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Session 8

gralBot: ``===============`` Session 000X? Start! ``===============``

GralDM: Gral really needs to dump logs to the wiki and count the session number

GralDM: Anyway

GralDM: Last time you succcssfully defeated the Ice Orb and flew home

GralDM: Longshot is ready to debrief you, you have repairs to do, and Aether's Sisters are in house. Tread carefully.

GralDM: Also, you have some information on the Jungle Base to learn, and the Robot master part.

GralDM: The group arrives back at the Second headquarters, through the hangar...

Aether does her best to act ill around her sisters, for whatever good that will do.

Aether: "Okay, so....let's see if we can't -avoid- those two."

PMX-CB somehow radiates amusement.

Astros grins. Not so much from getting back to base - but from getting back to base relatively unscathed *AND* with new weapons data.\

Aether: "For the record, F5 - or Refresh - is just the cheeriest person you'll ever meet. Seriously. You'll have to punch entire boatloads of kittens to shake off the sugary-sweet feeling."

Aether: "And if she starts the romantic speculation, you have my permission to flee the premises."

Aether: "Other than that, she's not a terrible Navigator, but that requires being able to stand her first."

Aether: "As for Omega-9....that is, Ende...."

Aether: "Kind of the more subdued, serious, always-aware-and-nothing-ever-gets-past-her type. Not completely humorless, but you can at least stay in a room with her for more than five minutes."

Aether: "She's a field instructor, and pretty discerning. Bit of a complainer about the little things but she knows what she's doing."

Astros yawns. "In other words - try to embarrass you as much as is possible while they're around and remember the specifics for afterwards. Got it."

Aether: "Push the right buttons and you can get some favors out of her. Like, I dunno. Make her lose a drunken bet or something."

Aether: "And if you hate my accent, well, uh. Ende's pretty much Scottish. You'll have to deal."

Aether: "I have -no- idea what is up with the TCX line and their odd audio quirks, but there you go."

Astros: " Scottish?"

Aether: "Not quite Glaswegian."

Astros: "Still discernable Scottish, or indecipherable blathering from Hell Scottish?"

Aether: "More level-headed than the old stereotype."

Aether: "So I guess the former."

GralDM: Annette enters the hangar, looking around conspiringly, "They are in the bar, you guys are safe for now. CB, your package is over there." , she points to a large box about the size of a Ride armors arm across.

Astros shrugs. "Works for me."

Aether breathes a HEAVY sigh of relief. "Then I've got time to plan my escape if need be."

Aether: "So! About the weapons analysis and that strange arm."

PMX-CB inspects it, curious.

GralDM: The package, once opened, is obviously a set of large speakers with mounts for a ride armor. A note on it states only, "an apology."

Aether: "Yep. -Definitely- an admirer."

GralDM: "We have a guy from the 16th over, inspecting the data and the arm. He can probably explain better... Or not, you know how they love to ramble."

PMX-CB scrutinizes the note. Turns it over. Examines the writing.

GralDM: The writing isn't familiar, but you definitely remember it. Strange to apologize without saying who its from though.

Astros: "...huh."

Aether latches on to CB's arm and peers over his shoulder, in a playful but no less blatant invasion of his personal space. "So, who's the lucky one? Details, details!"

PMX-CB hands the note over. "Dunno."

Astros: "We'll prolly figure it out soon enough."

Aether: "Seriously, what are these for, then?"

PMX-CB examines the speakers and the mountings. Back-shoulder, with armored casings that protect them from fire.

Aether: She reads over the note, not quite gleaning the significance, nor necessarily recognizing the handwriting.

GralDM: Annette shrugs, "I guess battlefield intimidation? It's not like the Hungry is stealthy."

PMX-CB: "Ideas."

PMX-CB: "Good ones."

PMX-CB picks up the box and deposits it in the cockpit before clambering back in himself. "Hangar. Repairs, upgrades. EAS."

GralDM: Annette shrugs, "We should probably get you over to Longshot for Debriefing."

Astros: "...probably a good idea."

Astros: "I'll help you with the upgrades to make up for lost time."

Aether: "Take us -away- from the bar as you do so, then Annie."

Astros: "If you want, anyways."

Aether: "Trust me. They can smell -fear-."

PMX-CB: "...Copy."

GralDM: "...I doubt that Aether... Well maybe Ende can... She kinda freaks me out."

Aether: "Refresh smells romance instead, I guess. And to her, it's everywhere."

Aether: "No couple shall remain unshipped."

PMX-CB: "...Says the Secret Admirer woman."

Aether: "Strictly a matter of business and concern for the outfit, CB."

GralDM: Annette leads you the long way to Longshot Koala's command, whom nods as you enter, "This should be simple. No civilian damage, arms acquired, no strange explosions... So tell me about the mission. Annette mentioned that you had some unexpected occurances."

Aether is curious as to what, exactly, constitutes a 'strange' explosion. Like, as opposed to a normal one?

Aether: "Not much to it. Ran into more ride armors than strictly expected, so we took some hits on the way in."

Astros: "Big-ass ice orb. Cold conditions. And the damn rats."

Astros gestures to the bite marks on his feet.

Astros: "The *damn rats*."

PMX-CB: "Sensors. Mechaniloids. 'Cups 10.'"

Koala nods "The ..tarot? thing. Strange ordering system, why reference a long dead playing card format?"

Astros: "Maybe our perpetrators of villainy are a little bit older than we're thinking they are?"

Aether: "Well, they might be using it for the more mystical significance. Divining and reading the future and all that rot."

Astros: "Or they're just pretentious. Can never discount that"

Koala drums his fingers on his rifle, "Ah the pretentious mystical stuff. Apparently the card has to do with happiness and harmony, or a misalignment of values. Any of that sound right? If they are referencing the card, we may be able to start guessing at the abilities..."

Aether: "It was a huge fuck-off ice orb. Not much value in that, I don't think."

PMX-CB: "Misalignment... forced to make models for mavericks?"

Aether: "Forced to ferry them, maybe?"

Aether: "It seemed quite happy to blast us away, in any case."

Koala nods, "So we really don't know. Other than apparently cups is associated with Water? Which probably means they have a Fire, Wind, and Earth one as well. The great elemental guessing game."

Aether: "...I'm starting to lean towards the pretension theory, myself."

Aether: "What was the last tarot-related one we took care of? Back at Pillar, I mean."

GralDM: "Pentacles nine. Ostensibly related to Earth."

PMX-CB: "Borer machine."

GralDM: "Luxury, Culmination, self-sufficiency, Over-investment in work... what grok they came up with."

Aether: "THen there we have it. They're shite at symbolism."

Aether: "What's the status on the train and the ride armors, anyway? Is the secondary team still at it?"

GralDM: Koala nods, "Yes they are. But they sent me this..."

Koala draws out a part from underneath his desk, clearly labelled with the Skyscraper Industries Logo.

GralDM: "Why did the train have parts from Skyscraper Industries? I need to know what you think as field agents."

Aether: "It's not necessarily a smoking gun, but it -is- suspicious."

Astros: "Seconded."

Aether: "Someone on the inside could have directed a few shipments over without the bigwigs knowing."

Aether: "Worst case scenario is that Skyscraper's actively assisting Mavericks, of course."

Astros: "Or their CEO could've with the help of some, well, hidden employees or something similar."

Aether: "In either case, we're going to need logs to test any claims of plausible deniability."

Koala nods, "I notice that they seem to appear an awful lot in your missions. I tried to inquire, but Command blocked it. It seems they are in the middle of a big deal of some sort, and don't want to disrupt it. Very well timed..."

Astros: "You have to admit that he looks like the most likely suspect."

GralDM: "Anything you feel I should know, that I have asked?"

PMX-CB: "...Conjecture. Tarot numbers indicate role/function."

[OOC] GralDM: haven't*

GralDM: "Explain?"

PMX-CB: "Happiness and harmony: Supply transfer. Misalignment: Stolen goods."

PMX-CB: "Pentacles. Luxury, self-sufficiency, overwork. Robbing commercial enterprise."

PMX-CB: "Targeting and transporting Skyscraper Industries material?"

Aether: "It's likely, especially if there's more than one Maverick mapped to the minor arcana."

Aether: "Partially for supply, partially as a plant to throw Hunters off? Certainly possible."

GralDM: "An interesting theory. Noted. Anything else?"

Aether: "This brings up an interesting line of inquiry - just who are the Major Arcana here?"

GralDM: Annette chimes in for this one, "Logically if mechaniloids are the Minor... the Mavericks would be the Major."

GralDM: "If that is all, dismissed. I suggest you go to the Lifesavers... Kitten has permission to unlock her full systems. And a health-check is never a bad idea."

PMX-CB: "Copy."

Aether: "Think we're due for new gear and upgrades while we're there?"

Astros: "Damn right we are."

Astros: "We've got that weapon data at worst."

GralDM: Annette notes she will head back to the bar to keep the sisters away, but she can only hold them off for so long.

PMX-CB: "Upgrade fast."

GralDM: At the lifesavers you start being checked out, while Kitten starts a longer operation. A small bearded reploid enters and nods at the group, "I'm from R&D, Euridite Model EM42. I was told you were here. You want to talk Data or the Arm first?"

Aether: "Either works, but I have to admit, I'm more curious about the arm."

GralDM: The lifesavers look obviously annoyed that the R&D model just disrupted their examination. It also seems they can't just throw him out like they normally would.

GralDM: "Lets talk about the Arm then. It is a Simulacrum, a good simulacrum. Couldn't detect the difference without techniques invented 50 years ago. Theres also some differences from some surviving maintenance records."

PMX-CB: "Odd."

Astros: "So... they're attempting to make some Robot Masters? Okay then."

GralDM: "Made for the SWN-001 'Bass' Model. Wily's secret project. Also odd. Maintenance records indicate that his parts were frequently charred and damaged internally... too high of a power output. Simulacrum is from around 70 years after the death of Dr. Light.

GralDM: "Quite possible that the corporate goons didn't know it is a fake, they never do full research."

GralDM: "Mavericks even less so."

PMX-CB: "Zing."

Astros: "Fair enough."

Aether: "Ouch."

Astros: "Although I wouldn't discount the possibility."

Astros: "Then again..."

GralDM: "Historically, neat. Technological progress has made any Robot Master obsolete. So not for war."

Aether: "So what are we going to do with it? Declare that it belongs in a museum?"

Astros: "...would there even be anyone - or anything - that would want to make that?"

