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Dragontech Ascendant

The Ascended One

General Description:See encounter notes

Personality:Tends to be arrogant and cruel. Plays with his food.

Abode:The Juixis Array. See below.

Goals:Ultimate mechanical power!

Typical Minions:Warforged, anything mechanical or part mechanical.

Notes used to make / run the encounter:

  • 2nd most powerful of the few dragons on rapture
  • half of body replaced with machinery, consumes electricity to live
  • Is unopposed in the area.
  • Has accesses to the Juixis array
  • Combination Beam Weapon/ Power Generator / Creature transformer
  • Level 27 solo -> Best results send after a level 23-24 party.
  • Possible Boss mechanics:
  • Terrain interaction
  • Threshold
  • Forms
  • Multiple Creature Parts

The encounter starts as the PC enter one of the doors. The Ascendant flies out andimmediatelyuses its breath weapon.

  • Describe as a Dragon with half of its form replaced with machinery. When the first form is bloodied, describe how the mechanical side seems to spark and speed up. The array glows slightly.
  • Second form is described as the same of the first, but bits of the dragon are falling onto the array. Array is bright. When Array fires, describe it as a bright flash, and then suddenly damage. When this form is bloodied, describe the organic side as starting to die.
  • The 3rd form is the dragons body falling onto the Array, organic side dead, and the mechanical side connecting with the array. In this form the dragon cannot move. When this side is bloodied, it seems as if the dragons power core is starting to run out.

His stats may be found in the google group link, it was determined to be too difficult to transfer him.

Dragontech Ascendant Level 27 Solo Controller
Huge Aberrant Beast (Construct) See Ascended Form XP
Initiative +22 Senses Perception +21; Darkvision
Defense Field (Force) Aura 2; Creatures that Enter or start their turns in the aura have -5 damage. Creatres in the aura have concealment vs ranged attacks.
HP 375; Bloodied 187; At 0 Change to next form
AC 39; Fort 38; Ref 38; Will 38
Resist Psychic 10; Vulnerable Electricity 5
Saving Throws +5
Speed Speed 12, Fly 12
Action Points 2
rForce Laser (Standard, at-will) ♦ Force
Range 10; +32 vs Fort; 4d6+15 Force damage, and Push 5. If the beam hits a mirror, It can travel this range or up to 5 from the mirror, whichever is greater. (A line of mirrors could be used to make it ranged 30 for example)
cGear Breath (Standard, recharge 56) ♦ .
Close Blast 5; +32 vs Reflex; 3d8+9 Damage. Hit or miss: Squares in a wall 3 become a wall of gears.
aMissile Barrage (Minor, at-will) ♦ Fire
1/round; Burst 1; +32 vs Reflex; 2d8+9 Damage.
.Overdrive (., .) ♦ .
When bloodied; Roll initative again, and act on both initatives.
Alignment Evil Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Intimidate +27; Insight +22
Str 23 (+19) Dex 24 (+20) Wis 18 (+17)
Con 26 (+21) Int 22 (+19) Cha 28 (+22)

Others can easily be made with the templates

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