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Character Creation

  • Level 3
  • Use Point Buy or the Array
  • Use Legend 1.1 Content
  • Rules changes
  • Other Content: Cyberspace mastermind, parts of DW's Jester (other homebrew?) available with request.
  • Please give me some info about appearance, personality, and backstory (Backstory can be very short if you are fresh out of a lab, just talk about your experiences there)
  • If possible have a story where your character worked with another character in the group (obviously characters that are fresh out of a lab are exempt)

Submitted Characters

Stock VWES Data

Note that changing between VWES is treated as though it has [Quick Draw].

This Data can be adapated.


Keywords: [Cold], [Air-based], [Protective], [Sensor]

  • Slots Used: 1
  • Ammunition: 8 (Cold Reploids +4, Fire Reploids -2)
  • Weapon Properties: [Close], [Element: Cold], [Parrying], [Tripping], [Brutal 1], [Traumatizing]
  • Weapon Enchantments: Lesser Detecting

Special: None

From: Cups 10 - the Ice Orb.

Gusting Blade

Keywords: [Wind], [Overlay], [Lockdown]

  • Slots Used: 1
  • Ammunition: 3 (*2 if you have the Air Elemental Gust ability)
  • Weapon Properties: N/A
  • Weapon Enchantments: N/A

Special: Whether the attack hits or misses, apply the effects of Gust, as if you had used it.

From: Swords 10 - The Betrayed Blade

Laser Focus

Keywords: [Laser], [Light], [Damage]

  • Slots Used: 1
  • Ammunition: 6 (*Special: Focus points can be used instead of ammo)
  • Weapon Properties: N/A
  • Weapon Enchantments: N/A

Special: Free action 1/turn after hitting a foe, Opponent must make a Reflex save or become [Blinded] and [Burned]. Ranged attacks with this weapon using Deadly aim add KOM to the first attack.

From: Beacon Hermit

Acid Splash

Keywords: [Acid], [Armor-Penetrating], [Close-Range]

  • Slots Used: 1
  • Ammunition: 10
  • Weapon Properties: [Close], [Arcane], [Elemental: Acid], [Magnum], [Scything], [Brutal 2]
  • Weapon Enchantments: [Energized: Acid]

Special: N/A

From: Wands 10

<Emerald> Come up with a stock variation that is closest to the original item

<Emerald> And then work with each player individually to work, say, a [Cold] [Air-Based] [Projectile] into whatever they want to make

<Emerald> The keywords would be a bit arbitrary, but they'd work for establishing thematic ground

<Emerald> [Cold] [Protective] and [Sensor] I would suggest

<Emerald> Since the parrying suggests the cloak of protective ice it was generating, and it lets you detect but not see things around you

<Emerald> So any or all of those elements could be incorporated into, say, a sensor network, or a coolant system, or an ice shield that regenerates each round (unless hit by fire, then it's nonfunctional for a round or more)

<Emerald> Or just a variant weapon based on the original


Game Date

  • Thursdays from 6:00-10:00 PM MST.

Game Breaks


  • There will be a break from Aug 11 to Sept 04, as I (Gralamin) will be in Europe.


  • Might be going to Europe again for 2 weeks in late August, to be determined.

Game Blurb

(For those who don’t read MHQ: This occurs between X2 and X3.)

The Battle of Vienna, a large scale battle between Hunter and Maverick forces has recently occurred. This costly battle has stretched Hunter forces thin, with the 0th and 17th scrambling over high priority threats. However, Longshot Koala, Commander of the Second has identified strange low-level Maverick activity that needs rapid response. Since the 0th and 17th are stretched thin, and these tasks are falling below the radar, Longshot Koala received permission to borrow some troops from other Units to form a temporary squad.

In addition, just recently a cure for the Maverick virus was announced, by one Doctor Doppler.

Squad Duties

The squad gets to take out quick response missions with limited intel. by working directly under Longshot Koala, the information can be sent to the group rapidly. Despite how logically this would mean that you could “miss” missions, instead the circumstances of the mission may change. For example, if you were told that a maverick was attacking a ride armor factory, and waited to long, then you’d have to catch the maverick running amok in ride armor instead, etc.

As such, it only becomes an issue if the mission ends up on the sights of the 0th or 17th squad. The moment it does, its taken away from you. This is unlikely to ever happen unless you guys go out of your way to avoid doing an early mission.

Reasons to join the squad

This Squad (That players should come up with a name for), is a good opportunity to make it into the 17th or 0th, and many would join the squad for such purposes. Similarly, with direct access to unfiltered Reconnaissance data, some may join looking for a friend who has gone maverick. Reasons to join are thus varied, and some may be as simple as “Was commissioned and completed, Command thinks it’d be a good test for me.”

However, as part of this access to unfiltered data, you have been forced to accept stringent requirements on what you can tell hunters or civilians outside the squad or Second.

Living at the Second

For maximum efficiency, the squad is given quarters in the Second. As the reconnaissance team, team members are generally back for only brief periods of time. Life at the Second is thus about the fleeting visits with others, time at the bar, and off-combat duties.

More information about The Second is available.

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