Astros: "Maybe a surviving Robot Master?"

EM42 shrugs then strokes his beard, "Residual memory data? Robot M<aster that wants a friend? Model apparently wasn't very friendly though."

PMX-CB: "Any info about the makers of the fake?"

Aether: "Mind if I take a look?"

Aether taps into her decently deep knowlege of history.

GralDM: "Insufficient marks to tell what the maker is."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 26

Em42 hands the arm to Aether, pulling it out of a sleeve.

Astros thinks it over for a little bit.

Astros: "...could be a reproduction made by a living Robot Master. Not many of them would have the expertise to do something, though."

GralDM: The part has a number of ports for an old combination system, as well as systems that are quite like a VWES. Other then that, it seems to be a black box.

Aether: "....nothing seems to be out of the ordinary for it, either. Sorry, I haven't a clue."

GralDM: "Blackbox hardware. Difficult task. Like Zero's parts. Makes it hell to repair him as I understand."

Aether: "Well, they certainly tried to understand Zero, at least. They tried modeling my line after him, after all."

GralDM: "Yes. Good idea, but can't live up to the full model. Just like the X-based, in a way. Which reminds me, the Ride armor."

GralDM: "Looks like it was trying to mimic battlefield plans orgiinally designed for the PMX and TCX models. 'Owls' play as TCX, 'Bears' as PMX. Mavericks have no reason to fear each other going rogue. Good plan."

Aether: "....why didn't -I- make that connection? It makes sense."

GralDM: "Only issue - Your model data, and combat stratagem are highly classified."

Astros: "Wait, what? When the hell did they get those?"

GralDM: "How did mavericks get it?"

Astros: "Exactly!"

Aether: "TCX are relatively limited runs, too, which makes it even more suspect."

Astros gives his boss a long, hard look. "You thinking what I am?"

Aether: "Someone on the inside, you mean?"

Astros: "I don't think the cockblocking involved with Skyscraper Industries is a coincidence."

GralDM: "Very strange indeed. Not my job to speculate on Politics, only tech."

Astros: "Huh."

Astros: "So here's the big question - was it someone who went Maverick after getting up, or someone inserted by Mavericks without us knowing?"

Astros: "If it's the latter, we might be able to tell from something like, say, hardware differences."

Astros: "If they didn't cover their tracks."

PMX-CB: "PMX relatively common, at least."

Aether: "Well, we start with those with the clearance to access said plans to begin with."

EM42 transmists some data, "Already checked that. Thought ahead. Captain level and higher, PMX and TCX creators. Unlikely to be Sigma Rebels or X Hunters, as their destruction was thorough."

GralDM: "Excluding the obvious timeline issues for some of them."

Aether: "Then we're left to check misbehaving kiddies who aren't supposed to have access to all that, then."

EM42 emits a small ding and turns and leaves "Come find me and talk to me about the Data when you are ready for upgrades." He seems to be taking food out of microwave in his arm.

Aether: "Sure thing."

Aether: "Well, besides upgrades, I guess that leaves...."

Aether: "Annette. Who is at the bar. With my sisters."

Aether sighs, and hums a sufficiently dark, death-marchy tune.

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GralDM: You arrive back at the Bar, and the moment you get in you hear it - a loud scream of excitement, "NIBBLES! Ohmygosh you made it!"

GralDM: Over across the bar is a table with Ende, Refresh, Annette, Terrorist, and a Dog type reploid you don't recognize.

GralDM: Obviously everyone in the bar has noticed this outcry

PMX-CB: "...Nibbles."

GralDM: Annette waves you over, as you take the seats, everyone introduces themselves, with the dog calling himself, "Husky Fencer" . He is apparently engaged to Snow Swan.

GralDM: Refresh dots on Aether, 'whispering' "CB is too manly for you, and how obvious of a match. Astros is a much better fit. You should declare your love quickly, before you are cut down in battle. That would be so sad!"

Astros: "What."

Astros has some REALLY sharp hearing.

PMX-CB: "...What"

PMX-CB: "What what"

GralDM: "Oh no he heard. Nows your chance, quickly!"

Astros: "I'm not drunk enough for this yet."

Astros: "Actually I don't think I'll EVER be drunk enough for this."

GralDM: Ende hands a mug over to Astros, "Ye can bludy weel try. haur hae some."

Astros passes it to CB. "Big guy first."

Aether sighs.

Aether: "No one will ever be drunk enough."

Astros doesn't comment on the part where he's quite a bit larger than CB minus armor.

Aether: "That said, we can try to -start-."

PMX-CB: "...never."

Aether: "That said, I think she just backhandedly called Astros unmanly."

Astros shrugs. "My manliness is self-evident when we're in action."

GralDM: "I would never suggest such a thing! It's just CB radiates manliness. A star too bright for Nibbles."

Astros takes a glance at the dog reploid.

Aether: "Please don't ask me to explain the Nibbles thing. PLEASE."

PMX-CB: "what"

Aether: "ANYWAY. Refresh, we're here on strictly business, and absolutely not here to get shit-faced in any capacity. No, sir."

GralDM: Husky Fencer shrugs, "I'm just here to hang out. Life at the 10th can be high strung. Plus, I'm engaged already, so Refresh's powers have no effect on me!"

Astros notes CB not taking the mug up - and instead just downs the thing himself. "Like hell we aren't."

Aether: "So business it is. Annette?"

GralDM: Ende shrugs and gets a lot more alchol to start coming, "Business aye laddy? whit sort ay business woods brin' ye tae th' bar?"

GralDM: Annette looks around guiltly, "I uh, forgot to tell you about the base huh?"

Aether: "Business that wouldn't involved more stealth....but go on."

GralDM: "Well it turns out that its restricted because weapon development used to occur there. All destroyed now of course, but the base was abandonded after an attempt to make a new spacetime weapon."

Aether: "Sounds serious. What was the plan for something that major?" :

GralDM: "The plan was an emergency downloadable weapon - using the properties of the weapon in order to allow it to be transferred directly to a Hunter, and then away. Make it impossible for the mavericks to steal, and give us a killer edge."

GralDM: "However, the plan was a bit too ambitious? It required a massive energy source, and thats what caused the disaster."

GralDM: "No idea why the Mavericks would head there, nothing is left over of the weapon, and Commands trying to keep people away due to some uh, problems they left in the area."

GralDM: "Spacial warps, that kind of thing."

Aether: "Beings from the 37th dimension or something?"

GralDM: Nothing so ludicrious

GralDM: "But it is dangerous. You can easily end up in a room too small for you to fit, with no way out, for instance."

Aether: "...dangerous but with applications, though."

GralDM: "Command has deemed it a low chance that the mavericks could make something of it. Thus why it is in your range but classified. Swan had to snap quite a few fingers to get this information... No slight to her Husky."

GralDM: Husky just nods, "Woman is a fighter, part of why I love her."

Astros: "Huh."

Aether: "Well, with our luck, that means they already have a working prototype."

Astros: "Could any of us use it?"

Astros: "That's basically how I work, but with the kiddo here," he says as he reaches over to pat Annette on the back, "giving me clearance to use my weapons."

GralDM: "Well if you believe in how negative Aether is, then the data could probably be useful. Nothing there currently is believed to be useable."

Astros snorts.

GralDM: Annette continues, "As usual for spacetime missions, Human accompaniment is recommended. Our insticts are just quicker at noticing them. Obviously not me, and Terrorist is a bad fit since distortions could make it difficult to snipe."

GralDM: "You can, of course go without, but it is considered more risky."

PMX-CB: "Any candidates?"

GralDM: "Available to you right now? Not really. Might be a good reason to save it for later, when someone owes you."

gralBot: ``===============`` Session 000X? End! ``===============``

Session 9

gralBot: ``========`` START, SESSION GRAL NEEDS TO REALLY GO AND COUNT ``========``

GralDM: After the group finished hanging out with Aether's sisters (For better or worse)

Aether: Mostly worse.

GloomKitten turns up in the barracks, outwardly unchanged from having system locks removed.

Aether mostly tried to messily extract favors from Ende, as usual. Exchanges followed, mostly tradig "Pleeeeeeases" and "AGH GET OFF ME YOU SHRIEKING HARPY" .

GralDM: They deicde to head out on another mission. Scouts are sent out to get a better idea of what the Skyship is.

Astros is back in the barracks himself, doing some self-upgrading while R&D is working on his personal weapon.

Aether stuffs a VWES chip in a small, padded box before placing it in her outgoing delivery box in the barracks, muttering all the while about not being a shrieking harpy.

Aether: "Sodding weapons data didn't integrate correctly, so I need the gearheads to have a look while we're out."

Astros notes Gloomy out of the corner of his eye. "...huh. There you are."

Astros resists the urge to turn around and wave - with one arm opened up and being worked on, that could end badly. Really badly.

Astros: "What's shaking?"

Aether: "At least our next mission has been decided on."

Aether: "Not even three missions in and we're already taking down a skyship."

Aether: "There is no part about this that is -not- awesome."

Astros agrees. Or tries to while still working on his arm - with the predictable result of accidentally jamming one of his where it shouldn't go, owing to his lack of dexterity. "Yeah, gotta agree th-OW!"

[OOC] Astros: *tools

GloomKitten: "Don't hurt yourself too badly. I'd hate to lose your contributions to the team."

Aether: "The lovely contribution of drinking all my tea, you mean."

GralDM: A notification appears in each of your displays, from Koala "Skyship data has arrived. Proceed to command for briefing."

Astros rectifies the damage dealt, then keeps working.

Astros: "...Really, boss?"

Astros: "Goddammit."

Aether: "Kidding!"

Aether: "...."

Aether: "Mostly."

Astros: "Not you."

Astros sighs. "At least I'm mostly done with this."

Aether: "Anyway, seems we're off, but I don't see anything large and garishly yellow around, so I suppose I'm to assume CB will catch up later."

Aether: "I've got a sling in my locker. Keep it stable and work on it during the briefing."

Astros proceeds to store his tools in the nearby toolbox and picks it up with his good arm, then proceeds to stand up while trying to keep his not-quite-finished arm stable. "This is gonna be fun."

Aether: Naturally, she fetches said sling from the locker and loops it over Astros's weapon arm.

Astros: "And by fun I mean-"

Astros: "...huh."

Astros relaxes a little bit - but not too much. Sensitive, sensitive servos.

Aether: "-slightly less annoying to work on, yes. If we're all done fooling around here, then...."

Astros heads out. "Alright, let's get a move on."

