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Ebios Campaign Setting
Arcadonus, Astra, Celestion, Feywild,

Jurosaian, Lucious, Materia, Necros,

Primordial Chaos, Rapture, Shadowfell,



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The Reflection of Magic

A world where the rise and fall of pwoerful beings is common. It prominently displays both the pros and cons of magic, city isles float in the skys, a paradise brought by the power of a single powerful mortal, however there are also magic blasted waste lands, where magic runs wild twisting the laws of the natural world, and twisting those who live there. Eladrin originate here, as well as Rakashas, Djinns, and other beings sufussed with magic. Not sure what the pwoerful overlords should be. Home of the Arcane power source and its many art forms.

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