down two different side hallway, can't be seen from the starting position, you are going to have to move up to continue aggresion

PMX-CB: "Stack up for next assault. Quick optimizations?"

Aether: "Fall back if you need repairs. If you've got a solid ranged weapon, we can pick them off before they overwhelm us."

Aether: "....let's see. No line of fire here. Astros, get ready to follow me in."

Gloomy frowns. "Permission to sow chaos and disharmony among the enemy ranks?"

Aether: " need -permission- for that?"

Gloomy shrugs. "I've been keeping it very straightforward murder for the moment."

Astros: "Yeah, okay, but if I do that one of you is pulling this damn thing out of my chest."

PMX-CB clenches and unclenches the Hungry's hand with a whir of pneumatics. "You sure?"

Aether: "CB's very gentle with those hands, I assure you." Wink, nudge.

Astros: "Yeah, I'm goddamn sure, 'cause I can't get a good shot on 'em if I have to pull it out myself!"

Aether sighs, and pulls the damn thing out herself.

Aether: "-Now- let's move," she growls, moving forward to take her position near CB - but it'd take time.

Aether: She briefly considers using her built-in gravitic systems to go faster, but eventually decides against it. If she can't reliably catch a can of soda propelled towards her, there's no way she'd have enough control to fling herself forward accurately.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

Gloomy stealths forward, fading from view as she seems to vanish in the somewhat less than stellar darkness of the area, slipping up close to the degravers with a move and a half; she ends turn 10ft past them with a final stealth of 29. If casting a blight does not qualify as an offensive action, she'll drop one on one set of degravers.

gralBot rolled: [1d2] 1

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 23

PMX-CB puts fist to face in a blast of cold fog and hard metal.

Wake + Charge kills off one in the west group

Astros wheels on the opposite group, trying to get a lock on one of the bots.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 28

Astros succeeds - and fires another exploding flame rocket their direction!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 19

GralDM: 5 Degravers stand, and they see Astros and CB as targets, so they throw some more picks! (2 vs CB, 3 vs Astros, CB first)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 22, 22, 24, 20, 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d4+6] 8

GralDM: The Degravers move back, carefully avoiding AoO!

Aether moves in towards the left group to support CB, and triggers the targetting computer for both herself and The Hungry.

Aether: AS soon as she has a lock, she blasts away one of the weakened Degravers with her buster.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d6+8] 13

PMX-CB takes the firing solution and snaps his SMG up and out to extention, firing a salvo at the nearest Degraver.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 22, 17, 5

gralBot rolled: [1d6+1d4+7] 16

The West group has one guy left, The east group still has all 3... but not for long.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

gralBot rolled: [3d6+20] 32

Gloomy rips her target to peices, little bits go flying everywhere!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d6+19] 20

PMX-CB moves in for the kill, having shot and smashed through its fellows.

Astros aims to finish off the most wounded target in the east group, leaving the blighted Degraver for Gloomy. (( Improvisation self ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 33

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 34

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 4

GralDM: The two remaining try to take pot shots, seeing how they are so obviously doomed.

1 vs gloomy, 1 vs Aether.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 18, 23

Aether: "Son of a-"

gralBot rolled: [1d4+4] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 16

Aether takes a direct hit to the shoulder, but seems to be able to shrug it off.

Aether: Growling, Aether ignites her N-Saber, and moves to flank the remaining Degraver on her side, with her TCX systems whipping up a new targetting solution for herself and CB.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 30

Aether: With one vertical slice, Aether attempts to drive the blue energy blade into the Degraver.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d6+19] 23

Aether: So much for actually using her saber, anyway. Goddamn, she's rusty.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+10] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 28

PMX-CB just punches him right in the noggin.

Astros opens up on the last bot standing. (( Improvisation on self as usual ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 34

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 18

The last foe is blown to peices, and you regroup

gralBot: ``===================`` Session End ``===================``

Session 23

gralBot: ``==================================`` Session START ``==================================``

GralDM: Last time you had made it into rapture, and found it to be some sort of archeological dig site. Underwater, of course. You managed to get the group in, and break through into the main facility

GralDM: You have just attained a moment of peace. A good chance to figure out what you want to do. Annette helpfully provides a pointer on the map to where Beacon Hermit is detected.

GralDM: If you rused straight for him, you think you could get there fairly shortly.

GralDM: The base itself is mostly made of the same clear metal used for much these days, fishes and Mechaniloids swimming through the water.

GralDM: You can guess there are some computer consoles in the architectural room.

[OOC] GralDM: Archielogical sample room *

Gloom: "Aether's call."

PMX-CB: "Would advise more intel."

Aether: "And more intel....probably the best bet is to start with a camera hack."

Aether returns to the console, attempting to gain access to the security settings again.

Astros: "Which means you're up. We'll keep watch 'til you're done."

[OOC] GralDM: Possible Places: original console you used. Architectural sample room. Towards boss room. Towards Hangar.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 18

Aether: "...bloody hell."

GralDM: CAMERA 1: Shows yourselves, in the hallway.

Aether: "Bad news. Their network's stratified, so all I can do is take a peek. Anything like controlling doors or other remote devices is right out without being physically in the area."

PMX-CB: "Not surprised. Airlocks."

GralDM: CAMERA 2: Heading off towards the hangar, shows another barricade like before, this one using some higher platforms to add some vertical pain to the fight.

GralDM: CAMERA 3: The Hangar. Currently only one escape pod is here, you can see two Utuboros outside, and two Anglerges. A fairly sizeable undersea force.


[OOC] GralDM: Stupid Clipboard, one sec

GralDM: CAMERA 4: Heading over towards the command centre as well as the sample room, the barricade you destroyed.

GralDM: CAMERA 5: The Sample room, you see two large pits leading directly to the water, and a number of exhibts being studied. Most are rocks and debris of various types. Some consoles are here.

GralDM: CAMERA 6: The Command Centre. Inside you see Beacon Hermit (Full description in just a second). Behind him is a field of Jelly Seekers. The room itself is split into two vertical levels, with the command console up top with Beacon Hermit.

Aether: "Forwarding the visual data now. Personally, I think the sample room looks rather tempting."

Gloom: "Clear the base or assassinate?"

Aether: "Depends on how easy it is to get to the sample room. Distance, locks, other means of security, so on."

GralDM: Beacon Hermit himself is a Orange and white colored Reploid, with highlights of Light Blue. He seems to be wearing an oddly familiar shell, that you swear you've seen in the records before, with some green gems on the side. He has 6 appendages coming off his torso in addition to his arms and legs, weaker arms. His normal arms have large claws at the end of them. All limbs end with large red gems at the tip - Laser emitters.

PMX-CB: "Concur. Secure console control. Prevent emergency evac or escape."

Aether tries to check out the entrance to the sample room remotely to get a feel for the difficulty in breaking in.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 18

The camera angles aren't the best but with some patience Aether identifies that the path is secure, the only thing on the way to worry about should be a locked door or two. Inside the room, Aether notices at least one octopus like Mechaniloid, on patrol.

Aether: "We've got one Mechaniloid on patrol. Might be a good idea to just knock him out if you get spotted, and see if he's got the keys on him."

Aether: "We've got a couple of locked doors to bust through as well, and finding a key will be, by far, the fastest and least noisy option."

Aether: "Knocking him out should be preferable because it'll at least make him look like a lazy intern taking an early break."

Aether: "Add to masking that with the security footage on loop while keeping the timestamps rolling normally, and..."

PMX-CB: "It's iffy, if they saw us come in. Camera on front barricade."

GralDM: Annette goes over the data stream, "You shouldn't have any issues breaking down. The doors won't make much noise and won't stand up too long to the hungry. Most of the forces are outside right now. We estimate you have about half an hour."

Aether: "Still want to do this while leaving no evidence, you know? Gives us a little longer than half an hour to work with."

Aether: "Plus it might actually mean we're capable of subtlety for this one. Going loud's to be saved for when we fuck up."

PMX-CB: "We can make for the sample room and then re-orient if we're running low on time."

Astros steals a glance at the Hungry. "You know, I thought we gave up any pretense of subtlety when we warped a Ride Armor in and started blowing shit up."

Aether: "Well, alright...."

Aether: "Let's move."

Astros: "If we can keep it quiet, though, it won't hurt."

Astros: "Just don't be surprised when explosives turn out to be really loud."

PMX-CB grins behind the helmet. "Spoilers."

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 20

GralDM: You make it to the first locked door without any issues... That you are aware of.

GralDM: There is a console at the side you can try to hack, you could try to rewire it, or you could just blast/pry the thing open. Its made to resemble an airlock.

Aether tries to open the lock through the console. "Come on, access..."

GralDM: Astros also spies a duct that a smaller reploid would be able to travel through, maybe make it to the other side and unlock it from there... if it is any easier over there.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 30

PMX-CB examines it. "...Could probably dismount to go through."

Aether: "Don't think there's a need."

Aether: "As much as I would love to stare at your arse as we all shuffle through a duct one by one, I might just have this under control."

PMX-CB: "...You gotta stop saying that stuff."

GralDM: Aether spends a bit of time hacking it. By the time its done, she knows everything there is to know about this damn console. The door opens smoothly, about a minute later.

Astros: "Sweet. Now make sure it doesn't lock behind us when we go in."

Aether: "Fair enough! Took a little longer than I'd like but...."

Aether makes sure to do just that.

PMX-CB moves through first, dukes up.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 5

GralDM: The next hallway is just as quiet, and you get to the next door without any issue.

GralDM: The door here leads directly into the sample room, no console here, just an identification scanner. Restricted area, I guess?

PMX-CB: "Need fist-based ID?"

PMX-CB: "Might raise an alarm."

Aether: "Well, shit. I'm out of ideas for making this go quiet."

Aether: "If we've got nothing else, go ahead and use your knuckleprints."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 22

PMX-CB looks around carefully before beginning the knock-knock process.