GloomKitten just shakes her head as she silently moves in the general direction of the briefing room.

Aether makes sure her tea thermos and portable set is in her pack, and moves out.

GralDM: Koala nods as you each enter, but just stares at the sling for a moment. "Alright than. The bad news is, the skyship is Rogumer class."

GralDM: "Same as Storm Eagle used to run back in the day."

Astros: "Cute. So it's not just an airship, it's a *warship*."

GralDM: "Weapons are stripped off though, outer defenses are weak. I'm not surprised it was overlooked for so long."

Aether: "Lovely," she notes as she sets her saucer and teacup on a nearby table, and begins to fill the latter from her thermos.

Aether: A quick flourish from seemingly nowhere, and she has a lump of sugar in her hand to drop into the delicious brew.

Astros: "Now excuse me while I tune out. Got a few things to work on. Kitten, Aether, give me the Cliff's Notes version later."

Astros: "No offense, boss, but that was *really* shitty timing."

Astros proceeds to find somewhere to stabilize his arm, then whips out the tools again. Time to get to work.

GralDM: "You are a fast response team. Being battle ready at anytime comes with the job."

GralDM: "We expect minimal resistance to entering - Sky claws, Dodge Blasters, and Crushers seem to be the extent of defenses. These things are down right ancient these days. Sky claws could still throw you off, but as long as you don't let them, easy in."

[OOC] GralDM:

[OOC] GralDM:

[OOC] GralDM:

GralDM: "Inside is where it gets interesting. Minimal electronic signals inside. Gating security systems. Seem to be built specifically to make it take time to traverse the inside."

GralDM: "Which means they probably expect you to move in a direction as a group... and then not have enough time to reach something else until to late. Perhaps a Payload of some sort."

Aether: "Deliberately in silent running mode to lure Hunters into a trap, perhaps?"

GralDM: "Also a possiblity."

Aether ponders the possibilities as she takes a sip of tea. "Quite good, quite good. We may have to make our own passages."

GralDM: "Two obvious signatures: One in the ships bay. The other in the cockpit. These things are made thick, take you hours to cut through. You are going to have to go in through the top door until you reach the signals."

GralDM: "Unless You have managed to requsition some specialized equipment, I doubt it."

Aether: "Maybe we can put in a request for a breaching drill..."

GralDM: "Good luck. Command is stingy with the things."

Aether: "Oh, sod it. Might as well try." She flips open a panel on her wrist to put in the request.

Aether: "...though I'm probably not the best person to convince them, yeah?"

Aether: "Kitty, maybe you can try. Perhaps the requisitioners have a soft spot for cute things. Or awesomeness - you can tell thme it'll help take down a bloody skyship and you'd totally be telling the truth."

GralDM: "Orders are quite simple here. Get it out of the sky. If you can figure out why its up there before its in a thousand pieces, that would be a bonus."

GloomKitten: "They haven't given me a thing since I got here. I'm still waiting on those blankets

Aether: "...oh, sod it. Patch me through to Requisitions."

GralDM: The answer on the other end is a reploid that just screams 'Greedy banker'. "This is Requistions."

GloomKitten: "... Wait, are you trying to get my blankets? Cause I already went out and got myself some

Aether turns her head away from the wrist camera and towards Astros, briefly mouthing the words "goddamn jobsworths" .

Aether: "Hi! TCX-Aleph/0 here of Team ReSET. Just call me Aether."

Astros isn't even looking - too busy working no his arm.

Aether: "Fast response teams need fast requisitions for equipment, and it so happens that we need a portable breaching drill, preferably mountable onto a Ride Armor."

GralDM: "Unit TCX-Aleph/0. This is the 18th time you've call Requsitions in total. Such drills are in short supply, and necessary for saving civilians in the case of conflicts such as The Battle for Vienna happening again."

Aether: "Merely the 18th time we'd be able to chat again, old buddy!"

Aether: "But seriously, we're using it to help take down a skyship."

Aether: "A sodding skyship. Completely above board because it's for a mission. Hell, I can send over the non-classified details and get Longshot to vouch for me."

Aether: "You can't tell me that that's not awesome."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 17

GralDM: "...Authorization granted. So long as you take the ship down over uninhabited terrain."

Aether: "Easy enough. I'm not at liberty to say where it is, but that will absolutely not be an issue."

Aether: "Thanks so much.....buddy!" That last word leaves her lips -quite- uneasily, and she closes the link.

Aether: "I did not think that would work."

Astros finishes off with his arm, snapping the metal plating back into place. "Aaaaaaaand there we go."

GralDM: "...I'm impressed."

Aether: "Astros! We have a big honking drill now."

Astros: "I heard."

Aether: "A big yet -portable and mountable- honking drill."

Aether: "This just got that much more awesome."

GloomKitten: "Watch us drop the skyship onto Atlantis."

Astros: "Even *more* awesome."

Astros: "Unless they have like, mermen and shit there that nobody knew about."

GralDM: "Any questions before you move out?"

Astros: "Then suddenly WE'RE the Mavericks."

Aether: "You'd think we'd have plausible deniability to help us out if we did drop it onto Atlantis."

Astros: "Yeah. How's R&D doing on our upgrades?"

GralDM: "Most of the upgrades are done. Aether is having some... issues, as I understand."

Aether: "Well, I'm good enough to go. The gearheads tuned up my N-Saber output and gave me this -rather shiny- gravitic pulse generator."

Astros: "Awesome. Any word on what we've got, or do they want it to be a 'surprise'?"

Aether: To demonstrate, she leans back in her seat, and with a single hand motion, her Aleph circuit pulses with a deep purple color, and her thermos flies towards her.

Aether: ....specifically towards her face, impacting it with a hollow smack.

Aether: "....meant to do that."

Astros stares.

GloomKitten: "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd call you a jedi."

Koala just shakes his head.


Astros: "Think it needs a little tweaking?"

Astros: "Nah, I'm saying Magneto here."

Astros: "Totally Magneto."

Aether: "It's shiny, it's new, and I can do without VWES data for one mission, because serious, gravitics and a bloody huge drill. I want for -nothing-."

Astros leads the way out. "See you later, boss man. We'll try to come back in one piece."

GralDM: "Good luck. Don't look at it as it explodes."

GloomKitten: "I want a pet mettaur."

Astros heads *straight for the R&D department.* The one thing more awesome than a ride-armor mounted drill? A NEW GUN.

Aether: "I TOLD you that'd be an objective!"

Astros: "Could probably be arranged."

GralDM: When you arrive at R&D, the same model as before, EM42 greets you, "Welcome, I assume you are here for your weapons?"

Astros: "Damn straight I am."

Aether tags along, mostly for gits and shiggles. "He is. Already got my shiny toys."

GloomKitten shrugs.

EM42 moves over to a wall and presses a few buttons. The sound of shifting compartments is heard behind the wall, and soon part of it ejects out, a clear display case of the new weapons hanging.

Astros looks over them, trying to keep his giddiness in check - he knows better than to get excited before he knows what he's going to be getting. "Alright."

Astros: "Which one's mine?"

GralDM: "First for GloomKitten. With the activation of your locked systems, we weren't sure how to best integrate in. As such, we went with something simple, yet quite powerful. Vapor emitter with rapid freezing, creating an area of fog."

GralDM: "We trust you can use this to your advantage."

GloomKitten: "Sounds functional. We'll see how it works in the field."

He points at some large... systems of some sort, using springs and various thermocoils, its a monster. "This is for the missing CB. Enhances his ride armor to make use of the cold, can be unleashed while moving."

GralDM: "Finally, for Astros..."

He takes out a small sensor system, and a large shoulder-mounted cannon.

Astros blinks.

Astros: "Oh."

Astros: "HELL."

Astros: "YES."

Astros: "NOW we're talking."

GralDM: "Quite simple really: This detects when you are hit, and fires off this big old gun."

Astros blinks again. "Wait what."

Astros: "You mean I don't get to use the ridiculous cannon."

Astros: "It just."

GralDM: "Only usable so often right now, but exciting technology."

Astros: "Does its thing. By itself."

GralDM: "For now. Perhaps with upgrades..."

Aether: "On the upside, that truly means it's fire and forget. You can focus on the key targets and have this cannon run itself."

Astros: "Kiiiiiiiind of disappointing. Still, awesome."

Astros walks over, hefts the cannon up - fuck yeah, improved arm servos - and attaches it straight to his shoulder. "...kind of heavy, too."

Astros: "And cold."

GralDM: "It fires Frosty death. Cold is to be expected."

Astros: "Figured."

GloomKitten: "Can 'frosty death' be our official term for all cold attacks from now on?"

Aether: "Sounds like an ice cream flavor."

Aether: "Clearly, all of our weapons need to be named after gimmicky ice cream flavors from now on."

Astros: "Fine by me."

GralDM: "Anyway, thats upgrade mark one. You guys should be able to move out."

Astros: "Right."

Astros: "You want us to bring CB's stuff along?"

Aether: "He might be deployed slightly later than us to make scouting a little smoother."

GralDM: "I'll try to get his stuff to him. Besides, I hear you have a big drill he will need to use."

Astros: "Ayup."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 20

GralDM: The group is dropped in, and clears the surface easily enough.

GralDM: NEXT TIME: Drill into a Skyship!

gralBot: ``========`` END, SESSION GRAL NEEDS TO REALLY GO AND COUNT ``========``

Session 10

gralBot: ``===========================`` Session Start! ``=============================``

gralDM: Last time, you reached the outside of the Skyship, having acquired a breaching drill.

gralDM: Using it you find you can quite quickly get into and through rooms of the ship, laughing at their so called traps

gralDM: There are two signals of interest that Annette can detect: One in the cockpit, one in the loading bay.

Astros wonders if they're traps. He wouldn't put it beyond Mavericks, at least.

gralDM: The interior of the skyship isn't exactly what you were expected from an edited warship

Aether: "Enjoying your new toy?"

PMX-CB spins it once. "Not yet."

gralDM: Rooms and chokepoints have been cleared to give larger clear ares. There are omni-present metal boxes aligned on the ground, none stacked ontop one another.

Astros: "You will."

Astros: "Still... keep an eye out. Villainy and all that."

Astros idly picks up a box. Are they sealed?

The boxes are sealed, though each have signs of recently being sealed. The boxes are large enough to store something a bit bigger than a human hand.

Astros: "Hey, boss. Think your scouter thing can see inside of these?"

Aether: "Only if a power level's involved."

