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Genetics Vs. Cybernetics : Questioning of which is a superior design? Two philosophies: Can we use our unlocked knowledge about the natural evolutionary process (our genes) to give birth to a new type of humans or should we synthetically be creating the ultimate humans?

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human-Kind : Finding the means of creating a world where AI's and Humans can co-exist. Is it inevitable that one will have to dominate the other? Are AI's just servants of their creators or can they serve a greater purpose? What will happen once an AI is more advanced than its creator?

Human Society and Legacy : In this world there will those who seek to control human history and society. Given this capacity they seek to guide humanity towards their will. Is it right for a small group of individuals to decide the fates for all the rest of mankind?

Deus Ex Machina : In particular, the idea how to represent the sum of all human accomplishments that will potentially be? If it was given a form what would it look like? How would a person recognize it. If it became an entity which wanted to be known? Idea that a god is not which who created the world but the sum of all what man-kind can accomplish.

Aesthetics: Cyberpunk.

Sources of Inspiration:

  • Other tactics games.
  • Shadowrun
  • Tron
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Dues Ex
  • Matrix (First movie)
  • Bladerunner
  • Some of Starcraft
  • System Shock
  • Robo Cop

Gameplay Systems

Core Model

Possible models:

  • Advanced Wars
  • Fire Emblem
  • FFT
  • Devil Survivor is an “odd” FFT.

Turn / unit? (Initiative) Turn / player? (Phases)

Card System

Resolution Mechanic: Cards Effect Cards -> Modifies actions. Extra movement speed, maybe a buff or healing. Combat cards -> Die roll number and used for attack / reactions. Attacks, Abilities, Reactions Anything that is chance based, use a Combat card for.

Character Class

Some class ideas, using cybernetics names, we probably want to develop only around 5 of them:

  • DPS / Healer: Engineer “Turrets, repair cybernetics, etc.”
  • DPS: Soldier “Baotu from Ghost in the shell”
  • Debuff: Hacker “Weaken / status ailments on foes, strengthen allies.”
  • Sniper: Extreme range damage / harrier
  • Buff: Info Broker “Use knowledge of foes to aid allies.”
  • Explosives Expert: Someone who attacks in area of effect using limited supply items.
  • Juggernaut: Tank who can taunt / aggro foes.
  • “Blue Mage”: “Megaman”.
  • Metacharacter: CEO “Extra money, Experience, etc. Late game, orbital satellite lazor?”

User Interface

Game Views

  • Main Menu View
  • Map View
  • Battle View
  • Status View
  • Equip View
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