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Played by: Break

Aether is a specialized front-line field command unit and former field instructor built for melee combat, equipped with an experimental weapon system and specialized communications arrays for directing units.


Standing at a rather average height of 5'6", Aether is a humanoid model with a slim chassis whose color scheme tends towards dark blues and purple for night operations, complete with standard bracers and boots. Though her armor's exterior tends towards minimalism, the addition of the AIVC system, as well as her portable communication array, provides small visual splashes of complexity, particularly where the systems integrate into her armor. The only headgear she wears is a tactical headset that outputs battle data through a retractable hard-light monocle. Long black synth-hair, purple eyes, somewhat tanned skin, with her default expression being one of fairly minor discontentment.


Aether's most obvious trait is her speech - old habits die hard, and her general style tends towards that of a lecturer, particularly when explaining things. Attempts to put up a prim, proper and dignified front, but is slightly too awkward to pull it off. Tends towards playful, non-malicious sarcasm and jabs, and is chattier than most would expect, given her rank. Somewhat easily annoyed with others' incompetence. Demands top performance in stressful situations, and does everything possible to make sure her unit is a well-oiled machine; despite it all, though, she genuinely cares for her co-workers enough to see how they're doing in her own ribbing way. Due to a quirk in her audio programming, she speaks with an Estuary accent.


Named after the fifth classical element, TCX-ℵ\0 ("Aleph-Null," phonetic simplification Aether) is the seventh model of the limited-production Aleph-series of Reploids, which were built for front-line field support, gathering combat data, and as a testbed for a few experimental systems, including the Aleph Integrated Variable Circuit (AIVC). Interestingly, the Aleph line used Zero as a base, rather than X. Initially constructed as spotter support and as a tactical pivot for retinues involving the PMX series, most units were forced into other lines of work after a year's worth of field experience due to changing demands, with the majority having been transferred into Navigator support or field instruction, of which Aether was fated to be the latter.

She mostly spends her spare time running odd jobs for the Hunters, and chatting with two of her younger sisters - TCX-F5 ("Refresh"), a somewhat cheery gossip who works as an assistant to Navigators for various units (and thus seems to know pretty much everything going on at the base, particularly where romance is concerned), and TCX-Ω9 ("Ende"), an impatient field instructor with her ear to the ground that likes to complain about the little things a lot, particularly when Aether tends to messily extract favors from her.

Aether herself is not a terribly new model, but isn't quite old, either; her field experience and experimental technology is tempered somewhat by the age of her equipment. Though she was around for Sigma's Rebellion and had acted as a field instructor since, she was suddenly transferred into a squad under the command of Longshot Koala with little explanation other than the fact that she would be briefed on arrival. Then again, she's always wanted to get back onto the field - but is she still as good as she was years ago?

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