Aether: "....not a cute joke, really."

Astros pries the box open, then. No time to mess around.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 6

Astros pries and pries, but the box stays sealed.

Astros: "...welp."

Astros , having been soundly defeated by the box, tosses it to CB. "Don't suppose you'd like to try?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 6

PMX-CB can't get the Armor's fingers around the box properly.

Astros: "...okay then."

Astros: "You wanna just... saber this open or something, boss?"

Aether: "....Really, people?"

Aether: "Okay, move aside."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 25

gralDM: ' Aether easily slices off just the top of the crate. Looking inside, a small cryogen unit is in place, containing a human foot.

PMX-CB: "..."

Except this

Aether: "Welp."

Aether: I'm just going to nope out of here. "

Aether: "nopenopenopenopenopemaybenonope"

PMX-CB: "Call it in."

PMX-CB turns away and looks for any incoming threats.

Aether: "Do I really want to?"

PMX-CB: "Command needs to know."

Astros blinks. "Great. Now we're dealing with crazy butcher mavericks with a fetish for freezing things."

There doesn't seem to be any incoming threats.

In fact, the inside of the ship is practically empty

Astros isn't betting on it staying that way.

Astros: "So, uh, do we even know where the hell this ship came from?"

Astros siiiiighs. "Alright, whatever. Kitten, search through the rest of these; we'll tear a hole through the ship. If any Mavericks show up, let us know and we'll meet you halfway."

Astros glances towards CB. "Ready to give that thing a test drive?"

PMX-CB: "Just point me in a direction."

PMX-CB has definitely gotten more ... word-y. Apparently upgrades to the ride armor make him happy.

Astros is a bit too focused on the mission to notice yet. "Towards the loading bay."

Annette chimes in or tries to, "....mming.W.....compenE....Stay....EE......"

PMX-CB gears up and begins the breaching.

gralDM: The movement towards the loading bay are fairly rapid, since you basically drill a hole into the floor every half a minute and jump down. There are 4 floors between you and the bottom. Along the way....

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

On the second floor down, Astros sees something float by for an instant. Whatever it was, it was thin.

Astros: "...huh."

Astros: "Company. Don't know what it was, but..."

PMX-CB stops drilling and readies up.

Astros: "Probably a spotter drone. I just wonder what it's spotting for."

Astros: "Keep going. I'll keep you covered."

Astros adjusts a few things on his buster before pointing it in the direction he expected company from.

Despite the sighting, nothing comes. The next floor seems to contain some communication terminals. Various messages are cached, and with a bit of tech know-how you might be able to recover something.

PMX-CB resumes.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 18

It takes a bit, but CB is able to recover a recording from one of the terminals, and thinks its possible to get more.

The first recording plays:

The scene is a hunter output, faces covered in shadows, voice mufflers employed to make it difficult to figure out who is talking. Regardless, it appears to be a human shaped reploid, it speaks:

gralDM: "Unit Flare Fennec has been brought to our side. I had to employ the leverage, but it let us get close enough. Now he is infected.

gralDM: "Soon, he will carry out his mission to destroy this outpost. I am erasing the records of my visit - hopefully it isn't found before I'm too far gone. Nothing should connect us to this incident."

gralDM: "Flare Fennec should now be referred to as the Magician, in our further plans"

An explosion echoes from around the base, "What the? Something outside of our control is happening... I better move."

Astros: "Pause it."

The recording ends

PMX-CB: "..."

Astros: "...goddammit."

Astros: "Nothing else?"

PMX-CB: "None here, at least."

Astros: "Good enough. Boss, snag a copy of that recording. HQ will definitely want it - and they might have the tools to figure out who the hell that was."

Astros: "Still, that makes me wonder..."

Astros: "Is this a distraction op?"

PMX-CB: "Doubtful. We're low-key."

Astros: "Not for us. For the Hunters in general. Trying to draw heat off of something else they're planning."

Astros: "Either way..."

Aether: "Rather elaborate and resource-intensive way to do thgat, though, yeah?"

Astros: "This DID have sensitive data on it."

PMX-CB: " many boxes were there of ... parts?"

Astros: "Ask Kitten when she's done counting."

Astros considers a few things. "Keep searching around or head straight for the cockpit?"

Aether: "Once I get this sent in for analysis we can move on."

Astros: "You think you can get it through? Annie was getting some pretty terrible interference."

Aether: "Depends on the channel."

Aether's upload rate is really bad - it will take a while to actually upload, but the recording is available to you.

Aether: "Well, shit."

Aether: "Guess we've got no choice in the matter. Damn practicality."

PMX-CB: "Intel's a valuable capture."

Aether: "Think I can extract the rest of the recordings without tripping alarms, though. Let me have a look."

Aether cracks her knuckles and approaches the first set.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

After some brief tinkering, Aether has a second set set of data. This recording is a bit more distorted, it seems to be from when Gute entered the ship.

"Damn ghost ship. This is Emperor, the target has been captured."

PMX-CB: "Abandoned when they found it?"

Aether: "....Gute. Goddammit."

The recording shifts, you can see part of the Robot master remains that he is carrying, and a voice echoes out from an overhead speaker. The voice is obviously male, and seems used to talking down to people.

gralDM: "Hello Gladiator. A shuttle will connect to the ship soon, drop the remains, it will go to base. Return back to the arena and buckle in, You let yourself be identfied, and I can't protect you."

gralDM: "Damnit Tower, we have code names for a reason, what do you mean you can't protect me?"

gralDM: "The Hunters saw you, and got away. Do you think for a moment they won't go after you?"

gralDM: "Well why don't I betray you to them then, you sack of crap."

Aether: "Lovely workmates, here."

gralDM: "Gladiator, You know our overall purpose. You joined willingly, unlike Wheel, Magician, and Hermit. They needed... persausion, you saw this as an opportunity for fame."

PMX-CB: "...use this as leverage?"

Astros grins.

gralDM: "And now, because of your blatant antics, they may even find this ship. Ten of Swords will be left to guard the spare parts."

Astros: "So they DO have a guard."

Gladiator seems to find this unsettingly, "Damn this ghost ship. You and your creepy ass human parts. What do you need them for?"

Astros: "On the plus side... actually, if they have a guard, I'm just... not going to say anything."

Astros: "Don't want them figuring out my plan."

Aether: "You know, if they were recruited unwillingly, you realize this means we can lever them -back-, right?"

Astros: "Unless they were infected, which is pretty goddamn likely."

gralDM: "Backups. Kindly donated by Hermit. Human's don't live long and parts are hard to replace - better to have plenty of options in stock."

gralDM: "I hate Humans. You are supposed to also hate humans. Why the hell should I not smash all of these?"

Astros: "Backups?"

PMX-CB: "...threaten to expose all of this publicly and destroy Gute's fame?"

Astros shakes his head. "No, no, not at all."

Astros: "I'll tell you when we're off of this. Don't want them catching on."

gralDM: "Because Gladiator I........" The video becomes distorted and a message appears on screen, "THE SWORD SEES YOU. THE


Aether: "SHIT."

gralDM: Repeated over and over again.

PMX-CB: "Did we get it all?"

Astros slides over and types in "FUCK OFF DICKWAD" in response. Let's see how he reacts to THAT.


PMX-CB: "...Oh. Sorry."

Astros keys in a few words in response to that. "OH OKAY. THEN TELL THE SWORD TO FUCK OFF. REALLY."




PMX-CB: "Does he know anything about Sword?"

Astros: "Is he in the cockpit or what?"

Astros knows damn well that it could be a trap.




PMX-CB: "Safety first?"


Astros shrugs. "Taking his word with a grain of salt. Couldn't hurt, though - that's where Annie wanted us to go."

Aether: "Still worth a try. Let me get the map up."

PMX-CB resumes drilling, keeping his SMG handy.

gralDM: The group descends into the bay, which contains a large storage array, and a monitor that seems to be listing off information on each organ. A large mechaniloid weilding a club stands guard, but doesn't seem to have noticed your drop in.

PMX-CB: "Swords might hit when we engage."

gralDM: The mechaniloid is shaped like a large human, without hair and minimal facial features, mostly meant to be a large guard type.

Astros nods. He figured the same. Still - Astros was the furthest thing from a stealth unit. Hell, CB was the furthest thing from a stealth unit.

gralBot: ``========================`` Session End! ``======================``

Session 11

gralBot: ``====================`` Session #11 START ``========================``

GralDM: Last time, the group assaulted through most of the skyship, discovering strange boxes full of Spare Human Parts, and tapes indicating that the Mavericks you have targets for might have been forced into this...

GralDM: Finally the group has made it to the cargo bay, where Gloom has joined them. There they have met a large club weilding mechaniloid, guarding a storage array, who has yet to notice you.

GralDM: Also, the sword mechanilioid in charge of the ship might be following you around and ready to strike you in the back.

GralDM: What do you do?

Astros is entirely ready to kick that thing's ass... but not before hitting up the points of interest.

Aether sighs. "Trust issues. Always with the trust issues."

Astros: "Hey, Kitten. Learned anything about those weird... human part containers?"

GloomKitten: "Nothing beyond a count of what's in it."

Astros frowns. "So we don't know much more than we started."

Astros sighs. "Alright then. CB, wanna do the honors?"

Astros glances up at the mechaniloid.

PMX-CB: "Scope it out first."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 9

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 16

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 10

Astros: "...okay, don't let the damn thing grab you."

Astros: "Even you, CB."

Aether: "Staying at range? Easy, easy."

Aether 's gravitic drive system warms up. "I should be able to pull it away from everyone if need be, too. Let's move in."

Astros takes the first shot!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 14

PMX-CB: "Watch my back."

PMX-CB thunders into the fray at high speed!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 14

Aether fires a bolt of lightning at the large mechaniloid. Big? Probably slow, too.

gralBot rolled: [1d6+22] 28

gralBot rolled: [4d6+6] 19

Aether: (Reflex half)

gralBot rolled: [1d6+18] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 8

GloomKitten starts warping reality around the mechaniloid as she hurls a Meat Grenade at the mechaniloid!

[OOC] GralDM: So its checked for a round?

[OOC] GralDM: for four rounds*

[OOC] GloomKitten: I don't recall meat grenade effects off hand. I am bad at this.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 13

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 2

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 18

[OOC] GralDM: Super secret roll, ignore it

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 20

[OOC] GralDM: Mwhahaha

Aether engages her gravitic drive, pushing the club mech away. Reflex save for it!

