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Note some or many of these may be combined. They are concepts and themes.

  1. Time Travel Game (Chrono Trigger style)
  2. Villain Game
  3. Mecha Game
  4. Game with Final Fantasy 13-ish mechanics.
  5. Conspiracy
  6. Town Defense game (A game all about defending a town)
  7. Dark Sun game
  8. Church game - All "Divine" Characters
  9. Spirit World Game - All the players characters start off dead.
  10. Outside Tournament - Imagine, the player characters are all mortals who have happened to be caught up in the middle of a gigantic tournament between Demons, Devils, Angels, Modrons & Inevitables, Slaadi, etc. The players have to battle their way to victory, while dealing with a number of side adventurers for a chance to escape. Along the way, they start becoming unique outsiders themselves. (Note: Not necessarily D&D, just a good initial comparison)
  11. Mass Effect game - Based on Mass Effect universe, in a likely homebrewed system.
  12. Inception based game - Dreams, dreams within dreams, spying and thieving. Dream Heist.
  13. Real and Unreal. PCs have to deal with the Unreal invading the local area, changing the world.
  14. Capitalism, Ho!
  15. Shadowrun. Just Shadowrun.
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