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This worn, leather-bound notebook barely nets a second glance at first. Appropriate for its owner, the appearance belies what it is. This is the journal of the greatest killer in the world--possibly even the best assassin who has ever lived. The writing is untidy and unembellished, pages are torn and faded, and at one point it must have been damaged and hastily put back together. Many entries are out of order, and some missing.

Waxing Gibbous, Moon Twice Waxing, third day. 0 PC (Post Cataclysm)

Vale makes me feel uncomfortable. This place makes no sense. The world has been at war for years and what was left was ripped apart. What's left of that is reduced to shambling dead, packs of bandits, and vengeful soldiers. And yet they look on weapons with only scorn. Are they fools? So wrapped up in their philosophy that such a petty thing as war wouldn't dare cross them? I hope I'm mistaken, for their sake. Else Vale will meet the same fate this world has, and let us see how well their books shield them from arrows and blades.

Waxing Gibbous, Moon Twice Waxing, fourth day. Early morning. 0 PC

A sketched diagram of a city fills the left page, buildings haphazardly drawn as loose squares and rectangles, with a few notes here and there denoting height. The only exception is the careful circle for a tower in the middle of the drawing. Much more immaculately, a precise pattern has been drawn over the rough map. It forms a clear magic circle through the length of the city, centered on that central spire.

The dragon is going after blood. Our new friend said as much, and sure enough, I found a pattern. It's using the whole city for magic. Going to have to ask Noah for more information.

I smelled blood on her, too.

Did you really think you'd fooled me? I know you're reading this.

Look up.

First Quarter, Rainfall, fifth day. 1497 DM

Location: Caedmon, Royal Palace Target: Vizier Doma Intel: At least 3000 trained soldiers, 5 mages, various servants.

Mission wasn't easy. Had to rely on Fennel to get in. Don't like relying on others in the best of time, and this is why.

Fennel sold me out. Was halfway into the courtyard when they dropped the portcullis and lit all the lanterns. Archers didn't realize they'd ruined their night vision in the process.

At any rate, mission accomplished, Doma neutralized. Pushed him off the wall, double checked body to confirm. Took care of Fennel, too.

Hope Command takes this as a lesson learned.

First Quarter, Rainfall, third day. 1500 DM

Nothing important happened today.

Waxing Gibbous, Moon Twice Waxing, fifth day. 0 PC

I can't do this any more.

Cold all the time now. Little noises making my head pound. Barely eating. Can't sleep.

How long has it been? Seems so long so long

Emotion. Keep focusing on that word. Remember why I started but I don't feel anything. Only reason still going is out of memory. I don't feel anything.

Hands shake when I hold the daggers

Want to


So hard not

Somebody help me

Evening, Waxing Gibbous, Moon Twice Waxing, fifth day. 0 PC


In lieu of a proper journal entry, this page is full of shorthand scribbles, as if trying to put together ideas.

Things to live for

Crossed out: "Violence?" No, never enjoyed job, taught not to


Things to be

This section is blank.

Early morning, Waxing Gibbous, Moon Twice Waxing, sixth day. 0 PC

Met, subdued assembled group. Among number: Arroway--General who had me taken aside, trained. Made me the Wren.

Should I have killed him? Made no apologies for me or my targets. Knew he'd run me into the ground. Also learned I cracked before I thought I had. Last "mission" was a hallucination. I turned on the Coalition leaders. Can't say I'm too broken up. Learned I have a history with Shank. Also why he seems both familiar and sets me on edge.

Should I have killed Arroway? The fact that I want to at all means I feel something. Anger? Outrage? ... Believe it or not, I think it's a good sign. Arroway has documents on both me and my kills.

I hope I learn my name.

Torog dead. We were the distraction. Some other thing did it. Noah ecstatic. Can't blame him. Think I know how he feels.

Re: Gods: Learned the goddess of love was the one who spoke to me after the incident. Good sign?

... Kira beginning to concern me. Saying strange things.

Sounds a lot like me before I snapped.

Undated entry

Written over and over again on this page, in different ways, scripts, and spacing: Arlette.

Undated entry

What just happened?

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