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 1

[OOC] Aether: Blown away] 10 feet on failure

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 15

gralBot rolled: [4d6+6] 24

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 19

The club mechaniloid weaves in place mightly. Well thats a new one.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d20+12] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d6+22] 28

PMX-CB 's speakers click on and begin blaring century-old rock and roll as his armor's fist freight-trains into the mechaniloid.

The Mechaniliod is looking pretty crumbled from the attacks

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+9] 11

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gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+17] 30

gralBot rolled: [1d6+17] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 5

Astros lights the motherfucker up! Like HELL is it grabbing one of his squadmates and getting away with it.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 28

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 13

As you nearly beat the Club mechaniloid to death, a Large sword shaped mechaniloid flies out from the corner, striking at Aether, and activating an aura of pressure

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 16

Aether: "The hell-

Aether weaves out of the way.

Astros blinks. " actual sword. Somehow I'm surprised by this."

Astros: "Maybe it's their insistence on using codenames."

Although Aether weaves out of the way, She feels the wind slash her for 9 damage. Then the pressure around her increases briefly, causing 9 more damage. It then unleashes a loud Howl

[OOC] GralDM: 4 damage from Howl of the North Wind, Reflex saves from everyone or be knocked [Prone]

[OOC] GralDM: 4 damage is to everyone

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 14

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 14

Astros hits the floor - but automated thrusters on his back and limbs throw him back up on his feet. "KNEW it was a good idea to install those."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 10

Aether isn't quite as lucky.

The club mechaniloid seems to be focusing from this

Aether gets the hell up and shoots another lightning bolt at the club. No gravitic shenanigans this time, unfortunately.

gralBot rolled: [4d6+6] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 14

GralDM: (* Thoe Club Mechaniloid looks like it is collapsing, but managed to keep functioning, using the blast to free itself from the Meat Gernade (A Little to the Left)

The Sword takes the chance to stab Aether in the gut.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 13

But it swings wide

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 25

PMX-CB: "Let. Go."

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 20

CB Punches straight through the club-weilder's armor, shattering it into peices

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 21

PMX-CB hauls the Ride back up into fighting position in surprising time for its cumbersome size and steels himself for more.

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Aether: "Everyone doing okay?" Aether asks, keeping the repair nanites ready.

Astros: "Good enough."

Nine! has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

PMX-CB: "Holding up."

GralDM: The sword weighs its options, and withdraws (Run For standard to move speed without provoking. Move to move again)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 26

GralDM: It vanishes into the shadows

Astros: "Shit!"

Astros whips out a crude, handmade scouter from somewhere else on his person, snapping it onto his right eye! (( Curious Monocle, +4 to Awareness ))

Astros proceeds to scan the area for the sword...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 12

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 23

Aether does the same with her own monacle, though it's not exactly built for ferreting out stealthed units.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+4] 24

Aether releases the repair nanites and steels herself. This was not going to be fun.

[OOC] Aether: 8 HP recovered for anyone in 15 ft.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 12

gralBot rolled: [2d4+8] 13

PMX-CB: "Get near me. Force it close."

Astros complies, walking directly over to CB. He's going to find the damn thing sooner or later...

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 21

Aether sticks close to CB, ready to shock the sword the instant it pops out of cover. End.

PMX-CB: "Got an idea. Permission to go stick my neck out?"

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 16

Astros: "I'm not complaining."

Aether: "Just be careful."

PMX-CB engages the thrusters on the Hungry and launches off, beginning to sow lines of cryonic exhaust to his sides as he starts a circuit around the room.

The hungry flies about the room, trying to provoke the sword. It does not take the attack, but it is hit by the cold.

PMX-CB: "Hit him. He's near."

The sword leaves the battlefield, ending the encounter. You see a shadow fly up through the hole you drilled to get here.

Aether: "...not good, not good. He's probably going to get help."

Aether tries to get in contact with the CAPSLOCK dude, starting at the same channel he initially contacted them through. "Still there?"


Aether: "We can try to get you out of here, you know. Sword's gone. Ran off like a jerk. Probably getting help, so we may have to work fast."

Astros: "Aw SHIT!"

Astros: "Goddammit. What else do you think's in here?"


Aether: "Which isn't nearly as bad, I suppose."

Aether: "Is there anything left to deal with other than the pilot?"


Astros: "Couldn't imagine why."

PMX-CB: "Our next move, cockpit?"

Astros: "Uh-huh."

Aether: "Cockpit, clean house, then crash this thing, yep. Stand by for repairs, then move."

Astros: "I'm not gonna have my heavy firepower on hand, though. Annette's jammed and I can't get clearance for it."

Astros taps his buster. "All I've got for this."

Aether: "Well, I still have the gravitics ready. Love this damn thing."

GralDM: The console in this room is listing all sorts of info about the Boxes. It seems almost all of the parts are cloned or 'recovered' from war zones.

PMX-CB: "Can hit the jammer."

Astros: "I'll handle that if I need it. Don't sweat it."

Aether copies the information from the console for analysis later.

Aether: "All ready?" (Everyone should be topped off to full HP.)

Astros: "Let's hit it."

PMX-CB: "Ready."

The group gets to the cockpit door. Its sealed and will make a very obvious noise if you open it - you are unlikely to get a surprise attack here. Though perhaps you could manage to re-engineer the door...

Astros doubts they'd be able to surprise them due to the ninja sword *anyways*.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 19

CB Identifies some circuits that could be edited to reduce the noise of opening.

PMX-CB makes science.

gralBot: ``====================`` Session #11 END ``========================``

Session 12

gralBot: ``===================`` Session 12, START ``=====================``

GralDM: Last time, the group defeated one of the two signals in the ghost ship, a large ogre lik emechaniloid that weilded a club. While it was potentially dangerous, in practice it went down pretty quickly.

GralDM: In the fight, a literal sword mechaniloid swooped in to ambush you, before swooping out once its advantage was gone. Likely it will try to ambush you again.

GralDM: The sword seemed to have a razor wind effect, striking past even prepared defenses.

GralDM: At this point, you have managed to reach the cockpit of this ship. And for once, Gral is going to to try some additional description

GralDM: Shocking, I know.

Astros isn't going to let something like an annoying, giant, floating sword that also happens to be a ninja stop him from doing his job. "Alright, ladies. Keep your eyes open and keep moving."

GralDM: The corridor leading up to the cockpit is silent, except for the dim hum of the engines that is heard throughout the ship. Utterly dark and coloreless, a number of the strange human part boxes sit around on the floor.

GralDM: The Cockpit Doors are large blast doors - obviously to make it difficult to get inside in case of intruders. The doors are wired to be very noisy when forced open, which would ruin your element of surprise. Luckily you have figured how to bypass most of the noise.

GralDM: Judging from the walls, as well as the specs of the ship, the cockpit isn't too large: about 100m^2. Not a lot of room to maneuver.

GralDM: Anything before you breach?

Astros readies his damn Hydra.

Aether: "Just need fire, really. Let's hop to it. Open the doors silently and get the drop."

PMX-CB: "Stay behind me, as always."

GloomyKitty idles at the back of the party, keeping her eyes open for Sword Bot.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d6+4] 5

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+1] 10

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 17

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 23

gralBot rolled: [1d20-1] 15

gralBot rolled: [1d20+3] 13

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GralDM: The doors open up, enough to fit through. Inisde consoles blink in rows, simple pilot mechaniloid programs keeping the ship in flight. At the far end stands the Sword, which turns to face the group. Surprisingly, it speaks:

GloomyKitty!``~`` has joined #MMXGame

GralDM: "This unit has been instructed to destroy all intruders. Why do you invade my ship? (responses are limited)."

Astros: "Business. Query: Who instructed you to destroy all intruders?"

GralDM: "The One Who represents Change."

Aether: "Wheel of Fortune?"

Astros: "Cute."

Aether: "Death?"

GralDM: "Clarification: The one who represents sudden, not inevitable, change."

Astros: "So, why is he trying to change things?"

Astros: "And what is he changing?"

GralDM: "History. Correct the path the world has taken. I am merely a guardian, details unncessary. However, increased intelligence improves my abilities to serve."

Aether: "Sarcasm: Your increased intelligence is surely taking you far if you're not questioning your orders."

GralDM: "UnknownTypeException: Unknown query type: Sarcasm"

Aether: "Oh, dear. Poor thing. Do you need a hug?"

GralDM: "Query: What is your business? Why are you are on my ship?"

Astros: "Stopping a bunch of idiot Mavericks from making a mess."

Astros: "And besides, it's not YOUR ship, it's the ship you've been assigned to guard. I don't think your master would be too pleased with that kind of assertiveness."

GralDM: "Term: Maverick. Unusually acting Mechaniloids and Reploids. Ship represents a Humane cause. Non Mavericks support humanity. Therefore, you are the mavericks."

PMX-CB: "Request clarification of ship mission parameters."

GralDM: "Ship contains Human medical parts, cloned perfectly and preserved. Spare parts allow designated Humans to be healed in the event of an emergency. Parts are restricted to transport by designated entites."

Astros: "Which humans are designated?"

GralDM: "Designated humans unknown by this unit. Unecessary to know, to perserve privacy. In the event one would needed to be brought on board, designated entites can override and add a human to the known humans list."

Aether: "So you're a cutout."

GralDM: "Query: Why did you destroy the mechaniloid that defended the data storage units?"

GloomyKitty: "Maverick Hunter Command did not have this vessel's identification and purpose registered. It was assumed given the recent maverick activities, that this vessel was being used as a staging point for a maverick assault."

PMX-CB: "Priority response to potential maverick threat. Threat assessment ... underway."

GralDM: "Ship is privately owned. Maverick Hunter Command does not own the skies."

Aether: "Evidence: tracking of a shuttle of a known Maverick to this ship, as well as your own words describing something that fits the description of known Maverick higher-ups."

Aether: "Suspicion: You are a cutout."

GralDM: "TermParsingException: What is a 'cutout'?"

Aether: "By definition, you don't know the identities of the parties you are ferrying goods and information between, only the source and destination for said goods and information."

GralDM: "Correct."

Aether: "And this doesn't strike you as the -least- bit strange to you, particularly when the good are this valuable and potentially dangerous?"

PMX-CB: "And also likely violate laws of every jurisdiction. ...hence the skyship."

GralDM: "This unit is not programmed to be suspicious of superiors. This unit is programmed to be highly suspicious of you."

Aether: "Mmmm. Bloody shame, that."

