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Played by: Cainen

Astros is a specialized artillery and observation model. He and his personal navigator are fresh transfers from the 15th Unit NA base.


For a humanoid reploid, Astros is quite tall and bulky; while he comes up short compared to the bigger animal reploids and the handful of extremely large humaoid models, at just shy of 2 meters tall and weighing 120 kilos, he's no laughing matter. Combined with a red-and-gold-trimming color scheme and a thick red synth-hair moustache, Astros is visually distinctive AND easy to spot in a crowd. (He's unpopular on stealth missions for a reason.)


Extremely, extremely sarcastic and abrasive to pretty much everyone he meets, Astros delights in being chatty, trying his best to make witty quips at someone else's expense, and complaining about anything and everything that's going wrong, that can go wrong, or even when things aren't going wrong enough for his liking. However, at heart, he's fundamentally a good Reploid and proud to serve the Hunters, even while complaining and cursing loudly about doing just that and getting saddled with tough jobs. And no matter what, so long as he's not Infected, he'll always, always go out of his way to prevent any innocents around him from getting harmed.


Commissioned at the behest of the 15th and named after a 20th century Brazilian artillery machine, Astros was made to meet the 15th Unit's needs of a high-firepower, adaptable artillery and heavy weapons model that was exceptionally skilled at predicting their enemies and just as skilled at observation, even to the point of being able to serve as his own spotter. Astros is exactly that, even with being a few years behind bleeding edge and being one of the least experienced commissioned models on the Maverick Hunters' current roster. Astros - and his most prized possession ever, his customized M855A4 'Hydra' Bazooka - rolled off of the assembly lines just a few months before the Second Maverick Rebellion, and due to his self-described "astronomically bipolar luck", ended up being seriously injured while still in training at the start of the Rebellion as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Specifically, in a little watering hole near the 15th Unit's NA base, right around exactly when the Rebellion itself started. (His reluctance to fire his heavy buster or break out a bazooka in the middle of a crowded city may have had something to do with that, but don't let Astros catch you spreading the word. He'll probably try to kick your ass.) Whatever the case was, he took out a couple of D rank Mavericks and a couple of scrap Mechaniloids with his BEAR HANDS, but the B rank leading the band around was much tougher and without the help of his weaponry, all he could do was stall it until help came.

Unfortunately for him and a few civilians, help didn't come fast enough to stop the Maverick from blowing a few laser holes through Astros' sides, to say nothing of the nearby humans that got the same treatment. Astros lived. The others? Not so lucky. Astros was in no state to take a combat role for the duration of the entire Rebellion, but that doesn't mean he didn't see its effects on the Maverick Hunters; he lost many of the people he had considered friends or even acquaintances at the time to it. More importantly, he saw what it did to one of the young human girls that had lost her parents over Astros' scuffle; aside herself with grief, with no family left to turn to, and having seen Astros in action, she tracked him down and begged him to put in a good word for her at MHHQ. After that, what did she have to lose?

Astros did one better; feeling guilty over the whole ordeal, he adopted her to try to make amends for letting the situation escalate that badly, then had her put through one of the best local training programs money could buy. Four years later and they're a Hunter/Navigator team; Astros and Annette Lance. Perhaps the greatest example of their trust(and the greatest example of Astros' fear of becoming what he fights against) is the fact that Astros willingly keeps his weapons locked in the event that he goes Maverick and can only use them if Annette unlocks them remotely. Yes, it DOES put him at greater risk in areas with radar jamming, but Astros is no slouch unarmed and he personally considers it far superior to the alternative of going Maverick with usable heavy weaponry in his hand.

Now, just shortly after the announcement of a cure for the Maverick Virus, Astros and Annette find themselves transferred to a squad under Longshot Koala's command without explanation.

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