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Entry 1

Found some writing materials and a blank book in our new house, figured I'd start writing stuff down since everyone else seems to be doing so these days. Still not sure what happened back at that tree, had some magic or something trying to eat my soul or whatever, and I end up 2 feet taller when they get rid of it. Mostly used to the change, won't know for sure until we get in a fight. Wonder if my sudden growth has anything to do with being a "hollow." Gonna have to ask Noah sometime, might know more about it. Ought to talk to Wren too, she's been acting strange. Probably picked up a serious injury and either hasn't noticed, or is trying to hide it. Certainly doesn't act like any assassins I've ever seen before, but she fights like three of them. Glad she's on our side.

Entry 2

Had a visitor on the way to wherever it is the dragons live. Given the details, best not to write down what I learned, yet, at least. Others got high while I was out, need to ask Noah a few things once he can think straight. Wren freaked out when I came to, not entirely sure why, but she seems to be getting worse.

Entry 3

Wren snapped. Managed to keep her away from the others, died for my troubles. Or at least came far too close, hard to say. Either way, couldn't stay down, had to stop Wren. Punching feels more natural than stabbing did, wonder which is mine and which isn't. Have plenty of questions for my friend, if he pays another visit. Probably should have asked some of them the first time 'round.

Entry 4

Torog dealt with. Wasn't us, apparently some big guy covered in runes. One of the guys we captured seems to think it's someone related to the fey, including the ArchFey. Friend, or foe?

That talking cat we met under the wrecked village hasn't been entirely honest, apparently. Not much of a surprise, really.

Arroway is apparently the reason the Wren existed. Possibly also the reason I'm still alive, unless the Wren wasn't the reason for Bane showing up in my life. She was understandably less than happy at meeting the source of her troubles. She got some information from him, and we're going to be heading to his camp to get a copy of her papers, to try and put together what she was before becoming the Wren.

Arrow also knew about me, seems I was a general and a counterassassin. Already guessed at the counterassassin part, general's news. Was good enough they were training someone in my methods. Apparently the Wren had started cracking back before the end, and I'd been assigned to bring her in. Not sure if I'd known she was the one Bane wanted dead at the time, certainly did when I saw her. Already know how that part ended, it's the only damned thing I could remember. She seemed glad that I'd helped stop the Wren a second time, not sure how I feel about it.

Got some questions for Harlmont next time I see him, apparently he's been hiring bandits to look for my trainee, including giving them some sort of enchantment to tell him from me. He certainly didn't mention anything the first time we met.

Noah was going back and forth with Ark, wasn't paying too much attention to what all they talked about.

Entry 5

Been busy. Figured I'd write some stuff down while it's quiet for a bit. There's been succession issues in the dragonborn lands, specifically Ratch's siblings got mutated into some kind of hivemind thing, which apparently makes them unsuitable for the throne, and they disagree. We're currently doing what we can to prevent civil war, while planning defenses for if the war still happens. Met an oracle, who said lots of words that took far too much work to make sense of. Also met a famous general. Haven't offered my own generalship experience to the battleplans, both because I don't remember any of it, and given my deific sponsor at the time, they were probably not engineered towards ending the war in a quick manner. On the subject of Bane, if he doesn't like the fact that we're trying to prevent a war, he hasn't mentioned it in any way I've noticed. On the general subject of gods, Ratchik gets to kill the goddess of luck, apparently. Which is ironic, since he hired her to help with his sibling problem.

Noah says that gods can only possess their hollow if the hollow is willing. Handy to know in case Bane decides to object to us preventing a war by trying to show up in person.

Entry 6

Bane's Grand Army suffered its first defeat. Apparently while we'd been visiting the prison of the sand king to stop his siblings, it had been marching towards the dragonborn empire. Ratchik, not wishing his people to come to harm, agreed to a battle of champions. We won, but the Voice of Bane threw a curse at us as he was defeated. No clue what Bane himself is up to, but if he dislikes the fact that I helped defeat his army, he hasn't shown it beyond the fact that his Voice's curse is on me.

Armor's all scorched up from the fight, aside from that blood stain in the shape of a dragon. The area around it is pristine. Not sure what that means, might have to see what the oracle can share, assuming I can decipher his riddles.

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