GloomyKitty: "So, just to recap!"

Aether makes a mental note to herself to give Command's SIGINT division a piece of her mind.

GloomyKitty: "You've got no idea who you're working for, you believe that this vessel is legal and that hunter interdiction is not, and the fact that there is no record of this vessel is unsuspicious?"

GralDM: "Cat-reploid is correct in recap."

Aether: "Well, so much for convincing. Damn thing's hardwired to believe it."

GloomyKitty: "Shush, you. Don't try to undermine my point."

GralDM: "Suspicion: You will not leave ship. Suspicion: I should Engage combat mode."

Astros: "'bout time."

PMX-CB: "Watch our backs."

Aether ignites her N-Saber. "Also so much for getting the drop on things, but can't win 'em all, right?"

GloomyKitty: "This vessel has been associated with known mavericks. Our mission is to disable this vessel, and get it out of the sky. If you are willing to oblidge a brief delay in your itenerary, we can investigate the reason for your vessels lack of records. Otherwise, well, we're going to have to carry out our mission, whether you like it or not. What's your highest priority then, killing officers of

GloomyKitty: the law and proving yourself maverick in its eyes or humanity's ultimate well being? "

GralDM: "Error: I am the Guardian of this ship. I cannot compromise the ship."

Aether: "Absolutely nothing about your job keeps you from being able to compromise this ship."

Aether: "It's merely your job to stop said compromises."

GloomyKitty: "Would having your ship blown up for being a 'proven' maverick threat compromise the ship?"

PMX-CB: "Wait."

Astros: "...y'know, if it wasn't for the whole 'WARNING: MAVERICKS BE HERE' red flag that it'd throw up, reprogramming this thing after the fact so it's not bound by a bunch of idiots' laws sounds a pretty good idea."

[OOC] Astros: *like

PMX-CB: "Mechaniloid processes unable to resolve two conflicts. Proposed solution: Improved heuristics and expansion of information access."

Aether: "As much as rewiring something that thinks strikes me as REALLY BLOODY CREEPY...."

Aether: "Actually, yeah. Really bloody creepy."

Astros: "To get rid of the crap that's keeping the thing from thinking rationally."

Astros: "Well, as rationally as a mechaniloid like it can."

GralDM: "Artillery Attacks against a ship on a Humane mission would be broadcast to the world. Blackmailing Hunter Command is the only way to keep them in place."

Aether: "Except for the whole 'MAVERICKS AHOY' bit that makes a mess of that whole bit, you know..."

GloomyKitty: "There is no legal evidence of this vessel's Humane mission, such accusations would be further weakened by the fact that a hunter team was dispatched to investigate and then killed."

GralDM: "Error: Mavericks do not participate in Humane missions. Therefore, not Maverick."

Aether: "Cause and effect's the wrong way around, dearie."

GloomyKitty smacks aether with her tail, giving her a glare.

Aether: "Ow! Hey!"

PMX-CB: "Can you prove these ... parts ... were used for humanitarian missions?"

GralDM: "Error: Guardian's job is not to prove. Guardian's job is to stop Mavericks from compromising the mission."

GloomyKitty: "Query: In the event that a Hunter investigative team were dispatched to the ship and then killed by you or forcibly ejected, what would the expected hunter response be?"

GralDM: "Answer: Extreme acts of aggression. Therefore, the attempt to reason with Hunters. This unit only attacked you after you attacked the data storage guardian."

GralDM: "Limited options open to this unit: Reason with Hunters, or force them off the ship."

GloomyKitty: "Query: In the event of investigations, did you have records proving your humanitarian mission available to you?"

GralDM: "Answer: No. Those were on the Data storage guardian. Which you destroyed."

Aether: "Oh, hey, funny story, that..."

Aether: "We've got those logs."

Aether: "And looking over them, there seems to be a few....let's say, inconsistencies with your story."


GloomyKitty: "Fine, you know what, the commander's spoken. Have fun guys."

Aether: "Look. I really don't want to get into a scrap either."

GloomyKitty Swift actions to create a section of blight around the doorway, and then ends turn.

GralDM: The sword readies itself, ejecting an object from its hilt. It explodes into a spread of [Cold], dealing 3 damage per [Round] to each creature that starts its turn in the area.

GloomyKitty: "Y'all can kill each other, I'm gonna go look over the entire drive, since we only got data relevant to our ission and apparently there's complications that can be proven on it."

[OOC] GralDM: Sorry, 4 Damage per [Round]

Aether: "....bit late for that, then."

GloomyKitty: "You're the one who wouldn't shut up, commander, not my fault you're picking fights and letting your emotions run."

GralDM: IT also activates the area of pressure around itself (If it ends its turn within 10 feet of you, you take 9 damage)

PMX-CB: "...Will subdue, not destroy, target."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 27

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 24

The Sword absorbs some of the damage (Temp HP)

Astros knows this might look like a bad idea - but considering that Kitten was heading to get the logs instead of helping in the fight....

Astros approaches the Sword, staying just out of its swinging range before blasting away at the most vulnerable bits he could!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 20

gralBot rolled: [3d6+21] 30

Aether 's circuit-infused arm switches between a white-hot color and a low purple, before shooting out a lance of fire right at the Sword.

gralBot rolled: [4d6+6] 21

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 25

Aether: It then switches back to the darker purple, and emits a gravitic pulse right under the Sword, threatening to send it flying right towards her.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 27

Aether: budges but holds its ground.

GralDM: 4 Jammingers, which are basically pointless in this fight, crash in through the front window, and attack CB!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 8, 20, 13, 12

[OOC] GralDM: If the 20 hit:

gralBot rolled: [1d6+9] 13

GralDM: One Jamminger gets close.

GralDM: But no cigar.

GralDM: The sword is on fire!

gralBot rolled: [1d4] 3

The sword attempts to feint around CB, while also preparing itself for the next attack

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 4, 13

The Sword then strikes at CB, glowing with effects you didn't see when you previously fought.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 13

The Wind of the strike still hits CB for 9 damage!

At the end of the turn, the air pressure itensifies, hitting for 9 damage!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+6] 20

gralBot rolled: [1d20+14] 25

gralBot rolled: [1d6+20] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 10

Astros drops the Hydra, immediately switching to his buster and moving straight into the Sword with a charged shot ready!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 29

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 15

Astros anticipates the incoming swing as he gets within its reach, dodging to the side - only for his autocannon to kick in and fire straight at the sword!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+18] 34

[OOC] Astros: -nixed

Astros blasts it at point blank!

gralBot rolled: [1d20+15] 16

Aether continues her tactics from last round, and repeatedly blasts the Sword with white fire.

gralBot rolled: [4d6+6] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 15

Aether: Aaaaand another pull.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+8] 20

Aether: Sadly, this one doesn't take.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+7] 10, 8, 25, 21

GralDM: The Jamminger's continue to throw themselves at CB, one (?) gets through

gralBot rolled: [1d6+9] 13

The Sword is on Fire!

gralBot rolled: [2d4] 2

Acrobatics and Vigor!

gralBot rolled: [1d20] 15, 2

CB is Flat-footed against its attack! (Net +3 to its attack roll)

gralBot rolled: [1d20+16] 27

gralBot rolled: [2d6+19] 31

Fort save, DC 19 or Sickened for 1 [Round]. Also, [Dazzled] for 2 rounds.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 12

It ends its turn, the pressure increasing! 9 auto damage.

Scratch, that, it also unleashs a Howl of the North Wind as a swift action!

PMX-CB: :|

Everyone in 30 feet: Reflex save DC 19, or knocked [Prone]

gralBot rolled: [1d20+10] 18

gralBot rolled: [1d20+2] 19

gralBot rolled: [1d20+11] 28

Astros *does* hit the ground... but just like the last time, his autothrusters throw him back on his feet. "Again?"

Now it ends its turn. All creatures in 10 ft take the 9 auto damage.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+13] 22

gralBot rolled: [1d6+16] 20

PMX-CB reels under the barrage, but stands and delivers a brutal armored haymaker.

The sword falls to the side, unconcious.

PMX-CB: "... ... ... ow."

Aether lets the nanites do their work for repairs. "Right, uh. Kitty, he's just knocked out now."

Aether: "Anything on disk?"

Astros skips the pleasantries and immediately checks the cockpit. "Check it for any kind of self-destruct mechanisms. I don't want it going dead thanks to one of its superiors preferring to kill it over leaving it in our hands."

Aether: "Right on it, then going to check on the sword."

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 26

GralDM: Luckily the system is not set up to Explode.

Aether: "As for Mister Sharp and Serious...."

Gloom's analysis of the disk has some odd stuff on it: Various well doctored footage, including many maverick hunters (even yourselves) attacking Humans.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 10

[OOC] GralDM: Automated assist for +2)

Aether tries to look for an access compartment to get at the internals.

The Sword has a variety of small access ports. Most of them seem to below the 'gems' it used to fill the area with cold.

Aether: Any obvious Maverick tampering to reverse, or is it purpose built?

The sword looks like a custom build. No obvious tampering, but its circuit design is unusual. Perhaps it is infected with the virus, and its symptoms manifested strangely?

Aether sticks to removing signs of tampering and infection instead of direct rewiring. We're looking for a cure, not brainwashing, after all.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+9] 20

The job you manage to pull off should be good enough, until you can get the mechaniloid to Doppler for a proper cure... If it is suffering from the Virus.

Aether: "....all I can really do here, gents and lady. It's all in Doppler's hands from here on out."

Aether: "Get it on a hovercart."

Aether: "From here.....actual orders are to get this thing out of the sky, but the cargo itself seems far too valuable and dangerous to simply dispose of like that."

Aether: "And if we've got enough fuel to return it, well, that's another option."

The Fuel gauge is low. You might be able to land it though. Also, you could requistion some mechaniloids to grab the cargo, and then crash it.

GloomyKitty copied Sword's inner workings over her shoulder, wanting to run her own tests.

GloomyKitty: "Do we -have- an origin point for this thing?"

Aether: "Let's see what the navcom has to say on the matter...."


Aether sighs. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE COOL, MAN," she types in as she scans the ship from the console for the jammer.


The Jammer is quickly found, and deactivated.


Astros turns his comm on as soon as the jammer goes down. "Annette? You getting this?"

GralDM: "Hello? Hello? ASTROS are you there?!" , Annette immediately chimes in at the same time.

Aether: "Relaying contents, Annie."

Astros: "We're good. Have spoils. Also, really disturbing crap!"