There is another duct. Altenratively someone could try to Larceny the wires. There is also a hidden panel beneath the scanner for manual input that CB finds. Not exactly Engineering check worthy, but some number of digit passcodes.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 17

Gloom walks up to the scanner pulls it out, and just cuts a wire. The door swings open.

PMX-CB: "...How did you do that?"

GralDM: The group gets into the room, you are on a platform above some large pits... you don't see any octopus mechaniloids but since this is the only door, other then to the ruin below, you assume they are in here somewhere...

Gloom shrugs. "Catgirl Ninja Assassin Sexbot."

Aether: "Gotta love the security in this place."

Aether closes the panel to conceal the evidence of tampering.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 9, 14

GralDM: CB sends out a scout drone, and with careful study, notices an octopus Mechaniloid hiding on the side of one of the exhibts. It seems like it is getting ready to attack...

PMX-CB punches up a few things. "Establishing field scan."

PMX-CB: "Ambush imminent. Target that exhibit."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 7

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 21

** GralDM changes topic to "Octopus | Gloom | CB | Astros | Aether"

GralDM: As the group moves aggressively, the Octopus reacts quicker then expected, Attempting to leapi up to the platform you are on to attack!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

GralDM: It makes it and immediately tries to Grapple onto CB, who is presumably at the front.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 26

Gloom's go!

Gloom pounces, creating a blight and counter grappling the octopus!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 17


Gloom: ... oops

Gloom: "Stay the fuck off CB you man stealing tentacle beast! He's mine. Or the commander's. We haven't really decided yet."

Astros' go!

Astros watches the octopus' movements for a little bit...

[OOC] Astros: Swift action, Improvisation, self

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 19

[OOC] Astros: Bluff check, probably failed

[OOC] GralDM: Just fails

Astros takes a shot at it!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 19


gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 27

PMX-CB works a hand free and boxes the damn thing on the side of the face.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+19] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 16

PMX-CB 's arm opens up and blasts the damned thing off him with a gout of air.

PMX-CB: "And stay off."

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 1

It flies 10 feet back.

Gloom RIDES THE OCTOPUS OFF THE PLATFORM, laughing like a maniac as she does

Aether's go!

Aether maneuvers to get a more tactical view of the area, and figures...well, shit, she may as well humor both CB and Gloom, and the Aleph Targetting system passes over the obvious melee-based targetting solutions to both.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 14

Aether: "...."

Aether: "Bloody hell."

The Octopus is fairly good at dodgin around in a grapple.

((Also I forgot: Annette's aura is up with 21 HP Subsitute possible. And she places a generator by the group in case Astros needs to run back. Net: 28 HP that you can suck up, if you are in 30 feet of the group or within 50 feet of Aether ))

(( Astros DAMNIT BRAIN ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 20

GralDM: Another Octopus jumps up behind Astros, very stealthly (Sweet 20s). It then grapples onto him!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 31

Astros: "Oh what the f-"

PMX-CB: "Oh, damn i-"

Gloom: "Tentacle monster can have Astros, he's not nearly as handsome as CB."

gralBot rolled: [1d6+27] 32

PMX-CB: "Priorities!"

Gloom: "I'm making calamari, you take care of Astros."

(Ignores 3 DR, Inflicts Bleeding, and 10 [HP Reduction])

* Annette's Scrap Points down to 18 from 28!

The one fighting with Gloom tries to Grapple back, bring this grapple fight to a front, Slopping around acrobatically to try and make it easer (Acrobatics, then Grapple)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

Gloom's turn.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 25

gralBot rolled: [3d6+10] 21

It seems to be on its lasts legs. And by that, I mean Gloom just ripped out a few of them.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 14

Gloom chuckles darkly as she rides the damn thing to the ground, going a little stab happy

CB's Go!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 18

PMX-CB: fff

Astros's go!

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 4

[OOC] GralDM: Take 4 HP reduction from bleeding

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 22

What looks like a hit just misses at it slides aside barely (23 AC)

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 12

Annette's Aura increase to 25 HP!

Aether's go!

Aether engages the nanites as she provides a targetting solution for CB and Astros.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 15

GralDM: The octopus on Gloomy tries desperately to get into a grapple while it still can.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

Thats a crit!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+27] 31

GralDM: (Ignore 3 DR, 10 [HP Reduction], [Bleeding])

Gloom: wait

Will sav!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 24

Fort save!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 5

Will save!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 10

The one on Astros tries to Fling Astros and itself away from CB, down towards the exhibts

[OOC] GralDM: Attack, no acrobatics

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

Astros resists it though!

Try number 2, this time dragging instead. DC 19 Fort Save or be dragged!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 14

Astros: "DAMMIT LET GO!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+22] 25

PMX-CB responds by grabbing the thing's center bulk and crushing down on it, hard.

It slips out of CBs grasp somehow, tumbling down a Trivial Fall with Astros, next round, it can probably drag Astros under water!

[OOC] GralDM: So half its speed, so thats... 30 feet away from you guys, and down a jump.

Gloom's turn!

Gloom attempts to murder her thing faster.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d6+10] 16

Gloom kills the thing on her and bum rushes the octopus, slapping a span of blight in between it and the water and getting herself adjacent!

CB's turn!

The other octopus being defeated seemed to have slightly weakened this one.

PMX-CB immediately leaps down after Astros, cocking back his fist for one HELL of a landing.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d6+22] 26

That actually smashes it!

PMX-CB embeds the thing in the floor, cracks spiderwebbing through it and the nearest glass cases.

Aether: ", uh."

Aether: "You, have fun, there?"

PMX-CB: "Am now. Everyone okay?"

Next time: The Console and BOSS FIGHTING

Aether: "I'm alright. AStros is probably sour about life but I don't think it's anything the nanites can't fix."

gralBot: ``==================================`` Session End ``==================================``

Session 24

gralBot: ``===========================`` Sesssion Start! ``===========================``

GralDM: Last time, you infilitrated reapture, found out about possible routes (Boss room / command centre, hangar, archeolgical sample room). You decided to head for the archeoligical sample room and use the console there, possibly to your advange.

GralDM: On the way you ran into a few annoying doors that you got through With Nothing Bad Happening At All, Ignore that 20 (TM).

GralDM: Once there, you fought some annoying Octopus Mechaniloids which you just soundly whipped.

GralDM: Tbhe console in this room, as well as the 'samples' are of obvious interest.

[OOC] GralDM: Theme music:``=``wNWDeQeZjzc

[OOC] GralDM: Decide on the rest of your approach.

Astros stays near the boss. Healing nanites trump a face full of mechaniloid tentacle.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 8

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 12

GralDM: CB does a round around the room, but doesn't find anything new of note. The exhibts? Samples? themselves are interesting, most seem to be rocks of various kinds, but there are scraps of metals here and there.

PMX-CB: "Hm."

PMX-CB investigates the metal, trying to discern what it might be from.

GralDM: "I think these might be asteroid fragments," Annette states over the com, "Though I have no idea why a maverick would be interested in them."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 20

Aether: "Asteroids would suggest to me opportunities for new materials not found on Earth. Or, you know, grand evil plans about using them as missiles or some rot like that."

Astros takes his own look around once the nanites patch him all the way up.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 15

GralDM: After close inspection, CB becomes convinced that this material was part of a robot master, maybe a shoulder plate? The material doesn't seem to be naturally occuring on earth though.

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks takes a stab at figuring out any special properties and maybe possibly if she's super lucky identifying the robot master it belonged to!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 20

Aether is probably better off using her own engineering knowledge. :|

PMX-CB: "This is worth taking."

GralDM: Astros definitely isn't having any luck finding anything more interesting, Gloom can't find any special properties (Other then the old low grade plasma from the robot master days wouldn't do much to it). She does, however, remember a story of some sort of "Stardroids" the attacked earth.

PMX-CB: "This was part of an old, old machine."

PMX-CB: "Recommend capturing components."

Aether: "What's special about them? If you can store them safely, be my guest."

PMX-CB: "Some kind of non-native metal, built into a robot-master type robot. Likely a shoulderplate?"

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "... I think... these might be alien robot parts. Wily... did something? Awakened some sort of ancient engine of destruction? I... don't know the details."

Aether: "....the hell? Really?"

Astros: "Man, aliens?"

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "It was an offhand mention, I never bothered to pursue the subject."

Aether: "Alright, then. Guess we're raiding this place like Refresh's cookie jar."

GralDM: "Oh so that was you, she keeps saying I did it."

Aether: "She could still be right, though."

Aether: "Well? Is she right?"

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "She has a cookie jar? Why did no one tell me."

Astros: "This feels like the setup for some kind of shitty budget horror movie."



GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: 4 "T

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "Starploids."

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "Mechaliens?"

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "I don't even know what the correct term would be."

PMX-CB clears his throat softly. "Priorities."

Aether: "Yes, which is raiding in a cookie-jar like fashion."

Aether commences with the raiding of the Robot Master parts.

GralDM: Annette ignores Aether, no guilt there at all, "Interestingly, there are multiple references to extraterrestrial civilizations from that time period, and none for hundreds of years. strange that."

Aether: "So we were visited, and the aliens weren't impressed?"

Aether: "They just fucked off?"

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks shrugs, throwing an emote into the team chat. "Humans are crazy. Can't explain something? MAGIC. Similarities between what human civilizations who never had any contact with one another did? ALIENS."

[OOC] GralDM: Sorry, none for decades, was thinking of Command Mission

PMX-CB: "Likeliest theory is Wily found anomalous materials, used them."

GralDM: "Anyway, priorities. We still have that console here, and we are still in enemy territory."

Aether: "Not sure what else I can do with the network topology being the way it is"

PMX-CB: "I'll check the console. You can load the components into the Hungry."

Aether: "Sure you don't want to switch jobs on that one?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 16

CB gets into the network, and finds it segemented again. However, from here there is a bunch of data files on the samples, the dig site etc, and a different set of cameras that you could hack into. However, the screen fades aftera moment and text appears, "YOU GUYS SHOULD PROBABLY GET A MOVE ON."

