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Location: Materia

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Ebios and surronding area

Population: 300,000

Size: Large City

Government: Monarchy, with Council from Nobles and the Qualified

Average Alignment: Populace: N Government: LE

Info Dump


  • Raw Stone and Ore
  • Stone and Metal Goods
  • Martial and Arcane Tutelage


  • Foodstuffs
  • Clothing and Textiles


  • High, Skilled
  • The Legion
  • The Outriders
  • Wyvern Knights
  • The City Guard

Dominant Religion(s):

  • Church of Kord
  • Church of Erathus
  • Cult of Asmodeous
  • Small Gods
  • Cult Worship of the Royalty(go propaganda)

Sample factions:

  • Above
  • Arcane Sanctum
  • Martial Schools
  • Gangs
  • Assassins Guilds
  • Mercantile Firms
  • Kobold Warrens

For more on Factions, please see The Ebios Factions page.

Buildings of Note:

  • Arcane Sanctum Campus
  • "The Promiscuous Stag"(an old old Bar and Tavern)

Persons of Note:

  • King
  • Archmage
  • Captain of the Guard
  • High General

Surrounding area:

Hills, Mountains, some Farmland

Basic Plot Hooks:

  • Deep in the sewers resident kobolds claim to have seen strange mutated beings, their purpose is unknown, where they've come from is unknown, but how long till someone goes missing?

General Description and Brief History

Ebios, once the City of Hope, fell over 700 years ago, in a scant 7 years a group of horrendous villains had taken the city, a Priest devoted to Asmodeous, a strange playboy Drow, a mad changeling touched by the Far Realm, and a a enigmatic Fallen Angel. These conquerers consolidated there power, vanquishing every would be challenger, heroes were outright slain, and the more competent rival war leaders were enslaved using vile magics. Whithin a few years there unholy empire had spread across the landscape, spreading all the way to Karthias, the city that had monopolized trade in and out of the city for centuries after a series of military catastrophes on Ebios' part, but under the Empire's new rule, Devils came from ground and sky tearing soldiers to pieces, disabling siege weaponry, and opening the gates, the city fell in under one day, with very few causalities on the Ebios side. The Empire spread through war for many years, encompassing the entire region, with many new towns being built around the trade routes.

The Empire existed in this way for under two centuries, under the Iron Fisted rule of the Priest who was part of the band that originally started the Empire, transformed through fell magics into a being approaching the power of an Arch Devil(the others went their own ways, the Drow went and founded his own city, a city of artists, musicians, rogues, whores, and lawyers, a city now ruled not by any King or council, but by a system of many gangs and clans warring against each other, almost all descended directly from the old pervert, who found immortality inside the blood of each of his descendants. The Changeling slowly fell deeper and deeper into madness, as the strange symbiotic shadow attached to him grew in power, eventually the Priest tried to destroy him, and he fled through a portal of his own construction in the basement of the Castle, which by the way still has uninhabitable portions, its unknown what happened to the Fallen Angel, but most who knew anything at all about him assumed he moved on.) until the Priest one day disappeared entirely, along with most of the Unholy Legions, most scholars assume he took his armies to the Nine Hells to make a bid for power as an Arch Devil.

With the Armies gone, control over the Empire was transferred to a council of Favored Tieflings, mortals who had willingly made the transformation, and it quickly floundered. In the many Hills surrounding the city, rebel bands began to appear, some were noble warriors fighting for vengeance against the unholy empire that had taken so much from them and to protect there families, but many more were nothing more than bandits, raiding indiscriminately in the name of the Rebellion(aka themselves), and many weren't even from the region, having slipped past the walls and gates surrounding the borders now that there forces were diminished. Even so the war was not going well, the real Rebels were slaughtered both by the well disciplined armies of the Empire(...... now all they need is light sabers....) and by fake rebels, who had either been paid off by the Empire or simply wanted any valuables they had. Eventually one of the bandit group grew to prominence, there coffers swelled by Empire gold and loot from villages, and the bandit leader began to unite the other bands, setting up bases in Narra's Ridge, with the help of the eccentric kobolds who had been living there under the noses of the Dragon hating citizens of Ebios for apparently almost as long as the City had existed. With the help of the industrious Kobolds the Bandits tunneled into the city, and in a series of surprise strikes took the city, once they had the city thoroughly under control, the Bandits than used Illusionists to make it seem like a heroic battle had started inside and outside of the city, including epic battles against massive Devils, and the Priest who had long ago left(this had been covered up by the Tieflings), in the end there Illusions showed the Devils retreating, the Priest being defeated, and the illusory corpses being dragged away behind them. To make things seem more real they had started fires, thrown around offensive magic, and slaughtered some civilians. After everything they executed the Council before an angry mob.

