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Runic Races


Lost One, Snake, Sprite, Wolf
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Scholars who float gracefully on the winds of knowledge


Average Height: 6’ 4’’ – 7’ 0’ Average Weight: 110-200 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Lowlight

Languages: Common, Choose One

Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 History

Winged: When you fall you may move 1 square in any direction other than up or down for every square you fall. If you reach the ground as a result of this ability, you do not take falling damage. You can't glide or ignore falling damage due to this ability if you are unable to take actions or if your crashing.

Hollow Bones: Due to your hollow bones and sharp mind, you gain +1 bonus to Reflex and Will Defense. At the same time, you gain a -1 penalty to fortitude.

Runecrow: You can use Runecrow as a Daily Power

RunecrowCrow Racial Power
The wind screams and swirls around you, and runic energy erupts from you're body, swirling and merging around you, forming an avatar of a mighty bird over you're form, its wings are you're wings, its claws you're weapons, its shriek you're voice.
Daily ♦ Polymorph
Move Action Personal
Effect: You're body is covered in an avatar of runic might in the form of a large bird. Until the end of the encounter, you gain a fly speed of 6. While in this form you can only make basic unarmed attacks, and use the blast of wind at-will.

Blast of WindRunecrow Power
With a flap of you're wings, you smite a foe with a powerful blast of air.
At-Will ♦ Thunder
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One Creature in 10 squares
Attack: (Dex or Int)+1 vs Reflex
Hit: 1d6+ Dex or Int thunder damage, and you push the target a number of squares equal to half of you're Dex or Int modifier.
Special: When you create you're character, choose Dex or Int as the ability score you use when making attacks, dealing damage, and pushing, it must be the same for all. This power counts a ranged basic attack. increase to +3 Dex or Int vs. Dex and 2d6+ Dex or Int damage at level 11, and increase to +5 dex or Int vs. Ref and 3d6+Dex or Int damage at level 21.

The Crows are a race of wise sages, fierce warriors, and skilled artists of all sorts. Among them there is a deep seated belief that each of them has a message that they must bring out to the world, no matter what the cost.

Play a Crow if you want...

  • To not have a stupid list of reasons past favored classes
  • .
  • To play a race that favors the Rune Magus, Rogue, and Wizard classes

Physical Qualities: Find you're message, and deliver it to the world, either using words, song, or the blade of war. Never falter from this task, and never fear to use any method available to you. Crows are like the wind in personality, they pursue there goals with all there strength, but can suddenly change there direction. Many Crows seek the path of adventure for the freedom it brings, and the chance to deliver there message to all they meet

Playing as a Crow: Crows resemble anthropomorphic birds. They have large proportioned wings sprouting from there back, but they are not strong enough to hold there full weight in flight. They are tall and lithe, with long arms and legs, but due to there bone structures weigh less than what might be evident. Rather than hair they have feathers, ranging from long, to incredibly short. They have long fingers and feet, and hawkish faces. Some Crow have beaks, and more scaly feet, and the feather coverage over there body's can vary greatly. Crows live about twice as long as humans, and reach maturity in about the same time a a human. However most dont reach there full height until there mid twenties.

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