Aether: "Oh, hell, not He-Of-The-All-Caps again."

PMX-CB: "Oh, hey. Can you help us lock down some intel while we move?"

Aether: "I suspect he's right this time, though. Do we have everything we need?"


Aether: "...Annie, thing you can keep a channel open with Caps while we book it?"


PMX-CB: "Let's move."

GralDM: "I think I could, but Its going to have to be simple.... Hunter protocols mean we can't allow an unknown hacker into our network-" * The top right of your tactical data display instantly fills up with, "IF YOU WANTED ME TO HANG OUT WITH YOU, YOU ONLY HAD TO ASK."

GralDM: "Damnation."

PMX-CB: "...So this seems like a 'hope you're really on our side' moment."

PMX-CB mounts back up and heads toward the exit.

Astros: "Welp."

Aether: "Bit too late for regrets, then."

Aether keeps her N-Saber handy in case some fancy breaching maneuvers were required.

[OOC] GralDM: Heading to hangar, command room, or other?

Astros, as usual, has his bazooka at the ready. "So where to, boss?"

Aether: "Let's track down Monsieur Hermit. It's a matter of whether he's still helming things or trying to cut off our escape."

PMX-CB: "Agreed."

Aether: "I don't know him well enough to figure out what's more likely."

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks prods at Hacker "Can you check for any 'unidentified' material samples in the base? Also, can't you just sign into the team chat and leave messages there instead of opening another window? you don't even have it transparent so I can see."


GralDM: The team advances towards the Command centre.

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 18

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "I totally will. I'm going to sue you and demand cookies."

GralDM: As you pull into the last room just before the command centre, you see that it is a room made of the transparent material used in most of the rest of the base. You are about to advance, when you see a Utuboros coming straight for the room you are in, looking like its about to collide. You are about three rounds from everyone being in the next hallway, its about 2 rounds away.

[OOC] GralDM:

PMX-CB doesn't hesitate. "Get on."

Astros doesn't hesitate in obeying that order. "Aw shit - punch it!"

Aether is just the very model of a polite English rose at the moment.

Aether: "FUCKFUCKFUCK" she yells as she clambers on.

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks drops blight behind her and bolts

PMX-CB pours on the thrust, the ride chaser crossing the long tube like a neon streak.

GralDM: As you reached the end of the hallway the doors open up. and you enter into generic boss hallway. You hear it crash into the room behind you... well you might need to find another way out.

Hopefully it isn't coming around for another pass, but you can't really see it here. Nowhere to go but forward. The hacker leaves a message of "WOW. THAT WAS HILIARIOUS."

Aether: "Oh, quiet, you."

Aether: "That could have ended much, much worse."

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "Extra. Cookies. CB, hold me for a minute."

Astros: "So now we're trapped inbetween Hermit and a snake mechaniloid. This sure is shaping up to be fucking awesome."

Aether: "At least we're supposed to be finding one of those two..."

GralDM: "If it had come just a bit earlier, we might not have made it this far. I'll try to get the sixth to ready a rescue team."

Astros climbs off of the ride armor, double-checking his weaponry. "Goddammit all."

PMX-CB: "Copy. Let's get ready to engage."

PMX-CB quickly begins setting about tuning and optimizing the crew's gear, priming them for the fight.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 23

GralDM: Gloomy comes to the conclusion that Beacon is likely weak to [Gravity] or perhaps [Magnetic] attacks.

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "So... He might have gravity and magnet weaknesses. We got anything for those?"

Astros perks up. "...why yes, yes I do."

Astros returns to adjusting his own kit for a few more seconds.

GralDM: The group heads in, the control room is 200 feet wide, with the end filled with a field of Jelly Seeker. There are two levels, the second of which is high enough up you need a DC 15 Acrobatics check to get onto. A large character can make an equivalent Atheltics check to climb.

Beacon Hermit stands ready as you enter, and... screw description, I have money:

He bellows out in rage, "How dare you come into my facility, slay my acolytes? You will pay, Maverick Hunters!"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 19

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "Hey, bro, you were a life guard. I wanted to go for a swim, but we're not allowed to swim without a life guard on duty."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 10, 24, 23

PMX-CB: "You," CB replies calmly, "are under arrest."

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks: "Mostly because you totally went awol, and do you have any idea how hard it is to get CPR certification in order to be a lifeguard is these days?"

** GralDM changes topic to "Beacon 24 | Jelliy Seekers 23 | Gloom: 20 | Aether: 19 | CB: 17 | Astros: 15 | ??? 10"

GralDM: "And you will die here, monsters."

Aether: "Granted, we'd need those synthskin mods to properly go out for a day on the beach, but it's just the principle of the matter, you know?"

Beacon Hermit leaps into the air - you think the shell might be probelling him, and starts moving erratingly quickly. At the same time, its arms whip around and target towards Aether, producing streams of powerful lasers

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 20, 35

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

[OOC] GralDM: 12 HP Reduction BEFORE the first attack hits and...

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 23, 20, 24

Aether is REALLY not looking good.

Aether: With a team-wide emergency signal, she calls the repair nanites over.

GralDM: The Jellys charge with electricity... but do nothing

Gloom's turn.

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks growls, tail lashing as she leaps up to get into a brawl with Beacon. "Hey, she's not the one who killed your little mermaid toy! Your little pet squealed like a stuck pig as she died, and I enjoyed every second of her slow, torturous death."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

Aether passes on information on the tactical channel - it's simply flagging Hermit as a priority target, labeling him with bright red text - "IMMOBILIZE."

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks sends a "WTF do you think I'm trying to do, woman?" message into the channel.

The attack hits!

gralBot rolled: [1d6+12] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 20

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks grabs at beacon's shell, hissing as she sinks a magnetized blade into him and glares before dropping back to the ground, shadows lingering around him as she leaves Blight on top of him.

Aether's go!

Aether sighs, and engages the Aleph Targetting System, pointing directly to a weak point on Hermit's shell seam.

Aether: Whipping out her buster, Aether fires a lightning-charged bolt at the Hermit.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 35

gralBot rolled: [2d6+8] 13

Aether: +10

The Electricity does less damage then expected!

Aether also adds her own repair nanites to the mix.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 23

Gloomy hits!

modifier: For example, 2d6 will roll 2 six-sided dice; 10d10-3 will roll 10 ten-sided dice and subtract 3 from the total result.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+10] 14

Aether 's hands then surge with a dark, gravitic energy, swallowing the area around Hermit and Kitten in darkness. Flagging Kitten's known location to CB, Aether calls out. "Now, CB!"

CB's turn!

Aether: :|

[OOC] Astros: -RETGONE

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 29

As CB rushes in, Beacon focuses a bunch of lasers at CB's feet, and forced him to a stop (1/encounter, Stop a charge at any point you wish as an immediate)

[OOC] GralDM: Keeping you where you are

PMX-CB stops short, narrowing his eyes. He pauses for a moment to lean over and flick a switch on his shoulder mount speakers.



gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d6+24] 27

That harms Hermit enough for the Seekers readied actions to go off! DC 14 Reflex from CB

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 21

gralBot rolled: [2d4+5] 10

Astros's go

Annette places a Generator by CB and Gloom, adding 7 to the pool, + the 7 from this turn, for 14 in total.

Astros moves on up, studying Beacon Hermit's moves closely before attacking... (( Improvisation, self, perception bluff, etc. ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 21

Astros fails to get a good read on him - but it's not like that's the kind of thing that's going to stop him from taking a shot.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+18] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 13

Beacon concentrates per second... and the shell takes off flying, revealing that Hermit has a ... jetpack under it?!?!. The Shell spins, dealing 5 damage to everyone in close to him, and then flies straight towards Gloom, looking to be on an intercept course.

** GralDM changes topic to "Beacon 24 | Jelliy Seekers 23 | Gloom: 20 | Aether: 19 | CB: 17 | Astros: 15 | Shell 10"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 18

Aether: "Oh, that's just -cheating.-"

Beacon does weird shuffling manuvers to escape the groups melee range (5 ft steps) then engages the jet pack becoming [Flying]

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 29

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks starts uttering a stream of profanity and sends a note to ALL CAPS guy along the lines of "Any chance that's got some sort of external control and you can disable it, oh benefactor?"

GralDM: "Nope, this guy is a real jerk face though ain't he?"

[OOC] GralDM: Except all caps, missed that I didn't turn on caps lock

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 10

Strangely his jet pack doesn't quite start up, he frowns focusing on the group again.

He then chooses a target aiming at Gloomy, this time more focused, powerful lasers. He yells, "Monster, you will die for what you did to inkfish. Curse you and your cruetly."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 21, 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 27

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks evades one of them but gets hit by the follow up two

[OOC] GralDM: 12 HP reduction BEFORE damage, and:

gralBot rolled: [1d6+25] 30

[OOC] GralDM: And Blinded and burning unless you make a reflex save DC 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 30

Beacon finishes, the Jellies behind him send weak streams of electricity at him, powering him up a bit, before sending another bolt at CB

gralBot rolled: [2d4+5] 12

[OOC] GralDM: 12 electricy to CB, or 6 with a DC 14 Reflex save

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 22

Gloom's turn.

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks takes a laser to the side, the smell of burning synthflesh filling the room as she gives a pain laced grin. "It's funny. As she lay dying, all she wanted was for me to not kill you the same way I killed her. It'd be a shame to not deny her that dying wish, right?"

PMX-CB grunts in annoyance as the electricity washes over the Ride's plating. "Stop that."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 20

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks leaps up into the air and stabs at Beacon but fails horribly

Aether's go.

Aether 's hands then surge with a dark, gravitic energy, swallowing the area around Hermit and Kitten in darkness. Flagging Kitten's known location to CB, Aether calls out. "Now, CB!"

