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Runic Races


Lost One, Snake, Sprite, Wolf
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A Lost One

They're What goes bump in the Night


Average Height: 4'0-4'4 Average Weight: 80-100 lb lb.

Ability Scores: +2 constitution, +2 Wisdom

Size: Small

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Darkvision

Languages: Common, Primordial

Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Notice

Bogey Man: You automatically receive training in Intimidate

Step of the Earth: You ignore difficult terrain when you are moving.

Runic Mask: You can use Runic Mask as a Daily Power

Runic Mask
Lost One Racial Power
You're body briefly convulses, and a manic grin breaks you're face as the very stuff of shadows and fear erupts from you, covering you're body in a mantle of nightmares, and you're face in a grotesque mask.
Daily ♦ Polymorph
Move Action Personal
Effect: You're body is covered in an avatar of runic might in the form of a mask and cloak of fear. Until the end of the Encounter you are insubstantial. While in this form you can only make basic unarmed attacks, and use the Tendril of Fear At-Will.

Tendril of Fear
Lost One Racial Power
A tendril of the shadow stuff that makes up you're cloak whips out and strikes an opponents mind, tearing it asunder.
At-Will ♦ Psychic
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One Creature
Attack: Con or Wis +1 vs Will
Hit: 1d10+Con or Wis Psychic damage, and the target takes damage equal to one half Con or Wis at the start of their next turn.
Special: When you create you're character, choose Con or Wis as the ability score you use when making attacks, dealing damage, and for ongoing damage, it must be the same for all. This power counts a melee basic attack. Increase to +3 Con or Dex vs. Will and 2d10+ Con or Wis damage at level 11, and increase to +5 Con or Wis vs. Will and 3d10+Con or Dex damage at level 21.

The Lost Ones are a race infused with fear. They are a tribal people, who a long time ago could only be found in the harshest, most remote places, except when they ventured forth to hunt, Now they inhabit all lands, regardless of whether there wanted or not.

Play a Lost One if you want...

  • To Not have these crappy lists
  • .
  • A race that Favors Druid and Invoker, but works with many classes

Physical Qualities: Remember you are fear, you don't have to always use it, you don't always have to show it, but its what you are. All Lost One's thrive on the hunt, and ultimately the kill. This doesn't have to manifest in violent ways however, and as such there are many terrifying Lost One Buisiness Men out there. Past that, Lost One's are an inquisitive race, taking great interest in how the other races go about there lives, and they possss a great drive to achieve goals, pursueing those goals with almost as much gusto as the hunt.

Playing as a Lost One:

  • Lost One's are almost always 4 ft. or taller, and weigh over 80 pounds. As such they are just a bit larger than Halflings. They typically have dark rough skin, the color of rich soil, and there hair is typically wispy but full, and a wide range of vibrant reds or browns. There eyes are red, yellow, or green, and they don't have any facial hair. They have very flat faces, and don't have noses, although this doesnt hinder there ability to smell at all.
  • Lost One's clothing typically matches the society that they are currently a part of, putting little importance on such things, However close to all Lost One's wear some sort of mask or another, traditionally these are formed from the bone and senew of victims and decorated with there blood. Few Lost One's wear the traditional style of maks now however, mostly to avoid unconftorable situations when people ask where the materials for it came from.
  • A Lost One's natural life span is comparable to a Human's.
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