Aether: "We've got enough fuel to land this. Advice on what to take out."

GralDM: "...Mission success then? Affirmitive, starting to work out logisitics."

Aether: "Bringing a mechaniloid with us with most of the bad juju taken out, but Doppler needs to poke around with the grisly bits to be absolutely sure."

gralBot: ``===================`` Session 12, END ``=====================``

Session 13

gralBot: ``=================`` Session 13: START ``===========``

GralDM: Last time, the group defeated the sword and took it alive

GralDM: Now they just have to deal with the airship, and take a well deserved break

Astros lets everyone else handle the sword's technical bits. He's more interested in checking for more recordings.

[OOC] GralDM: This part is kinda Player driven, you have eliminated the foes

[OOC] PMX-CB: Jammer's dealt with, right?)

[OOC] GralDM: Yup

PMX-CB: "Recommend we request occupying hunter force to capture airship..."

Astros: "Sounds good to me."

GralDM: Annete talks on the coms, "I can get Torndao Panda, and Blast Lemur over. No one else available."

[OOC] GralDM: Tornado*

PMX-CB: "Will examine airship for flaws/noteworthy engineering considerations and provide report to them."

PMX-CB sets off to do just that.

gralBot rolled: [1d20+5] 24

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER spends some time digging through the drive we yoinked from the memory unit, though she'll help with other things if needed.

Astros continues his search of the cockpit. Not like he had much else to do right now...

PMX-CB: "Observation: Negative weapon systems energy aboard. Power draw redirected to... cargo."

The ship controls and cockpit is pretty standard, seems like this ship was a minimal investment, other than the cargo. Curious, you'd expect it to be used as a weapon.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Makes sense, if the life support for the rest of this crate is minimal."

It takes a while, but about 30 minutes later, you recieve a message, "This is Torndao Panda, Lemur and I am on board. Whats your status?"

PMX-CB waits for someone else to do the reporting in unless directly addressed.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER mutters to the others. "Bored silly."

Astros: "We're in the cockpit, babysitting a downed weapon. Don't destroy it; we need to test it for signs of the Virus first."

GralDM: "Affirmitive, coming in."

After a few minutes, in walks Tornado Panda, a large Reploid that moves with purpose. He has few obvious weapons, mostly just his claws. Behind him comes the tiny Blast Lemur, juggling a bunch of gernades..

GralDM: Lemur grins widely, "We about to blow up this sack of crap?"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER is still going through the drive. "We land it."

Astros: "I'd like to salvage it, or at least find out more about its purpose. We have no idea what the hell the thing's for yet."

GralDM: Lemur frowns, "Thats directly against orders. Command said to take it out of the sky."

PMX-CB: "Variety of inconsistencies. Require direct address. Hunter blackmail prepared in advance, could play into enemy hands."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "It's set up to frame the hunters and play us as mavericks. Cargo is body parts and what few records I can find say it might be registered as a humanitarian mission."

PMX-CB: "Recommend R&D sweep and inspection before decommission or destruction of assets."

PMX-CB: "Also recommend 2nd Recon investigation into purpose of ... parts."

GralDM: Tornado nods, "We are with second. I'm orginally from 9th, Lemur is the teams diversion expert. Sounds like a reasonable plan, don't mind Lemur, he feels the rules are overly important."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Orders are for it to get out of the sky. Landing it is technically getting it out of the sky."

GralDM: Panada Nods, "So reploid Body parts huh? Not so unusual, should be routine."


GralDM: "...Human? Are they like, infected with some horrible disease or something?"

PMX-CB: "Eugh.

PMX-CB: "Replacements. Maybe. Complicated."

Astros: "That's why we need to get an analysis done."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "The footage on this drive is fake, because I know for a fact that I haven't massacred more than one human."

PMX-CB gestures to the sword. "Programmed to believe this was 'humanitarian operation.' Unable to overcome programmed logic gap."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Framing the hunters as having been subverted by the mavericks. Slightly more effective than actually subverting us."

GralDM: Lemur frowns, "A media campaign to attack us? But where is the benefit in doing so for the mavericks? Whether we are trusted or not doesn't help them in their goals... does it?"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "If we're having to be investigated, it ties up resources on our side. We'd have to take accused operatives off duty to stand trial, limiting our capacity to respond."

PMX-CB: "Possibility of third party activity."

PMX-CB: "Maverick subgroup?"

Tornado takes a good look at the sword and whistles, "This guy has some cutting edge tech, literally and figuritively. As for a maverick subgroup... It would explain some weird things I've seen."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Honestly, I'm more disturbed by the assumption that there aren't than there being some. Sigma wasn't the head of the hunters because he couldn't get disagreeing personalities to work together, you know."

PMX-CB: "Things?"

GralDM: "I had a mission a couple of weeks back, snuck into some lab with some unusual power usage. Wouldn't you know it, the bastards were growing Humans, and testing stuff on them."

GralDM: "Can't tell you more cause its since been classified."

Astros: "That would explain the replacement parts..."

PMX-CB: "Growing. Humans."

GralDM: "Yeah, nuttiest thing I've seen. I though for sure with the virus and all..."

[OOC] GralDM: Thought*

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "It's like my anatomic knowledge. The better you know about putting something together the better you can tear it to pieces."

Tornado goes on the coms for a bit then nods to the group, "I Got permission to take us down in a friends air field. Should be 150 miles south."

PMX-CB: "Any chance of maverick interdiction?"

GralDM: "Seems unlikely. We can get this hunk of junk down, and get a full squad in."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Lets get it done, then."

Astros: "Good."

PMX-CB: "Copy. Will be on point in case."

Getting down is straight forward, and within a few minutes R&D members are transporting in to take a good look at the cargo and data.

GralDM: "I guess the eggheads will let us know. Let's get a drink." suggests Panda.

Astros: "I can get behind that."

PMX-CB: "Need the hangar. Need repairs."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER shrugs. "I'll go help Annette go over data.

Astros shrugs. He needs a drink after seeing all of the human body parts, really.

You see to getting the Sword taken away, then head back. Everyone is away and Tornado explains that 2nd got a lot of requests, since somethings happening in some mountains somewhere. He wasn't paying much attention.

GralDM: Annette meets your group quickly though, and lets you get to repairs, drinking, and helping. How do each of you spend your time?

PMX-CB is tuning up, repairing, and repainting his baby. The customization grows with every battle.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER spends her time sorting data and doing busy work; stuff Annette would have to do by hand but isn't so pressing SHE has to do it by hand.

Astros is spending his downtime drinking, as usual. With nothing to personally work on and R&D likely analyzing the Sword mechaniloid, he only had to wait for them to do his work for him.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER will also poke R&D once every two hours for an update on analysis of Sword.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER wants to know if he's maverick by build or virus infected.

After a few hours, reports start coming in: according to the tools supplied by Doppler, it has the virus. It is shipped off to be looked at Doppler. In the mean time the data comes in, and orders for Panda to debrief you fully.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER would pester Doppler, but knows she can't get away with that.

Panda declares this duty to be a pain, and bugs Lemur into doing it.

Lemur calls all of you to the meeting room.

Astros sighs. Time for a new briefing, huh. He heads out.

PMX-CB shows up still wiping grease off his hands with a rag.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER has a full mission report written already and sends it ahead of her, and shows up four minutes late.

Lemur waits for Gloom, and then asks you to start at the beginning of the mission.

GralDM: "You requistioned a drill, why?"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Piercing the outer hull without having to bother dealing with the full defenses."

PMX-CB: "Effect entry through the ship levels quickly."

Astros: "...among other things."

Astros: "We had reason to believe that the mission was there just to stall us, or trap us, and being able to circumvent the pathing they would have planned for us in that case would've been invaluable."

Astros: "As it is, they were close to crashing or wiping the ship."

GralDM: "You specifically specified you would be using it to crash the ship. Do you realize how much supplies is yelling at us that you lied about your reasom, however you thought it would go?"

PMX-CB: "Mission parameters changed. Were not expecting ... human pieces. ...Sorry."

GralDM: "Yes, about these human peices, tell me about them."

PMX-CB!``~`` has left #MMXGame

PMX-CB!``~`` has joined #MMXGame

PMX-CB: "Cryo containers. ... Lots of them."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Frankly, sir, Supplies has a stick shoved so far up their collective ass if THAT'S the thing they're whining about. If we'd just dropped the ship out of the sky, it would have been a media nightmare. One of those wouldn't have come down quickly, and scattering the parts around the ship to make it look like it was carrying living passengers would have caused a media disaster."

Astros: "...and the forged videos."

Astros: "It would've been playing straight into their hands."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "I still haven't been able to point to any part of them as being specifically faked, beyond knowing that I personally have one human kill to my name. They were quite creative in how some of our operatives would kill large numbers of screaming civilians."

PMX-CB: "...take offense to that."


GralDM: "You were not given permission to speak plainly Gloom Kitten. Either way its a media problem - you were right that it was registered to a humanitarian society. You did reduce the effect, but they were quite prepared for us to take it down."

GralDM: "Now, about these videos, you claim to have some relating to some Maverick's... how confident are you that it is real, with the level of other fakes you have seen?"

PMX-CB: "Expunged data from storage, still in temp files after deletion. Match profile of prior, escaped target. Use codenames relevant to prior missions."

PMX-CB: "...Could be falsified/false trail, but find it unlikely."

GralDM: "Really? Despite the other levels of information expertise displayed, you think its unlikely to be falsified? Interesting."

PMX-CB: "Potential double-blind. Mechaniloid could have released blackmail photos in secret, given us no time to answer them."

GralDM: "Which is a godo point, why didn't they release the blackmail photos, and why did you parlay with the mechaniloid for so long?"

[OOC] GralDM: good*

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "That was my decision."

Aether: The clanking of metal against ceramic rings throughout the room, coming from the entrance's general direction. "So sorry to interrupt. Any problems here?"

Aether takes a sip of tea.

Astros almost comments... but then again, he's in front of a real hardass.

GralDM: "Tardiness will be noted, Aether. I'm sorry but the rules are the rules."

Aether: "Even if the tardiness is for an official chewing out? Odd bunch, but fine."

Aether: "Tea?

Aether: "

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER waves to Aether absently. "As a unit, we could eliminate the mechaniloid with ease and minimal damage to us; there existed the possibility that it could be convinced to stand down. Once it became clear the communications wouldn't work and there was more to the mission than we'd initially believed. I went back and retrieved the black mail photos; those would not have come to light if


PMX-CB: "...c'd use some tea."