PMX-CB pulls out a rarely-used tool from his combat kit. "Shaped deflect/ablate engaged."

Aether keeps the nanites going after she preps the attempted lockdown. Goddammit, this better work...

CB's go, in the mean time.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 16

PMX-CB cocks back a fist and then goes with an under-arm sweep, trying to knock the crab down!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 20

Astros' go

Annette's pool increases! 21 HP is now available again.

Astros inches closer to Hermit Crab again, but turns his attention to the nearest Jelly Seeker! (( Inspiration, bluff, you know the drill ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 34

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 23

That jelly bot is destroyed, shars breaking a few adjacent ones.

The shell makes a DC 20 fort save!

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 7

Fails, nauseated!

Beacon makes a DC 20 fort save!

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 7

... also fails

Aether finally has something resembling a plan, then.

Beacon uses the move action he has to try and become [Flying], to help him manuver out.

Beacon makes an acrobatics check to avoid the AoO to do with taking off!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 35

gralBot rolled: [1d100] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 15

Jelly seekers don't have Line of Effect to anyone but Gloomy.

Lighting to gloomy!

gralBot rolled: [2d4+5] 9

[OOC] GralDM: Dc 14 Reflex for half elec

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

Gloom's turn!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 23

GloomKittenAssassinOfMavericks murders a jelly fish bot with a kunai.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+5] 8

Aether's go!

Aether Lungbreaker locks Hermit again while keeping the nanites going!

CB's go!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

PMX-CB uses his finesse operating his ride to make his way up the platform and continue the engagement.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 24

PMX-CB makes a careful swipe at the outside of the Hungry's reach, aiming to disorient the direction the jetpack's thrust turns.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+21] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d100] 100

Astros's go.

Astros fires on one of the jellies again!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+18] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 23

The last of the Jelly fish are destroyed by the shards of the blown up one flying into them.

Shell Nauseate check

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 7

GralDM: NEXT TIME: You finish this guy off, maybe Gralbot isn't so strange.

gralBot: ``===========================`` Sesssion End! ``===========================``

Session 25

gralBot: ``=================================`` Session Start ``=================================``

GralDM: Last time, you engaged Crystal snail in combat

GralDM: Its going... okay? He is dreadfully dangerous, but you have a number of advantages on your side leaving him unable to fight back currently.

GloomKittenTheDestroyer: (I thought that was the octopus and that the RNG was fucking us up the ass?)

GralDM: We had just finished the previous round I believe?

GloomKittenTheDestroyer: We had

[OOC] GralDM: It is in fact Beacon Hermit, I acciddently thought of Megaman X2

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

GralDM: Beacon flies about a bit. Jelly seekers...

Aether: "Take out his help! I'll keep him locked down for as long as I can!"

Session 26

gralBot: ``====================================`` Session start ``====================================``

GralDM: Last time, Beacon Hermit lost his turn. Damn dice.

GralDM: This time, the Jelly seekers send a simple electrical attack at...

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 1

GralDM: Astros, DC 14 Reflex save for half of

gralBot rolled: [2d4+5] 13

GralDM: Electric damage

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 19

GralDM: Gloom's turn.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 25

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE leaps into the air and smacks the crab with a Flatfooted!Grappling!StabToTheFace technique!

gralBot rolled: [3d6+10] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 23

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE then falls to the ground, grinning like the cat that got the canary.

Aether continues the gravitic lockdown, ensuring she buys enough time for everyone else to clean house.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 23

Aether stands her ground, continuing to let her gravitic array and nanites do the work. The only way out was through.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 27

PMX-CB decides to take out the rest of the mechaniloid help.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 21

GralDM: The Jelly speakers are almost entirely routed, with only a few stragglers left

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 30

PMX-CB overloads the fans on his fist and blasts the remaining few clear.

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 1

Astros takes aim at the big cheese this time, trying to light him up while he can't fight back! (( Improvisation self, bluff first, shot second ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+17] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 22

GralDM: The shell spins around Beacon hermit: 5 damage to Gloom for being near Beacon hermit!

GralDM: Beacon Hermit finally able to attack focuses on Gloom, sending a spiral of attacks straight at her!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 25, 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 20

GralDM: Beacon hermit then seems to try to catch his breath (Vigor)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

GralDM: 12 HP Reduction before the damage (HP reduction cannot exceed half your HP, let me know how much you take) then...

gralBot rolled: [1d6+24] 28

[OOC] GralDM: Laser] damage. And [Blind] and [Burned] unelss you succeed on a DC 19 Reflex save.

GralDM: The jellies focus PM-CB: DC 14 reflex save for hald of

gralBot rolled: [2d4+5] 11

GralDM: Electricity

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 21

PMX-CB: woo

PMX-CB: 5 or 6?

[OOC] GralDM: 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 2

[OOC] GralDM: 2 Burning damage at the start of GloomY's turn

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE is on fire and pissed off.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 27

gralBot rolled: [3d6+10] 23

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE is attempting a grapple!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 12

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE is pissed off and on fire, and responds by jumping onto Beacon and riding him face first into the ground for Massive Damage!

GralDM: "Get off of me, you harlot!"

PMX-CB: "Who uses the word 'harlot?'"

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE: "Hey now, just because I get to tap dat ass regularly does not mean my talents are for sale. I am in a committed relationship with my wallet, thank you."

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE also causes shadows to erupt around her and Beacon, and then ends turn.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 26

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+18] 31

gralBot rolled: [1d6+21] 26

PMX-CB turns on Hermit and rushes him down, fist leading!

GralDM: Beacon Hermit is pretty beat up at this point, and is starting to lose his breath, "You brutes. You dare to stop me? To destroy everything I've worked for?"

PMX-CB: "Why don't you tell us WHAT you've worked for?"

Astros blasts away at the jellies! (( Bluff, shooting ))

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 35

GralDM: Astros destroys the remaining Jellies.

GralDM: "Ailens. I will unveil, and find proof, of Ailens. The technology found and mastered. I am so close, and yet I am opposed by those of you who lead with violence."

GralDM: The shell spins around Beacon again, dealing 5 damage to PMX-CB and Gloomy, and then flies at Gloomy again

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 21

GralDM: Beacon tries to slip around Gloomy to escape the grab! (Move)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 26

GralDM: Beacon escapes the grab, and tries to blast away Gloomy before any more injurires occur to himself.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 25, 34

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 13

GralDM: (CB AoO before I deal damage)

GralDM: (Oh HP Reduction due to bleeding, not that it will matter:)

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 14

gralBot rolled: [2d6+36] 40

[OOC] GralDM: 40 damage to Gloomy, how is Gloomy holding up?

gralBot rolled: [2d4] 3

[OOC] GralDM: Remember Burning ignores DR / Resistance

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 22

gralBot rolled: [3d6+10] 20

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE does brutal stabity things all over this fucking crab's carapace and leaves him doing that sexy MMZ 'sliced in half' animation thing

GralDM: Gloomy springs back up and launches herself at Hermit, chooping his eyestalks, and his hands, before dividing him in half!

GralDM: All that remains is a vaguely angry floating Shell

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d20+18] 37

gralBot rolled: [1d6+21] 24

PMX-CB turns and crunches his fist into the shell, hoping to batter it down

The shell deflects away most of the hit, but the cracks on it are starting to cause it problems.

Astro's notices an internal power pack now that there isn't LASERS EVERYWHERE. He aims at it...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+17] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+11] 16

Astros hits the pack, and the shell powers down. TARGETS ELIMINATED.

** GralDM changes topic to "Out of Initiatve"

GralDM: Annete calls in, "

GralDM: "Looks like they detected you in all that chaos. The sea forces are scrambling away, but some are heading to destroy the base. A rescue shuttle is on its way, it should arrive before they get to you."

PMX-CB hefts the shell in his Ride's hands. "Anything we need to do first?"

There is the big impressive computer array that Hermit was using, I guess?

Aether goes over to the big array and starts hacking it. Pretty soon data is transmistting to you guys. IT seems to be mostly locations. Crossreferencing them, they are mostly where the other mavericks are, and some of the other locations of interest you have. You notice there seem to be a few blinking dots overlapping at your current location, as well as a few others concentrated in the UK.

PMX-CB: "Crossreference to alien sightings? Maybe stonehenge or the like for other conspiracy...stuff."

There also seems to be one in the San Francisco area.

PMX-CB: "Hm."

Annette checks that angle, "Good idea, but doesn't seem like most of these areas are particularly mystical."

GralDM: "While there have been some claimed ailen sightings in the areas, its not like Roswell or something like that."


GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE totally isn't a reploid with perfect recall.

PMX-CB: "Your location's on this, is it?"


GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE shrugs. "He's obviously part of the organization we're wrecking."


PMX-CB: "Then what's the problem?"

Astros: "Where's our ride coming in, Annette?"

GralDM: "Eta is 3 minutes Astros."


PMX-CB: "I'm going to bet they're not."

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE: "I'm willing to bet that they're Wily installations or gear."

PMX-CB: "Or these robot master parts. Or other tarot members. Or both are one and the same."

PMX-CB: "...Also, someone needs to tell command that Hermit was not C class."

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE: "Also that, please."

GLOOMYDEATHMACHINE pokes herself in the arm. "ow."

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GralDM: The transport comes in, and Annette notifies you she has sent in the report. Apparently Command is quite impressed with how much Beacon upgraded himself from a civilian class replioid, and have posthumously raised him to a B rank.

GralDM: Of course, that begs the question: How many of the other Mavericks are mislabelled.

PMX-CB: "How wonderful for us."

You arrive back, debrief, and get your pay. Weapon data will take a bit, since its been seized under "How the hell did he get Crystal Snail's shell" as evidence. You have a good amount of off time on the books, and have a relatively fat purse.

Session 27

gralBot: ``=============================`` Session Start ``=============================``

GralDM: Last time you defeated Beacon Hermit, got paid, and made it back to base.

Aether: Not necessarily in that order.

