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Note to all players

Do to many missed sessions, and time table issues over the holiday, Part 2 will begin in January, currently slated for January 6th.

Players should take this opportunity to do the following:

  • Level to 28
  • Array: 18, 18, 16, 14, 14, 12 (I think? I may need to check this)
  • Gestalt rules
  • Adjust their characters to anything pre-essentials. You may not currently use Dark Sun themes.
  • Choose a single God, that is not: Bane, Kord, Tiamat, Raven Queen, Ioun, Avandra, Torog, or Sehanine, and is not already on the list, and post it in the list below. The god will have an effect on the future story line. If you do not think your options look interesting, you are allowed to create a custom god, so long as you give me a basic spiel about them.

Choosen God, by Player

  • Neo -- Vecna
  • Em -- Angus: Homebrew god of Hospitality and Shelter
  • AJ -- Pelor
  • Reina -- Primus: Homebrew god of Creation and Judgment
  • Esser-Z
  • Caphi -- Moradin
  • Break -- Erathis


Currently known status about each god

  • Angus - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Asmodeus - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Avandra - Stopping Grazz't, but you are fated to kill her? Crazy according to the Sand King.
  • Bahamut - Unknown
  • Bane - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Corellon - Unknown
  • Erathis - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Grummish - Unknown
  • Ioun - Dead, Portfolio may of been absorbed by Rux, the Rakasha.
  • Kord - Dead.
  • Lolth - Unknown
  • Melora - Unknown
  • Moradin - Alive, still contactable.
  • Pelor - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Prinus - Presumably alive.
  • Sehanine - Unknown, but the last slated god to be brought down / killed in Rux's plans.
  • The Raven Queen - Currently in the body of a mortal, co-operating with Rux for some unknown reason.
  • Tiamat - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Torog - Dead, killed by a young man covered in runes. Seems to have a link to old Fey myths, a companion of the Archfey.
  • Vecna - Alive, according to the Sand King
  • Zehir - Unknown

Homebrew Gods

  • Angus the patron god of hospitality and shelter. He always shows up running a cozy little inn with his wife, feeding and caring for travelers. Not in the guise of a god. Portrayed as a big, beefy man with chops, but not a full beard. Robust and full of vigor/belly laughs.


The game started in a small town, close to where the cataclysm occured. There, the group fought off some bandits, met a ghost girl who is the current protector of the Fire Emblem, who fled the area, and then discovered the location of a Rakasha's Base. The Rakasha, who had worked with Ratchik before the Cataclysm, intended to follow a plan in which the capture of three gods into mortal shells could stop war. At the time they reached there, two of these three gods had already captured - The Raven Queen, many years before, and Ioun during the Cataclysm. The Raven Queen willingly allowed herself to be captured, apparently knowing this was coming. Ioun was captured and bound to the Rakasha himself, and thus he claims to be omnipotent. There are clearly clues he is not, however, and that perhaps this plan won't work.

Many in the group are opposed to the idea of the plan, but no one fought the Rakasha. The Rakasha told the group to find Lord Harlmont, a man who had opposed his plans for a while. Listen to him, and learn his side, before choosing a side. The group eventually did do so, finding the village of Vale in the process.

Vale is one of the few remaining bastions of civilizations in the world, and they seem woefully ill-prepared to defend it, to use to peace. This hidden town only shows itself after every time the world is destroyed, which tends to happen in cycles, with Gods dying and being made in the process. Noah, it was revealed, had lived through a few of these cycles.

In Vale, they gained a base of operations, and met Lord Harlmont. Harlmont claimed that the plan that the Rakasha was pursing lead to the cycles of destruction, and he must be opposed. He also claimed that since there were evidently three hollows (a term referring to beings who had been significantly alterted by the cataclysm, and carried some unknown purpose), it indicated the end of the cycles was going to happen, and the Archfey, a powerful being who acts sort of as the soul of the world, would likely need to be slain. Somehow.

