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Played by: Emerald

A production-model heavy equipment operator, trained in (and using) "The Hungry," a brightly-painted yellow Ride Armor.



Simple humanoid with a compact, if dense, frame. Wears a face-obscuring helmet with a never-raised visor that can link to heavy equipment systems during operation.


Soft-spoken and very hesitant to speak unless directly addressed. Much more comfortable expressing himself through actions, not words. He has a creative streak and a subtle but developed sense of humor, particularly around physical comedy. He is somewhat cavalier, having grown used to operating alone, rather than as part of a tank or artillery crew. This has led to a stubborn, almost prideful streak about maintaining and operating the Ride Armor he was assigned to.


PMX-CB is a relatively new model--not the oldest off the line, but he's served long enough to get some experience on him. He has been deployed to three combat zones, and managed to come back each time--often damaged, but never destroyed. His most recent performance--having his ride disabled during the battle of Vienna, and holding out with nothing but his M330 until reinforcements arrived--has flagged him for review and tentative officer candidacy. CB himself has spent most of his time crewing ride armors, both in combat and out. He is proficient, but does not prefer, heavy artillery or mechaniloid deployment systems.

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