GralDM: Now you have free time: So what are you going to do with it? A night on the town? Organizing an event? Who knows!

GloomKittenTheTired got paid, got back to base, and then defeated Beacon Hermit

PMX-CB quickly puts his head together with a few of the 2nd's engineering staff, heads together and voices low as he discusses tricking out his ride. Armor.

Aether is talking shop with another branch of 2nd's R&D regarding what to make of Hermit's data. Cookies and tea may or may not be involved.

GloomKittenTheTired is checking on her pet human

Astros is off to check on a certain hospital with a certain de-limbed girl in it. He trusts R&D to be able to handle his stuff on their own; after all, they came up with the frost cannon.

Astros may or may not have some cookies and a soda hidden on his person. >_>

Aether: Nonetheless, Aether does have time to check up on CB, juggling a thumb drive idly as she makes her way over. "Anything interesting in the engineering pipeline for you?"

PMX-CB nods. "Found good way to implement the tech." He nonchalantly whacks a new cowling mounted over the Hungry's fist, causing a burst of blue light as a row of emitters on it pulse-fire.

Aether: "Shiny."

Aether extends a bag of cookies over to CB. Snickerdoodles, no shipping notes.

PMX-CB pauses for a moment before taking one, popping it under his faceplate. "How about you?"

Aether: Instead there's a crude drawing of a different TCX unit on there with angry eyebrows and sharp teeth. A red text bubble extends from the cartoon TCX's angry mouth: "BITE ME YE SHRIEKIN' HARPY"

Aether: "Thinking. Allllways thinking. It's thinking that tends to result in my own R&D-ables being processed late, but I don't mind."

Aether: "Currently they're also focused on tuning up the AIVC system for something a little more direct than elemental channeling. I never did get the details, but one of the lab rats there did giggle like a little schoolgirl when mentioning it, so I'm not sure if I should be frightened or not."

PMX-CB: "As a matter of course... yes."

Aether: "Everything should be a big red warning flag when it comes to them. Gives me the bloody jibblies, it does."

Aether: "...."

Aether: "A-jibblie-jibblie."

PMX-CB chuckles at that, a little. "'Jibblie?'"

Aether: "You know. The bog-standard unit for measuring unsettlement."

Aether: "Think we're at 1.8 kiloJibblies."

At around the same time, Astros and GloomKitten get access to Una's room. She is looking better. A bit happier.

Aether: "Also spinning around the idea of turning in this little document. Kinda fifty-fifty on this one."

Astros actually had *no idea* Kitten would be there. Sure, he could've guessed, but he was assuming everyone else would be wrapped up with R&D/going out on the town. "Same idea, huh?"

PMX-CB: ""

GralDM: Una looks over at you two and says, "Oh you are back. I really must apologize, I acted very rudely to both of you."

PMX-CB: "Not sure."

Astros: "Coulda been worse. Don't sweat it."

GloomKittenTheTired shrugs. "I've been treated worse."

Aether: "It's, uh."

Aether: "It's a formal request to step down as the acting leader of ReSET."

PMX-CB: "...REALLY not sure. Why?"

Aether: "Me calling the shots hasn't exactly done us a fat lot of good, really."

Aether: "I'm built for tac-support and teaching, not so much leading, I suppose."

PMX-CB stops and stares at Aether blankly. The eyeless visor adds to the effect.

PMX-CB: "...We're alive, aren't we?"

PMX-CB: "Missions are complete, aren't they?"

Aether: "With some rough spots, yeah."

GralDM: "I hear I will be getting limbs again, so that will be nice. Oh I had another visitor today. A famous Reploid doctor apparently, touring the facilities, offering hope to those of us injured by Mavericks."

Astros seats himself - a little awkwardly, given his bulk, but he manages. "Doppler? What'd he have to say?"

GloomKittenTheTired nods, humming softly as she remotely accesses her bank account using the hospital wifi and double checks that -she's- the one responsible for the limb replaecments

PMX-CB: "Rough spots kind of... inevitable. Hunters."

PMX-CB: "...Know why I got forwarded as a warrant officer candidate?"

Aether: "Enlighten me."

GralDM: "He talked about the maverick cure. About moving so much spending away from maverick hunters, as your role can be massively reduced. That sort of thing."

Astros procures a few cookies and drinks. "Oh, yeah, brought a few refreshments. Last time Annette was in the hospital she was complaining about shitty hospital food the whole time, so I figured..."

PMX-CB: "Vienna. Ride armor disabled. Held off mavericks with SMG and bindle until help came."

PMX-CB: "...Point is, problems are part of the job. You're doing good. ... I think, anyway."

GloomKittenTheTired snorts at the thought of the maverick hunters getting budget cuts.

Gloom finds out that she is the the source, but a note on the profile saids that Doppler has also arranged for the start of a case of getting her citizenship.

Aether: "Can you point out any time where I made a call that even mattered, though?"

Astros: "Makes sense," he adds. "If there's less Mavericks for us to deal with, we don't need as much resources."

GralDM: Una looks at the food a bit doubiously, "I have heard of cookies... but I haven't exactly had many. The food here is already better then most of what I had at home..."

PMX-CB: "If I can't point out a call, how can you say you've made bad ones?"

GloomKittenTheTired is about to respond when Una speaks and she frowns and orders a pizza to be delivered to the hospital. "If you had limbs, we'd be doing a buffet of all sorts of foods, but since that's not possible, lets get you the best piece of human food ever made."

Aether: "Bluh," she sputters out, but manages a chuckle as she pockets the drive.

Aether: "I suppose I just can't win with you, then."

GralDM: "I take it this is either the legendary pizza, or Bacon?"

PMX-CB 's voice is faintly amused. "Guess not. Speaking of plans... been considering changing my combat loadout."

GloomKittenTheTired adds bacon to the pizza she ordered.

GloomKittenTheTired: "Both!"

Aether: "Ooooh. What's the plan?"

Astros lobs the bag of cookies Gloomy's way. After all - Gloomy ``=`` mobile ``=`` less energy spent getting the cookies to Una, right? "Hey, Kitten, catch."

PMX-CB: "Variant engineer kit. Sapper loadout."

GralDM: "So. Uh, I feel like I'm doing the entire converstaion here. Anything you two wanted to ask me?"

GloomKittenTheTired catches without even looking. "I'm here to kill time. I'd rather watch over you than go celebrate a successful mission."

Aether: "What are you keeping, then?"

GloomKittenTheTired extracts a cookie from the bag and holds it close enough for Una to nom it if she wants.

PMX-CB: "Knowledge, know-how. Big fists. Can still take a little time to help tune gear and make repairs."

Una takes a bite, "I'm boring really. Nothing happens here, but I guess its better for recovering."

Over at the second, it suddenly gets loud. It sounds like two reploids arguing at the top of their lungs, but you are too far away to make it out, exactly. Other then its obviously not one of TCXs, that would be obvious.

PMX-CB: "...Uh oh."

Aether: "The hell?"

PMX-CB: "Let's see."

Aether: "Can't be the sisters; they're too distinctive for that."

PMX-CB heads out to investigate.

Moving over and investigating finds Electric Leveret and Tornado Panda foreheads against each other, yelling really loudly. Annette is at the side, ear muffs on, trying to get them to calm down.

GralDM: Panda yells, "George RR Martin was the KING of the 20xx fantasy genre, ya stupid git."

GralDM: Leverit scoffs and yells back, "Martin is a hack, relying on shock value instead of real development. You have to look at Sanderson to really get a grasp of the literature of the time."

Astros: "Smuggled in a drink, too."

GloomKittenTheTired shrugs. "Details on our missions are classified, but... it seems like everywhere we go we're running into the plot you're all wrapped up in. I can't be around people at the moment though."

PMX-CB turns to look at Aether. "Do you read?"

Astros lifts up an orange soda!... and promptly sets it to the side now that Kitten's talking. "Eh? What's wrong?"

GralDM: Annette glances back and sees you, mouths, "Help me."

GloomKittenTheTired: "Lots more murder than strictly necessary. It bugs me fighting zealots."

PMX-CB shrugs emphatically, not really up on his literature. Although, if Aether doesn't have any ideas...

Una looks away, "I guess you are wrapped up in the faction's ambitions as well. They aren't all Zealots, though if you feel like that I guess you fought Hermit..."

Astros: "Unfortunately."

Astros: "Got a face full of mechaniloid tentacle. Hurt like a *bitch*."

GloomKittenTheTired shrugs. "I honestly just wanted to go do something nice and easy. Retrieving a C-class -life guard- seemed to fit the bill and then the mission spiraled."

Astros leans back in his chair, sighing. "Well, not like we could've known he had upgrades."

GralDM: "...If you feel that way, I warn you, be careful of Wheel. I remember him being sent on missions that far outstripped him, rank rise."

Una shuts her mouth suddenlly, as if she just realized she said too much

GloomKittenTheTired ignores the information and offers another cookie.

Aether: "Not from the fantasy genre, no," she replies to CB.

PMX-CB: "Well then."

PMX-CB: "Dunno about music, but Queen is the best band that ever was."

Back at the second, the yelling match is continuing, a llama(?) reploid enters, you haven't seen him before and quickly flinches back, "Come back just before I have to go, and I find this? Some relaxiation."

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Astros passes the soda off to Kitten and takes the hint. "Unfortunately, death dealing is in our job description. Hopefully Doppler'll have some say in changing that."

Una accepts the treats, "I hope so. Its just... Hermit was a nice guy. Driven yes, charismatic yes, but he thought he was helping people... I guess a lot of them do."

"Yet, they also are perfectly willing to leave me like this. So I don't know how to feel."

Astros sighs deeply. "That's what makes going Maverick so shitty, you know?"

Aether: "Not really into rock, either. Thought jazz and electronic music was rather interesting, though...."

Aether: "But I'm not going to dispute whether or not certain rock bands were great. It's enough to get me lynched in a lot of social circles."