After this, the group heard that dragons were terrorizing a town. Dragons are a rare sight, and a bad omen, and so the group quickly rushed off. After defeating them, it was revealed that they were attempting to create a new protector for Dragonkind, since Bahamut had dissapared. Dragons were typically left in a prison held down by Torog, who Noah was a typical servant of (But no longer is).

After facing quite a few challenges, the group engaged a group of seven powerful individuals, with Noah's brother at the head. After defeating them, they were interrogated, and a lot was learnt. Here are the most important facts:

  • Arroway was a general for the Coalition, and is now the leader of a group known as the "Crusaders", Men and Women who have grouped together to protect as many as they could. Arroway was the one who had overseen the project that had created "The Wren", and was oddly helpful to the group. He appears like he may be an ally, who is willing to take any action to win. Arroway's actions may of caused the cataclysm, as he learnt from the Rakasha, (Who he said is named Rux) the location of the Fire Emblem, which the Rakasha had hid away.
  • Icesword, a spy for the Rakasha, and a servant of the Dragonborn empire. He fought, but never intended to win, having to keep up his cover. Now working as an ally of the group.
  • Rend, a gnoll Bandit who is on the payroll of Harlmont. Had apparently been working with him since before the war, and was supposed to search for someone Shank/Fisto was once training. Currently in a Jail surronded by Dragons.
  • Hawkcorpse, a being made with a singular purpose of acquiring the Fire Emblem. Seems to be very focused on it, and does not know what happens when it does so.

At about this point, the party shifted to head towards the Dragonborn Empire, to finish some successor problems left after the cataclysm. Along the way, Wren and Fisto stopped by the Crusader base, and found their real names. Also found out the Fire Emblem had fled there. She left soon afterwards.

The Dragonborn empire has two able successors: Ratchik, and "The Collective". The Collective is the result of the cataclysm on all the other living princes, creating a being whose focus seemed to be to take the throne and rule. However, the Oracle, a powerful figure in Dragonborn society, has rejected his right to the throne. Civil War is brewing...

Talking to the Oracle, the group discovered he was having trouble finding the path that lead to peace and prosperity. Perhaps the times are just bad, or perhaps he is losing his gift for Prophecy. Regardless, the visit helped affirmed that the PCs had to blaze their own trail.

Inside the Dragonborn dungeons, they found a man who communicated with Devils. He tried to convince the group to accept devilish aid, since both sides would like the world to survive. They rejected it, but have him on a leash - he bound himself to a passphrase to be able to use his powers, and he would wait in the dungeons, acting as a direct channel to infernal powers if the group ever wished their aid.

Finally they have set out to look for what the Collective wants, and are currently fighting beings in an area known as "The Whelp Cave", a place where the princes commonly played, a one place reminiscent to all the princes, and one of the few places their Father ever showed them personally. Here, they have found pools which have been used to contact other planes (The Feydark and Celestia among them), and there are indications more gods have been slain or are in trouble. Moradin remains the only god able to be contacted by Mortals directly, and gave the group some information, before the connection was severed, and a fight began with some Phanes.

It would be easy for someone, seeking a place to rest to wonder in the cave...

Game Background

It was just two years ago that the Holy Nation Etude started its aggressive military campaign. The Nation was crusading through the world, trying to find their Holy relic, the Fire Emblem. Their agressive military campaign caused a union of alliances against them, with the intention of stoping their crazy crusade. However, Etude had backing from Solais and Caedmon, forming the Condordes Militant and leading to a long drawn out war. Thus, the Condordes Militant fought the Central Coliation from both their flanks. The Centeral Coliation, made up of Unbelar, Lyonesse, Matin, and Cielle, was hard pressed to win the war, but knew they must keep fighting to live.

As the War progressed, it became clearer to the Sages that the Fire Emblem was awakening. Mysterious, never seen before creatures started appearing in the world, and joined in the war to make a stake in the world for themselves. Most of these creatures worked with the Central Coliation, though the Condordes Militant notably had a large amount of Dragonborn, Tieflings, and Revenants in their ranks. Eventually, the symptoms worsened - Dragons appeared in the world a sure omen of disastor. Yet, everyone kept fighting, most not even knowing what the bloody war was about anymore. The Sages, clearly worried, arranaged with each other to create tactical situations where the war could finnally come to an end.

