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Basic premises

Dolls are relatively cheap constructs for use by Players

One player can only control a # of Dolls at one time equal to their Int mod, they must have a free hand to do this

Construction of a doll requires money, time, and skill checks(craft(constructs) is used), no xp however

.... Dolls are Astral Constructs.... i'll add in some extra ways to customize them.....

A character can only create and control Dolls of a certain power level, at certain levels, according to this chart.

Doll Level Level needed to create/control
1st level Doll level 1
2nd level Doll level 3
3rd level Doll level 5
4th Level Doll level 7
5th Level Doll level 9
6th Level Doll level 11
7th Level Doll level 13
8th Level Doll level 15
9th Level Doll level 17
10th Level Doll level 19(needs to be made)

Costs of Creation:

Level GP Skill DC Time (Days) Required Successes
1 50 15 1 1
2 100 17 2 1
3 250 19 3 2
4 500 21 4 2
5 1000 23 5 3
6 2000 25 6 3
7 5000 27 7 4
8 8000 29 8 4
9 15000 31 9 5
10 25000 33 10 5

When a Doll is destroyed, its remains can be salvaged for materials to create a new doll with value equal to half of its base value, this can only be used to make one doll. These remains can be sold for 1/4 of their value to a Doll builder, and can be bought at the value they represent to make a new one, or 1cp per Doll HD as scrap.

Sigh they also have an xp cost..... half of which can also be salvaged..... its 1/4 of gold price.....

Dolls get abilities from the Astral Construct chart as if they were astral constructs, while creating a Doll you can add more abilities, at a greater cost overall, and having to make more difficult skill DC, you cannot give a Doll an ability it couldnt have normally, so a Level 1 Doll cannot have an ability from Chart B or C.

# of extra Abilities GP Cost Variable Skill DC Increase
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 3 5
4 4 7
5 5 9

for GP Cost Variable, multiply that by 50 for a A Menu ability, 500 for a Menu B ability, and 5000 for a Menu C Ability

A Doll cannot select an ability multiple times.

While creating a Doll the creator makes a Craft(construct) check every Day, if at the end of the crafting time they have not made the required number of successes, they get one last attempt to get a success, if they still dont have enough successes they fail at creating the Doll, if they wish to continue they must pay half the cost of the Doll, and restart the process, keeping successes from the first attempt, they can repeat this process until they succeed.

I need to put in ways to adjust size....

They can wield simple and martial weapons, an exotic weapon proficiency is a A ability<.p> <p>Creating a Doll requires the Craft Construct feat

The Creator of a Doll can spend one minute to take control of a Doll they have made, afterwards they can control the Doll as long as it remains within 100 ft. of the Creator, to direct the Dolls the controller must have one hand free.

Dolls resist have control of them being given to anyone but their creator, anyone can attempt to take control of a Doll as long as they know the proper procedure for the particular Doll(either being told by the Creator, or making a successful UMD check, DC = 15+Doll HD), but only if the would be Controller can succeed in a successful UMD check to 20+the Dolls HD this takes 1 minute. The Creator can sever this control by touching the Doll and probably doing something, with a successful something the Creator can hijack the control. Control lasts for a day,

Dolls act on the turn of their Controller, after he or she has acted.

Dolls are also known as puppets

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