GralDM: "How do you... just keep going, knowing at any point you or a friend may suddenly turn?"

GloomKittenTheTired: "I make sure I have a plan to kill everyone I meet."

GralDM: "...You don't really, do you? That is Batman levels of crazy."

The llama reploid looks over and see's CB and Aether, and walks over, offering his hand, "Hi, I'm Lightleap Peruvic. Another officer of the second." , his voice is good natured, and his handshake is warm but firm.

Astros shrugs. "Maverick Hunters."

Aether: "TCX-Aleph-Null. Juuuust call me Aether." She accepts the handshake eagerly.

Astros: "I may not be quite that crazy, but - I've seen Maverick attacks on civilians first hand. I'd do just about anything to stop that from happening again."

GloomKittenTheTired: "Hah! You know Batman!" Gloomy grins but then shakes her head. "Not really though. I watch my squad closely, and I get myself scanned regularly; in the event that one of us ends up being maverick, I'm prepared to kill them, because it's what I'd want them to do if it was me. I know enough human anatomy to be put to really effective use. It's just that... I'm not sure that your organization IS

GloomKittenTheTired: infected. They're certainly -maverick- but they're not fitting the profile for infectees. "

He smiles, "Ah the famous ReSET team then. I have heard of your exploits, sadly I don't think we will have much of a chance to work together."

Una blinks, "There is a profile for infectees? This is more complicated then I thought. And I had a lot of time online, so I dug up various forms of... entertainment" , she blushes a bit but moves on, "What do you mean they don't act like they are infected?"

Aether: "...we're famous?"

Aether: "News to me. Hopefully it's the good kind of famous where we're covered in adoring fans, and not the kind that gets us the stink eye and chuckles of shame."

GloomKittenTheTired head tilts and starts poking around for her internet history, hoping she doesn't know how to delete that. "Most infected seem to quickly devolve into 'must kill humans' and aren't particularly concerned about commanders unless Sigma's involved. One of Beacon's followers was... she wasn't infected. She believed firmly that Beacon was doing the right thing, but wasn't fighting to the

GloomKittenTheTired death over it after I had her pinned. "

PMX-CB goes reflexively to salute Lightleap, awkwardly catching the motion midway through and shaking the officer's hand. "PMX-CB, combat engineer and ride armor operator, sir."

GralDM: Lemur smirks, "At ease, CB. You didn't know? The San Fran incident got all over, lots of good shots of you protecting the civilians. And the footage of Gloomy running into a building before you let the Maverick burnt it. Lots of criticism there, but smart move."


PMX-CB is about to respond, clearly surprised and pleased, when cut off by that outburst. He lifts his visor to shoot a conspiratorial look back at Aether and then to Peruvic. "Want to help me with something?"

Aether: "Um, uh....depends. Because if you're asking me to help you hide a body or some shite, no dice."

Una stares, "That is how infectees act? No wonder command was so confused when I reported back about you. Interesting, they never really taught us anything. I remember the lessons on the virus, of course, but not that level of detail."

Peruvic shrugs, "If it gets them to stop, I'd be happy to help."

PMX-CB: "Nothing bad, promise. Follow me, then."

Astros: "Unfortunately, we do know that a few of 'em are infected."

PMX-CB takes them back to the hangar at a trot and quickly dismounts some equipment from his Ride.

Astros: "Or at least one. Flare Fennec."

GralDM: "Doesn't ring a bell to me. But then, we only know code names. Major, Minor, Arcana, Wheel of Fortune, etc. Weird theme, but I guess a theme is a theme."

Aether: "Wait, what's the plan, here?"

PMX-CB: "Fight noise with noise. ... Precision noise."

Astros thinks a bit, recalling that little bit of memory. "Magician. That's his code name. You know him?"

Aether: "....we're not going to blast them with the Brown Note, are we?"

PMX-CB: "No. ... Does that work on Reploids? ... HOW would that work on Reploids? Would i-nevermind."

GralDM: "Magician? Oh yeah. They told me he was dangerous, and to stay around from him. Recruited only for a few specific missions."

PMX-CB returns with a small procession, including a few engineers who he now has the ability to storngarm with direct orders. Between the three officers, Peruvic and Aether each bear a loudspeaker-one of the shoulder-mounts for the Hungry. CB stands in the middle holding a large power array over his head with one hand, balancing a controlplate on his forearm. He punches up a few buttons,

PMX-CB and the next time the arguers speaks...

Lightleap helps carry the equipment, "And what noise will we be using"

GralDM: "?" *


Astros: "Targeted infection, then. Wonder how they managed that."

GloomKittenTheTired: "I doubt Beacon himself was infected, thinking about it. He has a loyal cult of followers and they're not also carriers? Weird, I tell you."

Astros: "It's a possibility."

Astros: "It's also possible that he was not entirely crazy when he was ranting about aliens. Who knows?"

GralDM: Leveret and Panada, argue some more but then turn around confused and glare back at the speakers, "Cut that noise, can't you see we are trying to have a reasonable argument here?"

PMX-CB carefully extends his arm to point at Anette's headphones, wordlessly.

Una smirks, "Hermit recruited Magician. I think Wheel was involved as well. Hermit did have a thing about ailens. Maybe he was looking for inspiration."

GralDM: Leveret coughs, "Maybe we got a bit out of hand. I apologize. Reading is one of our shared passions... just in different directions."

Aether: "Could at least take it somewhere private."

Aether: "People are working. And banjo-ing, for that matter."

Aether: "Is that a word? It's a word now."

GloomKittenTheTired notes that down in her head. "Una, have you put any thought into where you want to go after you get out of the hospital?"

Una shakes her head, "Not really. Up until this point, my life was the faction. Now I've been cut off, I think."

GloomKittenTheTired offers another cookie. "If you like, you can live with me at HQ. I know it'd go against what you were told but... seeing us as people instead of a badge would probably be good for you."

Panda looks embarrased, "Sorry sorry. Aether, CB, I see you have meant Lightleap. He's a good guy, goes into crazy dangerous missions. I hear he was thinking of taking the Solstrike mission."

PMX-CB: "The what?"

Lightleap smiles, "I will take it. They need the best for it. When it comes to mountains, no one beats me in recon."

GralDM: "Oh I guess you haven't heard. They have an S rank Maverick with large forces trapped up in the Himalayas. Apparently Schwarzhund is pushing some young member of the 4th to take lead of the mission."

Astros: "HQ'll bitch. Oh boy will they ever bitch about that."

Astros: "But - if that's what you think you need to do - I guess I can throw my hat in the ring and stick up for your decision."

PMX-CB: "S... way, way outside my league."

Una considers this, "I don't know what I could do there, though. I'm used to having to train for missions."

GloomKittenTheTired shrugs. "I can probably finangle you into team training, under the guise of you being a potential recruit. Plus we have free wifi."

Panda nods, "Lightleap is the best but... the little we've heard about Solstrike is nuts. A large force is already gathering."

Aether: "Same. I don't think our individual threat ranks even put us close to ready for something like that."

PMX-CB: "Given what I know... hunters establishing a perimeter around his operating area?"

PMX-CB: "I was part of one once. Rank-and-file. Assigned to assist artillery crew with 15th. Hated it."

Astros: "And hell, even if that goes sour, socializing is something you'll need to do."

"Yeah dangerous work, and its always the mass produced that lose the most in the engagements." Lightleap sighs, "But it has to be done. They think there might be 5 or 6 mavericks working with Solstrike. The 17th is even using it for some exams."

Astros: "If nothing else, I can introduce you to Annette. Think you'd get along with her."

PMX-CB: "Whoa."

Una thinks about, "You sure it won't get you in trouble? They might think I'm a spy..."

GloomKittenTheTired shrugs. "I'll handle that."

Astros: "No 'might' about that. Unfortunate fact."

"Well I suppose it would be fun. And a good chance to prove myself."

Annette finally finishes some call she was dragged into right after the noise ended, and walks back, "Hey Aether, CB. Ummm, apparently Refresh has organized a thing in the city, some 'night away from work'. She wants ReSET there and is bringing quite a few friends. You are allowed to bring others if you want."

Aether: "Oh, god."

Aether: "No. Nononononono."

Aether: "This can only end in tears. And diabetes."

GralDM: "She was very enthusiastic about it."

PMX-CB: "...Are they going to try to pair me with ... anything?"

GralDM: "I think this time you aren't the focus of her Shipping rays."

Aether: "Lies and untruths."

Aether: "No one is safe. Ever. She's setting up a date for you right as we speak, Annie."

GralDM: "Ukekekeke. She can try, I'll just scare them off."

PMX-CB: "...Tell me your secrets."

Lightleap looks back and forth between the group, "I take it this happens often?"

PMX-CB: "They keep trying to make me date stuff."

PMX-CB: "...No offense, Aether."

Aether: "Well, that's Refresh for you."

Aether: "I think Ende might be better out to hang out with if you want to avoid Refresh."

Aether: "The Terror of the Maverick Hunters, TCX-F5, Refresh."

Aether: "..."

Aether: "Oh my god."

Aether: "I JUST GOT THAT."

Lightleap is very confused, "Well, have fun kids, while you are young. I'm going to relax inside tonight."

GralDM: "Well you see CB, you just have to know how to be completetly unreasonable," Annette smiles, "It's an old secret. I guess I should go let Astros and Gloom know."

PMX-CB: "Goodbye, sir."

PMX-CB looks at Aether and lowers his visor to hide the laughing.

Aether: "You. Shut up." :<

GloomKittenTheTired hums softly in consideration and starts mentally filling out the paper work to get her inducted into the maverick hunters as a recuit and wondering where the hell the pizza is. "Soda?"

There is finally a knock on the door, and the Pizza guy comes in. "Sorry about that. The guards scanned me four times to make sure this wasn't a bomb."

GloomKittenTheTired nods, pulling a wad of cash out of... somewhere and overpays him by thirty bucks. "Alrighty. Here's your pay and a tip for the hassle. Thanks."