In one of these situations, at least some player characters happened to be fighting, legendary generals and soliders (Not necessarily on the same side), they pushed the battle into a small town in Caedmon. In this battle, the Fire Emblem happened to be present and it somehow awakened. A huge beam of darkness struck out from the point, and expanded to cover the entire world. Once it passed, those who survived came to and found the world changed. Forests turned to ashes, land became a blackened waste, and huge casualties on both sides. One thing quickly became apparent: There is nothing to fight about anymore. Most of the surviving armies have gone back to try rebuilding, while many legendary heroes have stayed in the villiage, searching for survivers. In one of these searches, the two sides happen to meet...

Lay of the Land

Approximate map of before, based on claimed towns:

Old Map

Approximate map of now:

New Map

The rest of Geography is being left rather vague on purpose.

In addition, natural and magical disastors are common. Tornados, Firestorms, and Living Spells ravage the land.

Character Background

(This is a light requirement, feel free to come up with something else!)

Your character is likely linked to the world in one of the following ways:

  1. You were a legendary Solider / Merc / General / etc. on one side (Pick an alleigence and let me know).
  2. As one, but you were changed in some fashion by the cataclysm. (Pick an alleigence and note how you were changed. Magically-animated armor containing the soul of a dead solider who was wearing it fits this, as does someone whose skin turned to stone, etc.)
  3. You were "born" from the cataclysm - never existing before, but now here. You may consider other ways, but these are the three most basic. This campaign will likely work best if parts of the party came from both sides, having old beleifs and hatred to overcome.



Format = <Month>:<Weeks>

  • Empty Sky: Mother Night, First Glimmer, Growing Brighter, New Hope
  • New Moon: Call of Shadow, Darkness Abounds, Flicker, Candle
  • Crescent: Silver Sliver, Growth, Sowing, Rising Tides
  • First Quarter: Trickle, Rainfall, Flood, Monsoon
  • Partial Eclipse: Skyblink, Luminous Arc, White Eye, Arise
  • Waxing Gibbous: First Waxing, Twice Waxing, Silver Light, Promise
  • Full Moon: Father Sky, Second Day, Abundance, Good Things
  • Waning Gibbous: First Waning, Second Waning, Fading Light, Turn Away
  • Selenehelion: Closing Eye, Dimming Eye, Black Eye, Descend
  • Last Quarter: Dry, Drought, Blight, Desert
  • Closing Crescent: Midnight, Winter, Harvest, Falling Tides
  • Penumbral Eclipse: Return Home, Last Glimmer, Growing Dimmer, Darker

Support Benefits

This is a list of all Support Benefits owned by the group.

Notice: Wren has reached the maximum number of support benefits on a single character (3).

Ratchik and Wren
Property: While within 10 squares of each other, each time either member makes a basic attack, the other may make a basic attack.

Kira and ???
Property: ???

Fisto and Wren
Property: While within 5 squares of each other, if a member of the bonded pair crits with a encounter power, that power is not expended.

Kira and Wren
Property: While within 5 squares of each other, if either member of the bonded pair are hit by an encounter, daily, or recharge power, they both may use an at-will power.

Fisto and Ratchik
Property: As a minor action, you may gain the movement types and gain the effect of their current stance (or use an at-will stance) of your bonded ally if they are in 5 squares. This includes the Assassin's at-will teleportation, and the movement effects of a monks at-will powers. You keep these movement modes while within 5 squares of each other. If you ever end your turn outside this area, it lasts until the end of your next turn.