Aether: "All you needed to do was ask." She sets up a second cup and saucer from her bag, pours out the usual amount from the thermos, and leaves her fingers hovering over the cup with two sugar cubes between her fingers, simply waiting for CB's preferences.

GralDM: "Results do not justify actions. We still know so little of the virus, and Doppler cannot detect the early stages. As you might imagine there are some who wonder if you were infected during the long mission... But Command feels you have done a good job, lucky for you."

Aether raises a hand in order to gain a speaking turn, if they're all ready to do this by the book, however. She thumbs her nose slightly at standard procedure by doing so in the manner of a slightly antsy schoolchild, though.

GralDM: "Finally though, what do you think of this mysterious person who communicated with you?"

PMX-CB takes it with a lot more sugar than you'd expect. "...thanks."

Aether just ends up speaking out of turn anyway. "Wildcard, albeit one that managed to provide us with accurate information while we were there."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER is glowering at the implication that she's maverick.

GralDM: "Wildcard? So some sort of prankster? It seems from the reports that it had plans for you, something to do with rescuing it."

Aether: "The limited comm channels to our good buddy meant that I necessarily couldn't get a good read on him, location, intentions, or otherwise."

Aether: "Eh. I doubt a prank motivation on its part. Simply a lack of a -clear- one."

Aether: "You tell me how to interpret a bunch of all-caps ASCII."

Aether has apparently dropped all of the sugar in for CB, and notes to bring a hell of a lot more with her.

PMX-CB: "Likely forced to work with maverick operatives against will. Unlikely to be trap; low-priority hunters, could just be done with us."

Aether: "Low priority hunters doing high-priority work in that particular case, though, CB."

Aether: "Not trying to shoot you down, there, but it's a mitigating factor worth noting, I think."

Aether: "There's also the fact that he -did- call us arseholes, but that might be my own personal annoyance," she adds, uneasily straddling the line between seriousness and levity.

PMX-CB: "...kinda yelled at him."

Aether: "....another mitigating factor there, too," she admits.

Aether: "Then again, uh...all caps."

GralDM: "Alright. Debriefing is over. I'm told you are to remain on standby for 2 days, after which you will recieve orders about CB's Officer Candidacy target. Suggest you stay sharp, apparently its a doozy."

Aether is content to play motivational tennis with CB for a while, but realizes work has to get done. "Anyway, anything you need to bring up with me in particular?"

PMX-CB: "...Copy."

Aether: "Chewing out for bad orders, further questioning of motivations, all that cheery-happy-go-lucky stuff?"

Aether seems to take some of the negativity in stride, or at least has had to deal with so much of it before so that she simply cares less.

GralDM: "No, you can go."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER walks stiffly from the room, tail lashing every which way.

Aether: "Mmm. Well, that's new."

Aether: "Bit of a team motivational pep talk, if you all would? Just in the room over."

Aether: "There will be cookies."

PMX-CB: "...k."

Astros shrugs. Follows.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER ends up in the room, a cookie in her hand being glared at as though it just kicked a kitten.

Aether coughs, and actually pulls out a decently sized plastic bag from her pack, and walks the room over. Shortbread and chocolate chip in one container, it seems, along with some scribblings in pink marker on the outside. "Go chase him down, sis! <3 - Refresh."

[OOC] GralDM: Hahaha

Aether: "Sorry for the tardiness, gents and kitty. Command didn't like what I did either, and I doubt they were much easier on you after that entire fiasco, either. Particular with Requisitions - good lord, Requisitions. I will never hear the end of it for this being the nineteenth mark on my record for them."

PMX-CB: "...19?"

Aether: "Best not to elaborate. More pertinent things here."

Astros: "I'm more interested in finding out who the hell faked those videos."

Astros: "...or."

Astros: "If we have doppelgangers."

Aether: "Which is all well and good, yes, but I'm more worried about you guys on a personal level for now. Hence cookies."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "If we'd followed orders and just downed the ship, we would be considered legally mavericks and under one hell of a lot more understandable suspicion. If they wanted dumb 'loids who just followed orders they shouldn't have sent reploids to do the job."

Aether opens up the bag wider. Cookies for everyone.

Astros: "Willing to get drunk to deal with the whole severed body parts thing. Kind of annoyed at accusations,."

Astros: "Buuuuuuut."

Astros: "Cookies."

Astros: "It's a start."

Aether: "Yeah, they bite. I understand the accusations, regardless of whether or not I agree. Which I don't, so don't strangle me."

Aether: "So they didn't chew you out too bad? If anyone gives you guys a hard time about it, you can comm me, you know. I'll tell them to pike off."

Aether: "Plus, uh....I think I owe our resident kitty here a bit of an apology."

Aether: "Yeah, I rushed it; yeah, tempers flared up a mite too soon there, even if things overall went well."

Astros grabs a handful of cookies, nibbling at them and listening.

PMX-CB: "...actually have doppelgangers. Mass-produced."

Astros: "Well, yeah."

Aether grabs a chocolate chip cookie. "Worrying, that."

Astros: "If they were trying to frame you, it'd be a little bit easier."

Astros: "It's a bit harder to frame me. Or Kitten."

Aether: "Limited-production, here."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "If they can duplicate me, we have lots of problems."

Aether: "Wouldn't be too hard to track me down, I'd think. TCXes as a whole are lim-pro, and one of those, only the subline Aleph got the experimental circuit, so...."

Aether: "But yes. Willing to forgive me?"

Someone knocks on the door, "It's Panda, figure I should see how you guys are doing."

Aether: "Come in. We've got cookies."

PMX-CB: "Tea's cold."

GralDM: Panda walks in, "You guys look a bit rough. You ever meet Lemur before?"

Astros: "Nope."

Aether: "Blasted thermos isn't working as advertised, then. I'll get a new one for next time, CB."

Astros: "I was expecting Koala to be the one briefing us, honestly."

Aether: "Only saw him a few times before. Never met him personally."

Aether: "From what I'm gathering in that briefing room, though, it's probably a good thing I hadn't."

GralDM: "Don't hold his attitude against him. His job is at once the best one here, and the most terrifying."

Aether pulls a kettle from her pack, fills it with water from a different thermos, and sets it on a hot plate.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER doesn't dignify that with a response, grouchily eating her cookie.

Aether: "Oh, I don't."

Astros: "Really, it's not him that's bothering me."

Astros: "It's, well, the Mavericks."

Panda nods, "Just try to remember. When we go in to find out information and get what everyone else needs for their job, Lemur has to risk his neck to draw enough firepower away to make it plausible. He has almost died quite a few times, and really really likes plans where his head doesn't end up on a stick."

PMX-CB: "...Fair."

Aether: "While I symapthise, it does mean that he does like plans that are, to some degree, inflexible."

GralDM: "So, whats bothering you about the Mavericks? The weird behaivor?"

Aether: "....which, kinda reflecting on that whole thing, makes a lot of sense."

Aether: "Among other things, yeah."

PMX-CB: "...officer candidacy coming."

Aether: "Mmmm. Need me to put in a good word for you?"

PMX-CB: "No."

PMX-CB: "Wanna do it legit. legit."

Aether: "Good words are legit!"

Aether: "Especially coming from a teammate, yeah?"

Aether: "But if that's what you want...."

Astros: "Another thing."

Astros: "Any word from R&D about potential upgrades from the sword?"

GralDM: "It'll be about a day, since they are busy scanning each and everyone of those organs you guys found. But its coming."

PMX-CB: "...Cloned?"

Astros: "Priorities are in the right place, then."

GralDM: "Cloning CB? ...Wait was there something in those reports I was supposed to read."

Astros is just confused now.

Panda digs through his stuff, and takes out one of the reports flipping through it.

PMX-CB: "Cloned organs. ...less... bad... than alternative."

GralDM: "Well I'll be damned. Yeah, so the Organs are cloned... That is disturbing with regards to what I've seen. And so far as I've heard everyone of them has been clean so far."

GralDM: "You think the Maverick's are trying to keep someone alive?"

Aether: "Someone? Maybe a lot of people."

Astros: "That's one theory."

Aether: "Wouldn't use cloned organs if you were keeping just one or a handful alive."

Aether: "Well, unless you'd already narrowed down the compatibilities, I suppose...."

Astros: "Question is - what kind of mavericks would work with a human?"

Astros: "And why would they keep him alive?"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "The kind that aren't technically mavericks. You've all read the history books, right?"

Astros: "Uh huh."

GralDM: "Not technically Mavericks? Man, where is the book nerd when you need him. Help a Panda out?"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Well, we're all replicants of the original Android, X. X's design progenitor from a century ago fought a human who built robots to try to take over the world. A human individual could be using the virus as cover for their own plans."

GralDM: "Human using the virus, that gets reploids to kill Humans? Seems risky."

PMX-CB: "Not for them."

PMX-CB: "For intermediaries, maybe."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Find a way to have the things working for him give false positives?"

GralDM: "You guys would fit into the 9th just fine. They saw conspiracys everywhere too."

PMX-CB: "Just got accused of bad stuff. Comes natural."

PMX-CB: "...Wait, ride armor in the 9th?"

PMX-CB: "Do you have stealth ride armor?"

PMX-CB is up, chair flung back, leaning across the table.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "I was built by a human to be his own personal love-slave-slash-assassin. Conspiracies come nat- stealth ride armor, want."

GralDM: "...I uhh, cannot answer that with a yes or no, as any information to the existence or non-existence of such a thing is highly classified."

Panda has a terrible poker face.





PMX-CB: "... k."

Aether makes sure to keep CB away from -more- sugar, then.

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "For future reference, you make random shit up rather than slipping into 'cannot comment' territory."

GralDM: "I have no idea what you mean. (thanks)"

GralDM: "Anyway, any idea what you will do your on days off?"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "For example, clearly these stealth ride armors are roughly twenty stories tall designed with the intention of them being able to wrestle Kaiju that you expect to be storming tokyo some time in the next six weeks."

PMX-CB: "...Days off..."

PMX-CB: "New."

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "CB and I are going to the nearest mall and shopping."

Aether: "Ooooh, can I come?"

PMX-CB: "what."

Astros grins. "Guess I'm tagging along to keep you lot in line."

PMX-CB: "what"

GLOOMKITTENTHEDESTROYER: "Next vacation we're making either a beach trip or going in search of hot springs, and SOMEONE needs trunks if we're going to the beach."

PMX-CB horror

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