GralDM: "Thank you!" , He takes it and leaves.

Around the same time, Annette sends messages to Astros and Gloom about Refresh's party. Tongiht, after visiting hours are over at the Hospital.

Una starts enjoying the Pizza, "I now understand how people get fat. Why Don't people eat this all the time?"

Astros: "'cause it makes 'em fat. Also economics!"

Aether: THis message is promptly followed by one from Aether, to all the same recipients. <IT IS A MOST DEVIOUS RUSE RUN FOR YOUR FECKING LIVES SAVE YOURSELVES DON'T BE A HERO>

PMX-CB: "..."

GloomKittenTheTired extracts a slice of bacon and pepperoni topped pizza with SIX kinds of cheese, two sauces, and a stuffed crust. "I totally expect you to be able to manage half a slice and be full for a while. These things are RICH and your poor stomach won't know what to do with this much concentrated awesome."

Una, half way through a peice is definitely starting to feel it already. "I'm getting there. BUT I MUST PRESS ON. You can't leave this half eaten, it would be a crime."

Aether: "...."

Aether: "What?"

Astros abstains from the pizza for now - it's Una's, not his, and he's not particularly hungry. "Knock yourself out."

PMX-CB: "I can feel you swearing."

Aether: "Really? How -does- that feel? I imagine it's quite interesting."

gralBot: ``=============================`` Session End ``=============================``

Session 28

gralBot: ``===================================`` Session Start! ``===================================``

GralDM: Last time, Astros and Gloomy hung out with Una. Aether and CB stayed home. Noe you have all been invited to some party by Refresh.

GralDM: What do you do?

PMX-CB finds religion so he can pray to it for deliverance.

Astros says his goodbyes to Una before heading out in the party's general direction. Better that than being reminded that he was in part responsible for her current armlessness.

Aether starts breaking out every excuse in the book. Routine maintenance, sickness, but nothing will stick.

Refresh apparently knows Aether's tricks by now. And the God's do not seem to be answering CB.

Aether at least tries to find CB so she won't die alone.

Break !``~`` has joined #MMXGame

PMX-CB greets her with an all-business voice that better suits being on mission. "So. How do we convince them we're not made for each other."

Aether: "We don't."

Break !``~`` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

Aether: "Once she gets an idea into her head, we're just done for."

PMX-CB: "Crap. What do we do?"

Aether: "Best bet? We act like everything's completely okay, and we do our best to not attract suspicion. Just go out, have a few drinks and a somewhat nice dinner, and then quietly sneak out the back after paying."

Aether: "....also, hiring an escape driver might be a good idea. You know. Just in case."

PMX-CB: "...So I probably shouldn't bring the Ride."

PMX-CB turns to look at the Hungry. It has a bow tie wrapped dashingly around its rim.

Aether: "Depends. Top speed?"

PMX-CB: "...13 miles per hour, give or take."

PMX-CB: "26 for a few seconds."

Aether: "Proooobably not going to cut it for getting the hell out of Dodge, then."

Aether: "...where the hell -is- Dodge, anyway? I never did understand that."

PMX-CB: "Dodge City. Westerns."

PMX-CB only knows this because of his Morricone music collection.

Aether: :Never saw one in my life. "

PMX-CB: "Heh, me neither."

Aether: "At any rate, maybe the other two suckers - er, friends of ours - know what the hell we can do."

Aether pages Kitten and Astros.

Astros responds to that pretty quickly. "Yeah, boss?"

Aether: "Have you recently updated your last will and testament?"

Astros: "Nnnnope. Did just play the part of a cookie and soda deliveryman, though."

Aether: "Well, we're doing to be forced to take on our most difficult mission yet at about soon-o'-clock."

PMX-CB: "And no danger pay."

Aether: "CB and I are trying to arrange for an escape vehicle."

PMX-CB: "Tried to borrow a ride chaser from the 4th. The lady there just laughed and laughed and laughed until I hung up."

Gloomy is totally attempting the 'I'm visiting an injured team mate in the hospital' excuse. She also stabs Astros in the leg so he's stuck at the hospital.

Aether: " what I'm hearing is that we're actually going to have to attend."

GralDM: "Oh thats okay Gloomy, its after hospital visting hours."

GralDM: "So you can still come!"

PMX-CB: "Unless I can sap the roads..."

Gloomy: "Yeah, I'll be honest. I'd rather go give Sigma's virus ridden corpse a blow job than go to a party at the moment."

Aether: "TM-fucking-I."

PMX-CB: "...Does he even have a...? No. No, never mind."

Aether: "Nope, too late. Mental images of flaccid Sigmacock are going to flood your nightmares."

PMX-CB: "And you people wonder why I'm afraid of endo."

GralDM: Refresh replies to Gloomy, "Oh. I'm sorry, I just thought a party would cheer you up, as well as giving you a good time to meet someone new. Sorry to bug you ;_;."

Astros is a wee bit out of reach of stabby times - being out of the hospital already and all that.

Astros: "Dammit guys. What the shit?"

Gloomy: "A party would put me in a situation where I have to worry about who in the room might be infected, keep track of constantly changing escape routes, and deal with... how many people are on the guest list so far?"

GralDM: "Only Me, you four, Ende, Annette, and someone you haven't met you. But you can't be that paranoid all the time."

Aether: "....well, that's -mostly- safe. Mostly."

PMX-CB: "...still haven't figured out who sent me those speakers."

Astros: "In other words: too many. Keep an eye on the kiddo if you don't feel like going. Don't think anyone's gonna blame you."

Aether: "To be fair, if we go, we're probably going to be closer to finding out."

Aether: "Plus, hey, we may score a few cookies out of the deal."

Aether: "That girl cna bake if nothing else."

Astros: "I'm at a net negative for cookies, so that sounds pretty good to me right now."

Astros: "Either way, hurry your asses up. You really want me to beat you to the punch?"

PMX-CB: "Early bird gets worm. Second mouse gets cheese."

PMX-CB mumbles. "Third masspro soldier doesn't get shipped."

Aether: "Fourth reploid goes hungry."

Annette, Astros, Aether and CB all show up to the club Refresh choose. No visiblle name, but it has two dancing Sniper Joe's for a logo. Inside, electronic music is played through giant speakers. You are directed to a private room, and Refresh is already there.

Astros is somehow unsurprised. "Let me guess - sitting here waiting for us the whole time."

PMX-CB admires the speakers on his way in.

GralDM: She smiles at you guys showing uo, "Good to see you all again! Ende and the new girl should be here soon." She looks between Aether and CB, raising an eyebrow, "So how have you been?"

Aether: "Decidedly not dead and completely undersexed. Or something."

PMX-CB: "Decidedly not dead and comfortably unsexed."

GralDM: "Well the solution to that is simple. And of course you aren't dead, you are too cool to die."

Aether: " be fair, that -is- true."

Astros: "I had robot tentacles forcibly attached to my face. They tried to drag me into what might qualify for a swimming pool. Draw your own conclusions."

Aether: "Kinky."

GralDM: "So a rough mission all around huh? Certaintly seems to have Gloomy especially gloomy."

Aether: "It does mean less baked goods for her, so her loss."

Astros shrugs. "I think bacon pizza's a pretty solid replacement."

GralDM: A human male, about 20. dressed in a sniper joe outfit shows up, "And what can I get all of you to drink?"

PMX-CB: "Water."

PMX-CB: "...thank you."

Astros: "Cherry coke. Not in the mood for drinks. Yet."

Aether: "Cherry coke here, too."

Astros: "...cherry ginger ale."

GralDM: Annette gets a glass of wine, and Refresh gets some monstronsity containing 9 different ingredients and a whole lot of sugar.

Gloomy spends the duration of the party playing invisible batman-esque brooding guardian of Una's hospital

Aether: "So, sister, what have you been up to lately?"

Aether may or may not regret opening up the floodgates of conversation.

Astros eyes the wine. "Aren't you a little young for that?"

Astros: "Not that I really care. Bigger fish to fry."

GralDM: Refresh smiles, "A lot. Mostly training the newbie, who you are going to meet soon. Also, shipping. Lots and lots of shipping. You have made a move, right sister?"

Aether: "Soooomething like that."

Aether: "Mostly moves towards the nearest airlock."

GralDM: "Oh come on, you can do better then that. Be aggressive!"

PMX-CB: "It's the safest place to be."

PMX-CB happens to have chosen the seat on the corner in case he needs to botl.

GralDM: Ende comes, along with your drinks, she orders an Ale, "Sae, how are you guys?"

Aether: "Mostly peachy."

PMX-CB: "Busy."

Astros shrugs and sips at his drink.

Aether: "Just grinding through our mission logs, then getting poked and prodded over at Engineering because they're not quite sure what to do with the prototype AIVC just yet."

Aether: "Hearing a lot of talk about potential, but it's mostly a fancy elemental light show for now."

GralDM: Ende nods, "Thay hae tried to put me out in th' field again. Ah keep refusing. More persistant at late, probably because of you joining back up Aether."

Aether: "We're that short-handed?"

GralDM: "Some big mountain op is taking a lot o' resources. Combine with occupying Vienna and our other problems..."

PMX-CB!``~`` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

GralDM: Refresh nods, "I guess this also explains why they added new resources to us so quickly. The Solstrike op is growing huige, and the recent... events have everyone on high alert."

PMX-CB!``~`` has joined #MMXGame

[OOC] GralDM: All you missed: Refresh nods, "I guess this also explains why they added new resources to us so quickly. The Solstrike op is growing huige, and the recent... events have everyone on high alert."

GralDM: ))

PMX-CB: Back. Very sorry about that, internet failure.

GralDM: Annette takes a drink and smiles at Astros, "It's fine, Human's have been drinking irresponsibly for ages. And besides, the minimum age is lower here."

Astros: "Oh. Riiiiiight."

Astros: "Forgot about that little detail."

