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Ebios Campaign Setting
Arcadonus, Astra, Celestion, Feywild,

Jurosaian, Lucious, Materia, Necros,

Primordial Chaos, Rapture, Shadowfell,



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The Nature of Demi-Planes

The current Leading theory on the nature of the Demi-Planes is that they are whole portions of the old world, that have been detached and now wander or 'stretch' across the Reflections.

List of Demi-Planes

Hermous, The Reflection of Doors

One cental works them maybe have a massive templae or something with portals that work no matter what and the planar shepards run them

Organization: Planar Shepards

  • Size:est. 500,000(Small Nation)
  • Leadership:Council
  • HQ: Hermous
  • Sphere of Influence: All Planes
  • Goals:
    • Protect the Planes from further Damage
    • Categorize and Monitor all Planar Anomalies
    • Restore Paradise
  • Activities:
    • Control and Direct Planar Travel
    • Warn general public of Planar Anomalies, and give directions on how to deal with them
    • Collect Information on Planes, Artifacts, and other things of note through out every Plane
  • Sample Internal Factions
    • Eyes of the Shepards
    • Blade of the Shepards
    • The Shining Diadem
    • The Walkers
    • The Speakers
    • The Shadow of the Shepards

Typical Member: (to help keep Organizations realistic, having sample monsters associated with them would help, its also nice to have a pool of new monsters)

Specific NPCs'

Most should have stat blocks of some kind, and a short description of them etc)

Death's Home

Wandering Shops

The Battle Grounds


This plane is the source of Incarnum, as in it resides the souls of those yet to be born, and those who have died. Their are rare locations known as a "Planar Touchstones" that allow Incarnum to seep out from this plane to other planes.

Famous Planar Touchstone: The Bastion of Souls from which only preincarnum (Souls yet to be born) flows onto Materia. Hidden away and protected by the Pentifex Order.

Organization: Pentfix Order

Described quite throughly from page 209 to 212 of Magic of Incarnum.

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