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  • Name: Kannadi Albedo
  • Age: 25
  • Appearance: A thin yet fit, 5' 8", light brown Human female with short, dark brown hair and bright gray eyes. Kannadi has excellent poise and posture which most people translate as harmless refinement, but experienced adventurers would recognize it as near-perpetual guardedness. Due to her sense of style, pride in her combat class, or both, she only removes her navy blue domino mask and ascot in the most casual settings.
  • Background: Kannadi is a scholar of monsters, behavior, and monster behavior, who somehow fit that into a wealthy aristocratic upbringing. Fortunately her parents are content to leave her mostly to her own devices. Blue Magic is among her favorite things in the world, for its closer understanding of monsters as much as its uses in combat; if it did not exist, she would have had to invent it.
  • Quote: "We are each a mirror on our society."



  • Race: Human (racial: Str 10 Vit 10 Agi 10 Spd 10 Mag 10 Spr 10)
  • Job: Blue Mage
  • Level: 15
  • EXP: 52500/60000
  • HP Die: d8
  • MP Die: d8

Initiative: 1d10+9 Attack: 2d8+55

Table 1: Attributes
Attribute Value Max Rating
STR 6 20 28
VIT 6 20 28
AGI 10 (temp 11) 18 43
SPD 9 18 37
MAG 12 22 46
SPR 10 22 40

Last Stat Increased: None.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Combat Reflexes: The character can never be surprised in battle, and will always act in the Preemptive Round if ambushed; in addition, she is immune to the Status Condition Unaware.
  • Gillionaire (3): The character’s share of Gil for each monster encounter and successfully completed quest is increased by 10%.


  • Favored Prey: Amorph: Monsters of this type will inflict 200% damage with every Attack Action they make against the character.
  • Elemental Deficiency: Earth: Any damage of that element done to the character is increased by 50%. If the character gains a Resistance to the Element in question, attacks do normal damage; Immunities reduce damage to 50%, and Absorbance reduces damage of that Element to 0.


Note: 10% gil boost due to Gillionare.

  • Equipment: 85g
  • Weapon: Djinn Flyssa (5*AGI+2d8), 1815g
  • Shield: Spiritual Targe (5 Eva, 14 MEva, Holy Ward), 1400g
  • Body: Mist Silk Robe (11 Arm, 16 MArm, 5 Eva), 1650g
  • Head: Magus Hat (7 Arm, 9 MArm, 5 MEva), 1400g
  • Hands: Echo Wrist (5 Arm, 6 MArm, Silence Proof), 1250g
  • Statistic Booster: Shoulder Cape (5 Eva, 3 MEva), 400g
  • Attribute Booster: Beads (+1 AGI) 1500g


  • Hi-Potion x4 (+125 HP to Single target), 600g
  • Bandage x2 (Cancels Disable and Immobilize), 200g

Key Items

  • Magicite "Shemhazai"

Combat Statistics

  • HP: 138/138
  • MP: 150/150
  • Armor (ARM) = 23 x 115% = 26.75
  • M. Armor (MARM) = 31 x 125% = 38.75
  • Evade (EVA) = 35
  • M. Evade (MEVA) = 43
  • Accuracy (ACC) = 135
  • Magic Accuracy = 139
  • Dexterity (DEX) = 87
  • Mind (MND) = 89



  • Light Swords: 78
  • Navigation (1:2): 72
  • Survival (1:2): 72
  • Riding (1:2): 72
  • Etiquette: 78
  • Intimidation: 45
  • Inquiry: 45
  • Awareness (30 free): 78
  • Aptitude: Wilderness

Lore and Languages


  • Common Tongue (50 free): 78
  • Ancient: 30
  • Lore (Area): 30
  • Lore (Blue Magic): 78
  • Lore (Monsters): 78

Abilities: BLUE MAGIC

Blue Magic (Level 1)

  • Target: Various Type: Magic

Blue Mages can cast whatever Blue Magic they have learned from monsters. (See table below.)

Azure Lore (Level 1)

  • Target: Self Type: Support Ability

To use a Blue Spell, a Blue Mage must experience its effect first-hand. Azure Lore allows a Blue Mage to acquire any Blue Spell cast on her during a battle or Scene in which the Blue Mage is an active participant. This is subject to two important restrictions. Firstly, while the Blue Mage does not have to suffer the Spell's effects in order to learn it, the Spell must target her or her current Party in order to be eligible for acquisition. Secondly, the Spell cannot reduce the Blue Mage to 0 or fewer Hit Points. Unconscious Blue Mages are in no shape to learn anything.

Assimilation (Level 1)

  • Target: Self Type: Support Ability

By carefully watching the magic woven by an opponent, Blue Mages can gather enough information for a kind of mystical reverse engineering, allowing them to copy monster magics without putting themselves in harm's way. Assimilation has a flat CoS of (Level)% of allowing a Blue Mage to instantly acquire any Blue Spell used during a battle or Scene in which the Blue Mage is an active participant. Assimilation has no effect if the Blue Mage is Unconscious or affected by any of the following Status Conditions: Berserk, Blind, Charm, Confuse, Curse, Frozen, Heat, Sleep, Stone, Stop, Toad, Unaware, or Zombie.

Intuitive Magic (Level 1)

  • Target: Various Type: Magic Ability

Blue Mages can use their spellcasting abilities for a wide variety of other purposes.


Blue Magic

Item Reference

  • Silence Proof: Immune to Silence (Seals Magic actions)
  • Holy Ward: Attacks of this element do -50% damage before modifying for ARM or M. ARM.
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