Fisto's relevant movement abilities:

  • Move action: Athletics to jump with +5 bonus, counts as having running start, not capped by speed.
  • Move action: swap places with adjacent ally or prone enemy
  • Move action: Fly my speed, if I don't land at end of movement, I fall

Fisto's Stances:

  • Effect: Once per round, I can MBA as a minor action
  • Effect: allies within 2 squares gain +1 power bonus to AC and Ref
    • Once per turn, minor action to deal 2d6+Wis force damage to an enemy within 5 squares

Ratchik's relevant movement abilities:

  • Move action: You must be adjacent to a creature. You teleport 5 squares to a square adjacent to a different creature.
  • Move action: You must be hidden. You move your speed. You remain hidden from each enemy against which you have cover, superior cover, concealment, or total concealment at the end of the movement.
  • Minor action: Shift 1 square.
  • Minor action Daily Stance: Until the stance ends, allies within 5 squares of you can use your Stealth modifier for their Stealth checks.

Unique Effects

This is all listed Unique effects the group has.


Redemption is a group Boon set.

Humility - Milana
Part of the Redemption Boon Set
Property: Any bonus an ally grants you is doubled.
Property: Non-threatening reach 5.
Power(Daily): Minor; All allies within 5 squares of you gain an Action Point.

Temperance - Wren
Part of the Redemption Boon Set
Property: If you take no actions on your turn, and you are not stunned, all conditions that end by the end of your next turn end immediately, and you may make a bonus saving throw against each condition a save can end.
Power(Encounter): Minor; Ready an action. If you take the readied action, you gain either half your level + Strength modifier temp hp, or +Dex mod damage on the attack.

Chastity - Ratchik
Part of the Redemption Boon Set
Property: You cannot be dominated.
Power(Encounter): Immediate interrupt; Trigger: Gaining a condition a save can end. Effect: You successfully save against the effect immediately.

2Each creature with a piece of this set gains Resistance 20 to one type of their choice, chosen upon gaining this ability.
4Each creature with a piece of this set gains +5 to initiative and all enemies grant combat advantage on the first round.


Sloth - Shank/Fisto
Part of the Corruption Boon set
Property: Any power that you use that dazes, stuns, or prones a creature lasts an additional round.
Property: You gain truesight out to 3 squares
Power(Daily): Immediate Interrupt when a creature begins its turn. You may take your next turn now. Your initiative changes to be one higher then the creature whose turn you have bypassed.

Greed - Kira
Part of the Corruption Boon set
Property: When you are reduced to 0 hp or fewer, you may expend a HS but gain no hit points for it. If you do, you deal 1/2 your HS value in damage to each creature in 10 squares. You are healed by an amount equal to the damage dealt. You may exclude one ally from this effect. If this effect would hit no creatures, you may not use it.
Property: You gain one more healing infusion per encounter.
Power(Daily): make a melee basic attack against a creature. On a hit, you deal damage as normal and the creature is petrified (Save ends). Solo creatures cannot save against this effect on the first round, while elite creatures cannot save against this effect until after the third round, and standard monsters cannot save until the fifth round.
2Each creature with a piece of this set gains +4 to Initiative and a +1 bonus to all speeds.
4Each creature with a piece of this set gains the Fade to Nothing ability.

Fade to Nothing
Set Power
You become just another dead body on the field
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the start of your next turn you are invisible, and may make a stealth check to become hidden.
Special: You may use this power 1/round.

Other Homebrew

Other unorganized homebrew that's currently in use.

Ritual Point Resource and Time System

This system is intended to ease the cost of rituals from an individual's personal resources - gold - and instead shift that cost to a new resource that doesn't effect any other previous resources.

Each character gains a new resource of Ritual Points, here-to-after referred to as RP. A character has a maximum number of RP equal to 20 + their highest mental ability score (not modifier).

Each ritual costs a character an amount of RP equal to 3 + (ritual level / 2), rounded down. Most rituals no longer have a gold cost. Rituals that directly create new lasting mechanics that can not otherwise be achieved, such as Enchant Item, still cost gold. Rituals that remove otherwise permanent conditions, such as Cure Disease, Remove Affliction, or Raise dead, also still cost gold.

Every character recovers RP at a rate of 3 + (3 * rank) per extended rest (ranks are: heroic = 1, paragon = 2, epic = 3).

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