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Location: Amazon Rainforest

Objective: Find out what the Maverick forces are searching for.

Weapon development base. Attempt to make a 'downloadable' space time weapon, so you could send it directly to a hunter, they use it, and then retrieve it, making it very difficult for Mavericks to gain control of it. The weapon exploded.




An old Maverick Hunter base in the Amazon Rainforest has recently come to life. Maverick forces seem to be occupying it, but there shouldn't be anything of note there. The odd Classification of information means more is going on there then meets the eye.

  • The weapon required a massive energy source, which caused the disaster in the base.
  • Nothing should be left of the weapon
  • Spatial warps there, consider bringing in a Human.

Its believed that no Maverick is currently at the base.

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