Now its over 100 years later, the original Bandit Leaders children are still ruling the City State and the surrounding environs, the current King is old, past his prime, and his children are ready to seize the throne for themselves. The Empire has shrunk, despite building a regular army of elites, without the support of the Devils and their infernal magic, they have returned to borders just barely surpassing the original limits, they have maintained control of Karthias

Ebios is a large City, serving as the Headquarters for most major legal Factions in the area, and quite a few not so legal factions. The City surrounds the Royal Palace, a formidable building constructed from dark stone and reinforced with blackened iron and surrounded by a spiked wall constructed in a similar fashion, but with blood permanently staining the walls, this exterior is a stern reminder of both the might of the Royal Family, and of the Infernal Forces that once held the City and and Empire in its Iron Grip. The Palace houses both the bulk of the Government, and the Military, this involves most of the royal Family, and most of the beaurocrats for the civil and military sides. The City is then split up by 3 separate walls, the outermost wall being the newest, and named 'Freedom', it was built under the command of the first Savior(aka. the King), and is a high wall built from a white stone quarried from Narraq's Ridge, the wall is designed to make scaling from either side difficult, and surrounded by a moat filled with water. The buildings in between Freedom and the second wall, 'Tyranny', are built low, with bases of stone about 1 meter high, and than of wood for the most part. The roads are wide, and few alleys are not exposed to Tyranny, making the entire expanse a killing zone, any army that breaches Freedom would be shot down by archers and siege weaponry on Tyranny, if the enemy had not already burned that section of the town, weapons on Tyranny are set to do just that, burning the buildings and taking any invaders inside the limits with them, or at least buying some time.

Tyranny was built during the time of the Priests rule, and is built not from stone, but from iron blocks, built using scores of slaves, and baptized in their blood. The wall is wrapped in enchantments that protect and reinforce the iron, causing it repair itself over time(within limits), and making it even stronger, as well as turning it into a terrible weapon, any foe that attempts to scale the wall, whether it be by rope, ladder, or hand, will be sliced apart by animated blades that grow from the very wall. Tyranny is surrounded by a moat, however like the wall its also wrapped in fell sorceries, although at first it seems to be just a regular empty moat, when a designated 'enemy' falls into the pit, the body is reanimated as a homicidal zombie, however unlike a 'regular' zombie, this one still has the soul trapped inside, and so the creature is aware of what its doing as it charges its once allies, its blood igniting and the fire spreading throughout the body until the corpse explodes, the creature is capable of feeling all the pain from the wounds that felled it, any new injuries, and the fires that engulf it, but the only thing it can do of its own accord is scream. On top of the wall there is plenty of room, as its about twice as wide as a 'regular' wall like Freedom, made to support many archers and pieces of siege weaponry, ballistas used to destroy enemy siege weaponry, catapults used for a variety of purposes, pummeling enemy ranks with many smaller stones being a more popular choice, and hwachas, capable of firing 100 arrows at one time, propelled by magic capable of taking the arrows well over Freedom.

The buildings behind Tyranny were built during the time of the Priests rule, and this is the largest city district, every building constructed during that time was made from dark stone, and in a stout efficient manner. A series of tall towers are built amongst the tenements and stores, functioning both as defense against air attack, and as posts for the City Guards. The area lacks many statues, fountains, or similar works, with the most noticeable ones beings statues standing a little ways back from the entrance in Tyranny, the statues represent various past rulers of Ebios, the statues are blood red and never need to be cleaned due to what seem to be minor enchantments on them. In reality these statues are stone golems, but the means to control them has been lost since the Priest left. Past Tyranny is the third City wall, the one originally built to Defend the city, although in the years before the construction of the other two walls, it was breached many times, and many segments had to be rebuilt over the centuries, and under the rule of the Saviors, its been turned into more decoration than anything else, statues adorn its parapet, silent golden warriors saluting the city, of course they are not solid gold statues, they are merely stone statues painted gold. The walls have also been covered in various engravings, that while making a beautiful decoration, ruin any defensive value the wall once held, serving as hand holds for climbing, and other embellishments ruin the structural integrity of the wall, like alcove carved into it for more statues.

The wall's official name is 'Glory', however most citizens refer to it as 'Hope', a mockery of how if the rest of the city falls, that flimsy wall is all that stands in between the Nobles and death. In between Glory and the palace walls is the old city, many of the structures having been built in the time before the priests rule, and many others are new structures, either buildings made by Nobles, having torn down the old structures, or buildings having to be replaced because of fires. Each district encompasses the area behind one wall, and before another, and are named after the wall that defends it. Each district contains small market squares, with Glory having the main market, a massive square open for shopping seven days a week. Regular citizens live in tenement buildings, which make up a bulk of the buildings in the city, the buildings behind the store fronts lining the roads. They sell a variety of goods and services, but most men find employment in the mines to the north, being away from home and family for weeks at a time, bringing back there pay, and in alarmingly common incidents, injuries.

Feelings towards other Races:

The people of Ebios are typically indifferent to most races, however there opinions to certain races merit mention

  • Dragonborn: still hated, although most people have forgotten why, not necessarily killed on sight, but are prejudiced against
  • Kobolds: most people appreciate the help that the kobolds provided, but are now growing tired and concerned. Without having to hide any more the kobolds have taken to breeding like rabbits, and these eccentric beings have begun to dwell..... everywhere. Many men are also worried that the almost unnaturally good miners will take their jobs.
  • Shifters: when the first Savior took over he freed all the slaves, but the shifters remained a slaves, still toiling in the lumber camps to the south, the reasoning behind this cruelty? They have been classified as animals, and most people believe it. However a storm is brewing and change is coming.....
  • Tieflings: one would have expected the Tieflings to be hated after the long rule of the Devils, and those who willingly took the transformation are, however to many people saw tieflings born to neighbors, to friends, or into their own family's, simply because of the ambient infernal energy to hate them. Many of the heroes in the rebellion had also been Tieflings seeking to redeem themselves and their kind, so although they are bitter reminders of the past, they remain.

Interesting Locations and Surrounding Cities

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