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  • Name: Frederik Traümer
  • Age 19
  • Appearance: Frederik is tall, well-built, and very flashy. His clothes seem almost counter-intuitive as clothes, not covering large areas on his abdomen and only seeming to precariously drape over the rest, and you’d expect to see a lot less skin for all the bells and sashes and baubles all over him. He’s got all sorts of colours on him, though mostly vibrant greens and blues to match the green of his hair. He doesn’t walk around so much as strut, and he oozes self-confidence even beyond the amount he actually has. He purposely keeps himself tanned and well-muscled as a counterpoint to the common conception that a male dancer would be some sort of mincing fop. Call him anything similar and you can expect trouble.
  • Background:What is there to say? A young man is born and raised with parents who love him, perhaps too much, and that is probably the basis of all this. They loved him dearly and would buy him everything in their power, but he was the one who was kissing girls at age six and charming his schoolteachers at fifteen. He could not sit still for his studies, and for a while there was talk of his having some sort of curse or disability, but that was all remedied when he was sent off to learn temple dances with the priestesses, to which he took fantastically. He never really got too into the religious aspect, but using his body to convey and evoke emotions was something he had been doing since he was small, and the idea of a real, fluid dance (rather than inspired flailing as is the style with festival music) enchanted him.
  • At eighteen, he was off. Wanderlust hit, perhaps, or rather he just wanted to be emulating all of the heroes in the books. He made his travelling clothes himself from the brightest cloth he could find, bought some fruit and a little dried meat for good measure, and was on the road by morning, all ready to accrue experiences that would lead toward the eventual worldly, sage outlook.
  • Personality: For someone so young, Frederik is both intensely typical and a little scary in his unfailing bravado. He walks around with his shoulders back and chest out, diving head-first into the search for new and exciting things in life, as he gets bored terribly easily. People usually count as new and exciting, and he’s to the point where he flirts constantly for the interesting conversational dynamic rather than actual desire for romance or sex. So, of course, he sees nothing wrong with flirting with men, even if he’s not interested in them. It’s funny how flustered they get; haven’t they ever seen the world outside of their hometowns?
  • Goals: Goals are to be made after sunrise, once the whims have cemented.
  • Quote: “I like the look of you. I think I should spend some time getting to know you, though whether you get to know me depends on how good you are.”



  • Race: Human (Statistically something else)
  • Job: Bard
  • Level: 10
  • Exp: 0/5000 xp
  • Gil: 3372
  • HP Die: 1d8+3
  • MP Die: N/A
  • Max HP: 112
  • Max MP: 0

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Animal Companion (Alexander's Guidance): 30% chance of triggering effect, if it triggers both go off
  • Counter Fang: 35 + 1d6 damage, ignores ARM unless enemy has Heavy Armor ability
  • Guardian: Halves damage before ARM or MARM factored in.


  • Weapon Inability (2): Can never crit.
  • Elemental Deficiency (Earth): 50% extra damage from Earth


Table 1: Attributes
Attribute Value Max Rating MRU?
STR 3 13 19 0
VIT 7 14 31 0
AGI 7 (6+1) 20 31 0
SPD 6 22 28 0
MAG 14 (13+1) 24 52 0
SPR 13 27 49 1

Combat Values

  • HP: 112/112 - 100 %
  • MACC: 138
  • ACC: 44
  • DEX: 74
  • MND: 88
  • EVA: 18
  • M. EVA: 30
  • Armour: 16
  • M. Armour: 28
  • Init: 1d10 + 6


Weapon Skills

  • Instruments: 68 (ACC = 112)

Other Skills

  • Awareness: 62
  • Singing: 68
  • Smooth Talk: 68
  • Acrobatics: 56
  • Streetwise: 40
  • Survival: 44
  • Disguise: 42
  • Lore [Astrology/Zodiac]: 63
  • Lore [Legends]: 48
  • Lore [Art/Culture]: 56
  • Language [Viera]: 46
  • Language [Common]: 50


  • Weapon Slot: Silver Ribbon (1d8+42 )
  • Shield Slot: Two-handed (0 ARM, 0 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA)
  • Head Slot: Triangle Hat (4 ARM, 6 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA [+1 MAG] )
  • Body Slot: Temple Cloth (7 ARM, 11 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA [Holy Ward])
  • Hands Slot: Guardian Bracer (3 ARM, 4 MARM, 0 EVA, 0 MEVA [+1 AGI] )
  • Accessory Slot: Shoulder Cape (0 ARM, 0 MARM, 5 EVA, 3 MEVA )


  • None

Key Items

  • Moonstone Earring

Job Abilities

  • Expertise Level: 70


  • Level 1
  • Type: Fast
  • Target: Single
  • Effect: When using Hide the Bard takes cover out of sight of everyone, friend and foe alike, and cannot be targeted or affected by any actions in the battle - likewise the Bard cannot take any actions while hiding. However, the Bard is still affected by any status conditions that were inflicted and active prior to the Bard hiding. The Bard must remain in hiding until the next Status Phase when he automatically emerges.


Level 1

  • Type: Magic Ability (2)
  • Target: Group
  • Effect: Elegy has a CoS of 70, M. Evasion of reducing the targets' Initiative by 25%. Roll separately for every eligible combatant in the targeted Group.
Logical Etude
  • Type: Magic Ability (2)
  • Target: Party
  • Effect: Logical Etude bestows the Status Condition Spirit Up (4).
  • Type: Magic Ability (2)
  • Target: Party
  • Effect: Mambo bestows the Status Condition Agility Up (4).
Water Rondo
  • Type: Magic Ability (2)
  • Target: Group
  • Effect: Water Rondo inflicts 14 + 1d12, M. Armor Water Elemental damage to all combatants in the targeted Group, striking automatically.

Level 2

Esoteric Melody
  • Type: Magic Ability (4)
  • Target: Party
  • Effect: Esoteric Melody bestows the Status Condition Mental Up (4).
  • Type: Magic Ability (4)
  • Target: Party
  • Effect: Minne bestows the Status Condition Armor Up (4).
  • Type: Magic Ability (4)
  • Target: Group
  • Effect: Lullaby has a CoS of 70, M. Evasion of inflicting the Status Condition Sleep (4). Roll separately for every eligible combatant in the targeted Group.
Foe Requiem
  • Type: Magic Ability (4)
  • Target: Group
  • Effect: Foe Requiem inflicts 56 + 1d12, M. Armor Shadow Elemental damage to all combatants in the targeted Group, striking automatically. In addition, Foe Requiem has a flat CoS of 30% of inflicting the Status Condition Curse (4); roll separately for every eligible combatant in the targeted Group.
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