PMX-CB: "Lots of young drinkers in the hunters."

Aether: "Can't really blame them, with the nature of their work."

PMX-CB: "Mm."

GralDM: Refresh smiles, "All of us worry sick while you guys are out there. I mean, how could your romance advance if things go wrong?"

PMX-CB disables external comms to groan over squad frequency.

Astros grins.

Gloomy sends a query over the squad frequency.

PMX-CB: "Romance."

Gloomy: "Oh. Specific scenario presented?"

A heistant knock comes at the door. A female repolid, with long brown hair wearing a red dress with blue highlights is standing there. She smiles at Refresh who beckons her in , "This team, is the new incredibly talented new member of Communications. Iris, this is Annette, Astros, and CB. These two are my sister's, Ende and Aether"

PMX-CB 's voice drips with agony. "Dying in combat to ruin our great love." And then, new person! Comms back out. "...Hello."

Astros gives her a quick wave before returning to sipping at his drink.

Aether: "Hey, there."

Gloomy: "You dying or us dying?"

GralDM: She bows, "Um, pleased to meet you all. Refresh has told me a lot about you," she blushes, "Perhaps too much."

Aether: "Wait, what? What did she say?"

Aether: "Because she's definitely know to ,uh, tell some rather interesting stories."

Astros: "I'm sure she told the nitty-gritty details of the love triangle between you, CB, and The Hungry."

Astros: "Plus some truth stretching here and there. Just a guess."

GralDM: Iris opens her mouth, but Refresh has her index finger at her mouth and is waving her other arm rapidly, "Uh, basically yes."

PMX-CB!``~`` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

GralDM: Annette smiles, "You can tell us, we won't be offended."

GralDM: Iris blushes deeper and goes, "Umm, she told me about CB, Aether, Gloomy, you, and someone else together, in the Hungry..." , she blushes bright crimson at the thought.

GralDM: Refresh gets a look of defeat and then prepares to back away rapidly from Aether.

Aether: "...."

Aether: "Bloody wonderful."

Aether: "SO, no, that didn't happen."


Astros: "Oh man!"

Astros makes sure to broadcast the laughter, THAT'S for damn sure.

GralDM: Annette blushes also but laughs, "Ukekekekeke, sounds like fun, but no, it hasn't happened. Refresh has... quite the imagination."


Astros has to take a few just to calm the laughter down.

GralDM: Iris takes a seat and tries to speak up after the laughter, "Well, my name is Iris, I'm part of Dr Cain's Repliforce project. I'm hoping to one day be a navigator for Mr X or Mr Zero" , she blushes quickly at the second name, "I have a brother, and I am still trying to figure out my interests."

Astros: "Lofty goals, huh? Good on you."

Aether: "Definitely aiming to assist some big names, there."

GralDM: "Dr Cain has high hopes for my Brother and I. He told us to aim high, so I figured how much higher could I aim? How about you guys, any goals?"

Aether: "Honestly, I was thrust back into active service so quickly that I didn't really think about it much. I used to be an instructor."

Astros: "Blow unrepentant Mavericks right the fuck up. Low hanging fruit, I know, but it's worked for me so far."

PMX-CB!``~`` has joined #MMXGame

GralDM: Annette shrugs, "I'm making it up as I go along."

Gloomy: "Reploid Rights, yo. Ideally we won't get 'pet projects' like me."

GralDM: Refresh mumbles sonthing about shipping some high level reploids. Ende shrugs and simply saids, "Retried already" .

PMX-CB puts his head down and remains stone silent in all this.

Astros offers back pats.

GralDM: Refresh smiles, "Just remember, when Iris is famous, you knew her when she was just a wee reploid."

GralDM: Iris blushes, "You shouldn't make fun of people like that." Refresh smiles, "Oh come on, you like it."

Gloomy: "When Iris is famous, I'm going to be very decisively unknown. Let X have the fame, I want the job fun."

PMX-CB: "Sure he doesn't want it."

Gloomy: "He doesn't want it, neither does Zero, but they can have it so that the rest of us don't have to deal with... fan clubs."

Aether: "A lack of a fan club won't save you from people like Refresh."

PMX-CB: "I noticed."

Gloomy: "People like Refresh couldn't keep up with me in bed if they tried, so they don't matter."

GralDM: Refresh smiles, "Speaking of Fan Clubs, if you are just going to spy, why don't you come over Gloomy?"

Astros: "Uh, security work."

GralDM: "Security work? For what? Who?"

Gloomy patches Refresh into her Tactical Interface, and gives Refresh a view of her running circuits around the hospital jumping from roof to roof and pulling various acrobatic stunts. "Because you. Can't. Keep. Up. I've got all the tension from combat built up, and I doubt you want the party disrupted with a spar."

Gloomy: "Besides, if I were to turn up, I'd have to give my reaction to hearing about this orgy involving my team."

PMX-CB: "Stooooooooooooop..."

Gloomy: "Do you -really- want me there?"

GralDM: Refresh turns scarlet, "I uh, guess not. But I will remember this, you will end up at one of my parties yet!"

Gloomy scoffs. "Your parties are like a five year old's tea parties, and no one AT your party is even Endo enabled other than Annette, who is rather decisively offlimits because of being... fleshy."

Annette smiles, "I guess she is learning the sort of handful Gloomy is."

Astros: "We're all handfuls in our own way, really."

GralDM: "Oh, I wouldn'

GralDM: t say that. "

GralDM: "You and CB can basically be left alone without issue."

GralDM: "Aether and Gloomy though? They know how to cause trouble. I think it's part of the TCX series, and well, Gloomy's unique construction."

Gloomy cuts the connection to her tactical interface as she's freefalling from roughly five stories up into the hospital's front driveway to walk back inside. "I take offense to that."

GralDM: Ende scowls, "Ah dinnae cause anybody any trouble, thank yae."

Annette just rolls her eyes

GralDM: Refresh searches for a new topic, "So, have you meant all of the 2nd's officers yet? I know a lot of them are out and about usually."

Astros finishes the rest of his drink off. "We've met a few, yeah."

PMX-CB: "Some. Heheh."

Astros glances around in search of mostly-finished drinks - he's in the mood to go hunt down a waiter.

GralDM: A waiter shows up, as if on queue, "Sorry about the wait, any food or drinks?"

Aether: "Let's see what's on the menu...."

Iris gets a water as well, and skips food.

Aether is up for something vaguely exotic. Perhaps some sort of Asian food.

PMX-CB orders ... fries. Loaded chili cheese fries.

Aether gets something vaguely unpronounceable, but it sounds Korean.

Gloomy sends a bill to aether for... soda from a vending machine and three candy bars?

Astros finds that convenient enough. "Refill of cherry coke. And - hell, you guys have any pizza?"

GralDM: "We do, menu page 3."

Aether: "Gimme a cherry limeade with the dolsot bibimbap."

GralDM: Annette and Refresh both order sausages of some sort, Annette explains its a bit of a Navigator tradition at these parties.

Astros isn't totally craving pizza after Gloomy ordered one for Una, nope. "Rockin'. I'll take one. You have any specialty toppings?"

Aether: "After the conversation we just had, the reason is obviously dicks."

Gloomy: "Pft. Patterns."

GralDM: "Nothing unusual, we aren't exaclty a Gourmet pizza shop... yet."

GralDM: Refresh counts off on her fingers, "Lightleap, Blast, Tornado, Terrorist, Leveret, Koala, and Swan is the current count."

Astros: "Then - ah, hell. Bacon pizza doable?"

GralDM: "Done"

Astros: "Thanks."

GralDM: After the waiter leaves, Refresh looks around conspiritally, "You haven't had any bad data yet have you? Appearntly things have been going wrong for some of the other squads. The fourth and first are having a heck of a time."

Gloomy: "We haven't had a mission with GOOD intel yet."

GralDM: Annette scowls, "That isn't true Gloomy. The Train mission went fine."

Gloomy: "The exception that proves the rule."

GralDM: "Many are wondering if its the 2nd screwing up, or data is being mistranslated somewhere down the line."

PMX-CB: "Really?"

GralDM: "Yeah, but its weird. It's obviously doesn't fit the Maverick patterns, its almost dissent from within - dangerous dissent. You guys should be careful."

Astros: "Don't have to tell us twice. We'll keep it in mind."

Gloomy: "I go into every mission now assuming that Command is trying to kill us through withholding information. Need to Know gets people killed."

GralDM: Iris frowns at the conversation, and quickly scrolls over some data, "You guys have some tricky missions. Any idea which one you are going to take next? Quite the diverse set of conditions."

PMX-CB: "Not a clue."

PMX-CB: "Whatever seems most pressing, I guess."

Ende glances over, "Ah know Ahm not supposed to know about offical hunter activity, but I did some instruction for Flare Feenec. He was a good kid, too bad he went Maverick."

Gloomy: "I'm still pissed. Beacon was supposed to have a good sensor system, and the VWES that we pulled had nothing to do with sensors."

PMX-CB: "Crazy shell. Craaazy shell."

GralDM: Refresh shakes her head, "No helping it sometimes. Civilian reploids that turn often try to over equip to compensate. Not that most of them have the resources."

GralDM: Iris reads through each one, "Shatter Jackdaw kinda sticks out like a sore thumb. C rank unit that managed to slip through hunters hands, and is now working in a concetrated effort?"

Gloomy: "Honestly, I'd rather hit that abandoned base. They were doing some crazy shit out there and then pulled out."

GralDM: "You have the most information about it. It'd be a sensible destiniation. Otherwise I'd suggest Gute or the Generators. You have fought Gute before, so you likely have a decent idea of his strength."

Astros: "Prolly upgraded himself since then, so I wouldn't count on it."

Gloomy: "Actually, Gute just sort of... ran as soon as we showed up."

PMX-CB 's voice is full of unusual pride. "I punched him right in his face."

Aether: "I've got footage of it in slo-mo."

gralBot: ``===================================`` Session End! ``===================================``

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